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									Best Practices and Innovative “Green
      Jobs” Training Programs
      Sustainability in the Green Economy
        Annual Best Practices Summit
                 June 26, 2009

               Marcy Drummond
     Vice President, Workforce & Economic
      Los Angeles Trade-Technical College
Los Angeles Trade-Technical College
Green College Initiative
            Launched in Fall, 2006
  the LA Trade-Tech Green College Initiative
       Consists of 4 Primary Objectives
Los Angeles Trade-Technical College
Green Workforce Development
     Los Angeles Trade-Technical College
     Green Workforce Development

LA Infrastructure and Sustainable Jobs Collaborative - a Collaborative that
brings together key stakeholders to plan and implement a seamless
education, training and workforce infrastructure for both traditional and
greened occupations in the utility/energy and construction sectors. Partners
of the Collaborative include: Los Angeles Department of Water and Power;
Southern California Gas Company (a Sempra Energy Utility); The Los Angeles
Unified School District; The Center of Excellence hosted at the Los Angeles
Community College District; California State University Los Angeles (CSULA),
College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology; IBEW Local 18-
LADWP Joint Training Institute; Southeast-Crenshaw WorkSource Center;
IBEW Local 11; California Building and Construction Trades Council; and the
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to name a few.
         Los Angeles Trade-Technical College
         Green Workforce Research

Priority List of Most Promising Green Occupations in LA
Based on Research Findings
• Renewable Energy Technician
• Energy Auditor
• Weatherization Occupations
• Solar Installer Technician
• HVAC and PV Operations & Maintenance Technicians
• Diesel & Auto Technicians with alternative fuels &
emissions controls competencies
• Water Supply, Distribution & Treatment
• Energy & Indoor Air Quality Auditor
• Deconstruction Worker
• Compliance Specialist
• Resource Conservation/Efficiency Manager
• Energy Analyst
Los Angeles Trade-Technical College
Green Education & Training
  Los Angeles Trade-Technical College
  Green Education & Training

                           Environmental and
                          Industrial Laboratory
                            Testing - Chemical

 Sustainable Land-Use &
                                                  Green Construction
Real Estate Development
 Los Angeles Trade-Technical College
 Green Education & Training

                        Weatherization and
                         Energy Efficiency

                                             Solid Waste
Wastewater Technology
 Los Angeles Trade-Technical College
 Green Education & Training

              Instructor Jess Guerra         Instructor Goluza
                    Bio-Diesel                     Solar

    Instructor Tom Vessella                     Instructor Tom Vessella
Middle School Solar Exploration        Weatherization, Retrofit, Green Construction
Green Workforce Program Design
        Career Pathways (Weatherization)

             Field Supervisor                      Program Manager          Energy Auditor

             Training & Technical
                  Assistance                          Outreach
                 Coordinator                         Coordinator

  Weatherization            Weatherization
Eligibility Specialist     Quality Assurance                            Crew Chief

  Enroller                      Assessor
                 Competency Framework
                                    Building Block Competencies for Weatherization Careers

                                         Tier 5: Industry-Sector Technical Competencies
                                         Competencies Specified by Industry Sector Representatives

                                          Tier 4: Industry-Wide Technical Competencies

                                         Competencies Specified by Industry Sector Representatives

                                                   Tier 3: Workplace Competencies
                                                 Problem Solving &     Working with Tools &
            Teamwork        Customer Focus                                                       Checking, Examining, & Recording
                                                  Decision-Making          Technology

                                                    Tier 2: Academic Competencies
                                                                                                           Communications, Listening, &
                 Reading                         Writing                         Mathematics

                                            Tier 1: Personal Effectiveness Competencies
Interpersonal Skills         Integrity            Professionalism            Initiative                   Dependability & Reliability

                                                         Eligibility Requirements
      Physical                 Legal                    Age               Prior Education         Eligible to Work          Drivers License

•Legal – Pass Background Check (Theft & Battery Felonies)                    •Calculation – Calculate minimum ventilation rates

             •Materials Selection – Proper materials selection based on location of leakage areas

•Air Sealing– Use the blower door to locate leakage sites within the building; seal attic and floor bypass at penetrations for plumbing,
electrical wiring, flue vents, ducts, dropped soffits, and balloon-framed walls; seal typical bypasses in kneewalls and finished attic spaces;
seal basement band joists; properly apply caulk and spray foam insulation; identify, select, and install weatherstripping on doors, windows,
and attic latches; cut glass, replace broken window panes; and apply glazing compound; repair plaster and sheetrock (drywall); and modify
or install mechanical ventilation to ensure acceptable indoor air quality for post-air-sealing conditions.
Los Angeles Trade-Technical College
Green Curriculum Standards

   Building Trades &
      Construction:               California Advanced Lighting
                                  Control Training Partnership
Sustainable Construction
   Education Project

                  Weatherization Training
     Los Angeles Trade-Technical College
           Advocacy & Presentations
     Green Conference Workshops &Assistance
                       * Good Jobs, Green Jobs National Conference
 * National Webinar - Education for the Green Economy: Opportunities, Resources, & Models
            * National Webinar – Framework for Green Workforce Development
           Sector Intermediary – Utility/Energy

                                          Media –
         Green Workforce Research
*On Campus, *Sustainable Industries *Community College Journal *Green Technology Magazine
                    *ABC *Focus Earth with Bob Woodward

           Green Education & Training Program Development
                        Special Projects, Task Forces, Etc.
     *National Commission on Energy Policy’s Task Force on America’s Future Energy Jobs
       * Green For All’s national Green Pathways Out of Poverty Community of Practice
           Green Curriculum Standards
                         * Harvard, Sustainable Cities Green Boot Camp

           Green Advocacy & Assistance

              Green College Initiative Website -
                     Lessons Learned
• Industry Driven, Industry-Supported
• Key, Collaborative Partners
   – Industry, Government, Labor, K20 Education, Community Based Organizations,
     WorkSource Centers
• Continuous Research
   – Technological Advances, Public Policy, Public Demand, Economic Conditions
   – Most Promising Industries & Occupations
   – Certification & Standards
• Comprehensive Understanding of Green Jobs
   –   Traditional Occupations at a Green Company
   –   Portion of a FTE/Job Being Greened
   –   New Green Jobs – New Classifications
   –   Skills and Competencies
• Game Plan
• Framework / Methodology
LATTC Green College Initiative

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