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message from the executive director

It is my pleasure to present the 2006 Prairie State Legal Services (PSLS) Annual Report, on behalf of
PSLS’s board of directors and staff. Each year, the annual report emphasizes our efforts to make equal
justice a reality for the residents of Illinois.
Thanks to the broad-based support of the communities we serve, in 2006 the federal government
increased funding for legal services for the poor for the first time in several years. In addition,
in 2006 the State of Illinois increased funding to the Illinois Equal Justice Foundation, which exists
to ensure that all Illinois residents, no matter their income, are given a voice and the power to succeed
in our justice system. Also in 2006, the U.S. Department of Justice awarded PSLS renewed funding
under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), to support our work to assist the victims of domestic
violence. These, and many other sources of funding, including many United Ways, and corporate and
individual donors, enabled PSLS to help thousands of clients throughout northern and central Illinois.
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, our nation gained a heightened awareness of the reality of poverty
in America, and an understanding of the implications this has on our justice system. Families impacted
by the hurricane were forced to relocate throughout the nation, and several
of these families were served by PSLS.
Lisa was a hurricane survivor, and a client of Prairie State Legal Services. Her mother had been lost in
the storm, and now Lisa, who was pregnant, was caring for her 14-year-old brother. Lisa and her family
needed to move out of the shelter where they were staying, but she was denied access to subsidized
housing until she proved she was her brother’s legal guardian. First, Prairie State found Lisa a winter
coat. Then we contacted the local housing authority, and advocated on her behalf. Lisa obtained
guardianship of her brother, and was able to secure housing for her family, including her baby girl, who    “We have started a new
was born shortly before our court hearing.
Within this report, you will read other stories of how the work of PSLS has changed the lives of our
clients, and improved the communities we serve. I am proud of the accomplishments of our staff and
                                                                                                             life thanks to you…
volunteers. However, without the support of our partners – our funders and our many donors – these
accomplishments would not have been possible.
                                                                                                             You were a great lawyer.
There remains much to be done to make equal access to justice available to all Illinoisans, but 2006
marked a year of significant progress. As always, thank you for your continued support and your
commitment to help PSLS in our efforts to help those in need.                                               No matter what…
Michael O’Connor
Executive Director
                                                                                                            you were right beside
                                                                                                            us all the way.”
the journey is the reward

                            PRAIRIE STATE LEGAL SERVICES, INC.                              Revenue %      Financial Statement 2006
                            BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2006-2007                     Legal Services Corporation                                         35.7
                            President Peter Schlax, Libertyville                           United Ways              10.7
                            Vice-President Marge Donaghue, Bonfield                 Lawyers Trust Fund                14.2
                            Secretary Dean L. Sutton, East Moline               Special Projects/Grants                      21.7
                            Treasurer Michael J. Scalzo, Oak Brook                 Older Americans Act         7.0
                            Thomas H. Boswell, Rockford                                   Contributions        7.6
                            Erica Egger, Joliet                                                  Other         2.9
                            Maria Glisson, Glendale Heights
                                                                                                                                    Total: $7,109,077
                            Robert H. Jennetten, Peoria
                            Karl A. Johnson, Galesburg
                            Victoria McKay Kennison, Joliet                             Expenditures %
                            Ken A. Leshen, Kankakee                                          Personnel                                           75.2
                            Oralia Martinez, Lena                                           Occupancy                6.7

                            Heather McPherson, Freeport                    Subgrants/Contract Services               6.1

                            Adele M. Morrison, DeKalb                               Supplies & Postage         2.0

                            Verlene Mullen, Hopkins Park                            Telephone/Internet         2.2
                            Suzan K. Munson, North Pekin              Law Library & Litigation Expenses       1.5
                            J. Brick Van Der Snick, Geneva                                Depreciation        1.2
                            Kendall West, Elgin                                                  Other           5.1
                            Maya Yvonne Williams, Zion                                                                               Total: $6,660,077
                            Collette D. Willoughby, South Pekin

                                                                                                          A full report of the 2006 audit performed
                                                                                                          by Lindgren, Callihan, Van Osdal & Co.,
                                                                                                          Certified Public Accountants, is available for
                                                                                                          inspection at the Administrative Office of:
                                                                                                          Prairie State Legal Services Inc.
                                                                                                          975 North Main Street
                                                                                                          Rockford, IL 61103

“When no one else

 would listen or help
 me, you guys did.”
the journey is the reward

                                                                 Safety and Stability Returns to Children Under
                                                                 Guardianship of Their Grandparents
 A Prairie State staff attorney had helped return our grand      A Prairie State Attorney was able to obtain Letters

     kids back home with us. Their father came one day and       of Guardianship for the grandparents of three minors
                                                                 whose father had forcibly removed them from the

    took them away, there was nothing we could do, he was a      grandparents’ home. The children had been living with

     neglectful father and we had cared for the children for
                                                                 the grandparents for many years when the father took
                                                                 them. Although the father had prior neglect charges, he

     many years. Prairie State helped grant us guardianship.     had legal custody; therefore the authorities were unable to
                                                                 pursue this as a criminal matter. The whereabouts of the

            They were so helpful throughout the whole process.   children was unknown for many months after the removal.
                                                                 However, when the grandparent located the children, they
                                                                 contacted our project attorney who brought a guardianship
                                                                 proceeding, Letters of Guardianship were granted. This
                                                                 case was important for the grandparents, who were
                                                                 desperate to protect the children, It was important for the
                                                                 children, as the father had them living in a car, a hotel and
                                                                 other temporary locations.

Facts and Figures (2006)
Staff and in-house volunteers completed 16,102
cases. The Volunteer Lawyer Projects completed
632 cases. Altogether, these households contained
37,876 persons, including 18,600 children.
                                                                                                                                   the journey is the reward

Prairie State Helps Disabled Woman
Obtain Medicaid

A fifty-two year old woman who lives alone came to Prairie      I contacted Prairie State Legal Services after I was notified from
State after receiving word from the Department of Human
Services that she had been denied disability-based
                                                                the Department of Human Services that I was denied my disability based
Medicaid benefits. She had no private health insurance.
She suffered from narcolepsy and severe osteoarthritis
                                                                benefits. I suffer from a multitude of ailments that make it difficult for
of the knee and was no longer able to work. Her doctors         me to work. Prairie State helped me file my appeal and in no time the
                                                                state had reversed their statement. I can now get the care I need
had stated that the arthritic damage to her knee made
it difficult for her to walk or stand. Just days prior to her
appointment with Prairie State she had fallen down the
stairs and was injured. Despite these facts, the State
concluded she was not disabled. Prairie State helped her
file a timely appeal of the denial of Medicaid benefits,
prepared a written legal argument on her behalf, and
convinced the State agency to reverse its decision. This
medical coverage will enable our client to get the care she
needs to prevent avoidable deterioration of her health.

