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									                                           Xtend Call Center Business Plan

                                                                                              Prepared by Scott Collins, President
                                                                                              December 26, 2006

                        EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

                        In today’s competitive marketplace, credit union members own all of the trump cards. Loyalty to a
                        particular financial institution based on past relationship factors has been replaced with a mindset
                        that Randy Karnes likes to call Participation by Invitation. The idea parallels the “just in time”
                        methodology that has permeated the manufacturing industry since the mid-70’s – today’s member
                        will invite you to participate in his/her financial life only after the credit union has done an effective
                        job of earning that invitation through timely and relevant communication on the member’s terms and
                        spoken in member-ese.

                        Are today’s credit unions doing everything they can to be considered for the invitation? Have you
                        developed your “sales pitch” so that your staff can effectively respond? Does your member hear ‘No’
                        from you, only to get a ‘Yes’ from the bank down the street? Is your Lending Department open for
                        business when the member needs it?

                        No doubt these tough questions have even tougher answers, yet these are precisely what today’s
                        member expects from a financial institution. And that does not even take into account reaching out
                        to non-members. How can a credit union (with its limited staff and marketing resources compared
                        with its competition) differentiate itself in the eyes of members and potential members?

                        The answer lies in collaboration - leveraging the power of the CUSO network - as credit unions on the
                        CU*BASE platform can certainly attest. Through use of tools such as Lender VP and Retailer Direct,
                        credit unions are able to reach new markets quickly with limited or no up front investment. Lender
                        RE will very quickly bring pre-qualified web-based mortgage applications into the pipeline. Member
                        Reach will send thousands of e-communications to members in an effort to energize the marketplace.
                        CU*@HOME (a successful but underutilized channel for loan activity ) and the new PIB application will
                        continue to help differentiate your credit union as a trusted partner for your members.

                        But even these great tools will not hit the mark unless we are there to answer the call
                        when the member invites us into the game. A networked Call Center can provide that
                        missing link in the creation of an EXTREME MEMBER EXPERIENCE.


                        Our goal is to provide the best Member Contact Center in the credit union industry. It must be more
                        than just routing calls, taking loan applications, and giving rates (although these are obviously part of the
                        whole). Our Contact Center must be a catalyst for growth by contributing to the flexibility and
                        responsiveness for both employees and members. We must not only be there to answer the call
                        when the member asks us to participate in their lives, but also reinforce to each member that they
                        should think credit union first. This will help close the loop that we have all been in when trying to
                        acquire a product or service, and it will certainly personalize the member experience.

                            §   SERVICE COMMITMENT - Our goal and commitment for our clients is to provide
                                exceptional service as a consistent and seamless representation of their organization in order
  Board of Directors:
                                to help them increase overall revenue, member retention and member satisfaction. It is this
President’s Report              value that we must deliver to the credit union or the call center will be viewed as simply
                                another component to respond to member requests - a cost center.
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                        §   ASK-SEE-ACT-PROFIT – Many of our credit union partners have been exposed to the idea
                            of A.S.A.P., yet very few credit unions will be able to pull it off if they rely on only their
                            internal resources to deliver results. Network partners must be exploited on both the front
                            and the back end as appropriate. For instance, the “Ask” component can be initiated by
                            credit union staff, Member Reach, member, or vendor inquiry. The “See” component is
                            delivered through the power of data mining within CU*BASE by either the credit union or
                            network partner. Many of you have already engaged Member Reach to perform the “Act”
                            portion of the equation.

                                                        ASAP: Ask, See, Act, Profit
                                                        Talk to your
                                                        members right now


                            Our Call Center is committed to execute the “Act” component on your behalf as yet another
                            powerful, cost-effective delivery channel.

                        §   CLOSING THE LOOP – CU*Drive, CU*Blitz, and Member Reach have each established a
                            calendar of contact opportunities to reach out to members. The Call Center should provide
                            added value to the entire Partners in Practice program through cost-effective outbound and
                            inbound support of its initiatives. This can be achieved by our Call Center in three distinct

                                   Opportunity Analyst – foster an environment of curiosity
                                     within the Call Center and Member Reach – “ASK”
                                     questions and utilize the CU*BASE and credit bureau
                                     data mining tools to “SEE” the results

                                   Opportunity Catalyst – “ACT” in conjunction with the
                                     credit unions and Member Reach to execute topical,
                                     timely outbound member contact points

