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					GATEKEEPER NEWSLETTER                                                                                                  May 1, 2002
                                                                                                            Volume II, Edition 5

                                                  Arizona Emergency Response Commission
                                                                 5636 East McDowell Road
                                  Jane Dee Hull, Governor       Phoenix, Arizona 85008-3495                    Michael P. Austin, Chair
                                                                                                          Daniel Roe, Exe cutive Dire ctor


                                        FEMA First Responder Grant Program
Special Interest Articles:
                                       This April 24, 2002, update      attacks. SERCs and LEPCs        government agencies,
                                       is fro m EPA's Chemical          might want to reply to          responders, industry,
   First Responder Grants             Emergency Preparedness and       question #8 ("What other        volunteer groups, and the
                                       Prevention Office.               factors should be considered    general public. We should
   Citizen Corps Council
                                                                        in developing the First         try to build on existing
   Water Security Grants              In an April 16, 2002 Federal     Responder grant program?")      planning and preparedness
                                       Register notice, FEMA            by suggesting that FEMA         mechanis ms as we plan for
   HazM at Regulations                requests ideas fro m all         include SERCs and LEPCs         possible terrorist attacks.
                                       interested parties on the        in the program as eligible
   Arizona Agency Handbook            design of the proposed           recipients. LEPCs continue      http://frwebgate.access.gpo.g
                                       $3.5 billion grant program to    to provide a unique existing    ov/cgibin/getdoc.cgi?dbnam
   Toxics Release Inventory           prepare State and local first    mechanis m at the local level   e=2002_reg ister&docid=02-
                                       responders for terrorist         to bring together various       9153-filed.pdf
   Free Software for Reporting
                                        Citizen Corps Council: Opportunity for LEPCs
   TRI Software Bug Correction
                                       This April 26, 2002, update      structures as they set up       could take the lead on
   Water Pollution Limitations
                                       is fro m EPA's Chemical          Citizen Corps Councils. The     joining with addit ional
   OUCH!! Avoid the Pain!             Emergency Preparedness and       President notes, that "what     relevant parties to implement
                                       Prevention Office.               all Cit izen Co rps Councils    Citizen Corps." (page 10)
   Chemical Policy Alert                                               will have in co mmon is that
                                       The President has created        our local leaders will be       The proposed grant program
   Raytheon’s Mobile VSAT             Citizen Corps as part of the     working to expand               to support local Citizen
                                       USA Freedom Corps                opportunities for their         Corps will be ad ministered
   Upcoming Events                    initiat ive. The purpose of      community members to            in FEMA's Office of
                                       Citizen Corps is to help         engage in volunteer service     National Preparedness.
   “Gatekeeper 2003”                  coordinate volunteer             that will support emergency     LEPCs who are interested in
                                       activities that will make our    preparation, prevention, and    taking the lead in their
   Free HazM at Training              communit ies safer, stronger,    response."                      community should act now
                                       and better prepared to                                           to have the mayor or other
   New Poison Control Hotline         respond to any emergency         Gu ide for Local Officials      appropriate official name
                                       situation. In an April 4, 2002    them (with any additional
   Shorts                             letter, President Bush notes     notes:                          membership, as appropriate)
                                       that every community             "There may be an existing       to be the Citizen Corps
   Let’s Hear From You                is different and so each         group in your community         Council. Then watch for
                                       community will organize its      that includes many of the       additional guidance on how
                                       Citizen Corps Council in its     appropriate participants,       to apply for grants.
                                       own way. He encourages           such as local emergency
                                       local leaders to use existing    planning committees, that
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              EPA Releases Additional Information on Water Security Grants
              Thanks to the Environmental      Whitman detailed a nearly          people or more, to support
              Resource Center (ERC)            $90 million national effort to     vulnerability assessments,
     m        make drinking water and            remediation planning and/or
                                               wastewater utilities as safe as    emergency plan
              EPA has released additional      possible as quickly as             development. EPA is
              informat ion on the $53          possible. In response to the       working closely with states,
              million in grants available to   attacks of Sept. 11, Congress      tribes and utility
              the nation's largest public      provided the funding to            organizations to determine
              drinking water systems for       reduce the vulnerability of        the best ways to meet small
              water security planning. A       water utilit ies to terrorist      and mediu m drin king water
              fact sheet and request for       attacks and to enhance their       and waste water system
              applications are availab le at   security and ability to            needs. Another portion of
          respond to emergency               these funds will support state
              r/security/ ml           situations. The grants are         water security coordination
                                               available to large drinking        and planning activities.
              On March 19, EPA                 water systems, those that
              Admin istrator Christie          regularly serve 100,000

