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									                        MIAMI-DADE COUNTY


North Dade Victims Ce nter
Phone: (305)758-2546
7831 Northeast Miami Court
Miami, FL 33138
Services: Shelter for victims of domestic violence, counseling, other support services,
information & referrals to community agencies. Hours of Service: Mon.-Fri. 8:00a.m.-
5:00p.m.; on call 24 hrs. No fees for service.

South Dade Victims Center
Phone: (305) 247-4249
Post Office Box 901748
Homestead, FL 33090
Services: Shelter for victims of domestic violence, counse ling, other support services,
information & referrals to community agencies. Open 24 hours. No fees for services.

Switchboard of Miami
Phone: (305) 358-4357
Switchboard of Miami, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization that provides the Miami-
Dade County community with comprehensive telephone crisis counseling, suicide
prevention, information and referral services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a
year. The agency also offers free individual and family counseling services and
prevention programs for high-risk youth and their families based in local schools.

State Attorney's Office: Victim Assistance Network (VAN)
Phone: 1-800-398-2808
Alternate Phone: 305-273-4357
VAN is a service available to you to help supplement that personal touch, giving you up-
to-date information about your case 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Miami-Dade County Domestic Violence Advocacy Unit
Phone: (305) 349-5677
5040 NW 7th Street
Miami FL, 33126
A certified assessment unit providing supervision and assessment to criminally charged
individuals or civil injunctions referred to batterers' intervention programs.
8:30am-4pm, M-F.

Victim Assistance Program
Phone: (305) 758-2819
150 NW 79 Street
Suite 520
Miami, FL 33150
Provides assistance to victims of all crimes, including domestic violence.

Women's Shelter of Hope
Phone: (305) 888-5001
200 Park Street, Miami Springs
Provides services to women free of charge. Including shelter and group therapy.

Phone: (305) 247-1388
P.O. Box 900685
Homestead, FL 33090
Our programs primarily serve immigrant women and children who are at higher risk for
violence. Activities are based upon an integrated service strategy. First, MUJER provides
an immediate, direct response to reports of domestic violence and provides services to
ensure the immediate safety of the victim. Second, MUJER provides follow- up
supportive services to victims through family counseling, support groups, legal
assistance, court advocacy and emergency financial assistance. Third, MUJER finds ways
to educate the community through outreach efforts.

Jewish Domestic Abuse Program of JCF
Shalom Bayit Hotline: (305) 576-1818
General Information: (305) 576-6550
Provides information, support, and guidance for abused victims. Support groups and
limited free counseling sessions.

Jewish community Services of South Florida
Central Administration Phone: (305) 899-1587
JCS Access & Information/Referral, Phone: (305) 576-6550
P. O. Box 610578
N. Miami, FL 33261
JCS has multifaceted programs to serve people from birth to old age. JCS serves people
of all denominations, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, ages, abilities and needs. JCS
reaches out to help people in need – the unemployed, the homeless, refugees, Holocaust
survivors, the frail elderly, individuals with physical and developmental challenges,
families in crisis, victims of domestic violence, people struggling with addictions, at-risk
teens, and children who are victims of neglect and abuse.

Family and Victim Services
Phone: (305)-633-1634
1251 NW 36th Street
Suite #400
Miami, FL 33142
Provides clinical treatment to offenders and victims of domestic violence, including
children in nine locations throughout Miami-Dade County. Treatment may be voluntary
or court order mandated. Services include: information and referral; advocacy and
support; psychosocial assessment; individual and group therapy; professional
consultation, training and public education. Multi- lingual counselors available.

Domestic Violence Intake Unit
Phone: (305) 349-5888
Services: Assistance in obtaining injunctions (restraining order), assistance in obtaining
emergency shelter, information & referrals to community agencies.

Advocate Domestic Violence Unit
Phone: (305) 704-0200
Services: Provides assessment of perpetrators of violence to determine eligibility for
Batterers Intervention Program.

Aventura Police Department Victim Services Program
Phone: (305) 466-8989, ext: 125
19200 West Country Club Drive
Aventura, FL 33180
Program provides the initial contact/outreach to victims of crime (violent or crimes
against person) for those within Aventura jurisdiction. Initial contact may involve crisis
counseling, information/referral, safety planning, transportation, assessing resources, and
any number of other immediately needed services. Follow-up contacts may be conducted.
Open 24 hours, no fees for services.

Coral Gables Police Departme nt Victim Advocacy Unit
Phone: (305) 460-5471/ (305)442-1600, ext: 4181
2801 Salzedo Street
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Provides a full range of victim services for victims of crime within the Coral Gables
police jurisdiction. Open 24 hours, no fees for services.

