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					  Fourth Grade Social Studies
        Curriculum Map

 California: A Changing State

Calvin Raus, Ann Lemak and Debra Knopp
 Content Standard One: Demonstrate an understanding of the physical setting of California that has attracted settle-
 ment for thousands of years.

   Benchmark           Essential Questions               Skills                 Activities            Assessment

Sept.—Mid-Oct.      What is California’s       1) Map reading            Oh, California           Worksheets w/
                    physical relationship to                             Lesson 1                 maps
Describe the        North America and the                                Unit 1
physical            world?                     2) Identify:
geography of                                                                                      Multiple-choice test
California.                                    Latitude and longitude    Map Skills workbook
                    What are California’s      North and south poles     pp. 11-15
                    physical features?         Prime meridian            Daily Geography          Teacher observa-
Describe and                                   Equator                                            tion
locate major                                   Tropics
deserts,            Why has California’s       Hemispheres               Individual relief maps of
mountain            physical environment       Continents                California identifying    Class discussion
ranges, coastal     attracted settlement and   Symbols                   physical features
bays, natural       immigration?
harbors, river                                                                                   Fill-in-the-blanks
valleys and delta                              3) Identify major         Internet geography      test/quizzes
regions.                                       geographical areas of     activities at:
                                               California                http://www.napanet.net/
                                                                         ~calross/geography.htm Relief Maps
Explain how the
physical                                       4) Climate
environment                                                                                       Internet products
settlement.                                    5) Topography
 Content Standard Two: Demonstrate an understanding of the pre-Columbian settlements of people in California.

   Benchmark           Essential Questions              Skills                   Activities            Assessment

Mid-Oct.—Nov.       Where did the California   1) Identify location of   Read:                      Oral and written
                    Indians live?              settlements in relation   “Creation of California    reports
Describe                                       to physical features      Tribe”
California Indian                                                        “The Rainbow Bridge—       Teacher
settlements and     What geographical                                    A Chumash Legend”          observation
learn about         features influenced the    2) Learn the trade        Oh, California—Chap. 2
language,           location of settlements?   routes of California      Graphic Organizer          Quizzes/Multiple-
distribution,                                  Indians                   Readers’ Theater—”The      choice and
social                                                                   Creation of Man: A         matching test
organization and    How were Native American                             Miwok Legend”
beliefs.            settlements different from 3) Learn about Indian                                Group project:
                    our own?                   tribes:                   Filmstrip:                 Make an Indian
Explain the                                    Wappo, Pomo, Yurok,       “Indian Crafts”            settlement based
influence of                                   Chumash, Mojave                                      on eight types of
geography on        What was the relationship                            Video:                     houses and use of
the location of     between Native Americans                             “Indians of California”    natural resources
settlements.        and their environment?     4) Identify language
                                               groups                    Crossword puzzles          Internet activities:
Explain how                                                              Word search                Make and color a
Indians used                                                             Map Activities             map locating the
natural                                        5) Explain the Indian                                California tribes.
resources                                      economy--hunter/          Field trip to California   Write a “Day in the
without                                        gatherer                  Indian Museum              Life of...” report
modifying the                                  —Modification and                                    based on Internet
environment and                                adaptation to physical    Internet California        research.
learn about how                                environment               Indian activities from:
their choices                                  —Lived in harmony         http://www.napanet.net/
influenced their                               with nature               ~calross/native.htm
societies.                                     —Peaceful existence
 Content Standard Three: The student will identify the major events in the exploration and colonization of California
 and describe its impact on Native Americans.

   Benchmark           Essential Questions                Skills                 Activities             Assessment

Mid-Nov.—Dec.       Why did the Spanish come      1) Learn who the early  Read Oh, California        Explorer multiple-
                    to California?                explorers were and how Chapter 3.                  choice test
Demonstrate an                                    and why they came.
understanding                                                             Trace exploration
of the history of   Who were the first            2) Learn how Spanish    routes on maps and         Maps
the European        Europeans to come to          colonization changed    locate settlements.
exploration of      California?                   the Indian way of life.
California.                                                               Model of a Spanish         “What if they never
                                                  3) Learn more about     galleon                    came?” piece
                    What were the physical        using maps to
Explain the         features of California that   understand the impact Videos:
incentives for      might present obstacles to    of geography and        “Spanish Explorers”        Explorer report
Spanish             exploration?                  physical features on    “Spanish in Southwest”     from Internet
colonization of                                   history.                                           research
California.                                                               Write a “What if they
                    How did the Spanish           4) Gain an              never came?” piece.
                    explorers change the lives    understanding of why
Examine and         of California Indians?        the Europeans wanted    Biographies:
compare the                                       to come to the new      Juan Crespi
benefits and                                      world.                  Gaspar de Portola
costs of                                                                  Junipero Serra
exploration and
colonization                                                              Reading: “Father
from the                                                                  Junipero Serra, the
viewpoints of                                                             Traveling Missionary”
different groups.
                                                                          Internet explorer report
                                                                          from: www.napanet.net/
 Content Standard Four: Demonstrate an understanding of the major developments during the Spanish mission
 period of California history.

