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                                                                                                          TRAINING AGREEMENT
                                                                                                      Erasmus Student Placements
This agreement concerns the arrangement of an Erasmus Student Placement under the Erasmus Programme of the Lifelong Learning
Programme (LLP) and the activities described in the Training Agreement, the Quality Commitment and the Placement Agreement.
Parties to the      IIOHEI – International Internships at Oulu’s Higher Education Consortium / student’s home institution
                         OULU UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES                       UNIVERSITY OF OULU
                    School/Faculty                                            Department

                    Address                                                   Postal code

                    Town/City                                                 Telephone number

                    Telefax                                                   Website/Email address

                    Name of enterprise or institution

                    Postal address                                            Postal code

                    Town/CIty                                                 Telephone number

                    Telefax number                                            Website/Email address

                    Size of the enterprise                                    Type of work placement sector
                    Click to open a list                                      Click to open a list
                    Name of student                                           Finnish identification code
                                                                              (Date of birth, ddmmyy – identifying code)

                    Nationality                                               Status of the residence permit for Finland
                                                                              (in case the student is not a citizen of EU/EEA)

                    Postal address                                            Postal code

                    Town/City                                                 Country

                    Phone number                                              E-mail address

                    Field of study                                            Degree programme/Major subject

                    Previous Erasmus exchange
                       None                                 Erasmus study period                     Erasmus Mundus
                    Study Group                         Year of entrance                    Completed studies prior to the placement

General             Minimum conditions for the Erasmus Student Placement
conditions           - The duration of a placement under the Erasmus Programme is 3 – 12 months.
                     - The student has not been in an Erasmus or Leonardo da Vinci Placement before.
                     - The student has completed at least one (1) year of his/her studies at the beginning of the placement.
                     - The student (beneficiary) is a citizen of a country participating in the Lifelong Learning Programme or a
                         national of other country enrolled as a degree student in the higher education institutions of Oulu.
                     - The student has agreed with his/her home department on the accreditation and monitoring of the
                     - In addition to this agreement including the Training Agreement, the Quality Commitment and the
                         Placement Agreement the employer and the student should draw up separate agreements (e.g. a work
                         contract) required by and/or satisfying the needs of the employer and/or the legislation of the country where
                         the placement takes place.
                     - Both of the parties of the placement agreement, the beneficiary and the Consortium, agree on the general
                         conditions of the placement agreement which are stated in the Annex II which is placed in
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                                                                                                                  TRAINING AGREEMENT
                                                                                                              Erasmus Student Placements
Training            Duration of the placement and this agreement         Duration                             Scope of training in ECTS credits
                    (starting and ending dates)

                      .   .20     -   .    .20                                   months                             credits
                    Remuneration for the placement                       Salary (if paid)                     Working hours
                         Unsalaried                Salaried                        EUR/month                           /week
                    If no credits will be awarded from the satisfactory completion of the training
                    t he home institution will record the training period in the Diploma Supplement                     Yes / No
                    Working language abroad                 Linguistic preparation
                                                                                                        Host Institution /
                                                             EILC              Home Institution      Enterprise                          None
                    Knowledge, skills and competence to be acquired

                    Tasks of the trainee

                    Detailed programme of the training period

                    In case the placement takes place in a company / representation / public institution of the student's home country
                    abroad (e.g. a Finnish company abroad) please indicate how the placement supports student's intercultural learning.

Supervision         Monitoring and evaluation plan

                    Representative of the student’s home institution who is responsible for the supervision, guidance and evaluation
                    Name                                                        Position

                    Telephone number                                                E-mail address

                    Representative of the employer who is responsible for the supervision, guidance and evaluation
                    Name                                                       Position

                    Telephone number                                                E-mail address

Signatures          By signing this document the student, the sending institution and the host organisation/ employer confirm
                    that they will abide by the principles of this Training Agreement for an Erasmus Student Placement,
                    including the Quality Commitment, set out in this document. A Placement Agreement shall be signed
                    between the student and the Consortium for financing the placement.
                    On behalf of the student’s sending institution
                    Place                                                     Date
                                                                                . .20
                    Signature of sending institution’s representative         Name and position in capital letters

                    On behalf of the host organisation/employer
                    Place                                                           Date
                                                                                      . .20
                    Signature of the host organisation’ representative              Name and position in capital letters

                    Place                                                           Date

                                                                                      . .20
                    Student’s signature                                             Name in capital letters

Three (3) copies of this Agreement have been signed, one for each party.

