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Rev. Bryan TurnerEvangelist, Worship Leader

Objective             Glorifying God in word (preaching / music) and deed (serving / discipling)
                      by producing spiritually maturing adolescents / young adults who are
                      fulfilling the great commission by means of culturally acceptable vehicles
                      that the body of Christ might be edified.

                      This is accomplished by the young person‟s conversion to Jesus Christ,
                      encouraging them to become churched, where they can develop a craving of
                      God‟s word, compassion for people, and consecration for God‟s service.

                      Consecutive levels of ministry include:
                       Relationship Building                                      (Mt.9:10-13),
                       Evangelism and Outreach                                    (Luke 13:3) (Acts 10:1-15)
                       Growth                                                     (I Tim. 4:12-13) (1 Pet 3:15)
                       Ministry                                                   (II Tim. 2:2)
                       Reproduction by Example                                    (I Cor 11:1)
(We Currently Have    Bryan and his wife Joy would love to use their talents to be a blessing to you.
a child on the way)
                      Culturally acceptable vehicles: being relevant to our society by means of
Media Ministry                                        Media, Video, Music …
                                  (Method must change- message [gospel] is the same)

Experience            2004-2005-                        Worship / Evangelism Bus                          Jacksonville, FL
                      Outreach / Evangelism
                      Developing a relevant out door ministry – that will facilitate others to do more
                      public ministry (specifically in town and occasionally abroad) This will literally
                      be a culturally relevant vehicle: a bus modified to be a portable stage- taking
                      live Christian music and gospel presentations / proclamations to the masses.
                      This will incorporate hi-tech multimedia (sound, lights, video) with innovative
                      ways of sharing the message of eternal life and forgiveness of sin (using
                      intellectual and moral arguments for salvation- appealing to peoples intellect
                      and conscience), distributing bibles, tracts, testimonies, good works (let your
                      light so shine) to people so that they may consider the truth (and believe!!!)

                      This is mandated by our Lord Jesus himself when he said “GO”

                      2005 -                                                   Jacksonville, FL
                      Equipping The Saints- Evangelism                              2 Timothy 4:5; Ephesians 4:8-12

                      Developing a website used for Evangelism training / integrating creative
                      videos in sermons (evangelism video) and other resources
                       But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy
                      ministry; 11And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors
                      and teachers; 12For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body
                      of Christ:
2003–2005                Nocatee Community Church           Jacksonville, FL
Worship Leader                                   Mentor: Casey Trigg
    Helped plant a church in a new community (Duval / St. Johns County)
    Engineered the sound system and trained people for set up / tear down
    Developed a contemporary music program with a praise team.

2003–2005                Parkwood Baptist Church (SBC)      Jacksonville, FL
Worship Leader
  Transitioning the music ministry (music program incorporating modern
  worship songs and style.)
 Youth Pastorate

2002–2003                University Baptist Church          Jacksonville, FL
                         & Christian School
Worship Leader, Performing Arts Director             Mentor: Frank Ciresi
   Started a contemporary Next Gen. service with cutting edge praise &
  worship, involving the singles and others on the ministry team (dayONE).
 Produced the student chapel incorporating & training young musicians,
  directing the school chorus, and leading the drama class to portray a
  thematic approach to chapels fitting the drama (or video production) and
  the sermon hand in glove
 Bible Teacher

2000–2002                NorthStar Church (SBC)             Jacksonville, FL
Worship Leader, Youth Pastor                          Mentor: Will Cooper
     Youth Pastorate
     Transitioned to music ministry and continued to grow music program
    incorporating modern worship songs and style.

1997–2001                Psalm 150 Funk Praise Band         Jacksonville, FL
Worship Leader, Keyboardist, Vocals
  Youth Rallies.
  Team ministry with Quincy Richardson, Paul Young, Trent Anderson,
  Dave Benson, Mike Gaston, and others.
 Creative ways of playing hymns, praise music, and other anointed „oldies
  but goodies‟
 Original music reaching young people with the message of Jesus Christ


1999–2000                University Baptist Church          Jacksonville, FL
Sr. High Youth Pastor                             Mentor: Rev. Leon Myers
    Expanded youth attendance in Sr High by 200%.
    Theological, expository and topical preaching and teaching.
   Seamless worship; thematic, relevant messages including music,
  drama, skits, multi-media, and other fine arts.
 Developing Excellence in youth by loving and caring for them, spending
  time with them, and serving God as a team.

1997–1998, 2002          University Baptist Church               Jacksonville, FL
                         & Christian School
Singles Pastor Intern                            Mentor: Dr. Ben Gutierrez
                                                           Currently a college professor
& Highschool Bible Teacher                                 at Liberty University
   Praise Band Leader
   Focus on outreach to college and career aged singles
   Development of relevant curriculum with application of biblical principles
  in creative ways
 Investing in eternity by equipping young people to grow through evangelism
Production of Chapels, special events, etc.