  Benchmark            Essential Questions             Skills                   Activities           Assessment

Jan.                How did the missions      1) Learn about the        Read Oh, California       Mission reports
                    change the lives of the   influence of Christianity Chapters 3 & 4            from Internet
                    native people of          on California Indians.                              research
Describe the        California?                                         Predictions
Spanish at-
tempts to spread                              2) Learn the difference    Life at the missions     Mission projects
Christianity.     How did California’s        between a hunter/
                  diverse geography           gather economy and an      Art activities (Robe
                  influence the location of   agricultural economy.      people)                  Teacher
Explain the       Spanish missions?                                      Adobe brickmaking        observation
geographic and
economic fac-                                 3) Learn how disease       Population graphs
tors in the loca-                             affected the native                                 Discussion
tion of the mis-                              Californians.              Mapping of the 21
sions.                                                                   mission locations
                                                                                                Missions multiple-
                                              4) Learn what it was       Trip to Sonoma Mission choice quizzes/test
Describe the                                  like to live and work in
changes from                                  a mission.                 Videos: “The Missions”
the hunting-and-                                                         “Life in a California    Mission map test
gathering                                                                Mission”
economy to a                                  5) Learn the locations
settled mission                               of the missions.           Reading: “Song of
agricultural one.                                                        Swallows”

                                                                         Internet mission
                                                                         activities from:
 Content Standard Five: Demonstrate an understanding of the major developments during the Mexican rancho period
 of California history.

   Benchmark            Essential Questions                Skills                  Activities            Assessment

February             What is the difference       1) Identify the purpose   Read Oh, California       Group project:
                     between a mission,           and ownership of          Chapters 4 & 5            model of rancho,
                     presidio, rancho, hacienda   ranchos and other                                   presidio, hacienda
Describe daily       and pueblo?                  Mexican settlements.                                or pueblo
life at presidios,                                                          Mapping—Mexico
missions,                                     2) Explain the                territory before and
ranchos and          How did Mexico win its   difference between a          after the war             Oral/written reports
pueblos.             independence from Spain? mission, rancho,                                        on rancho period
                                              hacienda and pueblo.
                                                                            Drawing maps to show
Identify to          What was the Bear Flag       3) Identify the causes of where and how land        Rancho period
events leading       Revolt and who were the      the Mexican War for       was obtained              multiple-choice/
to the end of        participants?                Independence.                                       matching quizzes
Mexican control                                                                                       and test
of California.                                    4) Identify the effects  Petaluma Old Adobe &
                                                  of closing the missions. Vallejo Home Sonoma
                                                                           field trip (candle &       Teacher
                                                  5) Learn about the Bear breadmaking activities)     observation
                                                  Flag Revolt.

                                                  6) Learn about Ft. Ross   Bear Flag Revolt
                                                  & Sutter’s Fort           Internet activity from:
 Content Standard Six: Demonstrate an understanding of the major people and events in the period of the Mexican-
 American War and statehood.

  Benchmark           Essential Questions                 Skills                  Activities            Assessment

Early March        What were the causes of       1) Identify the reasons   Oh, California, Chap. 5   Donner Party
                   the Mexican-American          for the Mexican-          &6                        reports using the
                   War?                          American War.                                       Internet
Describe the                                                               Create a timeline
causes of the                                                              showing the
Mexican-           Why did it take so long for   2) Describe the           chronological events of People in History
American War.      California to become a        hardships faced by the    the Bear Flag Republic, multiple-choice
                   state, and what role did      overland immigrants to    the Mexican-American    test
                   slavery play in California    California.               War, the Gold Rush and
Trace the routes   statehood?                                              statehood.
of people                                                                                          “Events leading to
coming to                                        3) Understand the         Reading:                statehood”
California.        What is the purpose of a      process of becoming a     “Patty Reed’s Doll”     discussion
                   constitution?                 state.                    “By the Great Horn
Describe the                                                                                       Timeline Matching
events leading     What are the key principles 4) Understand how           Donner Party map and    test
to California      in the California           national issues and the     report
statehood and      Constitution?               U.S. Constitution
the issues                                     delayed California’s    Donner Party Internet
involved.                                      admission to the Union. research from:
                                               5) Understand how
                                               becoming part of the    Statehood Internet
                                               United States changed activities from:
                                               California.             www.napanet.net/
 Content Standard Seven: Demonstrate an understanding of the major people and events in the period of the
 California Gold Rush.

