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									             Lisbon Adult Coed Recreational Softball League
                                   revised May 8, 2007

 This League is formed to provide a recreational outlet for the adults in the Town of
   Lisbon. While we may have some competitive players in this League, we must
                   remember that we are here first for recreation.


       a. Games will be played under the Amateur Softball Association of
          America’s Official Rules of Softball with the exception of the specific
          Lisbon Adult coed Recreational Softball League rules as follows:
       b. Registration in this league is made by, submitting a completed team
          roster and payment of fees, by the due date established each season.
                i. Rosters will not be accepted unless they meet or exceed the
                   minimum requirements outlined in the following rules.
               ii. Rosters will not be accepted after the established deadline, unless
                   allowed specifically by the Recreation Director.
       c. Player must be 18 years of age.
       d. A Lisbon Resident
                i. Anyone who lives and/or works in the Town of Lisbon
               ii. A worker must work a minimum of 15 hours a week in Lisbon
             iii. A worker must be employed by a company whose base is in
              iv. A person who lives in the towns of Durham or Bowdoin can play
                   in this League and will not be considered a Non Resident.
               v. A Lisbon High School Graduate may play for a team regardless of
                   their residence.
       e. Non-Resident: This League will allow no more then SEVEN (7) Non
          Residents to appear on any team roster.
                i. A Non-Resident: (Out of Town Player)
                               a. Anyone who does not meet the Lisbon residency
                                   requirements as outlined in Rule 1d.
                               b. There can be no more then FIVE (5) members of
                                   one sex listed as a Non-Resident.
       f. Sponsors, Managers, coaches and players are considered to be a member
          of this league. As a member, you can only participate on one team. If you
          sponsor a team and wish to coach or play, it must be for that team. If you
          manage or coach a team and wish to play, it must be for the same team.
       g. There will be a minimum of 15 players and a maximum of 25 players on
          any team roster.

       a. Each Team Captain/Manager will be allowed to add or drop players from
          roster with the following conditions:
                 i. Each roster must maintain a minimum of 15 players and cannot
                    exceed the maximum of 25 players.
                ii. When adding or dropping a player, the Team Captain/Manager
                    must date and initial the official team roster. This must be done at
                    least 3 days prior to the team’s next game.
              iii. When adding a player, eligibility requirements set must be
               iv. A Team Captain/Manager may drop a player for any reason.
                v. A dropped player must appeal to the Board of Directors before
                    being reinstated on original team.
               vi. A dropped player must appeal to the Board of Directors before
                    being added to a new team.
              vii. Players may not be added or dropped during any playoff period.
             viii. Players must play half (1/2) games in season to be eligible for
               ix. INJURY: Date of injury, date of return must be submitted to
                    Commissioner at time of injury to determine return of that
                    player for playoffs.

3. Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco Products and Illegal Drugs:
      a. Are NOT allowed
      b. All Team Captains/Managers must enforce this rule.
              i. Any person caught drinking, using tobacco products or drugs will
                 be ejected from game and field. Player must appeal to the Board
                 of Directors before being reinstated on team.
             ii. SMOKING is not allowed at any recreation facility or field.

        a. Will not be tolerated on and around the playing field.
After one warning to the team, the umpire shall assess “one out” against a team
whose member used casual profanity during the game. This profanity shall be
defined as any language to be considered vulgar, profane, or abusive by the umpire.
This language does not have to be directed at any individual, nor does the umpire
need to be able to identify which team member used the language. If the out is to be
assessed to the defensive team, it will be at the beginning of their next turn at bat.

     a. Any team member who strikes, or attempts to strike an official or any
        other player shall be suspended from the league for the remainder of the
        season. Any team member removed from a game for fighting will be
        suspended for the remainder of the season. Any team member, manager
        coach or player ejected from a game for un-sportsmanlike conduct:
                   1. Officials are directed to warn the Team Captain/Manager
                       upon first offense. A second offense will lead to an
                       ejection of the players who commits the act. A third
                       offense will lead to the acting Captain/Manager to be
                          2. EJECTIONS:
                                 a. Any player ejected from a game must leave the
                          3. Officials will report all infringements to the Commissioner
                             within 24 hours after the end of the game, The
                             Commissioner will submit to the Recreation Director for
                             review with the Board of Directors.
                          4. Anyone suspended from the league must pay a $20.00 fine
                             and appeal to the Board of Directors prior to being re-
                             instated in league.

UMPIRES: All game ejections must be reported to the Commissioner within
twenty-four (24) hours of game in which the ejection occurred, giving a description
of events leading to the ejection, or by noon on the next business day, if the incident
occurred over a holiday period.

       GAME RULES:
       1. GAMES: Games will begin as scheduled. Games will be played on Sundays
through the season.
               a. A team that cannot field a complete team within fifteen (15) minutes
       after the scheduled time will forfeit the game to its opponent.
               b. Duration: Legal games will consist of seven innings.
               c. Uniforms: Steel spiked shoes are not permitted.
               d. Each team is responsible for team’s equipment and balls
               e. If a team forfeits two games, that team will be eliminated for playoffs.

COMMISSIONER is responsible for notifying teams at least 2 hours prior to scheduled
games due to inclement weather or wet field conditions by (8:00am). Delays or
postponements will be posted on the website if applicable.
       * After that time, the Umpire is responsible for game status.

Make up games will be rescheduled within two weeks of the original date, and played
after their regular scheduled game.