Florida Intl. University Victim Advocacy
Hotline: (305) 348-3000
Appointments Phone: (305) 348-1215
University Park Campus
University Health Services Complex UHSC 210
The Victim Advocacy Center’s mission is to provide confidential assistance to FIU
students, faculty, staff, and university visitors who have been victimized through
threatened or actual violence and to support the healing process. Traditional college-aged
students are an at-risk population for violence, and staff are dedicated to assisting
students remain successful in their academic pursuits.
Santa La Haitian Neighborhood Center
Phone: (305) 573-4871
Fax: (305) 573-4875
5000 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 110
Miami, FL 33137
The Santa La Haitian Neighborhood Center is a resource for information, referral and
assistance in the following areas: Asset Building and Financial Literacy
Capacity Building, Civic Engagement, Community Outreach and Education,
Community Partnerships, Documentation of Needs, Educational Advocacy,
Haitian-American Archives / Resource Library, Health Access, Information and Referra l.

Homestead Police Departme nt Victims of Crime Assistance
Phone: (305) 224-5588
4 South Krome Avenue
Homestead, FL 33030
Provides services to victims through court accompaniments, counseling, financial
assistance and by providing transportation.

Domestic Crimes Bureau
Phone: (305) 418-7200
Fax: (305) 418-7221
7875 Northwest 12th Street Suite 200
Doral, FL 33126-1815 USA
The Domestic Crimes Bureau is responsible for the coordination of all Departmental
activities related to family crimes, including but not limited to: Domestic Violence, Child
Exploitation, Elderly / Disabled Adult Abuse, and Missing Persons.

Miami Beach Domestic Violence Unit
Phone: (305) 673-7000-1700
Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach Fl, 33139
The Miami Beach Police Department is committed to addressing domestic violence
within our community. Domestic violence has reached epidemic proportions in society
and positive efforts are being made to combat the problem. As an office, we provide
unique services to domestic violence victims, victims of crime, and their children, such
as: criminal justice support and advocacy, information and referrals, emergency
transportation, emergency food vouchers, counseling services specializing in trauma
resolution and community activism.

North Miami Police Victim Intervention
Phone: (305) 891-8111
700 N.E. 124th Street,
North Miami, FL 33161
In order to assist victims of crime, the North Miami Police Department implemented the
Victim Intervention Program (VIP). A Victim’s Advocate who is specialized in
Victimization, crisis intervention and psychology heads the VIP.

Opa Locka Domestic Police Dept. Violence Intervention Unit
Phone: (305) 953-2838
Fax: (305) 953-2833
2495 Ali Baba Avenue
Opa Locka, FL 33054
The police department's domestic violence intervention unit will assist victims of
domestic violence by providing counseling and assistance, as well as provide information
and referral to other helping agencies. Also does crisis intervention for victims of
domestic violence, sexual assault, elderly abuse and child abuse.

State Attorney Victim Witness Assistance Unit
Phone: (202) 514-7130
555 4th Street NW
Washington DC 20530
The Victim Witness Assistance Unit provides assistance to victims and witnesses of
serious crime while they are involved with the criminal justice system. Unit Staff will
also help victims understand how the criminal justice system works and assist with
restitution and services.

US Attorney Victim/Witness Services
Phone: (203) 821-3700
or toll- free, 1-888-645-5807
Local Number: 850-444-4000
The Victim Witness Assistance Program is committed to ensuring that victims and
witnesses of federal crimes are treated with fairness and respect and that victims are
afforded rights and provided services necessary to help ease the impact of their
victimization. Victims of crimes being prosecuted by this office will be notified of
significant developments in the prosecutions.

Trauma Resolution Center
Phone: (305) 374-9990
Provides intensive therapy to individuals who have suffered traumatic events.
To receive services from this facility you: Must be functioning, holding a job, and not in
need of supervision, not currently abusing drugs or alcohol with no use for six weeks
prior to arrival in Miami, not on any anti-psychotic medication, not have recently
attempted suicide, able to stay in Miami for at least eight days, is willing to do some
reading while receiving treatment. Their services include one-on-one trauma, educational
gropus for domestic violence victims, court support groups, bereavement support groups,
yoga, and community education. They also have special programs for children. Bilingual
counselors are available in Spanish and Creole. Services are by appointment only.
Monday through Thursday, 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM and Friday and Saturday from 10:00
AM to 5:00 PM. They accept some insurance, and have a sliding scale for fees.

AGAPE – Women in Residential Program
Phone: (305) 235-2616
Fax: (305) 235-5419
22790 SW 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33170
This is a residential treatment center for women that provides drug and alcohol
rehabilitation services, including individual and group therapy, AA/NA meetings, co-
dependency group sessions, vocational rehabilitation, domestic violence counseling,
multi-cultural awareness, women's issues groups and Bible studies. 9am-5pm, M-F.