              HazMat Regulations from “HazAll”
              Environmental Resource           shipper, carrier, o r freight      signs, extension of the
              Center now has availab le a      forwarder, this book is for        hazard materials ticketing
              convenient, single volume        you.                               program, and changes to
              that contains all of the                                            HM-206.
              hazardous materials              This comprehensive volume
              regulations. This single         covers domestic                    You can get all o f the
              volume includes Title 29         transportation by highway,         HazMat regulations in one
              Parts 1900-1910, Tit le 40       rail, air, and water. Included     place for only $65 plus
              Parts 260-399, Title 49 Parts    are the requirements for           shipping and handling. To
              100-185, and the 2000 North      markings, labels, placards,        order, call 800-537-2372 ext.
              American Emergency               shipping papers, training,         227 and ask fo r "HazAll" or
              Response Guidebook. No           emergency response, and            visit
              more hunting through             performance-oriented     
              different parts of the CFR to    packaging standards. Also          v?ID=env040502 to order
              find the HazMat regulations      included is information on         online.
              you need to know how to          the amend ments to the
              comply with. If you're a         airport notification warning

              Arizona Agency Handbook – Open Meeting Laws!
              The 2001 edit ion of the         created by statutes,              This publication is a must for
              Arizona Agency Handbook          regulations, and the state or     Local Emergency Planning
              is available fro m the Arizona   federal constitutions. The        Co mmittees (LEPC).
              Attorney General’s web           2001 edit ion addresses laws
              page.                            on open meetings, public
                                               records, discrimination law,      ency_Handbook/Agency_Ha
              The Handbook is a reference      administrative adjudications,     ndbook.html
              source that discusses laws       and rulemaking.
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Toxics Release Inventory Reporting
Thanks to the Environmental Resource Center (ERC) m

US EPA's To xics Release Inventory (TRI) Program has released a software tool, TRI-Made Easy (TRI-M E) that helps industry,
especially small businesses, comply with TRI reporting requirements. TRI -M E assists facilit ies in determining and completing their
TRI reporting obligations. The TRI Program recently comp leted its regular mailing of the new Annual TRI Reporting Forms and
Instructions. This mailing included a Reporting Software CD containing TRI-M E, along with a flyer explaining the benefits. This
mailing went to approximately 25,000 facilities that had reported to TRI in the past two years. Other persons that would like
a copy of the TRI-M E software may request a copy by leaving a message at 202-564-9554 or sending an email to . In your message, please specify your complete name and mailing address, and that you would
like a copy of TRI-M E.TRI-M E also may be downloaded fro m the TRI website at:

Key Features of TRI-M E:
* Leads prospective reporters through a series of logically ordered questions to assist facilities in determining if they mus t file TRI
reports for certain chemicals. Reporters who do not need this assistance can expedite this process t hrough a shorter Expert User path.
* Allows reporters to load certain data elements from their 1999 or 2000 prior year TRI reports.
* Sets up the appropriate forms and automatically populates each form with the facility's basic information so the informa tion need
only be entered once.
* Gu ides users through each of the data elements on the reporting forms. Alternatively, TRI-M E allows for direct data entry onto
electronic, intelligent versions of the forms. Reporters may ju mp back and forth between direc t data entry on forms, or the
Questionnaire format with its detailed instructions.
* Provides the reporter with context-sensitive links to guidance for each data element on the reporting forms at the click of a button. In
addition, facilities can conduct their own key word searches of the TRI statutes, regulations, and key guidance documents at their
desktops. With TRI-M E there is basically no need for the regulated community to independently acquire paper or electronic copies of
the TRI instructions and key guidance documents.
* Prevents reporters from making common erro rs in comp leting the forms. Before preparing the reports for submission, TRI -ME also
performs a validation check, checking the reporting forms fo r missing information and erro rs.
* Prepares the reports for submission to U.S. EPA and the appropriate state, and gives the user the choice of three submission methods :
electronically over the Internet using EPA's Central Data Exchange, on a floppy mailed to EPA, o r on traditional paper forms.

Free Software Helps MDI/PMDI Users Meet July Reporting Requirements
As the July 1 deadline fast approaches, companies that use two diisocyanates can take advantage of a new tool to help them me et EPA
reporting requirements.

The Alliance for the Polyurethanes Industry (API) has developed a guidance document and a software program to help users of MDI
(4,4'-methylene diphenyl diisocyanate) and polymeric M DI (PM DI) determine their emissions. Both items are free of charge and
downloadable fro m the API website to help companies report emissions for the To xics Release Inventory (TRI). The guidance document, MDI/Poly meric MDI Emissions Reporting Guidelines for the Polyurethane
Industry, outlines procedures for calculat ing the various types of emissions from a variety of manufacturing processes that use MDI or

The Emissions Estimat ion Tool, a software package, aug ments the Guidelines document, providing methods to estimate MDI
emissions from typical process applications and activities.

EPA also endorsed the use of API's Emissions Estimation Tool to help co mpanies estimate air emissions of MDI for TRI reportin g
and has referenced the software package on their Clearinghouse for Inventories and Emis sions Factors (CHIEF) web site.

Co mpanies that use MDI or PMDI have until July 1, 2002 to report to the EPA any 2001 releases at each manufacturing site that
meets the reporting requirements of Section 313 o f the Emergency Planning and Co mmunity Right -to-Know Act (EPCRA). EPCRA
requires reporting of emissions and other waste management activit ies for appro ximately 650 chemicals and chemical categories ,
including diisocyanates (category N-120).

Co mpanies must report emissions fro m each facility classified under SIC codes 20 through 39 that has 10 o r more full-time employees
if the facility makes or processes more than 25,000 pounds of diisocyanates annually or otherwise uses more than
10,000 pounds in a calendar year.
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              2001 TRI Reporting Software & Bug Correction

              The US EPA reports that the      There is a software "bug" or      2002, or who installed ATRS
              Toxics Release Inventory         problem in the way the            fro m the TRI Reporting
              (TRI) reporting year 2001        installation program sets up      Software CD, should
              forms and instructions book,     ATRS 2001. This problem           download the service release
              along with a tri-fold flyer      has been detected for ATRS        fro m the EPA Website. This
              explaining TRI-Made Easy         2001 users who:                   service release fixes the
              (TRI-M E), and the TRI           1. Installed ATRS 2001 fro m      problem. There are detailed
              Reporting Soft ware CD have      the Reporting Software CD         instructions on the website
              been shipped. Everyone           distributed by EPA (or            on how to use the service
              (indiv idual facilit ies, EPA    downloaded the TRI                release
              Regions, and States) should      Software fro m the EPA            (
              have received their copies by    website prior to 3/12/02);        rt/atrs/ m#odbc_probl
              April 5th.                       2. Are running Windows 95,        em) and once the service
                                               98, and Microsoft Exp lorer       release is downloaded, it will
              The 2001 TRI Reporting           and have ATRS2000                 walk users through what to
              Software CD includes the         installed on their PC; and        do. Or, users may call the
              following components:            3. M igrate (reload) data fro m   TRI Soft ware Support phone
              * A series of intro screens to   an ATRS 2000 for W indows         number for assistance, 877-
              explain what is on the CD        database into ATRS 2001.          470-4830. Please note this
              and what installation                                              problem only affects ATRS
              programs there are to install:   The US EPA has corrected          users, and only ATRS users
              - TRI-M E 2001 (TRIA L           the problem as fo llo ws. The     who meet the 3 conditions
              automatically installs with      downloadable version of the       specified above.
              TRI-M E)                         TRI Reporting Software on
              - ATRS 2001 (TRIA L              the EPA TRI Web                   David A. Hindin
              automatically installs with      (      Associate Director
              ATRS)                            rt/trime/patches.htm) has         TRI Program Div ision
              - TRIA L 2001                    been fixed and the                Office o f Info rmation
              * Selected TRI guidance          current version does NOT          Analysis and Access
              documents in PDF format .        have this problem. However,       US EPA Office of
              * Microsoft Internet             users that downloaded the         Environmental Information
              Exp lorer 5.5 (which is          software fro m the EPA            202 260-3455
              necessary to run TRI-M E).       website prior to March 12,

