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     Cost of Education ..................................................................2

     Expected Family Contribution ..............................................2

     Awarding of Aid .....................................................................3

     Financial Aid Programs..........................................................3

     Comparing College Costs ......................................................5

     Initial Costs Not Covered by Financial Aid ..........................5

     Application Processing...........................................................5

     Special Circumstances ............................................................6

     Alternative Sources of Aid......................................................7

     The Guide to Your Estimated Financial Aid Notification contains
     information on how your need for aid was determined, what types of aid
     are available and what factors affect your eligibility for aid. This information
     will be helpful to parents and prospective students who have been offered
     admission to UCLA.
                                                                          The Guide to Your Estimated Financial Aid Notice      2

    Remember: Information listed on your                             COST OF EDUCATION
  Estimated Financial Aid Notice is not final.
                                                              A standardized set of budgets is used as the basis for
     The types and amounts of awards are                      determining the cost of education at UCLA. The budgets
               subject to change.                             vary based on a student’s living arrangements while in
                                                              school: living with parents or relatives, living on campus,
                                                              or living off campus (away from family). In addition
The 2003-04 Estimated Financial Aid Notice (FAN)              to the room and board costs, each budget also includes
is based on the information you and your parents              registration fees, books and supplies, cost of health insur-
provided on the Free Application for Federal Student          ance, transportation and personal expenses. Students
Aid (FAFSA). If any information changes subsequent            who are classified as non-residents will be assessed
to the submission of the FAFSA, the information on            additional Out-of-State Tuition (see chart below). The
this notice of eligibility will also change. (See Special     2003-04* budgets are listed below to offer you a basis
Circumstances section, page 6.)                               for comparison.

The process of determining a student’s eligibility for
financial aid, commonly referred to as need analysis,                EXPECTED FAMILY
is regulated by the Congress and uses the information
contained in the FAFSA. If the need analysis shows that             CONTRIBUTION (EFC)
the cost of education exceeds the amount that you and
your family can contribute, then you will qualify for         The EFC is the amount that you and your parents are
financial aid based on need.                                  expected to contribute toward your education over the
                                                              course of the academic year. To determine the parental
                                                              contribution, the need analysis formula utilizes parents’
             Cost of Education
                                                              income and assets, savings, taxes, and other mandatory
           - Expected Family Contribution                     living expenses. In addition, the age of the parent, his/her
           = Financial Need                                   need for retirement income, number of dependents in
                                                              the household, and number of dependents in college are

                                            2003-2004 UCLA BUDGETS
                                       Living With                Residence Halls                      Off-Campus
                                   Parents or Relatives                                                Apartments

                                      U              G                    U                          U                G
    Fees                           $ 4,878        $ 5,809              $ 4,878                   $ 4,878          $ 5,809
    Books/Supplies                   1,344          1,533                1,344                     1,344            1,533
    Room and Board                   3,000          3,000               10,287                     8,301           11,670
    Transportation                   1,902          2,373                  780                     1,503            2,322
    Personal                         1,638          2,142                1,428                     1,638            2,208
    Health Insurance                   564                                 564                       564

    TOTAL                          $13,326        $14,857              $19,281                    $18,228         $23,542
U = Undergraduate, G = Graduate                             Out-of-State Tuition = $11,322 graduates/$12,379 undergraduates
                                                                                      * Amounts listed are subject to change.
                                                                            The Guide to Your Estimated Financial Aid Notice           3