Baptist Health- Women’s Health Center
Phone: (786) 596-5981
Fax: (786) 596-2305
Medical Arts Building
8950 North Kendall Drive
Miami, FL 33176
Offers educational programs, free monthly support groups and a library open to the
public. Provides resource information, guidance and free counseling for women in abuse
relationships. Support groups include breast cancer support group, Women's Wisdom for
menopausal wisdom, hysterectomy group, Caregivers Group for women caring for
parents and a spouse, Cherish groups for those contemplating adoption, PMS group, Rape
Survivors group and Lupus group. Some programs are offered in Spanish.

Perspectives in Mental Health
Phone: (305) 663-0013
7344 SW 48th Street
Suite 302
Miami, FL 33155
Provides a psycho educational program that focuses on the treatment, education and
prevention of substance abuse. Also offers a substance abuse treatment program which
focuses on recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. Group counseling sessions focus on
issues related to addiction, recovery, relapse prevention and ways to make positive
lifestyle changes free from drug and alcohol. Both programs duration is a minimum of 16
weeks. They also offer an anger control (Domestic Violence) program based on power
and control issues designed to stop violence and educate the adolescent in issues of
conflict management and anger control. The program is a minimum of 12 sessions
including an initial assessment and group treatment. Parents are encouraged to participate
in family therapy sessions. For adults SA treatment, and Domestic Violence treatment for
victims and offenders, and anger management and parent education. 9am-8pm, M- F,
10am- 2pm Sat.
UM Trauma Treatment Program
Phone: (305) 284-4265
5665 Ponce De Leon Blvd
2nd Floor
Coral Gables, FL 33146-0726
Provides short-term cognitive-behavioral treatment for those who have experienced
major trauma, including natural disasters, sexual assault, childhood abuse, past domestic
violence, torture or hostage situations and Holocaust survival. Treatment includes
techniques for relieving flashbacks and nightmares, stress management and methods for
the desensitization of traumatic memories. Treatment is provided by doctoral and post-
doctoral students in clinical psychology working under the supervision of a licensed
clinical psychologist and a board certified psychiatrist.

New Era Counseling
Phone: (305) 227-7038
9600 SW 8th Street
Suite 1
Miami, FL 33174
Provides marriage/couple and family counseling, mental health counseling and therapy,
individual therapy, psychiatric evaluation, substance abuse evaluations and assessments,
state certified batterer's intervention program, substance abuser therapy, anger
management, therapy for alcohol abuse, chemical dependency, victims counseling,
assessments, gay/lesbian issues, obsessive personalities, grief/bereavement counseling,
domestic violence counseling, State substance/chemical abuse professional (DOT
Certified, urinalysis. There are fees associated with services.

Family Counseling Service – Central Office
Phone: (305) 740-8998
7412 Sunset Drive
Miami, FL 33143
Counselors work with families, couples or individuals to address problems such as
substance abuse, spouse and child abuse, child behavior problems, depression, anxiety,
divorce or remarriage and domestic violence.

Mobile Advocacy
Phone: (305) 374-9990
Fax: (305) 374-9995
11 SW 3rd Street
2nd Floor
Miami, FL 33130
Provides on-site court support for victims of crime navigating the legal system. No fee
for services.
Victim’s Services Center
Phone: (305) 374-9990
111 SW 3rd Street
2nd Floor
Miami, FL 33130
Intensive one-on-one resolution of trauma for children and adults of all crime types. The
program also offers personal and system advocacy, expert witness, court evaluations,
bereavement, psycho educational groups for domestic violence victims, empowerment
groups for children and court support groups. Also treat individuals for trauma that is not
crime-related. Program runs for 12-26 weeks.

Save a Life Victim’s Services
Phone: (305) 490-2279
1200 Brickell Avenue
Suite 950
Miami, FL 33131
Domestic violence victim services, professional training- multidisciplinary.

Phone: (305) 375-DIAL (3425)
5680 SW 87 Ave
Miami, FL 33173
Collects used, disconnected digital cellular telephones, reprograms and distribute them to
at-risk (domestic violence victims, elderly, disabled and low- income) Miami- Dade
County residents so they can call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency.

Catholic Charities- St. Luke’s Community Intervention Program
Phone: (305) 795-0077
7707 NW Second Avenue
Miami, FL 33150
St. Luke's Community Intervention is an outreach program serving the Haitian
community within Miami-Dade County. The program focuses on reducing the risk
factors associated with domestic violence, substance abuse and other family issues. In
order to achieve this, the program offers counseling, referral and other supportive
services to help stabilize those affected. It also has a residential program.

Catholic Charities Counseling Se rvices
Phone: (305) 859-2148
Fax: (305) 274-5494
10631 North Kendall Drive
Suite 100
Miami, FL 33176
English, Spanish counseling services.

Catholic Charities Emergency Services
Phone: (305) 759-3050
Fax: (305) 754-7423
130 NE 62nd Street
Miami, FL 33138
English, Spanish, Portuguese, Creole

FANM- Family Intervention and Empowe rme nt
Phone: (305) 756-8050
8325 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33138
Provides parenting classes, divorced parenting classes, anger management group,
domestic violence support group, case management and family therapy.