                                                                Case Types (2006)           %
                                                                Family Law                  44
                                                                Housing Cases               24
                                                                Soc. Sec./Public Benefits   8
                                                                Consumer/Utilities          11
                                                                All Other                   13
the journey is the reward

                                                                           Mobile Home Resident Released from Debt
                                                                           to Landlord Who Fails to Honor Agreement
               When I suffered a heart attack I became dependant on        Our client relied on Social Security after suffering a heart

            Social Security to make ends meet. I live in a mobile home     attack. He lived in a mobile home, but could no longer
                                                                           afford the mobile home loan payment or the lot rental.
           park and recently have been unable to make the payments. I      The landlord of the mobile home park agreed to sell the

           had an agreement with the landlord that he would help sell my   client’s mobile home and apply the net proceeds to his lot
                                                                           rental obligation. Reneging on the agreement, the landlord

           mobile home and he went back on his word. There was nothing     made no attempt to sell the mobile home or solicit offers
                                                                           for the home, but rather sued the client for eviction
                I could do, until I called Prarie State. They helped me    seeking substantial money damages. Attorney Tom,

                                        tremendously, I now have my loan   serving pro bono, negotiated a very favorable settlement
                                                                           for the client. After our pro bono attorney pointed out the
                                                                           landlord’s apparent breach of fiduciary duty by attempting
                                                                           to profit from its refusal to attempt a sale of the property
                                                                           and the failure of the landlord’s attorney to comply with
                                                                           the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the landlord
Client Demographics (2006)
                                                                           paid off the client’s mobile home loan, released its claim
Gender            %
Female            76                                                       for past due rent, and paid the client approximately
Male              24                                                       $2,000 in cash.
Age               %
under 18          2
18-29             29
Thirties          24
Forties           20
Fifties           11
60-74             10
75+               4
                                                                                                                          the journey is the reward

Ownership of Property Restored
to Elderly Client

Our client gave a power of attorney to his daughter. She      Prairie State Legal Services represented me when my duaghter had
told the client that she was using the power of attorney
to refinance the home and had client sign some papers.
                                                              taken advantage of a situation and threatened to sell my home. They
The daughter did refinance, but she also had the client
unknowingly sign a quitclaim deed transferring ownership
                                                              helped me revoke the power of attourney and were able to draft up and
of the home from the client to the client and daughter        of the nessary documents for me to regaing what was rightfully mine.
                                                              They were so helpfull and friendly throughout the whole
in joint tenancy. When things soured between them, she
threatened to sell client’s home. On behalf of the client,
we revoked the power
of attorney and drafted new documents giving a power
of attorney to a more trusted daughter. We rewrote client’s
will and filed an action to quit title in order to protect
client’s home. The lawsuit raised claims of breach of
fiduciary duty, fraud, and constructive fraud. The court
entered an order declaring our client the sole owner of
the property and a judicial deed was filed with the county
recorder’s office.

                                                              Client Demographics (2006) cont.
                                                              Racial Breakdown %
                                                              White           66
                                                              Black           23
                                                              Hispanic        8
                                                              Asian           1
                                                              Other           2
list of 2006 donors