                                   Opportunity Harvester – “PROFIT” along with the credit
                                     union as products are accepted by the member

                            As the A.S.A.P. process is being executed, the data becomes available to the network at large
                            so that it can be repeated, enhanced, revised, or even shelved. A circle of continuous

                        §   MEMBER ADVOCATE – Availability of a knowledgeable staff member is key component to
                            maintaining high customer satisfaction. This challenge is magnified in today’s multi-channel
                            member relationship marketplace, placing even more burden on your already limited staff.
                            As an extension of your staff, our Call Center can be there “just in time” to respond to
                            member inquiries. Because we are utilizing the same powerful core system as your staff, we
                            are able to respond in a way that is consistent with your policies and procedures. This “Live
  Board of Directors:
President’s Report          Personal Touch” can be delivered by our team real time whether the member inquiry is

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                                 initiated through a phone call, an “Ask Us” link from web applications on CU*@HOME , or a
                                 “Web Chat” link from the credit web site.

                           §     NEVER DROP A LEAD – This is a concept that was introduced during the most recent CEO
                                 Strategies sessions and addresses the art of responding to interactions with members and at
                                 the same time being able to recognize service opportunities in the course of those
                                 interchanges. Most credit unions do a very effective job at direct requests for their products
                                 (“I am thinking about buying a CD, so which do you recommend?”) but too often the indirect
                                 inferences are tabled, misinterpreted, or missed altogether. For many, this would represent
                                 a significant untapped opportunity for marketing activity.

                                                              Never Drop a Lead
                                                              Internally or Externally, You Have to Respond

                                                                  Order                       Hint
                                                                                                       In the Future
                                                                              Contact Me
                                                                          A     L2                    C

                                                               B, C, and D are real challenges for the average credit union

                                 Our Call Center, through use of the A.S.A.P. methodology, will proactively interact with
                                 members rather than wait for the member to call the credit union. Through inbound call and
                                 web chat support for loan applications, we will be able to engage the member at the time
                                 that they become active – ready to buy or at very least to hint at an imminent purchase.
                                 Through use of the new CU*BASE Tickler system, leads will be logged to ensure timely follow
                                 up by the credit union or a Call Center agent. All part of the “Never Drop a Lead” process.

                        This all sounds great, but outsourcing something as fundamental as answering the phone
                        when the member calls will be a hard sell to my Board of Directors.

                                 In today’s marketplace it is nearly impossible to deliver the support that members demand by
                                 using only internal resources, even if you had unlimited budgets at your disposal. The new
                                 bankers’ hours are 24x7x365 and members expect consistent, accurate, and up-to-date
                                 answers regardless of what channel they use to interact with a financial institution. Savvy
                                 members will ask “What’s in it for me?” when considering your products, and certainly you
                                 should be asking what benefits a CUSO Call Center based on a shared core database can
                                 deliver to your bottom line.

                               What’s in it for the member?                                       •   Feeling of confidence: knowledgeable
                                                                                                      answers to questions
                                                                                                  •   Feeling of importance and being valued:
                                                                                                      personalized attention says they really
                                                                                                      care about me
                                                                                                  •   Feeling of comfort: get timely response
                                                                                                      in the manner I select - phone or
                                                                                                  •   Feeling of Trust: the credit union has
  Board of Directors:
                                                                                                      my best interest in mind
President’s Report
                                                                                                  •   A sense that the credit union is
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                                                                                   returning to its roots
                             What’s in it for the credit union?                •   Added service capabilities with no
                                                                                   additional brick and mortar expense
                                                                               •   No additional technology purchases
                                                                               •   No “outside the network” 3rd parties
                                                                               •   Extended business hours – convenient
                                                                                   member access to products/services
                                                                               •   Greater efficiency and lower transaction
                                                                                   costs than lobby services
                                                                               •   Fewer interruptions for existing staff,
                                                                                   especially at the beginning and end of
                                                                                   each day
                                                                               •   Increased revenue from more loans,
                                                                                   more leads, and consistent cross selling
                                                                               •   Improved member service
                                                                                   (personalized, fast, and “Just in Time”)
                                                                               •   CU*BASE: catalyst for new functionality
                                                                                   and increased accuracy of member data
                                                                               •   Improvements in member loyalty
                                                                               •   Increased speed to market with new
                                                                                   products and services
                                                                               •   Disaster Recovery Phone Support
                                                                               •   CUSO - You Own the Solution!
                             What’s in it for Xtend?                           •   Increased profitability of owners
                                                                               •   Further differentiate CU*BASE as a core
                                                                                   system – increased CU*BASE sales
                                                                               •   Solid references
                                                                               •   Entry point into vendor-focused services
                                                                               •   Profit

                        By combining the CU*BASE database with the talents of our clients and the passion and skills of our
                        networked Call Center, Member Reach, and CU*BASE, we will be able to provide a consistent, layered
                        response to member interactions that will help differentiate our credit union partners in the eyes of
                        their members.