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                                                                                                         QUALITY COMMITMENT
                                                                                                     Erasmus Student Placements
This Quality Commitment replicates the principles of the European Quality Charter for Mobility.
                        -     Define the learning outcomes of the placement in terms of the knowledge, skills and competencies to
                              be acquired.
                        -     Assist the student in choosing the appropriate host organisation, project duration and placement
                              content to achieve these learning outcomes.
                        -     Select of students on the basis of clearly defined and transparent criteria and procedures and sign a
                              placement contract with the selected students.
                        -     Prepare students for the practical, professional and cultural life of the host country, in particular
                              through language training tailored to meet their occupational needs.
                        -     Provide logistical support to students concerning travel arrangements, visa, accommodation,
                              residence or work permits and social security cover and insurance.
                        -     Give full recognition to the student for satisfactory completed activities specified in the Training
                        -     Evaluate with each student the personal and professional development achieved through participation
                              in the Erasmus programme.
                       -    Negotiate and agree a tailor-made Training Agreement (including the programme of the placement
                            and the recognition arrangements) for each student and the adequate mentoring arrangements.
                        -     Monitor the progress of the placement and take appropriate action if required.
                       -  Assign to students tasks and responsibilities (as stipulated in the Training Agreement) to match their
                          knowledge, skills, competencies and training objectives and ensure that appropriate equipment and
                          support is available.
                        -     Draw a contract or equivalent document for the placement in accordance with the requirements of
                              the national legislation.
                        -     Appoint a mentor to advise students, help them with their integration in the host environment and
                              monitor their training progress.
                        -     Provide practical support if required, check appropriate insurance cover and facilitate understanding
                              of the culture of the host country.
                       -  Comply with all arrangements negotiated for his/her placement and to do his/her best to make the
                          placement a success.
                        -     Abide by the rules and regulations of the host organisation, its normal working hours, code of conduct
                              and rules of confidentiality.
                        -     Communicate with the sending institution about any problem or changes regarding the placement.
                        -     Submit a report in the specified format and any required supporting documents at the end of the
Further             CLARIFICATIONS

                    * In the event that the higher education institution is integrated in a consortium, its commitments may be shared
                    with the co-ordinating organisation of the consortium.

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                                                                                                            PLACEMENT AGREEMENT
                                                                                                          Erasmus Student Placements
This Placement Agreement between the student (beneficiary) mentioned in the Training Agreement and the IIOHEI – International
Internships at Oulu’s Higher Education Institutions Consortium (Consortium) has been drawn up for financing the placement described
in this Placement Agreement, Training Agreement and Quality Commitment under the Erasmus Programme of the Lifelong Learning
Article 1             PURPOSE OF THE GRANT
                      1.1     The Consortium will provide Community financial support to the beneficiary for undertaking a Placement
                              under the Erasmus Programme of the Lifelong Learning Programme.
                      1.2     The beneficiary accepts the grant and undertakes to carry out the Placement as described in this
                              agreement, acting on his/her own responsibility.
                      1.3     The beneficiary hereby declares to have taken note of and accepted the terms and conditions set out in
                              the present agreement. Any amendment or supplement to the agreement shall be done in writing.
Article 2             DURATION
                      2.1     The agreement shall enter into force on the date when the last of the two parties signs it.
                      2.2     The Placement shall start on 1 June 2010 at the earliest and end on 30 September 2011 at the latest.
Article 3             INSURANCE
                      3.1     The financial support does not include any insurance coverage.
                      3.2     If the host organisation/employer or the home institution does not provide adequate insurance coverage,
                              the beneficiary is liable for arranging such insurance coverage.
Article 4             FINANCING THE PLACEMENT
                      4.1     The Community grant to co-finance the Placement has a maximum amount of EUR
                      4.2     The final amount of the grant shall be determined by multiplying the actual duration of the Placement in
                              months by a rate of EUR               per month. The beneficiary must provide proof of the actual dates of
                              start and end of the Placement.
Article 5             PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS
                      5.1    Within 45 days of the date of entry into force of the agreement, a pre-financing payment of EUR
                             shall be made to the beneficiary, representing 80% of the maximum grant amount.
                      5.2    The final report will be considered as the beneficiary's request for payment of the balance of the grant.
                             The institution shall have 45 calendar days to make the balance payment.
Article 6             FINAL REPORT
                      6.1    The beneficiary shall submit the final report using the official forms at the latest 30 days after the end of
                             the Placement.
                      7.1 The grant is governed by the terms of the agreement, the Community rules applicable and, on a subsidiary
                          basis, by the law of Finland relating to grants.
                      7.2 The beneficiary may bring legal proceedings regarding decisions by the institution concerning the
                          application of the provisions of the agreement and the arrangements for implementing it before the
                          competent Court in accordance with the applicable national law.
Bankers               BANK ACCOUNT
                      Payments shall be made to the beneficiary's bank account as indicated below.
                      Owner of the bank account                                   Identity code of the owner of the bank account

                      Name of the bank                                           Branch

                      Account number                                             IBAN

                      BIC                                                        Country where the bank/branch is located

                      My name and contact information may be given to the National Agency or the European Comission for the
                      Erasmus Alumni Organisation           Yes                No

Signatures            For the beneficiary                                        For the Consortium
                      Place and date                                             Place and date
                                            .   .20                                                   .   .20
                      Signature                                                  Signature

                      Name in capital letters                                    Name and position in capital letters

Processing            For markings of the Finance Office and handling of payments
                      Selite                                         Proj.                            Summa               Maksupäivä
                      Erasmus Placement Grant (1st instalment)
                      Erasmus Placement Grant (2nd instalment)

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