Each year, dozens of partner organizations           Far Northwest Suburban United Way                 The Fairbury Community Fund                 We are deeply grateful to the following            $2,500 to $4,999                                 Joe Dailing
commit their resources in order to help us           Fox Valley United Way                             U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development   individuals, law firms and organizations for       Anonymous                                        Caterpillar Legal Services Division
provide legal services for populations and           Geneva Community Chest                            U.S. Dept. of Justice                       their generous support of Prairie State Legal      Bozeman, Neighbour, Patton & Noe, LLP            Joseph A. and Diane Dailing
communities throughout our service area. In          Heart of Illinois United Way                      United Way Crusade of Mercy                 Services. They help us realize our shared vision   Dudly & Lake, LLC                                David R. Del Re
2006, the following partners helped ensure           Herbolsheimer Foundation                          United Way of Boone County                  of equal access to justice through their support   Eurith Leydig Memorial Center                    Gale Kennedy Dompke
access to justice for tens of thousands of clients   Illinois Attorney General’s Office                United Way of Central Kane County           of the Campaign for Legal Services, the Joe        Hinshaw & Culbertson, LLP (Peoria)               Doyle, Woodhouse & Moore, Inc.
in northern and central Illinois.                    Illinois Bar Foundation                           United Way of the DuPage Area               Dailing Fund, and local fundraising events.        Hinshaw & Culbertson, LLP (Rockford)             Elgin Bar Association
                                                     Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority   United Way of Eastern LaSalle County                                                           Howard & Howard                                  First Metropolitan Title Co.
Altria Group, Inc.                                   Illinois Department of Children                   United Way of Elgin                         $10,000 or more                                    Husch & Eppenberger, LLC                         Gitlin, Haaff & Kasper
Aurora Mental Health & Mental                        and Family Services                               United Way of Grundy County                 A & E Kaplan Foundation                            Kankakee Fundraiser                              Deborah L. Goldberg, including gifts in memory
Retardation Services                                 Illinois Department of Commerce                                                               Abbott Laboratories Fund                           Legal Aid Fundraiser                             of Judge Brady’s father, Harry Brady.
                                                                                                       United Way of Illinois Valley
Batavia United Way                                   and Economic Opportunity                                                                                                                                                                          Hon. Mary P. Gorman
                                                                                                       United Way of Kankakee County               Baxter International, Inc.                         Northern Illinois Building Contractors
Bureau County United Way                             Illinois Department of Human Services                                                                                                                                                             Hasselberg, Williams, Grebe,
                                                                                                       United Way of Knox County                   Caterpillar Foundation                             Association
Central Illinois Agency on Aging                     Illinois Department of Public Health                                                                                                                                                              Snodgrass & Birdsall
                                                                                                       United Way of Lake County                   Distribution of Remaining Settlement Proceeds      Par-A-Dice Gaming Corporation
Chicago Department of Public Health                  Illinois Equal Justice Foundation                                                             from Fructose Antitrust Litigation Pursuant to                                                      Herbolsheimer, Lannon, Henson,
                                                                                                       United Way of Lee County                                                                       Peoria County Bar Association, including         Duncan & Reagan, PC
                                                     Illinois Office of Rehabilitation Services                                                    Order of Judge Michael M. Mihm                     gifts in honor of Judge Eugene Sullivan
City of Aurora Police Department                                                                       United Way of McHenry County
                                                                                                                                                   Richard Goldman in memory of Harold Goldman                                                         Sanford Sloane and Paulette Herbstman
City of Aurora Division of                           Kendall County Tax Levy                                                                                                                          Regent Broadcasting
                                                                                                       United Way of McLean County                                                                                                                     Heritage Bank of Central Illinois
Neighborhood Redevelopment                           Kishwaukee United Way                                                                         Lane & Waterman                                    Vonachen, Lawless, Trager & Slevin
                                                                                                       United Way of Metro Chicago                                                                                                                     Garrick Hodge
City of Bloomington Township                         Lake County Department of                                                                     Anthony C. Raccuglia                               Winnebago County Bar Foundation
                                                     Planning and Development                          United Way of the North Shore                                                                                                                   Holmstrom & Kennedy, PC
City of DeKalb                                                                                                                                     State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance
                                                     Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois                    United Way of Northwest Illinois                                                                                                                Howard & Howard Fund of the Kalamazoo
City of Kankakee Community                                                                                                                         Company                                            $1,000 to 2,499
Development & Economic Agency                        Legal Services Corporation                        United Way of Ogle County                                                                                                                       Community Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Anonymous (3)
City of Peoria Neighborhood                          McDonough County United Way                       United Way of Pekin                                                                                                                             Hynds, Rooks, Yohnka & Bzdill
                                                                                                                                                   $5,000 to $9,999                                   Anonymous in memory of Donald M. Franz
Development Division                                 McHenry County Dept. of Planning                  United Way of Pontiac                                                                                                                           Illinois Mutual
                                                                                                                                                   AMCORE Financial, Inc.                             Ackman, Marek, Meyer & Boyd, Ltd.
City of Waukegan Community Development               and Development                                   United Way of Rock River Valley                                                                                                                 Katz, Goldstein & Warren
                                                                                                                                                   John W. Condon                                     Ameren CILCO
Block Grant                                          Moline Foundation                                 United Way of the Quad Cities Area                                                                                                              James W. Keeling
                                                                                                                                                   Doris and Victor Day Foundation                    Hon. Barry R. Anderson
County of DuPage Human Services                      Naperville United Way                             Warren County United Way                                                                                                                        Justice Thomas L. Kilbride
                                                                                                                                                   Mrs. Ruth Goldman                                  Robert S. Baizer
County of McHenry Tax Levy                           Northeastern Illinois Area Agency on Aging        Western Illinois Area Agency on Aging                                                                                                           Raymond J. Kloss
                                                                                                                                                   Heyl, Royster, Voelker & Allen                     Gregory E. and Gloria N. Barrett
DeKalb County Community Services Department          Northwestern Illinois Area Agency on Aging        Winnebago County Health Department                                                                                                              Knell & Kelly LLC
                                                                                                                                                   Suzanne and William Lindsay                        Timothy L. Bertschy and Janet K. Bertschy
Doris and Victor Day Foundation, Inc.                Peoria City/County Health Department                                                                                                                                                              Lake County Bar Association, including gifts in
                                                                                                                                                   McLean County Bar Association                      Brown & Brown, PC
DuPage Community Development Commission              Rauch Family Foundation, Inc.                                                                                                                                                                     memory of Michael F. Bonamarte, III
                                                                                                                                                   Quinn, Johnston, Henderson & Pretorius, Chtd.      Campion, Curran, Dunlop & Lamb, PC
DuPage Community Foundation                          Rock Island 708 Mental Health Board                                                                                                                                                               Law Offices of Thomas J.Popovich, PC in
                                                                                                                                                   Title Underwriters Agency                          Burr Carter and Jane Mueller including           memory of LeRoy Welter
Dwight Community Chest                               St. Charles 708 Mental Health Board
                                                                                                                                                   James Walker                                       gifts in honor of Joe Dailing                    David P. Liebowitz
East Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging           St. Charles Township
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Mike and Kim Casey including gifts in honor of   Mike & Shirley McElvain
list of 2006 donors