                        WHAT SERVICES WILL WE OFFER?

                        Our targeted markets for Call Center services can be broken down into three primary categories:

                                (1) Credit Union Focused
                                (2) Vendor Focused
                                (3) Special Project Focused

                        Each of these categories can be broken down into
               Xtend    Outbound and Inbound services. Let’s address
  Board of Directors:   the Credit Union Focused opportunity first.
President’s Report

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                        Since few if any of our targeted credit union clients have outsourced any of their inbound calls (nor
                        do they have it in their budgets to do so in the near future), the initial thrust of our Call Center
                        service will by design be focused on outbound call activity. The core technology components
                        required will be discussed later, but the core database driving our ability to act as an extension of our
                        credit unions will be the CU*BASE suite. The Xtend offering will marry this technology with an
                        outbound member contact plan and professional agents. These agents will have to be trained and
                        managed. Our agents will have to have adequate infrastructure. As CU*Answers makes investments
                        to support their data processing operations our Contact Center must be able to incorporate these into
                        our offering. (These will be discussed later).

                            •      INITIAL OUTBOUND OFFERINGS – The initial focus of the Call Center will center upon
                                   support for the various credit union and CUSO lending initiatives (we anticipate having to
                                   answer a limited amount of Inbound “call backs” in support of these same initiatives).

                                Standard Outbound Call Offering                   •   N ew Member Welcome
                                (Tiered pricing based on membership size)
                                                                                  •   Member Reach – Completing the Circle
                                                                                      (existing borrowers at key times)
                                                                                  •   Marketing/Promotional or Statement
                                                                                  •   Member Survey
                                                                                  •   Non-member introduction to
                                                                                  •   Where Members Borrow
                                                                                  •   Where Members Branch
                                                                                  •   Inactive/dormant account calls

                                Custom Outbound Call Offering                     •   Home Banking Help Desk “Contact Us”
                                (Priced per customized service)
                                                                                  •   Lender VP
                                                                                        Early Stage Collections (to 60 days)
                                                                                        Pre-Screen Campaigns
                                                                                        Instant Screen Campaigns
                                                                                        Credit Card Welcome
                                                                                  •   Cross Sales

                            •      INITIAL INBOUND OFFERINGS – Once adequate staff is in place, the Call Center should
                                   be ready to support a limited menu of Inbound services such as:

                                Standard Inbound Call Offering                    •   Member Inquiry (hours, locations,
                                (Tiered pricing based on membership size)             lost/stolen ATM, loan rates, CD rates,
                                                                                  •   Transactions (balance and account
                                                                                      inquiries, transfers, LOC advances)
                                                                                  •   Warm Transfers (address changes, wire
                                                                                      transfers, password/PIN resets, etc.)
                                                                                  •   PIB Support
                                Custom Inbound Call Offering                      •   Secret Shopper Inbound Survey (driven
                                (Priced per customized service)                       by credit union teller receipts)
  Board of Directors:                                                             •   Member Mortgage Servicing
President’s Report

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                                                                                 •   Mortgage Applications (Lender RE)
                                                                                 •   Credit Card Dispute

                        If adoption of our outbound services mirrors that of our Member Reach rollout, it is anticipated that
                        within the first nine months of operation that we will begin to slowly implement additional Inbound
                        services as follows:

                                    •   Call Overflow Support
                                    •   After Hours Member Support
                                    •   Fully Outsourced Contact Center Support

                        This will take careful planning and effective ongoing management, but if done right, this should be an
                        offering that is unlike any available to credit unions today.