              Court Upholds Water Pollution Discharge Limitations for Mills
               The U.S. Court of Appeals       large amounts of bleaching        need to imp lement additional
              for the District of Co lu mbia   chemicals, such as chlorine,      process changes that
              Circuit unanimously              as part of the paper              will bring about further
              affirmed updated Clean           production process, which         pollution reductions. EPA
              Water Act discharge              can lead to increased             also adopted a Vo luntary
              limitat ions for pulp and        discharges of toxic               Advanced Technologies
              paper mills adopted by the       pollutants, such as dioxin.       Incentive Program, wh ich
              Environmental Protection         The standards upheld today        offers various incentives to
              Agency in 1998. The new          are premised on the adoption      mills to adopt even more
              regulations will substantially   of more modern production         pollution controls.
              reduce discharges of             processes by all mills            The case is captioned
              numerous toxic pollutants,       nationwide. For examp le, to      National W ild life Federat ion
              including dio xin, and will      meet the new standards,           v. EPA, No. 99-1452, and
              encourage mills to use the       existing mills will no            the decision was authored by
              most modern and effective        longer be able to use the         Judges Sentelle, Henderson
              pollution control                most harmfu l types of            and Rogers.
              technologies. Pulp and paper     chlorine in the bleaching
              mills have historically used     process, and new mills will
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OUCH! – Let’s Avoid the Pain in Arizona

                    Thanks to the Environmental Resource Center (ERC) for the following:

                    E-D Coat, an Oakland, California metal plating co mpany, its president, Jerry Rossi, and the supervisor of its
                    wastewater treatment, Jack Marlo w, p lead guilty and were sentenced on March 19, 2002 to violating the Clean
                    Water Act (CWA).

                    The defendants will pay a $215,000 fine and serve three years probation. In addition, Rossi will spend six months
                    in home detention. E-D Coat must also install mod ifications to its plumbing to prevent further illegal d ischarges.

 E-D Coat electroplates a variety of metal products by dipping them into baths containing various chemicals including c admiu m,
chromiu m, copper, lead, acids, cyanide and zinc. The defendants admitted that on three occasions in 1999 and 2000, they used a
bypass to discharge untreated wastewater containing a various contaminants from their metal processing tanks into the sewers
operated by the East Bay Municipal Ut ility District (EBMUD).

The case was investigated by EPA's Criminal Investigation Div ision and EBMUD, with assistance from EPA's Nat ional Enforcement
Investigations Center. It was prosecuted by the US Attorney's o ffice in San Francisco, California.

MORE…The Northwest regional office of the US EPA filed a formal co mp laint against the Camas Valley School District and
Principal/ science teacher Dav id Gianotti for serious violations of federal laws governing the hand ling and disposal of Polychlo rinated
Bi-Phenyls or PCBs. The EPA requests $94,600 in penalt ies for the violat ions of the Toxic Substances Control Act.