National City Bank/Private Client Group       Frank J. Black                            Kathey Fuhrmann                                Sally A. Lichter                   Schweickert & Ganassin                        Tom Scott Beadleston
Mike and Laura O’Connor                       Christopher Bohlen                        Gambino Realtors                               Linn & Campe, Ltd.                 Hon. Mark W. Schwiebert, in memory            James H. Becht
Vance C. Parkhurst                            Bollman, Lesser & McGlynn, LLP            Paul and Gay Nell G. German                    Madsen, Sugden, Gottemoller        of Lloyd A. Schwiebert                        Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Been Fund
Paul and Carole Perona                        Beth S. Brush                             James and Mary Gesmer                          Market Insurance Group, Inc.       Bernard H. Shapiro in honor of Joe Dailing    Caroline Berrettini
Jack Porter, including gifts in               Caldwell, Berner & Caldwell Lawyers       Judy Goodie including gifts in                 McDonough County Bar Association   Smith & LaLuzerne, Ltd.                       William R. Beu
honor of Joe Dailing                          Centrue Bank                              honor of Joe Dailing                           Melissa McGrath                    Lawrence W. Smith and Jane Smith, including   Black, Black & Brown
Rauch Family Foundation 1, Inc.                                                         Dr. Richard L. Grant, M.D.                                                        gifts in honor of Joe Dailing
                                              Diana L. Charlton, including gifts in                                                    McGreevy Williams, PC                                                            Blackhawk State Bank
Rockford Bank & Trust                         honor of Joe Dailing                      Victoria Graves                                                                   Snow, Hunter, Whiton & Fishburn, Ltd.
                                                                                                                                       Hon. James and Teresa Mesich                                                     Kirk W. Bode
Richard Russo                                 Chausow Shafer, PC                        Cheri N. Greenlee                                                                 Lawrence Stein
                                                                                                                                       Ministrare, Inc.                                                                 Thomas H. Boswell
Edward B. Rust, Jr.                           Chausow Shafer, P. C.                     Guerilla Graffix, Inc.                                                            SupplyCore
                                                                                                                                       Deborah Morrison                                                                 Boyle Law DeKalb, LLC
Schmeling Construction Company                William D. Cherny                         Dawn Hallsten and Don Mateer                                                      Robert and Marilyn Sutherland
                                                                                                                                       Michael F. and Alice J. O’Brien                                                  William M. Bracken
Jane Smith                                    Ann Buche Conroy                          Colonel Thomas M. Hamlin and Mrs. Elizabeth                                       Dean L. Sutton
                                                                                                                                       Maria Ochoa                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Burns, Jr.
Michael Simon and Nancy Sohn, including       Contry Homes of Illinois                  Ann Hamlin, including gifts in memory                                             The Harvard State Bank
                                                                                        of Paula Ann Hamlin                            David W. Okey                                                                    Ray Carlson
gifts in honor of Marge Branson Sarah Megan   Alan and Kathy Cooper                                                                                                       Thomson
and Kathy Bettcher                                                                      Hasselberg, Rock, Bell & Kuppler, LLP          Tom and Marcia O’Neal                                                            Thomas J. Carroll and Cythina D. Lamb
                                              Peter Damby, in memory of Fred Kalivoda                                                                                     Tobin & Ramon
Linda E. Spring                                                                         J. F. Heckinger                                Lindsay A. Parkhurst                                                             Michael T. Cavanaugh
                                              Anne Megan Davis                                                                                                            Bob & Cindy Torbett
Swedish American Health System                                                          Stephen J. Heine                               Peoria County Bar Association                                                    Central Illinois Paralegal Association
                                              Claire D. de Chazal                                                                                                         Yolanda M. Torrez
Jean Swee                                                                               Jack and Catherine Herrmann, including gifts   Joseph R. Poell                                                                  Mary J. Clark (Berger Schatz)
                                              Walter Derbyshire                                                                                                           Dennis R. Triggs
The Chicago Bar Foundation in honor                                                     in memory of Leonard Edwards, in memory of     Pool, Leigh & Kopko                                                              William L. Cleaver
                                              William Detrick                           Mary Quintinalla, in honor of Joe Dailing                                         Trobe, Babowice & Associates, LLC
of Joe Dailing                                                                                                                         Mary Powell                                                                      Kenneth M. Collinson
                                              Robert V. Dewey, Jr.                      Justice William E. Holdridge                                                      Jay and Cathy Trost
TKM Associates, LLP                                                                                                                    Prusak, Winne & Gorman, Ltd.                                                     Hon. Joseph and Mary Condon
                                              Dickerson & Nieman Realtors               Hollister Incorporated                                                            James L. Tungate
Vella & Lund, PC                                                                                                                       Hon. Cynthia M. Raccuglia                                                        Mark Cordes & Victoria Young, including
                                              Steven E. Dierks                          HomeStar Bank                                                                     Timothy J. Vezeau                             gifts in honor of Joe Dailing
John and Susan Whitcher                                                                                                                Ann Reading
                                              Edward J. Donahue                         James R. and Anita H. Jenkins                                                     Hon. Nancy Schuster Waites, including         Cunabaugh & Missimer, PC
Louis P. Milot and Lisa Y. Wilson                                                                                                      Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren        gifts in honor of Gary Schlesinger, in
                                              Duncan & Brandt, PC                       Bob and Sue Jennetten, including gifts in                                         memory of Barbara Cahn                        Donald R. Dirks, Jr.
                                                                                        honor of Joe Dailing                           Reno & Zahm, LLP
$500 to $999                                  Kenny and Amy Eathington                                                                 Rockford Local Development Corp.   Gordon and Joan White                         Henry S. Dixon & Linda A. Gieser
                                                                                        Elizabeth Jensen and David Wentworth
Anonymous (5)                                 Cynthia and John Elias                                                                   Rockford Register Star             Whitmore & Engels                             Hon. Patrick J. Dixon
                                                                                        Jim and Chris Keely
Accurate Court Reporting                      Ellida Lodge                                                                             Rockford Title Company                                                           Gerald and Jean Drendel
                                                                                        Karen L. Kendall
Gary W. Anderson & Assoc., Inc. in            Eureka Savings Bank                                                                      RSM McGladrey, Inc.                $250 to $499                                  Fabrizio, Hanson, Peylar and Kawinski
honor of Joe Dailing                                                                    Kelly and Carol Kimmitt
                                              Faulkner & Jensen, LLC                                                                   Brian W. Ruddell                   Anonymous (4)                                 Robin Fahlberg
Bank of America                                                                         Kingery Durree Wakeman & Ryan, Associated
                                              First Presbyterian Church                                                                Russell, English, Scoma & Beneke   James L. Anderson                             Gretchen Martin Farwell
Barmann, Bohlen & Jacobi, PC                                                            Hon. James B. Kinzer
                                              Gretchen E. Fisher                                                                       Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard, PC    Roger Angel                                   First Class, Inc.
Dennis J. Baron                                                                         William R. Kohlhase
                                              Mary Katherine Foy                                                                       Peter M. Schlax                    Anonymous, in honor of Willis Stamm           Flannery, Hoover & Boyd, Ltd.
A. Lou and Patricia C. Benassi                                                          Congressman Ray LaHood
                                              William Y. Franks                                                                        Gary L. Schlesinger                Dick Batcher                                  Betsy Wolf Friestedt
Nicholas Bertschy and Lucinda Uphoff                                                    Steven L. Larson
list of 2006 donors