                        WHAT ABOUT VENDOR FOCUSED OFFERINGS? Over the past year, we have had conversations with
                        several third party vendors regarding how an Xtend Call Center could fit into their Business Plans.
                        These v endors included Allied Solutions, Central States Mortgage CUSO, and CU Realty. These
                        partners have expressed interest in evaluating our center once it has been established to determine
                        whether it could provide them a cost-effective channel. The agents required to support any one of
                        them would provide the benefit of added capacity to the center. Since a key component to our value
                        proposition – CU*BASE – will be missing for these clients, we will have to provide the service at a
                        very attractive price. Although signing a key 3rd party vendor as a client would be a huge boost for
                        the center, it is not deemed to be a critical success factor for the business unit.

                        The most intriguing vendor opportunity (and certainly a critical success factor) lies with the CU*
                        companies. CU*Answers, has a vested interest in our Call Center and will immediately provide
                        opportunities for outbound calling activity once we open the doors. Support for several of their
                        initiatives (PIB, Lender RE, Lender VP, etc.) will be included as part of our initial inbound and
                        outbound services as previously noted. Other areas of call support for CU*Answers could include
                        marketing (Check21, Reed Data, general client and prospect contact) and Client Services (Survey,
                        One Step Ahead, education, etc.). Many of these same opportunities will exist with both CU*South
                        and CU*Northwest as our center becomes adequately staffed.

                        WHAT ABO UT SPECIAL PROJECT FOCUSED OFFERINGS? There is no doubt that these will present
                        themselves as our business grows, as we bring new credit unions with new perspectives and member
                        contact opportunities into the CUSO, and when we have the necessary resources to provide
                        customized outbound and inbound support. What will be the next PIB?...the next CU*
                        company?...the next vendor relationship?

                        WHAT WILL THESE SERVICES INCLUDE?

                        The rollout of these services will start out slow and grow over time. Just like we did successfully with
                        our SRS Bookkeeping and Member Reach services, the initial outbound call center activity will be very
                        specific and encompass a relatively small number of ‘beta’ credit unions (see “What is the
                        Implementation Plan?” later in this document). The workflow is summarized below (note that this
                        workflow includes an all-encompassing list of initial outbound and inbound activities, but we plan to
                        include only a limited number of Standard Outbound activities during the early stages of the offering
                        as we develop our skill level and adequate resources):

                            •   WORKFLOW (Where we are today)

                                Lead Generation – Work Lead – Since during its early stages the call center will not have the
                                ability to manipulate caller ID, inbound and outbound calls would not be branded for the
  Board of Directors:           client. The processes, however, can be worked in today’s environment as summarized
President’s Report              below.

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                        o   Standard Outbound Call Offering
                            New Member Welcome
                            Member Reach – Completing the Circle
                            Marketing/Promotional or Statement Campaign
                            Member Sur vey
                            Non-member introduction to products/services
                            “Where Members Borrow”
                            “Where Members Branch”
                            Inactive/dormant account calls
                            Query reports from Member Reach processes, Member Connect downloads from
                            “Know Your Member” modules, mailing lists from promotional campaigns and custom
                            query for member survey can be placed in a file on the internal network to be
                            retrieved, transferred to an excel spreadsheet and worked by the call center. The
                            call center manager will track productivity on the spreadsheet. The representative
                            will use the spreadsheet to obtain the lead and work the lead via CU*BASE
                            Telemarketing Leads and Follow Up, Cross Sales and Ticker, review member contact
                            information and offer other products on behalf of the client.

                        o   Custom Outbound Call Offering
                            Home Banking Connect “Contact Us” - The client forwards member email to a
                            central mailbox via Answer Book. The Representative opens the email within 24
                            hours and works the contact via CU*BASE Inquiry or Phone Operator. Completed
                            email is kept on file for volume tracking and reporting. The call center representative
                            can use this opportunity to update member contact information; review member
                            product needs and provide other services and sales on behalf of the client. Contact
                            completion is tracked via Answer Book.

                            Lender VP : General - When a lead is for lending, representatives use CU*BASE
                            Lending Tools to take and complete an application and follow the process through to
                            booking working with the client underwriting procedures. In the event of a Pre-
                            Screen or Instant Screen campaign, a call list will be transferred to an Excel
                            spreadsheet and worked by the call center.