considered. The student contribution is derived by analyzing   Using EFM, UCLA initially assigns a set amount, self-help
the income and asset information of the student. The           component (work-study and loans) to all students.
EFC figure is not an actual amount that you and                University Grant funds are distributed to dependent
your parents will be billed and have to pay, but is an         undergraduates based on their parents’ contribution (PC).
approximation of how much you and your parents                 Eligibility for independent undergraduates is based on
should reasonably be able to contribute toward your            their student contribution (SC).*
educational expenses.
                                                               Graduate students are not eligible for Pell Grants, Cal
             Student Contribution                              Grants or University Grants. These students should contact
           + Parent Contribution (if Dependent)                the Graduate Division at (310) 825-1025 regarding
                                                               other fellowships and grants.
           = Expected Family Contribution
                                                               * At the time of this printing, the eligible PC and SC levels had not
If at the time you completed the FAFSA you were required       been determined.
to provide only your and/or your spouse’s income and
asset information, the EFC will be calculated using this
                                                                  You Should Know: Your award may not
                                                                include all the different types of aid available.
  • Are a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen.
                                                               Listed below are the different types of financial aid
  • Have a valid social security number.                       awarded through UCLA. Depending on the EFC, stu-
                                                               dents will receive a combination of the different types of
  • Are registered with the Selective Service, if required.
                                                               funds available.
  • Will be enrolled at least half-time in a degree program.
  • Are not in default of any federal funds.
                                                               Cal Grants A or B are funded by the State of California and
                                                               are administered by California Student Aid Commission
                                                               (CSAC). They assist low- and middle-income students with
         AWARDING OF AID                                       registration costs and fees. Awards are based on financial
                                                               need and grade point average. Currently, Cal Grants for
Once the amount of your need (cost of education minus          2003-04 are estimated at $3,834.
EFC) has been determined, your award will meet that need.
                                                               Federal Pell Grants are based on need, and are awarded to
The policy of the UCLA Financial Aid Office is to provide      undergraduate students who have not earned a Bachelor’s
similar types and amounts of aid throughout your educa-        Degree. When you file a FAFSA, you are automatically
tional career, depending on funding levels and the family’s    considered for a Pell Grant. Awards range from $400 to
ability to contribute.                                         $4,050. Pell Grant eligibility is determined by criteria
                                                               established by the federal government.
For the 2003-04 academic year, the University of
California uses the Educational Financing Model (EFM).         University Grants are awarded to undergraduates who
The goal of EFM is to provide sufficient grant support         meet all filing deadlines. Eligibility for dependent under-
so that the amount you have to borrow or earn is within        graduates is based on their parents’ contribution. Eligibility
a range that enables you to make steady progress toward        for independent undergraduates is based on their student
completing your degree and meeting any repayment               contribution. Awards are based on financial need and
obligations after graduation.                                  availability of funds, and start at $300.
                                                                             The Guide to Your Estimated Financial Aid Notice         4

Students who enter UCLA as freshmen, may receive                enrolled in school at least half time, or interest payments
University Grants until they complete 120% of the               can be made on a monthly basis. The loan interest rate is
required units for their degree program (excluding AP           variable (capped at 8.25%). An unsubsidized Federal
units). For example: if 180 units are required to complete      Stafford Loan can be made in conjunction with a subsi-
your degree, you may receive University Grant until you         dized Federal Stafford Loan as long as the maximum
have completed 216 units. After the unit maximum is             annual or aggregate loan limits for the Federal Stafford
exceeded, no more University Grant will be awarded. Your        Loans have not been exceeded.
eligibility for continued grant funding will be determined
                                                                Federal PLUS Loans (Parent Loans for Undergraduate
prior to the Fall Quarter for the upcoming academic year.
                                                                Students) are designed to help parents, stepparents and
                Federal Work-Study                              legal guardians meet the cost of education. Parents may
                                                                be eligible to borrow up to the cost of education for the
Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a program administered by           academic year less any financial aid received. This loan is
the Financial Aid Office. Eligibility is based on on-time       available only to parents who do not have adverse credit
FAFSA status and financial need. Money earned through           histories as defined by federal regulation. The interest
work-study is part of your total financial aid package.         rate is variable (capped at 9%). Interest on the PLUS
Both graduate and undergraduate students are considered.        loan starts accruing from the date of disbursement.
Students earn money for college costs through part-             Repayment of this loan begins within 60 days after the
time employment in approved on- or off-campus jobs.             final disbursement.
Students may work up to 20 hours per week during the
quarter or semester.
              Federal PERKINS Loan                                   You do not have to initiate any steps to
                                                                  secure the student and/or parent loans listed
Federal Perkins Loan is a need-based loan program. The
loan interest rate is 5 percent. Loan repayment and interest       on your Estimated FAN. When your award
begin nine months after graduation or dropping below                is finalized the Financial Aid Office will
half-time enrollment. The actual award amount will                  provide you with additional information
be based on annual funding and UCLA’s Institutional              about these loans and the application process.
Awarding Policy. The current UCLA ceiling for under-
graduates in the Perkins Loan program is $900-2500
                                                                   We will also provide you with information
(depending on grade level); for graduates, $1,800.                 that will assist you with selecting a lender.
 Federal Family Education Loan Program
                 (FFELP)                                                       University Scholarships
Subsidized Federal Stafford Loans are long-term, low-interest   Scholarships administered by the Financial Aid Office are
loans that are financed by participating banks and other        awarded to students based on academic merit and financial
lending institutions. The loan is available to undergraduate    need. Scholarship eligibility is highly competitive and is
and graduate students with financial need. The annual           determined by evaluating both the academic data provided
Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan amount is based on the         by the Undergraduate Admissions Office and the financial
student’s grade level and financial need. The loan interest     data obtained from the FAFSA.
rate is variable (capped at 8.25%) and adjusted annually.
                                                                The enclosed notice of eligibility may not include the scholarships you
Loan repayment begins six months after graduation or            have applied for using the Undergraduate Admissions Application.
dropping below half-time enrollment.                            The determination of scholarship eligibility is a long process, and
                                                                requires awarding these dollars throughout the summer months.
Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans are long-term, low-         UCLA-based scholarships will appear on your final award notification.
interest loans that are available to all students regardless    If awarded, scholarships will usually reduce your self-help (loans and
of income. The interest accrues while the student is            work-study) awards.
                                                                        The Guide to Your Estimated Financial Aid Notice   5