Lori E. Fulton                                Keith D. and Judge Kathleen O. Kauffman           Nowinski Family Foundation Fund of the           Robert S. Smith, Jr.                              Hon. Adrienne W. Albrect                      Hon. Terrence J. Brady, in memory
Richard Gentry                                William K. Keene                                  Community Foundation of the Great River Bend     St. Peter Church of Geneva                        Meredith Anderson                             of Mike Bonamarte
Kathleen and Kimberly Gibson                  Jerald A. Kessler                                 Jane E. Ohaver                                   Alan & Kim Sternberg                              Richard E. Anderson                           James T. Braendle
Scott B. Gibson                               Joe and Jennifer Kolar                            Oliver, Close, Worden, Winkler & Greenwald LLC   Barbara J. Swanson                                Stephen G. Andich                             William R. Brandt
Gunnar J. Gitlin                              Gary L. Kovanda                                   Robert T. Park                                   Table 13                                          Larry A. Apfelbaum & Karen H. Apfelbaum       Jerry & Marjorie Branson
Edward S. Glazer, Jr.                         Marc Lane                                         David P. Peterson                                Susan Tate                                        Mac Arnold                                    Jerry Brask and Karen J. Johnson,
                                                                                                June Peterson-Gleason                                                                                                                            in honor of Joe Dailing
Ken and Bobbie Glick                          Hon. Lori Lefstein & Mike Diamond                                                                  The Waggoner Law Firm, PC                         John W. Ashenfelter
                                                                                                Nicholas A. Poulos                                                                                                                               Dennis A. Brebner & Associates
William M. Goff                               Harvey and Sylvia Levin                                                                            Kevin W. Tilton                                   Kenneth J. Ashman
                                                                                                Murvel Pretorius, Jr. and Mary Ann Pretorius                                                                                                     Laurel Breitkopf
Bruce L. Goldsmith and Margot L. Goldsmith    Law Offices of Jeffery M. Leving, Ltd.                                                             Hon. Henry “Skip” Tonigan                         Adina Balkin
                                                                                                Judge Ed Prochaska                                                                                                                               Peg Breslin
Hon. John & Susan Gorman                      Wendy and Bill Lipsman                                                                             United Way of Decatur and Mid Illinois            Ron and Sherrie Barch
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Francis X. Gosser                             Law Office of Kim MacCloskey & Associates                                                          Judges Michael and Jane Waller                    David N. Barkhausen
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Mary Linn Green & Donald R. Ufkin             Hon. Victoria L. Martin, in memory                                                                 Gail Tilkin Walsh and Phil Walsh                  Glen R. Barmann
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Grill Household, in honor of Beth Shay                                                                                                           Richard P. Walsh                                  Sheri Barnes
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                                                                                                Judge Paul Schnake                                                                                                                               Hon. Valerie Boettle Ceckowski,
K. Clark                                      Fred R. Murr                                                                                       Bill & Jaye Zessar, including gifts in            Louis A. Bianchi                              In memory of Arthur Ceckowski
Donna R. Honzel                                                                                 Doug Scott                                       honor of Joe Dailing                              Brian L. Bieri in honor of Joe Dailing
                                              Myers, Berry, O’Connor & Kuzma, Ltd.                                                                                                                                                               Adam and Sarah Chaddock
Hopedale Medical Complex                                                                        Robert G. Scott                                  Richard W. and Karen K. Zuckerman                 Arnold Bishop
                                              Mary H. Nader                                                                                                                                                                                      Maren Christensen
David M. House                                                                                  Darrell K. Seigler                                                                                 August B. Black
                                              Daniel J. Nicholas                                                                                                                                                                                 Melissa and Nate Clark
Bridget W. Hutchen                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Martin Shaffer                      $100 to $249                                      Hon. Bruce Black & Pat Bass
                                              Nina Dudziak Court Reporters, Ltd.                                                                                                                                                                 Henry J. Close
Hyzer, Hyzer & Jacobs                                                                           Stephen Simonian                                 Anonymous (14)                                    David F. Black
                                              Scott A. Nolan                                                                                                                                                                                     Kris Conti
Jay H. Janssen                                                                                  Susan B. Skarecky                                Anonymous, in memory of J                         Hon. Erik I. Blanc
                                              Noonan, Perillo & Polenzani, Ltd.                                                                  udge William R. Banich                                                                          Murray R. Conzelman
Mary and Matt Jones                                                                             Smith, Hanson, Hahn, Morrow & Floski, PC                                                           Raymond A. Boldt
                                              Northern Trust                                                                                     Anonymous, In honor of Linda Rothnagel                                                          Melissa J. Cooney
Kevin M. Kane and Mary Rose Strubbe                                                             Dan and Jeanne Smith                                                                               Deanna J. Bowen
                                                                                                                                                 Joseph N. Adam & Michele M. Adam                                                                Chris Coulter
list of 2006 donors