                            Lender VP: Early Stage Collections (to 60 days) - The CU*BASE Collection
                            Workstation tool is utilized by the representative to contact the member and to
                            communicate with the client. Members up to 60 days past due can be contacted
                            according to the client procedures and all regulated debt collection practices. Clients
                            can access the workstation at anytime to view the progress of our collection efforts.
                            Custom loss mitigation is assigned back to the client within the workstation in real

                            Cross Sales - We will pursue cross sale opportunity at each stage of contact with
                            the member (exception – collections) using CU*BASE C ross Sales Tools,
                            Telemarketing Leads and Follow up and Tickler. Using the Query function a report of
                            new accounts can be compared to lead generation reports.

                        o   Standard Inbound Call Offering
                            Member Inquiry
                            Warm Transfers
                            PIB Support
                            Using CU*BASE Inquiry , Phone Operator, CU*@HOME, the credit union web site, and
                            Interaction Attendant the representative can answer member inquiries and perform a
                            limited number of transactions where appropriate and as agreed upon by the client
                            (i.e. internal account transfers). Warm Transfers will be handled accordingly. The
  Board of Directors:       level of PIB Support will be determined by each credit union’s PIB deployment
President’s Report          strategy.
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                               o    Custom Inbound Call Offering
                                    Secret Shopper Inbound Survey – The representative will complete survey
                                    template based on member responses. Survey application will need to be developed
                                    by CU*Answers Web Services for adequate compilation and reporting.

                                    Member Mortgage Servicing
                                    Mortgage Applications (Lender RE)
                                    The representative will use CU*BASE Inquiry, Phone Operator, the credit union web
                                    site and Interaction Attendant plus CU*BASE Lending and Extended Lending tools
                                    (Prime Alliance) depending on the member needs.

                                    Credit Card Dispute - CU*BASE Inquiry and Phone Operator; Internet; Fax

                               o    Reporting
                                    CU*BASE Query combined with telephone reports from Interaction Attendant for
                                    basic telephone statistics from the prior month will be put into Access or Excel and
                                    massaged into publishable format for each client provided service. Reports are
                                    standard telephone and member contact volume statistics. Custom reporting is are
                                    available for additional fee.

                        •   WORKFLOW (Where we need to be)

                            Lead Generation- Work Lead - A large part of success measurement is the ability to
                            manipulate caller ID for branding and member response. CU*BASE and IP3 with additional
                            technology components bridges these two systems, providing call and report automation and
                            increasing productivity. The MNLEAD workstation will feed Interactive Scripter and
                            Interactive Scripter to collect and store telephone scripting. Additional initiatives such as
                            Prime alliance and Employee Performance Tracking have direct impact on the service level
                            goals and opportunity for increased efficiencies for the call center.

                            I3 Components - Staffing levels will drive the timing of the telephone upgrades (more on this
                            follows). During this time, we will continue work on MNLEAD, Prime Alliance and Employee
                            Performance Tracking tool initiatives.

                            MNLEAD - Leads generated through all available CU*Answers tools to be centralized in one
                            workstation in CU*BASE workstation. MNLEAD is a project driven by the Member Reach

                            Prime Alliance - Our lending representatives have access to the client lending web site for
                            follow up and tracking members who are looking for lending products. From an incomplete
                            online application, the representative can contact the member to complete the sale.
                            Additionally, a representative will work the completed member application and be the point
                            of live contact for the member’s lending experience.

                            Employee Performance Tracking - The Employee Performance Tracking tool is an automated
                            management tool that tracks employee goals and performance by activity. The information
                            is stored for use in performance review. The call center will need to check project status and
                            collaborate with the project manager.

                        •   REPORTS/ONGOING ANALYSIS – Are your members accessible to you? Because our call
                            center will routinely track “Contact to Dial Ratio” and “Right Party Contact”, an ongoing
                            validation of member contact data with CU*BASE data will be possible. “Sale to Contact
                            Ratio” tracking will enable our clients and management team to track campaign and cross
                            sales success through statistical and analysis reports.
  Board of Directors:
President’s Report

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                                Are you accessible to your members? Every aspect of your member’s experience with our
                                call center will be monitored for consistency. Through use of advanced call center service
                                level reporting, credit unions will be able to review how long members waited and how
                                quickly their inquiry was answered. Through partnering with our call center, you will be able
                                to offer more contact points to your members at the moment your members need assistance.

                        WHAT INFRASTRUCTURE AND RESOURCES WILL BE                                  REQUIRED ?