     COMPARING COLLEGE                                         The Financial Aid Office will use the ‘my.ucla’
          COSTS                                                  web page and/or e-mail to communicate
                                                               with you throughout the academic year. It is
When comparing financial aid offers from various               imperative that we always have your correct
institutions, consider the registration fees you will be         e-mail address and that you monitor the
paying along with your living expenses. Bear in mind           Notices section on ‘my.ucla’ on a regular basis.
that although this estimate is based on a standardized set
of budgets/costs, your actual costs will vary depending
on your individual spending habits. In general, the costs           Additional Information Requests
of attending a community college or a California State        To finalize the processing of your financial aid award, the
University will be lower than those of UCLA. Private          Financial Aid Office may request additional information
colleges and universities tend to be more expensive           necessary to complete your file. If additional information
than UCLA.                                                    is needed a request will be sent to you via Notices on the
Also, compare the types of awards offered by each             ‘my.ucla’ web page or via e-mail in mid-April.
institution. Of your total package, what percentage is        Verification Forms. UCLA is not required to participate
grants? What percentage is loans? Scholarships and grants     in the Federal Verification process; therefore, do not sub-
are defined as “free money” and do not have to be repaid.     mit verification paperwork if sent to you by the federal
Work-Study is money earned by working while in college.       processor. If you are selected for verification by UCLA
Loans must be repaid.                                         the verification form will be sent to you via Notices on
                                                              the ‘my.ucla’ web page. Please be prepared to provide
   INITIAL COSTS NOT                                          your and your parents’ 2002 federal tax returns.

COVERED BY FINANCIAL AID                                      Additional Documentation. When you fill out the FAFSA,
                                                              the federal processor performs a series of data matches
                                                              on your file. These matches include verification of your
The following costs are related to the student’s education
                                                              citizenship and/or Immigration and Naturalization
expenses; however, they cannot be subsidized by financial
                                                              Service (INS) status, registration with Selective Service,
aid. The student and/or parent will need to make payment
                                                              non-default on prior loans, and Social Security status. If
                                                              the processor is unable to perform a match, additional
s $100 deposit with Statement of Intent to Register, due      documentation must be submitted to the school. Page
  May 1                                                       one of your SAR will inform you if there was a problem
                                                              with any data matches. UCLA will send you a request
s Any university housingdeposits/installments to guarantee
                                                              for documentation necessary to resolve any mismatch.
  housing space
                                                              Housing Status Verification. The Financial Aid Office may
s Summer   orientation fee                                    confirm that the housing status you reported on your
                                                              FAFSA is valid. Since the request for this information can
APPLICATION PROCESSING                                        come at any time during the year, please make sure that you
                                                              keep dorm contracts, rental agreements or leases, and
The Estimated Financial Aid Notice is your initial            cancelled checks for rent. Billing can result from an im-
notification from the Financial Aid Office. Once you          properly reported housing status. Please notify our office
submit your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR),            immediately, if your housing plans are different from those
confirming your intent to enroll at UCLA, the Financial       indicated on your Estimated Financial Aid Notification.
Aid Office will continue the processing of your application   Additional Information. When your file is reviewed by
for aid.                                                      a counselor, he or she may determine that additional
                                                                          The Guide to Your Estimated Financial Aid Notice   6