The EPA discovered the violations after an anonymous informant urged the agency to investigate the handling of the school's
leaky fluorescent light fixtures. Gianotti is also the Superintendent of the school district.

EPA investigators learned that during the week of January 8, 2001, a fire in a fluorescent light fixture in Roo m 22 – the second & third
grade schoolroom -- p roduced smoke and a strong odor that persisted for several weeks. A teacher and some students subsequently
complained of illnesses. When Gianotti found that the light fixture was the source of the fire, he sent a letter to parents indicating that
there were no health effects attributable to the light fixtu res and that the fixture d id not contain PCBs.

The EPA tested tar-like substances found on the carpet in the room and found PCBs concentrations as high as 52,000 parts per
million (pp m). Tests on other light fixtures showed PCBs concentrations ranging from 2,800 ppm to 20,000 pp m. Tests on a light
fixture in Room 20, the kindergarten classroom, showed concentrations of 400 ppm. Substances containing 50 pp m or greater PCBs
are regulated by the Toxic Substances Control Act and must be handled and disposed of in accordance with procedures
outlined in the law.

The EPA investigators also discovered that Gianotti hired h igh school students to dispose of the PCBs -laden light fixtures but did not
provide them with appropriate personal protection gear.

STILL MORE…EPA announced it has resolved a case against a Franklin, N.H. foundry for vio lations of the federal Resource
Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) that governs the generation, treatment, st orage and disposal of solid and hazardous wastes.

The Franklin Non-Ferrous Foundry will pay a penalty of $8,500 to settle this case. This amount is based in part on informat ion the
company submitted to EPA about their ability to pay a penalty. The company could have faced penalties of as much as $27,500 a day
for each RCRA v iolation. Fran klin is a metal castings manufacturer and its operations generate lead -contaminated waste, as much as
one 55-gallon dru m per month. EPA and New Hampshire Depart ment of Env ironmental Serv ices inspectors visited the company in
January 2000 as part of the EPA's ongoing initiative on foundries.

The inspectors determined that the company, among other things, failed to get a permit to store hazardous waste for more than 90
days; failed to conduct weekly inspections of hazardous waste storage areas; failed to make hazardous waste determinations failed t o
provide hazardous waste training to employees; failed to submit an accurate hazardous waste annual report; failed to properly mark
hazardous waste containers; and failed to accurately co mplete manifest records.

This settlement is expected to encourage the reduction of lead waste into the environment and to promote environ mental co mpliance
by other foundries.
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              Chemical Policy Alert
              Chemical p lant security,          ongoing issues –                 get all in one place, the latest
              transportation safeguards and      environmental controls,          news on federal policy
              bioterroris m have become          energy-supply options,           directions affecting the
              larger parts of the equation at    toxicity testing, data access    chemical industry.
              federal and state levels. Then     and international
              there are the potential            harmonizat ion. Because of       http://www.chemicalpolicyal
              impacts fro m the new Office       this, the publisher of Inside
              of Ho meland Security. These       EPA have created “Chemical
              are in addit ion to the            Policy Alert.” Now you can

              Mobile VSAT
              Mobile VSAT offers a               support Mobile                   units that are in pl ace
              transportable and deployable       Co mmunicat ion Centers,         working wi th casualties
              two-way private network            remote areas and can be used     and/ or events.
              broadband satellite. It offers     to set up a series of phone
              portability, provid ing            banks.                           For further information visit
              security with high-speed                                            and contact the following:
              communicat ions. It                MVSAT supports disaster
              supports: Data, Voice, Fax,        recovery teams, fire teams,
              Video (including streaming         police teams, HazMat and         VSAT
              video broadcasts) and GIS          forestry.
              imagery.                                                            Patricia K. Apala
                                                 Think about this. Its            Raytheon
              MVSAT, when utilized in an         capabilities can be              1620 Wilshire Drive, St. 301
              emergency response,                demonstrated in a full-          Bellevue, NE 68005
              provides a possible solution       scale exercise where             402-293-2947
              for a Mobile Co mmand              scripting includes medical,      FAX: 402-293-2902
              Center. The product can            fire, police and HazMat          Pat_Apala@Raytheon.Com