                        The Xtend Call Center will leverage state-of-the-art telephony technology and the power of the
                        CU*BASE application suite to offer a seamless interaction with the member. Although this technology
                        would difficult to justify in an internal credit union operation, our call center will solve this problem by
                        aggregating outbound and inbound activity from participating clients to reach an efficient usage level.
                        Several references have already been made to the infrastructure and resources that will be required
                        to take the center through a start-up period. Many investments have already been made for other
                        business reasons but have also paved the way for our Call Center, not the least of which was the i3
                        CIC enterprise phone system.

                        So where we today and what has yet to be done?

                            •   INFRASTRUCTURE – No additional infrastructure investment will be required initially. The
                                facility has already been secured and an initial “build out” of six (6) cubicles (complete with
                                work surfaces and chairs) stand ready for use within our Credit Union Center space on the
                                2nd floor. Additional finished space is available if needed (currently occupied by CSMC) with
                                unfinished adjacent space available for possible build out should CU*Answers agree to allow.
                                A small break room exists, as does a conference room and a small amount of storage space.

                            •   RESOURCES – Betsy Rogers was brought on board as a contractor this past fall. She has
                                valuable mortgage servicing and Call Center Management experience that have already
                                helped in both areas of our business. It is anticipated that Betsy will join our team as a full-
                                time employee early in 2007. Her responsibilities as Call Center Manager will include (but will
                                certainly not be limited to):

                                    o    Provide consultative input for development of strategic/tactical implementation plans
                                    o    Provide input for developing pricing strategy
                                    o    Perform research on licensing requirements
                                    o    Develop initial staff coverage strategy
                                    o    Identify and interview prospective agent candidates
                                    o    Interview prospective credit union clients
                                    o    Develop understanding of key CU*BASE functionality (Phone Op, ticklers, etc.)
                                    o    Develop understanding of i3 software components
                                    o    Develop training program for new agent hires
                                    o    Implement successful Outbound campaign with beta client(s)
                                    o    Work the phones as needed
                                    o    Quality monitoring and evaluation

                                As we determine our beta offering and the client(s), we will determine the staffing level
                                required. It is likely that this initial salvo will tap on existing CU*Answers staff who want to
                                earn some extra spending money and some limited part-time help from the outside. The
                                budget that will be reviewed with the Xtend Board in March will include anticipated expense
                                for staffing over the first year of operation.

                            •   HARDWARE/SOFTWARE - The SRS Team has purchased a copier and fax machine for
                                group usage and phone system and network connectivity has already been established. Each
                                agent workstation will require the following new hardware/software:
  Board of Directors:
President’s Report                  o    Personal Computer
                                    o    Dual monitors (not required for initial implementation)
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                           o    IP Phone with headset
                           o    CU*BASE Access
                           o    i3 Telephony software (discussed below)
                           o    Internet connection
                           o    Access to network printer

                        A budgeted cost of $1,500 per workstation will be used in the budgeting projections. The
                        anticipated lead time for outfitting a workstation is conservatively three weeks from the date
                        the PC is ordered by WESCONet, therefore careful planning will be required as the need for
                        additional agents becomes necessary .

                        Where We Are Today
                        With the software in place today, the call center can make manually dialed outbound calls
                        and can receive inbound calls that are processed through an Interaction Attendant menu.
                        Basic statistical information for each call that passes through the CIC system is recorded in a
                        SQL Server database and can be mined for reporting. Reports can be built with SQL Server
                        Reporting Services using the Client Services reports as a model. At this time, caller ID info
                        on outbound calls will reflect the CU*Answers name and phone number although caller ID
                        block (*67) can be used if needed. Agents can manually dial phone numbers from lists that
                        are generated by queries in CU*BASE. Agents can then use marketing prompts from the
                        CU*BASE cross sales system to interact with the member. Agents would be responsible for
                        recording call and promotion success/failure data in Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, or
                        some other format.

                        The call center will need to purchase IC Client licenses for each agent (included in the “per
                        workstation cost above) and for the supervisor.

                        Where We Need To Be Soon
                        To manipulate caller ID by client business decision, to track campaign performance, and to
                        accelerate training, the call center will need to acquire additional i3 software licenses. An
                        Interaction Supervisor license should also be purchased to provide the call center supervisor
                        with real-time statistics on call campaigns and service levels.

