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					School of Biological Sciences
   Information & Training Session
          February 6, 2008
       4201 Natural Sciences 2
       9:00 A.M. – 10:00 A.M.

Buyer Assignments
   Dawn Abbatiello 4-5308
      All vendors other than those assigned below
      All Faculty
      Blanket Purchase Orders
      Purchase Order Change Requests
      Return Goods

   Eunice Yu 4-0278
      All orders for Fisher Scientific, VWR Scientific, and Invitrogen for all
      Blanket Purchase Orders
      Purchase Order Change Requests
      Office Supply Orders
      Return Goods
Purchasing Methods
   Three purchasing methods are available to buyers:
      High Value PO
           Purchases for equipment, controlled substances, radioactive products,
            furniture and items listed on Commodities Not Permitted list (available
            through SNAP at http://www.mrm.uci.edu/commoditiesNOT.html)
           Central Purchasing places all High Value orders.

      Low Value PO
           All general supplies and lab supplies, low value equipment (typically
            items under $5,000), refrigerators and freezers (from usual & customary
            vendors), all items listed on the Commodities Permitted list (available
            through SNAP at
            http://www.mrm.uci.edu/commoditiesPERMITTED.html )
      PalCard
           Used with vendors that are not set up as an UCI vendor or do not accept
            an UCI purchase order

                          Biological Sciences
                        Purchasing Department
PO Worksheet Prepared by Department/Lab and
       forwarded to Financial Analysts

                                                                                                               Department Approves Order & Forwards to Biological
                                                                                                                       Sciences Purchasing Department

                                 Biological Sciences Purchasing Issues Purchase Order
                                          Number & Assigns Order to Buyer

                                                                       Buyers Places Order (All orders are places within 24-48
                                                                                     hours of receipt of orders.)

                                                                       Buyers will confirm the order via email to the requestor
                                                                                        and Financial Analysts.

                                                                             Purchase Order Entered into PAL (Adcom)

                                                                     Department copy of Purchase Order (green) forwarded to
                                                                                 Department Financial Analyst

                                                                     Purchasing copy of Purchase Order filed (Order Complete)
Submitting Orders to Purchasing
 Please fill out the Purchase Order Worksheet
 Guidelines to Completing the Worksheet:
       Purchase Order Worksheet should contain:
          Complete vendor name, address and phone number and fax

          Complete description of product

          Catalog number (if applicable)

          Price

          Correct unit of measure

          Building & room number, PI name, lab contact name, email
           address and telephone extension

Submitting Orders to Purchasing
    Please note all RUSH orders received after 12:00 PM will not be
     shipped on the same day if the vendor is located in the Midwest or on
     the East coast. Because of the 2-3 hour time zone difference, the
     vendor shipping cut-off time will be missed. Your order will be
     shipped the following day (if the item is available). RUSH orders
     received on Friday afternoon will be placed the same day, but
     vendor will not ship the order until the following Monday.
    Please indicate if you require overnight shipping on the PO
     Worksheet (please indicate if any overnight charge is acceptable).
    Please direct all questions regarding orders to the buyers via email.
     The buyers will forward a response within 24 hours (urgent requests
     will be responded immediately).

Buyers Action/Follow-up
   Purchasing will email requestor when order is placed
   Purchasing will contact the requestor via email if there are:
      Backorders
      Discontinued products
      Catalog number not found
      Catalog number incorrect
      Item description does not match description on the
       Purchase Order Worksheet
   Financial Analysts are copied on all the emails to the

DATE PREPARED:                                                                  ANALYST APPROVAL:

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:                                             Department Code: 1270                    PO #: Assigned Purchasing + F/A code

DATE NEEDED:                            ACCOUNT                   FUND          SUB                    PROJECT                    SOURCE

                                                  440850          51568         3

RUSH ORDER (check one): YES            NO X                       DELIVERY METHOD (check one):        OVERNIGHT

                                                                                                     STANDARD X

COST NOT TO EXCEED:                                                           PURPOSE:       Research X           Instructional

                                                                                    Repair         Other

DELIVER TO (BUILDING):                  ROOM #:                   TELEPHONE #:

McGaugh Hall                            3114                      949-824-6014

P.I.:                                   LAB CONTACT:                                                   LAB CONTACT EMAIL:

DR. Thomas Lane                         Kristy Trinh                                                   ktrinh@uci.edu
            UNIT OF                                                                                                                               EXTENDED
  QTY        ISSUE                                         DESCRIPTION                                          CATALOG #         UNIT PRICE        PRICE

        1   bx        Glass Bottom Dish (uncoated)                                                             C                   335.00         335.00


FOR PURCHASING USE ONLY:                                    VENDOR: Mattek Corporation

Spoke to:                                                   ADDRESS: 4893 Oberlin Drive, Suite 106

Terms:                                                      PHONE: 508-881-6771

                                                            FAX: 888-999-1371

FOB:                  Ship By:

                                                            BUDGET APPROVAL:
Due Date:

                                                            (Principal Investigator or Designee)
       Thank you
We appreciate your attendance
 and hope to see you at the
March 2008 Central Purchasing
       Training Session


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