Pierre Toussaint Haitian Family Services
Phone: (305) 759-3050
Fax: (305) 754-7423
130 NE 62nd Street
Miami, FL 33138
This program helps to reduce child and domestic abuse in the Haitian community.
Seminars and training are offered for parenting and domestic violence.

Douglas Gardens CMHC Domestic Violence Program
Phone: (305) 531-5341
701 Lincoln Road
2nd Floor
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Provides free housing assistance, case management, counseling and support to victims of
domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Group- Kendall Bilingual
Phone: (786) 596-5981
Fax: (786) 596-2305
Baptist Women's Health Resource Center
8950 North Kendall Drive, Suite 105
Miami, FL 33176-2197
These support groups are for women who have been or still are in a battering relationship.
The group will explore issues on physical, emotional and mental abuse. They meet at the
Baptist Women's Health Resource Center once a month. Other locations meet weekly.

Comprehensive Psychological Services
Phone: (305) 655-2335
1021 Ives Dairy Road
Suite 119
North Miami Beach, FL 33179
Affective disorders (depression, anxiety disorder, etc.), population 5 through geriatric,
ADHD, behavioral problems, substance abuse, couples work, domestic violence and gay

Jesus Saves and Guides
Phone: (954) 822-2700
2341 SW 83rd Avenue
Miami, FL 33324
This is a religious affiliated agency that provides a crisis counseling line dealing with
drug and alcohol addiction, domestic violence, depression and suicide. They provide
small support groups, youth groups, pastoral counseling, and family counseling. They
also have a very limited 28 day inpatient program (20 beds). The groups are mostly in
Spanish but they do speak some English.

Families United
Phone: (305) 230-6141
2363 SE 19th Street
Homestead, FL 33035
Families United provides faith based marriage counseling. Also provides domestic
violence support services.

Victims of Crime Services
Phone: (305) 230-6141
2363 SE 19th
Homestead, FL 33035
Provides crisis counseling, referrals and the necessary follow- up services and support
required for the restoration of victims of crimes, victims of domestic violence, victims of
sexual assault and their families.

See Also: The Lodge (located in the Housing/Food section)


Roxcy Bolton Rape Treatment Cente r
Phone: (305) 585-RAPE (7273)
Jackson Memorial Hospital
1611 N.W. 12th Avenue
Miami, Florida 33136-1096
Provides services to children, adolescents and adult victims of sexual assault (the only
center of its kind in Miami- Dade County), as well as non-offending family members and
relatives of the victims. All services are at no cost to the victim and are completely
confidential regardless of police involvement.

The Journey Institute
Phone: (305) 443-1123
2650 SW 27th Ave
Miami, FL 33133
The Journey Institute provides neighborhood-based group treatment for families of &
survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Services are provided for children, adolescents and
non-offending caregivers in several communities within the Miami- Dade area. Hours of
Service: Evening clinical services are also provided / Mon.- Fri. 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. No
fees for services.

See also: M.U.J.E.R., Coral Gables Police Department Victim Advocacy Unit,
Homestead Police Department Victims of Crime Assistance, North Miami Police Victim
Intervention, Aventura Police Department Victim Services Program, Women's Shelter of
Hope, Victim Assistance Program, Victims of Crime Services, FIU Victim’s Advocacy
Center, Jewish community Services of South Florida (All located in the Domestic
Violence section) and The Lodge (located in the Housing/Food section)

Kristi House
Phone: (305) 547-6800
1265 NW 12th Avenue
Miami, Florida 33136
Kristi House provides a healing environment for all child victims of sexual abuse and
their families, regardless of income, through prevention, treatment and coordination of
services with community partners.

CHARLEE (Children Have All Rights: Legal, Educational and Emotional)
Phone: (305) 779-9600
Fax: (305) 779-9608
155 South Miami Avenue, Suite 700
Miami, Florida 33130
CHARLEE is a private not- for-profit agency that cares for children ages 0-23 years old in
Miami- Dade County who have been placed in foster care due to abuse, abandonment and
neglect. For the past 25 years, CHARLEE has helped thousands of children in the foster
care system begin a new life.

Children’s Home Society Family Visitation Cente r
Phone: (305) 324-2632
1471 NW 8th Avenue
Miami, FL 33136
Supervised visitation services for families court-ordered by juvenile, domestic violence,
or family law courts. Detailed visitation reports written on each visitation or monitored

Recovery Project
Phone: (305) 271-5500
10300 Sunset Drive
Suite 160
Miami, FL 33173
Provides Services to children and adolescents that have been exposed to domestic
violence in the home between parents; Adolescents dealing with sexual orientation
issues; Domestic violence and substance abuse groups.

Bridging Families and Communities Collaborative
Phone: (305) 704-0116
1200 NW 78th Avenue
Suite 300-B
Doral, FL 33116
The Bridging Families & Communities collaborative is an interagency team comprised of
interagency services and natural helpers. It is designed to address the unmet needs of
children exposed to domestic violence and of high conflict families. BFC Collaborative
Meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month.