                           o    Additional Software (right out of the gate)
                                    § Call Center Agent – This is the foundation module for each agent that allows
                                        them to receive automatic call/Email distribution through the i3 enterprise
                                        software once configured. It is required for any of the advanced software
                                        modules that follow.

                           o    Additional Hardware/Software (after 10 agents threshold)
                                   § Redundant Cisco Gateway – This hardware would be purchased when we
                                        decide to implement an HA strategy once the center has an established list
                                        of clients and a significant number agents.

                                    §   Interaction Scripter Client - This is used to walk agents through a call and
                                        provide a script that they can follow in conversing with a member. It can be
                                        used to display information regarding the call, can be used to update a
                                        database, and can be used to record the outcome of the call.

                                    §   Interaction Scripter Development – Used to develop the talking points scripts
                                        for outbound campaigns.

                                    §   Interaction Dialer – This is i3’s “predictive dialer” module that will
                                        automatically queue outbound calls based on available agents.
  Board of Directors:               §   Interaction Tracker – This module will give us the ability to track all call
President’s Report                      activity by credit union and/or transaction type. It can also act as the
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                                                 repository for inbound Email activity, providing the queuing of inbound “web
                                                 chat” interactions and pushing to available agents. This will be a necessary
                                                 component when we begin taking inbound calls.

                            •   MISCELLANEOUS – Certainly other foundation activities will need to be completed prior to
                                rolling out this service. A standard Services Contract will need to be developed, as well as an
                                Exhibit for the statement of work. Marketing scripts will need to be developed for all
                                outbound activity. CUNA was made aware that we would starting an outbound call center
                                business unit during the period covered by our annual insurance policy, and will be reviewed
                                again upon renewal. During the first 90 days, marketing collaterals and presentations will be

                        WHAT SHOULD OUR PRICING STRATEGY BE?

                        THIS IS WHERE I NEED RK’s HELP

                            •   PRICING STRATEGY IDEAS
                                - Standard Offering
                                      o Per call pricing?
                                      o Per week pricing on top of Member Reach?
                                      o Tiered based on CU membership?
                                - Lead that we create = higher $X.XX
                                - Lead that Partner creates = Lower $x.xx
                                - P er closed loan for Lender RE?...per App.?

                        WHAT IS THE IMPLEMENT ATION PLAN?

                        As previously mentioned, the first 120 days will be treated as a Proof of Concept with a limited
                        number of activities for a limited number of clients. For each offering performed during this beta
                        period, it will be important to assess whether it was a success or failure, the volume of call activity,
                        and a documented summary of findings. Call volumes will be especially important for staffing
                        considerations moving forward. Equally important will be the introduction of Betsy to our credit
                        unions, so One Step Ahead call is planned early in the process.

                            •   PROOF OF CONCEPT – Although not imperative, it is very important that we are able to
                                demonstrate a successful beta project prior to hiring any additional full-time call center
                                agents. If there is not enough interest in the CU*Answers employee ranks (or if the demand
                                for the Lender VP Pre -Screen is much higher than expected), we may have to contract part-
                                time help to complete the Proof of Concept.

                                Early January
                                    o Betsy begins making One Step Ahead calls to credit union CEO’s. The formal topic
                                        will be due diligence on how credit unions current CL/CD programs are working, with
                                        an informal desire to have her introduce herself and our upcoming call center
                                    o Select at least three Member Reach tasks from the monthly calendar that could be
                                        included in a beta. Initial thought would be New Member Welcome, Dormant
                                        Account, and CD Maturity.
                                    o Finalize master contract and exhibit
                                    o Solicit existing call center Policies/Procedures from credit unions

                                Mid January
               Xtend                o Set up interviews to develop pool of agent candidates
  Board of Directors:
President’s Report
                                    o Identify beta participants
                                    o Develop talking points for upcoming outbound Member Reach calls
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                                    o   Develop Pre -Screen marketing piece, scripts, and pricing to solicit participation in
                                        upcoming Home Equity Lender VP campaign
                                    o   Solicit CU*Answers staff to make Pre-Screen calls

                                Late January
                                    o Summarize One Step Ahead results
                                    o Work with beta clients to identify one Custom Outbound campaign (i.e. e-
                                        Statements, Email collection, Survey, Platinum Reward) for implementation. Gather
                                        target data and develop appropriate script.
                                    o Review Business Plan with Xtend Board