Thomas and Sandra Crow                           Dennis Fox                                     Michael A. Harring                               Labeau Dietchweiler & Associates                Calvin T. Meltesen & Bonnie J. Meltesen             Gerald L. Pollack
Thomas Cunnington                                John W. France                                 John P. Harris                                   Laborers’ International Union #393              Lynne & Rick Menson                                 Pollock, Meyers & Eicksteadt, LLP
State Senator Gary G. Dahl                       Philip R. Frankfort                            Joan N. Harrop                                   Hon. Richard J. Larson & Irma E. Larson         Mike Murphy Ford                                    Troy and Beth Pudik
David N. Dailey                                  Franks, Gerkin & McKenna, PC                   Robert J. Hauser                                 Wendy Larson                                    Louis E. Miller                                     Miriam Reading
Ralph & Joyce Dalton                             Frederick M. Marcus & Co., PC                  Louise Bryant Hayes                              Betsy and Scott Lassar                          Paul Mills                                          Trish & Perry Redman
Hon. Robert L. Dannehl                           Chellis and Reggie French                      Hon. Patrick C. Heaslip                          William B. Lawrence                             Thomas W. Montgomery                                Gus Regas
Joseph E. Davis in memory of Harold Goldman      Ms. Janet Freund in memory of Harold Goldman   Megan G. Heeg                                    Legal Secretaries of McLean County              Gregory W. Morgan, P.C.                             Michele & Larry Rivkin Philanthropic Fund
Deneen and Deneen                                Rick & Kathy Furgason                          Matthew Hefflefinger                             Hon. Leitch, David                              Christopher B. Morozin in honor of Gary             Robinson Legal Services LLC
James J. DeSanto                                 Richard and Barbara Gaines                     Willard R. Helander                              Robert J. Lenz                                  Schlesinger                                         Elizabeth M. Rochford
Robert Detrick & Marilyn Detrick                 Peggy D. Gerkin                                Hon. Joe P. Hettel                               Kristi G. Lewis                                 Gail and Robert Muir, including gifts in honor of   Robert A. White & Associates, Ltd.
Gene and Mary Rita DiMonte                       Amy Gertler                                    Frank E. Hoffman                                 Mark R. Lidschin                                Joe Dailing                                         Raymond C. Rose and Bonnie Hermann-Rose
Lucy Dorenfeld                                   Louise & Jason Gesmer                          William K. Holman                                Hon. Paul A. Logli                              William R. Nash                                     Claire S. Rothnagel
Hon. Dan Doyle                                   Hon. Timothy R. Gill                           Claudia A. Hoogadian, in memory of Harry Brady   Lorman Education Services                       Robert J. Noe                                       Sam and Judy Rothnagel
Hon. Ronald C. Dozier and Jacqueline T. Dozier   Joel D. Gingiss                                Marc Howze                                       Dona S. Lowrimore                               George Emmett Noone                                 Hon. Helen S. Rozenberg
Hon. Wallace B. Dunn                             Alexandra M. Goddard                           Francis H. Irvin and Jane Irvin Hoobler          Ronda Lucas                                     Hon. Steven L. Nordquist                            Leonard W. Sachs
Dusenbury & Associates, P.C.                     Paul S. Godlewski                              Mark Johnson, Johnson Law Office                 Julius M. Lytton                                Michael Nordwall                                    Hon. Thomas A. Schermerhorn
Judge and Mrs. Richard E. Eagleton               George & Myra Gordon                           Gary G. Johnson                                  Hon. Tom M. Lytton in honor of Joe Dailing      Hon. Donald E. Norton                               Thomas & Karen Schiller
East Peoria Chamber of Commerce                  Michael and Monique Gorsline                   Louis L. Joseph                                  Rudolph F. Magna                                Dr. H. Cyrus Oates                                  Karen Schmidt
Michelle Edenborg                                Joy E. Gossman                                 Michael A. Keeton                                Floyd A. Mandell                                Hon. Mary K. O’Brien                                Judge William Schmidt
Orlyn and Jana Edge                              Graham, Graham & Sbertoli, Ltd.                Hon. Kim Kelley                                  Melanie Manner                                  John Olivero and Lisa Olivero                       Ronald N. Schultz
Tom and Kathy Eimermann                          Charles T. Graham                              Judith Z. Kelly                                  Bob & Silvia Masini, in memory of Hal Goldman   Sonya A. Pasquini                                   Eunice Schwarz
Laura A. Epstein                                 Hon. Richard E. Grawey                         Hon. J. Todd Kennedy                             Michael E. Messic                               James R. Patton                                     Rick L. Scott
Erickson Group                                   Paulette M. Gray                               Marin Whalen and Kathleen Kennedy                John H. Maville                                 Mario J. Perez                                      Robert Sedlacek
Robert M. Eschbach                               Dorothy Green                                  David S. Kerpel                                  Law Office of Susan E. McCabe                   Susan Perlman, in honor of Linda Rothnagel’s        Mike and Regina Seghetti
Sue Esser                                        Ronald and Maritia Griffith                    Richard N. Kessler                               Hon. John R. McClean, Jr.                       50th birthday                                       Semmelman & Semmelman, Ltd.
Mary Etrick                                      Arvella & Spike Guidotti                       Jean and Ted Killingsworth                       Thomas E. McClure                               Hon. Louis J. Perona                                Judge Jim and Jane Shadid
Ethan C. Evans and Nancy D. Evans                Marjorie Gullett                               Herb and Jill Klein                              Lisa J. McCraw                                  Mathew P. Perrone                                   Dr. Rajiv Shah & Ms. Lisa Corwin
J. Todd Faulkner & Sonja L. Faulkner             Howard Haile and Deborah Yalowitz Haile        Art and Fran Kneller                             Kenneth R. McEvoy                               William T. Phares                                   Beth Shay, including gifts in honor of Linda
Eileen R. Fitzgerald                             The Hall Group, Ltd.                           Richard and Linda Kopsick                        McKenna Storer                                  Hon. John Phillips                                  Rothnagel and in honor of Joe Dailing
Mark Flannery                                    John W. Hallock, Jr.                           Peter C. Kostantacos                             Luther C. McKinney                              Christine R. Piesiecki                              Marjorie Sher, including gifts in memory
Raymond M. Flavin, III                           Jennifer L. Hamilton                           Michael and Melissa Kraft                        Kathy McNeely-Johnson and Family                Kay and Judge Haskell Pitluck                       of Scott Sinton’s father
Elnora Floyd                                     James A. Harbaugh                              David W. Krula                                   Hon. Robert K. McQueen                          Jodi K. Plagenz                                     Shriver, O’Neill & Thompson Law Office
Nannette and Stephen Fosen                       Sherry L. Harlan                               L. R. Nelson Corporation                         Gregg R. Mecherle & Barbara Pratt               Gayle Plantz                                        Donald J. Simantz and Lynn N. Simantz
list of 2006 donors