Center for Family and Child Enrichment- Family Support Services
Phone: (305) 624-7450
1825 NW 167th Street
Suite 102
Miami, FL 33056
Provides home counseling, assessment, case management and parenting skills classes to
families identified as having engaged or been at risk of engaging in child abuse and

Catholic Charities Good Shepherd Child Care Center
Phone: (305) 235-1756
Fax: (305) 255-2788
18601 SW 97th Avenue
Miami, FL 33157
English, Spanish. Provides year-round quality child care and social services to
economically disadvantaged children and their families, including infant care, toddler
care, preschool and after school services. All centers work under the high standards of the
National Association for the Education of Young Children.
Catholic Charities Centro Hispano Catolico Child Care Center
Phone: (305) 576-3461
Fax: (305) 576-2778
125 NW 25th Street
Miami, FL 33127-4417
English, Spanish services. Provides year-round quality child care and social services to
economically disadvantaged children and their families, including infant care, toddler
care, preschool and after school services. All centers work under the high standards of the
National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Catholic Charities Notre Dame Child Care Center
Phone: (305) 751-6778
Fax: (305) 751-6959
130 NE 62nd Street
Miami, FL 33138
English, French, Creole. Provides year-round quality child care and social services to
economically disadvantaged children and their families, including infant care, toddler
care, preschool and after school services. All centers work under the high standards of the
National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Catholic Charities Sagrada Familia Child Care Center
Phone: (305) 324-5424
Fax: (305) 324-4967
970 SW 1st Street
Suite 305
Miami, FL 33130
English, Spanish. Provides year-round quality child care and social services to
economically disadvantaged children and their families, including infant care, toddler
care, preschool and after school services. All centers work under the high standards of the
National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Family Counseling Services of Greater Miami
Phone: (305) 740-8998
Fax: (305) 740-0633
7412 Sunset Drive
Miami, FL 33143
Family Counseling Services of Greater Miami improves the lives of children and families
through prevention programs, mental health and support services.

Family Resource Center of South Florida, Inc.
Phone: (305) 960-5521
Fax: (305) 374-6112
155 South Miami Avenue, Suite 400
Miami, Florida 33130-1617
Dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect through
strengthening families. In-home, in-school and in-office, out patient and emergency
shelter services are provided.

Miami Bridge Youth and Family Services
Phone: 305-635-8953
Central Campus:
2810 N.W. South River Drive
Miami, Florida 33125
Promotes positive youth development, and strengthen and support families to enable
children to actualize their full potential to become productive community members.
Services for eligible children include: shelter, on site schooling, counseling, family
reunification services, health care, and activities. Phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7
days a week.

Healthy Start Coalition of Miami Dade, Inc.
Phone: (305) 541-0210
Fax: (305) 541-0213
701 S.W. 27th Avenue
Suite 1401
Miami, Florida 33135
Services include care, coordination, childbirth, parenting, nutrition counseling,
psychological counseling, tobacco education cessation counseling, breastfeeding, home

Le Jardin Community Center, Inc
Phone: (305) 245-4994
311 Northeast 8th Street
Homestead, fl 33030-4738
Provides educational daycare services to children ages one month to five years old.
Provides social services to parents leading to financial self sufficiency.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Greater Miami and Mentoring Resource Center
Phone: (305) 644-0066
Fax: (305) 649-6358
701 SW 27th Avenue Suite 800
Miami, FL 33135
Provides mentoring services for children. Services provided in both English and Spanish.
Boys and Girls Clubs of Miami
Phone: (305) 446-9910
Fax: (305) 446-2393
2805 SW 32nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33133
It is their primary mission to inspire and enable all young people, especially those from
disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and
caring citizens. English and Spanish are spoken at this organization.

Coconut Grove Cares
Phone: (305) 446-6216
3870 Washington Avenue
Coconut Grove, FL 33133
Coconut Grove Cares is a not for profit organization dedicated to building a better
community for the children and families in the Village West Coconut Grove. Services
include after school care, summer camps, outreach & adult community, health, cultural
enrichment, and social skills.

Family Christian Association of Ame rica
Phone: (305) 685-4881
Fax: (305) 685-4882
Corporate Office
14701 N.W. 7th Avenue
Miami, FL 33168-3103
FCAA is a membership organization and is open to any family interested in its mission
and programs. Through its many programs and services, FCAA strives to help its
participants become successful and independent.