              Free Hazardous Materials Training Seminars
              The US Depart ment of             of hazardous materials,          Patricio F. Ro mero
              Transportation (US DOT)           Hazardous Material               HazMat Safety Assist Team
              Office o f Hazardous Material     Regulations (HM R) and can       Western Region Field Office
              Safety hosts FREE HazMat          perform assigned HazMat          3200 In land Empire Blvd.
              Train ing Seminars                functions properly. Details      Ontario, CA 91764
              throughout the country. The       of the seminars and other        E-mail:
              next seminar will be on July      HazMat information can be        Pat.Ro
              16-17, 2002 in San Jose,          found in the US DOT/RSPA         Tel: (909) 483 5634
              California. This will be          web page                         Fax: (909) 483 5636
              followed by Indianapolis,    US DOT Web page:
              Indiana on August 27-28,          g.htm                  
              2002. The t rain ing is to        Pre-registration is needed. If
              ensure that HazMat                you need further information
              emp loyees have knowledge         call 202-366-4900.
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              Upcoming Events

              * The AZ Environ mental
              Leadership through               eap/ (click on SEED event)      * The Arizona Emergency
              Mentoring (AZELM) & the          A $75 fee includes breakfast,   Response Commission
              Maricopa County Small            lunch & materials.              (AZSERC) will be hold ing
              Business Environ mental          Sponsorship Opportunities       its next Co mmission meet ing
              Assistance Program               and Exh ibitor Booths are       on August 13, 2002 fro m
              (SBEAP) will be hosing the       available. Initial sponsors     12:30PM to 2:30PM. The
              Symposiu m for                   include SRP, AM EC and          meet ing will be held at the
              Environmental and                the Arizona Depart ment of      Prescott Resort and
              Economic Develop ment            Co mmerce.                      Conference Center, 1500
              (SEED) on Thursday, May                                          East Highway 69, Prescott,
              23rd at the Phoenix Airport      For more info rmation,          AZ 86301 (North side of
              Marriott, 1101 N 44th St,        contact Maureen Lynch,          highway 69 on top of a hill
              Phoenix.                         SBEA P/AZ ELM                   before Highway 89.)
                                               Coordinator @
              This one-day symposium           602-506-5150 or                 Roo m reservations can be
              will cover environ mental,        made by calling 928-776-
              energy & economic                You can also fax the            1666 or 800-967-4637.
              development topics               registration form to:           Space will be limited, make
              including Co mmunity Right-      602-506-7303                    your reservations soon. The
              to-Know, renewable energy                                        Govern ment rate is $55.00
              solutions and hazardous          * Arizona Emergency             plus tax. Refer to the
              materials reporting              Services Association            AZSERC meeting when
              requirements. Speakers           (AESA) will be holding their    making reservations.
              include representatives from     29th Annual Conference on
              the EPA, SRP, the AZ             June 12-13, 2002 at the         August 14, 2002: A separate
              Republic, ASU & the              Hilton East/Mesa hotel.         workshop for AZSERC
              Depart ment of                                                   Hazardous Materials
              Energy/NREL. The luncheon        The conference will include     Emergency Preparedness
              speaker/entertainer is David     many presentations, speakers    (HM EP) and Emergency
              Fit zsimmons; editorial          and topics. Further             Response Fund (ERF) grants
              cartoonist for The Arizona       informat ion can be found at    will be held. This meeting is
              Daily Star in Tucson.            the AESA Website:               for HM EP/ ERF g rants
                                                       managers fro m the LEPCs.
              This is a great opportunity to                                   The meet ing will start at
              network with business,           Registration or questions can   8:30 AM and conclude at
              government and non-              be directed to Cliff Puckett,   4:30 PM . There will be a
              governmental organization        480-644-3523                    working luncheon from
              professionals.              11:30AM to 1:00PM with a
                                               or Pauline Scott,               guest speaker, most probably
              Event and registration           928-771-3321                    fro m EPA. The grants
              informat ion can be found        pauline.scott@co.yavavpai.      managers fro m each LEPC
              online.                                           should attend this meeting.