1995–1996                First Baptist Church (SBC)              Jacksonville, FL
Summer Missionary             Mentors: Rev. Calvin Carr – Rev. Bob Barton
    „Confrontational Evangelism‟
    Extensive canvassing of neighborhoods, sharing the gospel of Christ,
   gathering prospects, caring for them, and meeting their real (and felt) needs.
 Ministering to them in the Spirit of Christ, and inviting them to a local
   New Testament fellowship to identify with Christ, and grow in his grace as
   they study his word.
Involvement in the college and career ministry: skits – promotional

1993–1994                Grove Avenue Baptist Church(SBC) Richmond, VA
Youth Intern                                       Mentor: Rev. Dann Ragan
   Befriending, discipling, and encouraging involvement in youth group
   Personal evangelism training & group implementation on the streets
   Mission trip to aid a church plant in Central Florida
   Organization of two summer camps at Willow Run (Jr / Sr High)
   Leading worship & drama
Education   1992                    Sandalwood High school           Jacksonville, FL
             Top 25 in class of 500.
             Music: Drums, Marching Band, Piano.
             Voted „most talented‟
             Campus Bible Studies; Bible Club President (75 strong)

            1992–1994              Florida Community College         Jacksonville, FL
             A.A. General Studies.
             Music: Choral, Vocal, Piano, and Theory.
             Campus Bible Studies

            1995–1996             University of North Florida        Jacksonville, FL
             Psychology, History

            1996–1999                Liberty University                 Lynchburg, VA
             B.S. in Religion with core in Youth and emphasis in Biblical Studies.
             Traveled with Ministry team “Seven” giving youth revivals.
             Keyboardist with Praise Band in Campus Church
             Assisting Ben Gutierrez in Danny Lovette‟s Evangelism Class (leading
              worship etc)
             Psychology

            2000                  University Baptist Church          Jacksonville, FL
             Ordained into the Gospel Ministry

            2004-                  School of Biblical Evangelism
             Equipping for Ministry

Interests   Computers, Sound, Midi Keyboards (roland), Concerts, Fine Arts,
            Making Friends, Meeting People, Counseling, Guitar, Digital Video
            Editing, Film, Soul Winning, Family, Adobe Premier 6.5 , PowerPoint,
            Media Shout, Cakewalk, DVD Compilation, other programs
Position desired:   Evangelism Director / Worship Arts / Outreach Pastor
                    (Responsible for the oversight, management, coordination, and
                    pastoral care of the Worship Arts ministries of the church.)

Is this your
Candidate           Our ideal overseer for our Worship Arts Ministry is a dynamic,
                    creative, and experienced Worship Leader; He must have an
Description:        understanding of contemporary worship culture, style, and trends; Be
                    able to articulate their own personal philosophy of worship; Be a self-
                    starter; Able to enlist, engage, and encourage worship artists; Be
                    vocal and instrumental proficient (including experience directing praise
                    teams and leading worship from a keyboard or guitar- must be a
                    skilled pianist, guitarist, percussionist, and vocalist, and must be a
                    proven worship leader and band/vocal director); and Have experience
                    in discipleship ministries. He recruits and directs music teams (vocal
                    and instrumental) for weekend service and special events; Leads
                    worship on a regular basis; Assists in selecting music for services and
                    other events; Creates instrumental and vocal lead sheets as needed;
                    He is Passionate about worshipping God and leading and equipping
                    others to do the same; Communicates music-related needs to the
                    Technicians (and trains them if need be); Develops and/or implements
                    programs designed for spiritual and skill development of team
                    members; Previous experience required in leading worship, rehearsing
                    and leading musicians and vocalists; Strong in the areas of teamwork,
                    striving for excellence, leadership, coaching, and planning/organizing
                    with relational and communicative skills. He also has at least 2 years
                    experience and a proven record of developing a worship arts team.

                    His responsibilities will include direct leadership of the Music &
                    Instrumental ministry & oversight of volunteer leaders in the areas of
                    drama, set-up, and tech team: lighting, drama, sound, multi-media,
                    and music ministries.

                    Able to witness in confrontational and relationship evangelism. Knows
                    how to train and motivate others in sharing the Gospel of Christ.
                    Knows that the role of the evangelist is to equip the saints for the
                    work of the ministry, so that the body of Christ is edified and that the
                    saints are called to do the work of an evangelist to make full proof of
                    their ministry.

                    A spiritually passionate man who models the qualifications of an elder
Spiritual           as outlined in 1Timothy 3 and Titus 3. He must have a passion for
qualifications:     reaching the un-churched and for developing Christ-followers to be
                    equally as passionate to worship God. Also available for other venues
                    of ministry as needed: preaching, Inreach visitation (hospital, family
                    calls, prayer, etc.), Outreach evangelism (personal, corporate, and
                    time spent discipling others to grow as Christians – possibly
                    coordinating certain outreach events).

             Currently in use by Liberty University

             Some original video compositions for sermons

Demo Reel:

                                     Judgement Day (Salvation)


                        This is a sobering story of Judgement Day
                              May it Awaken us to the reality
                             of the Standard of God's Holiness
                      and the Depths of God's Grace and Forgiveness
                                  Through Jesus' Sacrifice
                            Edited by Bryan Turner
                          Sound Score by Bryan Turner
                           Narrated by Bryan Turner
        Evangelist Bryan Turner:

        This is an Example of the Use of Media in a sermon

        Click on the windows media file that best fits your bandwidth connection

The Witness of Conscience+(Repentance &                   127M

                     358k.wmvk.wmv         150k.wmv     45k.wmv

This is combination of sermons sources and a specific progression of thought- it takes about 1:35 to

take yourself through it.. It is very important to tie everything in -so try to watch all of it! Bonuses
@the End...including a shout out to you and someone we both know! If you are thirsty... Drink This!

                           ..:: The Good Test - Eternal Productions ::..
This is The Latest Project: A Bus (portable Stage) that is Media Equipped- Praise God!
 We have spent a year and a half and it would be more than $70,000 to produce one.

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