See Also: Victim’s Services Center, Jewish Community Services of South Florida
(Located in the Domestic Violence section) and The Lodge (located in the Housing/Food
Services section)

Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center
Phone: (305) 573-1106
Fax: (305) 576-6273
3000 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 400,
Miami, Florida 33137
FIAC provides direct representation to clients of all nationalities whose cases are
generally complex and require an attorney to represent them before the Bureau of
Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS) or the Immigration Courts. FIAC targets
low income people who find it difficult to access legal services, such as families with
children, the homeless, individuals who are HIV+ or have AIDS, victims of domestic
violence or trafficking, the elderly and disabled facing termination of public benefits,
migrant farm workers, and persons in detention.

Honduras Foundation of U.S.A.
Phone: (305) 774-0214
Fax: (305) 774-0481
Suite 501
50 Catalonia Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134
9am-6pm, M-F; 10am-4pm, Sa.
Provides paralegal services, literacy classes, tutoring for children, assistance in
completing legal documents for persons of domestic violence, health referral services and
employment opportunities. Note: This program may be able to serve victims of human

Downtown Miami Legal Aid Society
Phone: (305) 579-5733
123 NW 1st Avenue
Miami, Florida 33128
Homestead Legal Aid Society
Phone: (305) 247-9562
28905 South Dixie Highway
Miami, Florida 33033
Miami Beach Legal Aid Society
Phone: (305) 673-7246
1100 Washington Avenue, 3rd Floor
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
The Legal Aid Society is fully staffed, free legal service provider for the low-income
individuals in Dade County. Legal Aid was established by 1939 and chartered in 1949. It
is the oldest provider of free legal services in Dade County and has eleven full-time
lawyers who handle primarily family matters which involve children. These three
locations offer legal assistance in domestic cases such as divorce (must have minor
child/children), paternity, child custody and guardianship, housing, public benefits and
domestic violence. Provides help after a divorce, child support and visitation.

Legal Services of Greater Miami, Inc
Main Office Phone: (305) 576-0080
3000 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 500
Miami, Florida 33137
Walk – In hours at Main Office: 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM or you can call between 8:30 –
5:00 PM and receive a return phone call to screen for eligibility, if eligible you will then
speak with an attorney.
South Dade Office Phone: (305) 232-9680
10720 Caribbean Boulevard, Suite 400
Miami, Florida 33189
Intake Hours at South Date Office: Monday – Thursday 9:15AM-11:30 AM and 1:15
PM-4:00 PM
To be eligible for their services you must live in Dade or Monroe counties. Their services
are free if your household income is 125% below the federal poverty guidelines. Please
call for further eligibility information. They can assist with employment and economic
security cases, family cases, housing information and referrals, and also other vulnerable

LUCHA, A Wome n’s Legal Project
Phone: (305) 573-1106
FIAC (Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center)
3000 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 400
Miami, Florida 33137
Lucha, a Women's Legal Project helps low income immigrant women overcome the
abuse they face at home. Lucha provides immigration legal assistance to battered women.
This program also serves victims of human trafficking.

County Court- Domestic Violence Division
Phone: (305) 349-7000
175 NW 1st Avenue
Miami, FL 33128
Hears misdemeanor crimes involving domestic violence. 8:30am-5pm, M-F.

M-DC 24 Hour Hotline/ Domestic Violence Intake Unit
Phone: (305) 349-5888
TDD Phone: (305) 349-5709
Fax: (305) 349-5799
175 NW 1st Avenue
Mezzanine Level
Miami, FL 33128
Assists victims of domestic or repeat violence with petitions for an injunction for
protection against domestic and repeat violence, both civil and criminal contempt
procedures, and provides referral for community resources and social services. $50 filing
fee. Fee waivers are offered upon eligibility.

S.T.E.P.S in the Right Direction- Legal Assistance Program
Phone: (305) 231-9936
Other Phone: (305) 345-6266
Fax: (786) 621-3991
1651 West 37th Street
Suite 406
Zip: Hialeah, FL 33012
They can help support your case involving: Employment discrimination, domestic
violence counseling, family law, child custody, divorce and incorporations. These
services are based on a sliding scale fee basis.

See Also: The Lodge (located in the Housing/Food Services section)

Inn Transition Program North
Phone: (305) 899-4600
P.O. BOX 610815
Miami, FL 33181-9998
Provides a transitional housing program for battered women and children coming out of
an emergency shelter. Offers subsidized housing and utilities, counseling, transportation,
child care and related supportive services. Residents may remain in the program for a
maximum of two years, according to their needs.

Inn Transition Program South
Phone: (786) 293-3394
Provides a transitional housing program for battered women and children coming out of
an emergency shelter. Offers subsidized housing and utilities, counseling, transportation,
child care and related supportive services. Residents may remain in the program for a
maximum of two years, according to their needs.

Salvation Army Women and Childre n’s Lodge
Phone: (305) 637-6720
1907 NW 38th
Miami, FL 33142
Provides 24-hour residential shelter for women and children, 3 meals a day, social,
recreational and educational programs and individual counseling. Child care is available.
Maintains a special program, Women in Distress, to shelter and counsel battered women.
The shelter accepts males up to age 18.