                                February – March
                                   o Execute Pre -Screen calls
                                   o Execute Member Reach calls
                                   o Execute Custom Outbound calls
                                   o Begin planning for Inbound beta with one credit union and limited scope
                                   o Review budget for remainder of 2007 fiscal year at Xtend Board Meeting in March
                                   o Begin planning for Credit Card Pre -Screen program with Lender VP

                                    o   Document outbound beta results
                                    o   Begin inbound beta

                        During the latter stages of our Proof of Concept with our beta clients (this assumes that the project is
                        going well and we be moving on to the next phase), we will formalize our Standard Outbound
                        Offerings and move to the implementation phase:

                            •   IMPLEMENTATION - When an organization accepts our proposal, a 30 day review of
                                process and 90 day implementation strategy begins. A standard project template for
                                implementation has been created. The project is divided into categories and will be adjusted
                                to fit the product offering:

                                    o   Definition Phase
                                          Define the Client expectation
                                          Define the Call center expectation
                                          Establish the implementation timeframe

                                    o   Review Phase
                                          Review of state or federal licensing requirements
                                          Review of insurance requirements
                                          Review volume for staffing review/projection
                                          Review Process/Procedure
                                    o   Planning Phase
                                           Telephone Routing/Scripting
                                           Representative Scripting
                                           Data Capture Reporting
                                           Create Working Document to Track Process Action Items and Resolution

                                    o   Action Phase
                                           Set up Workstation
                                           Produce Process/Procedure/Run Sheet Documentation
                                           Produce Performance Benchmarks
                                           Produce Reporting Policy
  Board of Directors:               o   Test Phase
President’s Report                        Telephony
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                               o   Sign Off Phase
                                      Client Requirements
                                      MCRR Requirements
                                      Working Document – Action Items Resolution

                               o   Begin Calls

                               o   Post Implementation Review - Action Items Resolved

                        •   STAFF TRAINING - An organization working with our Call center can be assured that our
                            call center representatives are fully trained. The training program is standard telephone
                            technique, then customized by the product offering. Representatives are trained on the
                            CU*BASE system using the sales and marketing or collections and servicing workstations
                            and/or tools, and have completed training in all regulatory required knowledge areas such as
                            the Gramm-Leach-Bliley and Fair Debt Collection Practices and have passed certification
                            examination. In addition to online and classroom training, The Call center uses a mentoring
                            and call monitoring program for live training and quality assurance.

                            Required Online Courses
                                           CU*BASE GOLD
                                           Cu Difference
                                           Loan Officer
                                           Product Knowledge
                                           Sales and Service
                                           Telephone Training

                            Required Class Room Courses
                                   CU*University Courses:
                                            CU*BASE Marketing and Sales Tools
                                            CU*BASE Employee Security
                                            Day to Day IRA
                                            CU*BASE Mortgage Processing
                                            Lending from Request to Disbursement
                                            Open End and Line of Credit Lending
                                            Interactive Online Collections
                                            Centralized Underwriting
                                            Lender RE

                            Required Live Mentor Training (Two Weeks)

                            Required Client Procedures Training

                        •   PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT - Benchmarks for representative and call center
                            performance are in process and include expected call volume, quality monitoring meets/does
                            not meet, sales and cross sales goals; tracking and reporting using Excel spreadsheets or
                            Access databases.
  Board of Directors:   •   REPORTING - The call center manager is responsible for tracking center performance and
President’s Report          providing monthly reporting to the client. Standard Reports are:
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                               o   Total Call Volume
                               o   Average Call Volume
                               o   Average Speed to Answer
                               o   Average Hold Time
                               o   Average Call Length
                               o   Short Call Volume
                               o   Center Overall Service Level
                               o   Campaign Statistics and Analysis
                               o   Custom reporting is available upon request (Fee Service)

                        •   CALL SCRIPTS - Our marketing experts work with the client to maximize the success of our
                            services. The call center representative contacts the client’s members utilizing an agreed
                            upon strategy including client approved scripting. Marketing data is collected in a database
                            then provided to the client for analysis, success and contact statistics.

                        •   POLICIES AND PROCEDURE S - Standard performance measurement and tracking of daily
                            and monthly goals at center level will be provided to the client. The call center will mirror
                            the existing procedures of the client wherever possible. The implementation schedule
                            provides for review and agreement of call handling and sign off of expectation. The client is
                            assured of branded call handling which is seamless to the member.

  Board of Directors:
President’s Report

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