Gary L. Sissel                            Frank C. Urban, Jr.                   Charles H. Young                        Tim Church                                       Randy Ehlers                           Eugene O. Gustafson
Ed Smith, State’s Attorney                Hon. Theresa L. Ursin                 Zukowski, Rogers, Flood & McArdle       Ronald J. Cincinnati                             Hon. Kathy Elliott                     Hon. David M. Hall
Michael J. Smith                          Vahl Reporting Service Ltd.                                                   Citizens First Naitonal Bank                     Janet B. Ellis                         George & Brenda Harness, in
Perry S. Smith, Jr.                       John B. Van Duzer, Jr.                Up to $99                               Jeanne Claeys                                    Harold T. Ericson                      honor of George Boyle
Bill and Julie Snively                    Joseph B. Van Fleet                   Anonymous (21)                          Elizabeth Leigh Clark, PC                        Charles and Pamels Ex                  David H. Harris, Jr.
Jeffry S. Spears & Debora R. Spears       Robert T. Varney & Associates         Jeffrey T. Abbott                       Claude Clayton                                   Joseph F. Fackel                       Mark & Mitzi Harris
Theodore R. Spenn and Carmen B. Spenn     Vincent, Roth & Toepfer, PC           George Adair                            Mary Coleman                                     Carolyn E. Fiduccia                    Tiffany Allison Harvey
Michael A. Stanfa                         Charles D. Vogel                      Aplington, Kaufman, McClintock,         Dale F. Conde and Sylvia E. Conde                Daniel A. Fish                         Paul Hawn
Stateline United Way                      James C. Wagner                       Steele & Barry, Ltd.                    Kristine M. Condon                               Dr. and Mrs. Terrance Fisher           Hayes & Sarff, LLP
Richard L. Steagall                       Elizabeth Felt Wakeman                Lee A. Arbus                            Denise E. Conklin                                Law Office of Michael J. Fleck, P.C.   Randy S. Heidenfelder
Alan L. Stefaniak                         Rebecca Walker                        Margaret M. Auger                       James S. Cowlin                                  James T. Foley                         Beth Herndobler
Robert N. Stein, MD & Judith V. Stein     Michael J. Walkup                     Pamela S. Bailey                        Marla Coxey                                      Franks & Rechenberg, PC                Hon. Roland A. Herrmann
Jon and Patricia Stickney                 Phyllis K. Walters                    Jeanne Ballor                           Sheriff Mark C. Curran, Jr.                      Joann M. Fratianni                     Georgia K. Heth
James J. Stoller                          Joe and Connie Waugh                  Eileen Barbour                          Cecile Daniel                                    Kyle Fulcher                           Vivian V. Hickey
Thomas A. Street                          Mitch Weisz in honor of Joe Dailing   Debra L. Barnes                         Todd Davies                                      Hon. Lauren Beth Gash                  Tom and Amanda Higgins
Frederic F. Stripe                        Law Offices of Terry L. Weppler       Adrian Barr in honor of Joe Dailing     Hon. Luther H. Dearbon and Barbara L. Dearborn   David R. Gervais                       Martin D. Hill
Sullivan Taylor & Gumina                  Robert A. Westropp, Jr.               Donald W. Bartel                        Deb’s Little Italy                               David M. Gill                          Clyde Hilligoss
Hon. J. Scott Swaim                       Larry G. Wharrie                      Lori Weiss Berdenis                     Ruth Denoyer                                     Steven P. Glancy                       David Hiltabrand/McLean County Title
                                                                                Betty Bohanan                                                                                                                   Law Office of Jeffrey Lawrence Hirsch
Keith Syfert and Linda Miller             Wheaton Oaks Professional Building                                            John Dirks                                       Paul J. Glaser
                                                                                McCuaig, Haeger, Bolz & McCarty                                                                                                 Dr. Charles and Kathleen Holmberg
Hon. John E. Sype                         Lisa A. White                                                                 Margaret Donaghue                                Kathy Gloeckner
                                                                                Marian L. Bonavia                                                                                                               David Holtermann in honor of Joe Dailing
Mary K. Taradash                          Whitted, Cleary & Takiff, LLC                                                 Helen Donaghue-Evers                             Goldberg & Kane, in memory
                                                                                John Boreen                                                                              of Scott Sinton’s father               Karen Horn
The Szymanski Koroll Litigation Group     James B. Wiley                                                                Kim Pentuic
                                                                                Gerry W. Brady, Jr.                                                                      Don Gordon                             Carolyn S. Hoyt
Bruce Thiemann & Teresa Thiemann          Suzanne R. Willett                                                            Erin Donaldson & Roland Spies
                                                                                Michael Braun in honor of Joe Dailing                                                    Marshall Gossage                       David M. Jaffe
Charles R. Thomas                         Dick L. Williams                                                              Sharon L. Doney
                                                                                Esther Brown                                                                             B. Craig Grafton                       Doris J. Johnson
Linnea E. Thompson                        Dick B. & Sonni C. Williams                                                   Doris & Vicor Day Foundation, Inc.
                                                                                Thomas E. Brown & Patricia E. Brown                                                      Cliff Gray                             Laurie M. Judd
Angela Thuma and Raymond Thuma            Judge Jim and Jude Wimbiscus                                                  Judith K. Doroginin
                                                                                William C. Brozovich                                                                     Stanley J. Greicius                    Mike & Nancy Judd
Greg and Joy Ticsay                       David J. Winer                                                                Joseph F. Drennan
                                                                                Scott A. Brunton                                                                         Thomas H. Griswold                     Dr. Mark & Nancy Kalchbrenner
Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Tomkowiak          Evan J. Winer                                                                 Hon. David J. Dubicki
                                                                                Robert E. Burke                                                                          Jeffrey A. Grotevant                   Kankakee Campaign Kick-Off
Matthen Toohey, in honor of Joe Dailing   Harold H. Winer                                                               Mary Dumas
                                                                                Law Office of Renee A. Buxon, Ltd.                                                       Thad Gruchot                           Donna K. Kelly
Med Tornow                                David C. Wochner                                                              David J. Flanders & Susan J. Ecroyd
                                                                                Peter F. Carroll                                                                         Matthew T. Gubbins                     Mark Kelly
Andrew C. Triggs                          William C. Wombacher                                                          Robert Edens, P.C.
                                                                                Megan E. Chadwick                                                                        David K. Guest                         William R. Kelly
Gregory E. Tuite                          Deborah Woodruff                                                              Christine Eggan
                                                                                Michelle T. Chase                                                                        Thomas D. Guest and Laurie J. Guest    John T. Kennedy
James R. Tuite                            K. P. Yarbrough                                                               Bernice Ehlers
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Dirk W. Kitzmiller
list of 2006 donors

