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									                                  Packaging machinery
                                  [3565] Manufacturing                                Firms Analyzed: 748

The Industry Market Evaluator series creates an overview of industry opportunity and vitality trends across a set of comparable market; either
52 US states and territories (State version) or the largest 228 US metropolitan statistical market areas by business count (metro version). Each
Metro Market Industry Comps compares business activity in a single industry segment in the US and the largest 228 metro areas, using US
government metro definitions. The series can be used to compare local and national industry performance and identify high opportunity
locations, high vitality regions for marketing -- or the toughest competitive areas.

P1: Introduction and Contents
P2: Industry population and segmentation
P4: Industry population and segmentation percentages
P6: Failure Rates- Establishments & Firms
P8: Failure Rates- Small Business
P9: Total industry sales volume (reported and locally generated)- 3 years
P11: Small Business sales volume & Percentage of Total Industry Sales- 3 years
P13: Average Industry Firm Sales- 3 years
P15: Average Small Business Sales- 3 years
P16: Startup activity, new branch development
P18: About the Data

                              Time series table
                              Yr1: Segments/ Total & Avg.Sales                                                2007
                              Yr2: Segments/ Total & Avg.Sales                                                2008
                              Yr3: Segments/ Total & Avg.Sales                                                2009
                              QII-10:                                                     12 months ending 6.30.10
                              Failure Rates:                                                            2007-2009
                              Startup Activity/ New Branch Rates:                                        7.09-6.10

The Time Series: Content is adjusted to account for time lags in raw data. We adjust the time series to compensate; the dates show n generally
reflect the actual time series show n in the Time Series table. In some tables, “Yr3” denotes the “snapshot” at the end of the time series. “Yr1” is
the snapshot at the start of the time series.
Industry Population and Segmentation

The Industry Population and Segmentation table (next page) displays the number of firms in the industry for five groups:

Establishments: Firms plus Branch operations.
Firms: Independent companies.
Small Businesses: In order to focus the analysis on the small businesses of greatest interest to our users, the analysis defines small
businesses as single site firms w ith few er than 25 employees. All small businesses are also “firms”.
Startups: In order to reduce distortion and focus the analysis on the startup population of greatest interest to our users, the startup sales and
employment analysis limits the definition of startups to single site firms w ith few er than 50 employees, w ith less than $10m annual sales and
reporting one year or less of operation. All Startups are also “firms”; the overw helming majority are also “small businesses”.

Branches: Subsidiary facilities of firms; non-headquarters operations.
                   Industry Population and Segmentation
            Area   Estabs         Firms         Small Business     Branches        Startups
A labama                      8             7                  5               1              0
A laska                      
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