                          a. Managers must present the HOME PLATE
                             UMPIRE with a written line up card prior to start of
                          b. HOME TEAM is responsible for official scorebook.
                          c. Managers must present the opposing team manager
                             with written line-up before game.
                          d. Batting Order. All members of a team roster,
                             present at a game, must be in the line-up unless
                             physically unable to play.
                                       i. A fixed batting order must be maintained:
                                      ii. Order must be female/male order must not
                                          bat more then 3 males to 1 female, no
                                          more then 4 males in a row until all females
                                          have batted.
                                     iii. Players arriving late shall be added to the
                                          end of the batting order.
                                     iv. Free substitution is permitted when in the
                                          field, including the pitcher.
     a. A team should start a game with 10 players. There must be a minimum of
        3 players of each sex on the field at any time.
     b. A team may start with 9 players.
     c. A team may end with 9 players.
     d. Must maintain at 3 players of one sex on the field at the start of the game.
        In the event of an injury during the course of the game, and a team can
        only field 2 players of one sex, they may play and must have both
        members of that sex on the field.
     e. A player that leaves for any reason will not be considered an out when
        their turn comes up in the batting order. The order will slide forward.
     f. There will be no team infield warm-up before the game. Teams may have
        a mutual batting practice prior to game if time allows. A mutual batting
        practice is when both teams are on the field and one player from one team
        bats then a player from the other team bats, and so on…
4. BATS: New rule:
     a. Legal bats are determined by the 2007 ASA guidelines (98 mph). The
        umpires will determine if the bats are legal or illegal before every
     a. A GOLD STITCH 12 inch regular smooth-seamed, flat surfaced, pebble-
        textured softball with a COR of .44 and under and marked ASA-4495 will
        be used for League play and playoffs.
     b. Each team will supply a new softball to the umpire at the beginning of the
     c. If the defensive team loses a ball due to a bad throw, then the defensive
        team must replace the ball.
     d. If the offensive team loses a ball due to a ball hit over the fence, ground
        rule double or foul ball, then the offensive team must replace the ball.
     e. All replaced balls must be approved by the home plate umpire, prior to
        being used in the game.

6. The blood rule as discussed in the Official rule-book will be in effect for all games
and playoffs.
7. Bunting, stealing or leading off bases will not be allowed.
8. All runners must slide into the base that they are advancing to when and if there is
   a play being made on them.
          a. Runners cannot barrel into a defensive player who is making a play on
              them. The umpire will call the runner out and give that runner a warning.
              Second offense to that player will result in ejection from game. This rule
              pertains to 2nd, 3rd, and home plate.
   9. The batter is out when he/she hits a second foul ball after two strikes
      16.Pitchers must pitch from the 50-foot rubber. Pitches must have a 6 to 12 foot
      arc. Any pitch under 6 feet, or over 12 feet, may be declared an illegal pitch by
      the umpire.
   10. OUTFIELD must consist of four fielders; a leftfielder, a left center fielder, a
      right centerfielder, and a right fielder.
   11. NO SHORTFIELD will be used in this league.
                  i. All outfielders must remain behind a designated line at all times
                      while in the field for all batters.
                          1. THIS LINE WILL BE 175 feet from home plate foul line
                               to foul line.
                          2. New Rule:
                                   a. All outfielders must remain behind the line until
                                       the female batter makes contact with the ball.
                                       There are no restrictions for male batters.
                                   b. If an outfielder crosses the line before the female
                                       batter makes contact, then the female batter will
                                       be awarded a single base.

         a. Each team will be allowed to hit 4 home runs. Each additional home run
            will be considered an out.

   13. INTENTIONAL WALK: If an intentional walk is given to a male batter, the
       next batter (if it is a female) will have the option to accept a walk or have the
       opportunity to hit. An intentional walk is defined as the pitcher motioning the
       batter to first or pitching four straight un-hittable balls.

    Must be called in to the Commissioner or Recreation Department by 9am the day
after the game by the winning team. Commissioner will maintain standings and submit
game scores to the Sun Journal and Times Record.

       a. Must be followed by ASA rules.
       b. After proper protest, protest must be submitted in writing to the
          Commissioner. The Commissioner will submit to Recreation Director no
          later then 48 hours after the game.
       c. The Protest Committee will oversee protest. A hearing on the protest
          must be held no later then 7 days after receiving the protest. The protest
          must be attended by both team representatives, umpire involved in the
          protest and the protest committee.
          d. The Protest Committee will be formed by, team representatives not
             involved in the protest. This committee will be presided over by the
             Commissioner, the Recreation Director and by a member of the
             Committee ((by a simple majority vote).

                1. Eligibility:
                       a. A player must have played in half (1/2) games in
                           season. Injured players may be eligible if they have
                           complied with all rules prior to start of playoffs.
                       b. If a team forfeits two games, that team will be
                           eliminated for playoffs.
                       c. (See ADDING/DROPPING Players):
                                 i. Players may not be added or dropped during
                                    any playoff period.
                                ii. Players must play half (1/2) games in season
                                    to be eligible for playoffs.
                              iii. INJURY: Date of injury, date of return
                                    must be submitted to Commissioner at
                                    time of injury to determine return of that
                                    player for playoffs.
   2. The playoffs will consist of a double elimination tournament. Depending on the
      number of teams in this tournament, the top teams may receive a bye. The
      tournament pairings will consist of the last place team playing the first place team,
      the second last team playing the second team and so on…
   3. The higher seeded teams in first round will be the HOME team. All other games
      will consist of a coin toss to determine HOME team.
   4. In the event of a tie in standings, head to head, won/loss record, and/or a single
      game playoff may be held.
   5. Trophy will be awarded to the top DIVISION team and Runner Up.
   6. Trophy will be awarded to the top TOURNAMENT team and Runner Up.
          a. All awards will be voted on at league meeting such as individual trophies,
              T-shirts, and plaques.
   7. A team SPORTSMANSHIP trophy will be awarded to the team with the most
      votes as voted on by the Team Representatives. In case of a tie, there will be a
      second vote on the teams that are tied. League Commissioner will break tie. This
      vote is taken during playoffs.

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