  Benchmark           Essential Questions               Skills                    Activities            Assessment

Mid-Mar.—Mid-      Where was gold first       1) Indentify when,          Oh, California, Chap. 5,   Gold Rush
Apr.               discovered and by whom?    where and by whom           Lessons 2, 3 & 4           simulation and
                                              gold was discovered.                                   simulation journal
Describe how                                                              Gold Rush Simulation
the Gold Rush      Who came to California                                 “Interact”
changed            because of the discovery   2) Describe how and                                    Pretest to post test
California.        of gold? Who were the      why people came to          Video “Life in a           difference
                   49ers?                     California because of       Goldmining Camp”
Describe how                                  the discovery of gold.
the Gold Rush                                                             Music                      Game results
changed the        How did the Gold Rush
population and     change the course of       3) Learn about daily life   Biographies:
economy of         California history?        in the mines.               Jedidiah Smith             “A Day in the Life
California.                                                               James Beckwourth           of a Miner” activity
                                                                          John Fremont               from Internet
Trace the routes   How did the Gold Rush      4) Identify the role of     Bernarda Ruiz              research
of people          affect the environment?    women.                      Biddy Mazon
coming to                                                                 John Sutter
                                              5) Understand the           Graphing changes in
Describe how                                  changes in population,      population
the Gold Rush                                 the economy and the
affected the                                  environment brought         Gold Rush Internet
environment and                               on by the Gold Rush.        activities from:
the lives of the                                                          www.napanet.net/
people already                                                            ~calross/goldrush.htm
 Content Standard Eight: The student will describe the impact that internal migration, immigration and new technolo-
 gies had on California to the 1930s.

  Benchmark           Essential Questions                Skills                  Activities             Assessment

Mid-Apr.—Mid-      How did people cross the     1) Indentify the ethnic   Oh, California, Chap. 7,   “A Day in the Life”
May                country before the           groups who built the      8 & 9.                     reports about Dust
                   transcontinental railroad?   railroads: Chinese,                                  Bowl migrants
Describe the                                    Irish, etc.               Transcontinetal            using the Internet
building of the    How did the                                            Railroad map
transcontinental   transcontinental railroad    2) Explain the economic
railroad.          change the country?          impact of the railroad  Trace family roots to        multiple-choice
                                                on California.          country of origin            test
Explain how
water and elec-    Why water and electricity    3) Describe the Pony   Technology comparison
tricity were       so important to the growth   Express and Western    mapping:              “How the
originally har-    of California?               Union.                 Technology then and   Transcontinental
nessed and how                                                         now                   Railroad Was Built”
this enabled                                   4) Describe the causes                        report using the
agricultural       Why did so many people      of migration to         Railroad Internet     Internet
areas and cities   come to California because California during the    activities from:
to develop.        of the Dust Bowl? What      Great Depression.       www.napanet.net/
                   did they find when they got                         ~calross/railroad.htm Family origins
Explain the        here?                       5) Describe the                               project
impact of the                                  experiences of the Dust Dust Bowl Internet
Great Depres-                                  Bowl refuges during     activities from:
sion and the       How do the technologies     and after their         www.napanet.net/      Timeline Matching
Dust Bowl.         of the 1850s compare with migration to California. ~calross/dustbowl.htm test
                   those of today?
Describe how                                   6) Understand how
technology                                     becoming part of the
changed over                                   United States changed
time.                                          California.
 Content Standard Nine: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the factors which contribute to the devel-
 opment of California from World War II to the present.

  Benchmark           Essential Questions                 Skills                   Activities              Assessment

Mid-May—June       How has California           1)Understand the            Oh, California, Chap.       Worksheets
                   changed since World War      diversity of California’s   10—13
Explain the        II?                          people.
dramatic                                                                    Japanese internment         Internet reports
changes in Cal.                                 2) Learn about Cesar        Internet activities from:
during and after   What role does agriculture   Chavez and farm             www.napanet.net/
World War II in    play in modern California?   workers                     ~calross/japanese.htm       Class discussions
agriculture and                                 2) Identify California’s    Multicultural potluck
entertainment.     Why is water so important    major industries.                                       Multiple-choice test
                   to California?                                           Newspaper articles
                                                3) Describe California’s
Examine                                         educational system.     California Today
California’s       What are some of the ways                            investigation from:
place in the       in which citizens exercise 4) Understand             www.napanet.net/
country and the    their responsibilities in  California’s place in the ~calross/today.htm
world.             solving problems facing    country and the world.
                                              5) Explain the impact of
                                              engineering projects on
                                              California’s wild rivers
                                              and watershed areas
                                              and the long-term
                                              consequences of heavy
                                              overdraft on the state’s
                                              water resources.

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