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Women- make sure to wax upper lip or use hair remover such as Neet.
Men - make sure to shave chest and under arms and legs.
                           Suggested Outfits

                                     Head Shots:
                                     Blouse with jacket, jean shirt,
                                     sweaters in solid colors, knits in
                                     neutral colors, avoid white or bold
                                     patterns- tones darker than your skin
                                     are recommended.

                                     Beauty Shots:
                                     Fashion type top, bare shoulders,
                                     shiny shimmery tops.

                                     Commercial Shots:
                                     Nice suit with skirt or pants, casual
                                     sweater outfits like: J.Crew, Gap,
                                     Banana Republic, jeans, shorts, Club
                                     Monaco short dresses, overalls,
                                     oversized jeans with a colorful tops.
      High Fashion:
      Black eveningwear, gowns, designer
      clothes. Basically whatever is
      showing in the fashion magazine
      such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan,
      Harper's, or Citizen K.

      Body Shots or Lingerie:
      Swimsuit or leotard. Important ( be
      sure to wear loose fitting clothes to
      shoot avoid elastic marks on legs
      shoulders or waist).


      Head Shots:
      Jacket and shirt, jean shirt or sweater,
      outfits from Gap or Banna Republic.
Suit and tie

Sweater or khaki pants and button
down Oxford shirt.

Work-out clothes, underwear or

Black pants and shirt or think Gucci,
PRADA, Calvin Klein anything you
see in pages mens Vogue or G.Q.

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