              “GATEKEEPER 2003”
              Mark you calendars! The          Association’s (AESA) third      AESA informat ion can be
              13th Annual “Gatekeeper”         annual mid-year conference      obtained by contacting
              workshop will be held on         to be held on February 13,      Margaret Ayala at 602-273-
              February 12, 2003 in             2003. Contact Sylvia Castillo   1411, or Cliff Puckett at 480-
              conjunction with the Arizona     at 602-231-6309 for             644-3523.
              Emergency Services               additional info rmation.
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              National Toll-Free Poison Control Hotline

              Cred it to the University of     Week, March 17-23, 2002,       All resources listed on the
              Arizona’s Pesticide              the US Environmental           web are also available by
              Information and Training         Protection Agency (EPA)        calling 1-800-490-9198.
              Office for the fo llo wing       made available several
              informat ion.                    resources to educate the       More informat ion on Poison
                                               public about ways to prevent   Prevention Week is available
              A new national toll-free         children fro m being           at the Poison Prevention
              hotline number to reach a        poisoned by pesticides and     Week Council's website at:
              poison control center fro m      household products.            http://www.poisonprevention
              anywhere in the Un ited                                         .org/
              States has been established,     For details go to:
              at 800-222-1222.       
              In commemorat ion of             e/ m
              National Poison Prevention


              * The US EPA has released        * Upcoming Dead lines          May 26, 2002 - Employers
              additional info rmation on the                                  subject to process safety
              $53 million in grants            May 15, 2002 - Semiannual      management standards must
              available to the nation's        reports due for sources        update and revalidate the
              largest public drin king water   subject to organic hazardous   hazard analysis of their
              systems for water security       air pollutant emission         process conducted pursuant
              planning. A fact sheet and       controls under 40 CFR 63,      to 29 CFR 1910.110(e)(1)
              request for applications are     Subpart G, for synthetic
              available at :                   organic chemical
          manufacturing industry
              r/security/ ml           production processes OSHA

              Let’s Hear From You!

              Please keep us up to date on     Anthony Cox, former editor     Div ision of Emergency
              your contact information.        in chief of this newsletter.   Management on May 14,
              Your co mments and               Anthony has accepted a         2002. Join me in
              contributions are needed.        well-deserved significant      congratulating him.
              Please let us know at            promotion and will be
     .         starting work in the           Sincerely,
              Let’s all congratulate           Train ing Office within our    Daniel Roe
                                                                              Executive Director
  Arizona Emergency
  Response Commission
  5636 E. McDo well Road
  Phoenix, AZ 85008-3495

  Phone: (602) 231-6346
  Fax:   (602) 392-7519

Visit: (for reporting)
Daniel Roe – Exe cutive Director
Diane Fernandez – Programs &
Proje cts Specialist II
Sylvia Castillo – Admin Assist II
Anthony Cox – Admin Assist I

Commissione rs:
Michael P. Austin - Chair
Catherine R Eden, ADHS Director
Jacqueline E Schafer, ADE Director
Victor Mendez , ADO T Director
Dennis A. Garre tt, ADPS Director

De signees:
Daniel Roe , ADEM
Will Humble , ADHS
James R. Fallin, ADE    Q
Chuck Manuel, ADO T
Je ffe ry W. Resle r, ADPS

Advisory Committee:
Corporation Commission
Industrial Commission
State Mine Inspe ctor
State Fire Marshal
Radiation Re gulatory Agency
De partment of Agriculture
Arizona Fire Chiefs Association
           Mesa FD
           Lake Havasu FD
State Attorney General
GD-De cision Systems-Je ff Homer
Intel Corporation-James Wick
C.A.R.E.-Richard Carter
VA Me d. Cente r-Dan Johnston

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