Missionaries of Charity- Mother The resa Home for Wome n in Distress
Phone: (305) 326-0032
724 NW 17th Street
Miami, FL 33136
Provides emergency night shelter (4pm-7am) for women and children (boys under 6
only). Dinner and breakfast as well as emergency clothing and toiletries are also offered.
They operate a soup kitchen for men, 9:30am-11:30am. Also provides food and clothing
to families.

Safespace Shelter North and South.
Hotline: (305) 758-2546
Phone: (305) 751-3752
Fax: (305) 756-1347
Safespace operates two shelters in Miami-Dade County, which provide a full range of
services to victims of domestic violence and their dependent children. The main goals of
the agency are to provide safety and an environment that encourages self-sufficiency for
its clients, and to promote in the community the prevention of domestic violence. Both
centers provide crisis intervention, community education, psycho-educational support
groups, individual and group counseling and referral to different resources in the
community. One of its components, the Children's Program, coordinates activities for the
family residing in the shelter. Call the hotline for the locations.

Daily Bread Food Bank
Phone: (305) 633-9861
Fax: (305) 633-0036
Dade Warehouse
5850 NW 32 Avenue
Miami, FL 33142
They provide food and other grocery products as well as educational services to fight
hunger and poverty.

Providence Place Shelter for Homeless Women and Children
Phone: (954) 568-6610
Call for address.
Transitional shelter for homeless women and their children. Supportive services assist in
achieving independence and permanent housing.

Catholic Charities New Life Family Shelter
Phone:(305) 573-3333
Fax: (305) 576-5111
3620 NW 1st Avenue
Miami, FL 33127
English and Spanish are spoken at this location. They provide individual and family
counseling specifically addressing domestic violence as well as other issues. They also
have several shelter and transitional housing options available. They can also offer
referrals for housing, childcare, healthcare, and other services you may require.

Miami Dade Housing Agency
Phone: (305) 644-5100
Central Office 1401 NW 7th St
Miami FL, 33125
There are a variety of governmental assistance housing programs and services available
depending on the individual needs and circumstances of clients.

The Lodge
Phone: (305) 693-1170
Crisis Line: (305) 693- 0232
Fax: (305) 693-2831
Call for location.
Offers shelter services, counseling, crisis hotline, case management, legal screenings,
child assessment, support groups, professional training options, and advocac y to victims
of domestic violence, rape, and sexual assault.

Farm Share
Phone: (305) 246-3276
Fax: (305) 246-3589
300 North Krome Avenue, Building 12
Florida City, Florida 33034-3414
Farm share is located at the State Farmer’s Market. They provide nutritious food to those
in need. Food is distributed by appointment only, Tuesday - Friday, 9:00am - 2:00pm.
Call for additional requirements.

Trinity Church and Peacemakers South Campus
Phone: (305) 685-8577
Fax: 305-688-9129
655 NW 125th St.,
N. Miami, FL 33168 (off I-95 at Exit 10A) view&id=20&Itemi
Peacemakers runs a food bank for those in need. Call for information and to see if there
are other possible resources they can provide.

Community Health of South Dade
Phone: (305) 253-5100
10300 S.W. 216th Street
Miami, FL 33190
Hours of Service: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Non- life threatening
Urgent Care Services are available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Community Health of South Dade, Inc. (CHI) realized that some people might not have
transportation to their neighborhood clinic on a regular basis, so they have enhanced their
transportation system. If you call one day in advance of your appointment, CHI will pick
you up at home, take you to any CHI location and return you to your home. Van service
is available Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. To obtain transportation
services, call 305-252-4804 during normal business hours. After hours, call 305-252-
4881. The following Miami- Dade County transit buses also stop at the center: numbers
52 and 70.

Citrus Health Center
Phone: (305) 424-3120
Toll Free: 1-877-470-9617
Fax: (305) 424-3182
4175 West 20th Avenue Hialeah, FL 33012
Provides primary and preventive health care services. Citrus is one of only six Federally
Qualified Health Centers in Miami- Dade County. These centers are designed to serve the
medically underserved and un- insured residents of West Miami- Dade County and the city
of Hialeah. Our staff is composed of bi- lingual physicians and nurses who can provide
you with an array of services designed to treat your current medical issues as well as help
you stay healthy

Homestead Hospital
Phone: (786) 243-8000
975 Baptist Way Campbell Drive and S.W. 147 Avenue
Homestead, Florida 33033

South Miami Hospital
Phone: (786) 662-4000
6200 SW 73 Street
South Miami, Florida 33143

Doctors Hospital
Phone: (786) 308-3000
5000 University Drive
Coral Gables, Florida 33146

Baptist Medical Plaza at West Kendall
Phone: (786) 596-3810
13001 North Kendall Drive
Miami, Florida 33186

Baptist Medical Plaza at Coral Gables
Phone: (786) 596-0000
320 Giralda Avenue
Coral Gables, Florida 33134