Darilynn J. Knauss                      Kathleen Mesich                           Robert B. Plager                               James Simonian                                 Hon. Kendall O. Wenzelman
Joseph B. Kosek                         Michling Hofmann Vinton Plaza & Wick      Sarah L. Poeppel                               Nada and David Sizemore                        Mary Wernsman
Kuhfuss & Proehl, PC                    Halle Mikyska                             Helene B. Price in honor of Joe Dailing        William and Barbara Smith in                   Lucas White
Lois Kulinsky, including gifts in       Miller & Lamken                           John Corey-Qua                                 honor of Joe Dailing                           Will County Legal Assistance in
memory of Harry J. Brady                Amy M. Miller                             Randall P. Ray                                 Atty. Darlene D. Soderberg                     honor of Joe Dailing
Dawn Landwehr                           Charles E. Miller                         Scott M. Reed                                  Randall Sorenson                               Jerry Wolens
Melba Langenbahn                        Edward F. Miller                          Timothy Reier                                  Roland Spies                                   Stuart H. Wolf
Christopher P. Larson                   Norman Milsk and Therese Yee in           Michael J. Remmes                              Herbert Spinder                                Charlotte M. Wolfe
Scott K. Laue                           honor of Joe Dailing                      Judge Charles G. Reynard, Tod Rachel Reynard   Nathan and Lisle Stalter                       Dawn Wolff
Susan D. Lewandowski                    Harriet T. Mitchell                       and Meghan Reynard                             Jothan Stein                                   Lois Wood in honor of Joe Dailing
Sam Lewis                               Mauricio Morales                          Michael D. Reynolds                            Michael Strauss, in memory                     Russell Wood
Mark R Lezotte and Patricia J. Little   Shirlie Mosley in honor of Joe Dailing    Hon. Brad Riggs                                of Stephen Jacobs, father-in-law               Carla N. Wyckoff
Janet W. Lockhart                       Gary L. Mowder                            Rockford and Administrative Office Staff       Merle Strickler                                Mark & Eva Wyman
June L. Lynch                           James D. Mowen                            Members                                        Richard J. Sygulla                             Hercules Paul Zagoras
Hon. Tomas M. Magdich                   George A. Mueller & Associates, Ltd.      E. William Rolley                              The Law Offices of Thomas W. Schmitt           Nina J. Zahrieh
                                                                                                                                 and Jay K. Filler, Jr.
Roy C. Mahaffa and Barbara J. Mahaffa   Ronald Mueller                            Pansy Roloff                                                                                  Linda L. Zazove in honor of Joe Dailing
                                                                                                                                 Hon. Wayne C. Townley, Jr.
Michael T. Mahoney                      Hon. Margaret J. Mullen                   Sandra M. Rosenbloom                                                                          DeLoris (Dee) Zoehler in honor of Joe Dailing
                                                                                                                                 Hon. Robert M. Travers
Jerry Majewski                          Wanda Mullett                             Roth, Melei, Santeler, Ltd.                                                                   Hon. Gerald Martin Zopp, Jr.
                                                                                                                                 Hazen and Carol Tuck
Gladys Manley                           Derek Murphy                              Ruder and Associates, in
                                                                                  memory of Harry J. Brady                       Stacey Tutt in honor of Joe Dailing
Martenson, Blair & Raridon, PC          Patrick Murphy                                                                                                                          We have made every effort to list contributors
                                                                                  Susan and Daniel Russo                         Kevin & Carol Van Cott
Monica B. Mason                         David Nelson & Gail Fitzsimmons                                                                                                         accurately. If, however, there is an error or
                                                                                  Patricia E. Saer                               Henry VanderHeyden
Massie & Rennick                        Steve & Regina Nelson                                                                                                                   omission with regard to your contribution,
                                                                                  Hon. Craig Sahlstrom                           Scott A. Verseman
Barbara Matlock                         Timothy J. Newlin                                                                                                                       please contact the Administrative Office of
                                                                                  Linda & John Sahn                              Judge Joe and Kay Vespa
John C. McCarthy                        Martin V. Nielsen                                                                                                                       Prairie State Legal Services at (815) 935-2134.
                                                                                  Ben Samuelson                                  John P. Vespa
Robert B. McCoy                         Bob & Pat O’Dell
                                                                                  John and Linda Schellenberg                    John F. Vickers
Hon. Joe McDade                         Richard S. Ogibovic, II
                                                                                  Paul Schlesinger & Leslie Schlesinger          Laurel Vietzen
John L. McGehee                         Mike Olewinski
                                                                                  Ruth A. Schlossberg                            Mr. Dennis L. Wacker
Steven A. McGinty                       Georgia Passini
                                                                                  Carolina A. Rech                               Mary Waters
Rachel E. McIntyre                      Patinkin & Patinkin, Ltd.
                                                                                  Juana Serna                                    Waukegan Staff, including gifts in memory of
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McKinnell           Roger G. Perkins and Karn D. V. Perkins                                                  May Quintanilla and in memory of Harry Brady
Ann McNamara                            Dorothy Pillion                           Jerome C. Shapiro
                                                                                                                                 Robert Weber
David W. Meier                          William Pilot                             Leatha Shareef
                                                                                                                                 Chris and Elaine Weickert in
Manuel B. Mendoza                       Elliott Pinsell                           Shaw & Foley LLC in memory of Harry J. Brady   honor of Joe Dailing
                                                                                  Jan M. Simone                                  Florence A. Welsch
administrative offices

Administrative Office              Batavia Office                               Peoria Office
975 North Main Street              Serving DeKalb and Kane Counties             Serving Marshall, Peoria, Stark, Tazewell and
Rockford, IL 61103-7064            201 Houston Street, Suite 200                Woodford Counties
Phone: (815) 965-2134              Batavia, IL 60510                            331 Fulton Street, Suite 600
Fax: (815) 965-1081                Phone: (630) 232-9415                        Peoria, IL 61602
                                                                                Phone: (309) 674-9831
Michael O’Connor                   Bloomington Office
Executive Director                 Serving Livingston, McLean and eastern       Rock Island Office
                                   Woodford Counties                            Serving Henry, Mercer, Rock Island and
Bernard H. Shapiro                 316 W. Washington Street                     Whiteside Counties
Director of Litigation             Bloomington, IL 61701                        208 - 18th Street, Suite 202
                                   Phone: (309) 827-5021                        P.O. Box 4863
James Chancellor                                                                Rock Island, IL 61204-4863
Finance Director
                                   Carol Stream Office                          Phone: (309) 794-1328
                                   Serving DuPage County
David Wolowitz
Director of Special Projects       350 South Schmale Road, Suite 150            Rockford Office
                                   Carol Stream, IL 60188                       Serving Boone, Carroll, Jo Daviess, Ogle,
Sarah Megan                        Phone: (630) 690-2130                        Stephenson and Winnebago Counties
Deputy Director of Litigation                                                   975 North Main Street
                                   Galesburg Office                             Rockford, IL 61103-7064
Gail Tilkin Walsh                  Serving Knox, Fulton, Henderson, McDonough   Phone: (815) 965-2902
Director of Program Development    and Warren Counties
                                   1614 East Knox Street                        Waukegan Office
Jeff Hamaker                       Galesburg, IL 61401                          Serving Lake and McHenry Counties
Director of Resource Development   Phone: (309) 343-2141                        325 West Washington Street, Suite 100
                                                                                Waukegan, IL 60085
                                   Kankakee Office                              Phone: (847) 662-6925
                                   Serving Iroquois, Kankakee and Kendall
                                   191 South Chicago Avenue
                                   Kankakee, IL 60901
                                   Phone: (815) 935-2750

                                   Ottawa Office
                                   Serving Bureau, Grundy, LaSalle, Lee and
                                   Putnam Counties
                                                                                                                                Prairie State Legal Services Inc.
                                   1021 Clinton Street
                                                                                                                                975 North Main Street
                                   Ottawa, IL 61350
                                                                                                                                Rockford, IL 61103
                                   Phone: (815) 434-5903                                                                        815-965-2134

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