Baptist Medical Plaza at Palmetto Bay
Phone: (786) 596-3838
8750 SW 144 Street
Miami, Fl 33176

Baptist Hos pital of Miami
Phone: (786) 596-1960
8900 North Kendall Drive
Miami, Florida 33176
Baptist Medical Plaza at Westchester
Phone: (786) 596-0000
8840 Bird Road
Miami, Fl 33165

Jackson Memorial Hospital
Phone: (305) 585-1111
1611 N.W. 12th Avenue
Miami, Florida 33136-1096

Jackson South Community Hos pital
Telephone: (305) 251-2500
Fax: (305) 256-5110
9333 S.W. 152nd Street
Miami, FL 33157

University of Miami Hospital
Telephone: (305) 325-5511
Fax: (305) 325-4673
1400 NW 12th Avenue
Miami, FL 33136

Miami Urgent Care Center
Phone: (305) 494-0536
2645 S. Douglas Road, Suite 502
Miami, 33133
No appointments needed.

Mercy Hospital
Phone: (305) 854-4400
3663 South Miami Avenue
Miami, Florida 33133

Kendall Regional Medical Center
Phone: (305) 223-3000
11750 SW 40 Street
Miami, FL 33175

Larkin Community Hospital
Phone: (305) 284-7500
7031 SW 62 AVE
Miami, FL 33143
Stanley C. Myers Center
Phone: (305) 538-8835
Fax: (305) 532-5766
710 Alton Road
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
The health care centers service over 25,000 residents below poverty level, uninsured,
underinsured or indigent by providing quality and comprehensive ambulatory health care
services. Hours: Last appointment is 4:00pm, Monday & Wednesday: 7:30 to 6:00pm,
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 7:30 to 5:00pm.

Beverly Press Center
Phone: (305) 865-0880
Fax: (305) 865-1881
1221 71st Street
Miami Beach, FL 33141
The health care centers service over 25,000 residents below poverty level, uninsured,
underinsured or indigent by providing quality and comprehensive ambulatory health care
services. Pharmacy now open for your convenience at this site. Hours: Last appointment
is 4:00pm, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 7:30am to 5:00pm, Thursday:
7:30am to 6:00pm.

Dr. Solomon S. Litcher Hi Tides Health Center at Miami Beach Senior High School
Phone: (305) 538-2816/ (305) 538-8835 x280
Fax: (305) 532-4441
2231 Prairie Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33140
School based care only! Health care is provided for underprivileged children.

Miami Beach Community Health Center at the Center for Haitian Studies
Phone: (305) 538-8835
8260 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33138
The health care centers service over 25,000 residents below poverty level, uninsured,
underinsured or indigent by providing quality and comprehensive ambulatory health care
services. Pharmacy now open. Hours: Monday through Friday: 7:30am to 4:00pm.

Miami Beach Community Health Center at North Miami
Phone: (305) 938-4055
Fax: (305) 891-3496
12340 NE 6th Court
North Miami, FL 33161
The health care centers service over 25,000 residents below poverty level, uninsured,
underinsured or indigent by providing quality and comprehensive ambulatory health care
services. Hours: Monday - Friday: 7:30 to 4:00pm.

Behavioral Health - Beverly Press Center
Phone: (305) 865-0880
Fax: (305) 695-2182
1221 71st Street
Miami Beach, FL 33141
The health care centers service over 25,000 residents below poverty level, uninsured,
underinsured or indigent by providing quality and comprehensive ambulatory health care
services. Hours: Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Open Door Health Center
Phone: (305) 246-2400
Fax: (305) 246-5010
1350 SW 4th Street
Homestead, FL 33030
We are the recipient of multiple awards and recognitions and chosen as a project to
support by the Greater Miami Pediatric Society, the Puerto Rican Professional
Association (PROFESA), and others.

These Programs are in the Eleventh Judicial Circuit but may not provide services in all
counties within that circuit.

Rob Beneckson, Director
800 NW 15th Street
Miami, FL 33136
305-755-6574 Fax: 305-325-2632

Linda Fieldstone, Supervisor
Laura Escobar
Family Court Services
175 NW First Avenue, 15th Floor
Miami, FL 33128
305-349-5508 Fax: 305-349-5634

Vanja Abreu, Director
American Therapeutic Corporation
1801 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33132
305-371-5777 Fax: 305-371-6007

Kay Dawson, MS, MFT
Program Director
Cathedral House, Inc.
17405 S. Dixie Highway
Miami, FL 33157
305-278-2683 Fax: 305-278-2692

Bettina Lozzi Toscano
Program Director
Kids Hope United
10720 Caribbean Blvd. , Ste. 330
Cutler Bay, FL 33189
786.573.9000 Fax: 786.242.5080

German Alfaro, Director
American Therapeutic Corporation
27112 South Dixie Hwy.
Naranja, FL 33032
305.245.5341 Fax: 305.245.1391

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