information is required. If so, you will be sent a detailed   overall need but also how much of that need will be met
letter or an e-mail specifying what is needed. You must       with grant/scholarship funds.
submit all information requested before your eligibility
for aid can be determined. Incomplete forms will be                Incorrect Data Reported on FAFSA
returned to you for completion.                               If you made an error when filing the FAFSA application,
                                                              or if you used estimated tax information that changed
   Electronic Financial Aid Notification                      after the tax returns were filed, updates to your FAFSA
                  (eFAN)                                      should be made in one of two ways:
Once your file is complete, an electronic Financial           s Make  appropriate corrections on the web at
Aid Notification (eFAN) will be generated before the   (you will need your federal
beginning of the Fall 2003 term. You will be notified via       pin number).
e-mail and/or ‘my.ucla’ when your eFAN is available. The      s Submit  a written request to the Financial Aid Office
eFAN will include a quarterly breakdown as well as the          indicating changes to be made. Provide documentation
exact amount of your awards for the academic year.              supporting the changes you have made. The Financial
Your eFAN may differ from the estimate enclosed if:             Aid Office will make the requested changes electronically.
s You  make any changes to the information reported on
  the FAFSA.                                                       CHECK THE STATUS OF YOUR FILE
s The   school makes data changes based on verification.                   PERIODICALLY
s The  Scholarships Office determines your scholarship                  Financial Aid Office: (310) 206-0400
  eligibility (when the Estimated Financial Aid Notice is                   e-mail:
  sent, scholarship information may not be available).
                                                                              the web:
s You  receive non-university scholarships. The Financial
  Aid Office will use the scholarship to replace self-help
  awards (work-study and loans) first. Grants may be                     Decrease in Family Income
  affected if the scholarship amount exceeds the amount       If your family’s ability to contribute has been affected
  of self-help awards. Remember to report these awards        by loss or change of jobs, disability or illness, legal
  on your eFAN.                                               separation, divorce, or death, you should file the Petition
An eFAN Guide will be available along with the eFAN,          to Use Projected Year Income form. This form can be
which will explain all awards being offered, and how to       obtained at the Financial Aid Office or on our website
finalize your acceptance of those awards.                     at Your petition will be reviewed by
                                                              a financial aid counselor, who will adjust your eligibility
                                                              for aid based on the results of this review.
                                                                                    Other Factors
Your Estimated Financial Aid Notice is based on the           In addition to circumstances listed previously, the following
information provided by you and/or your parents at the        costs may be considered as the basis for filing an appeal:
time the FAFSA was filed. We are aware, however, that
in certain cases the data listed on the FAFSA may not         s Current excessive medical costs, only if not covered
accurately represent your family’s financial circumstances.     by insurance.
In those cases, an appeal letter should be filed directly     s Costs of special education made necessary by learning
with the Financial Aid Office. These circumstances have         or physical disability of parents’ dependents.
a direct effect on the Expected Family Contribution
(EFC) calculation and, therefore, affect not only your        s Costs of repair of damages caused by natural disasters
                                                                such as earthquakes, floods, etc. Only expenses incurred
                                                                            The Guide to Your Estimated Financial Aid Notice   7

  during the current year and not covered by insurance           Students must meet various agency restrictions which
  will be considered.                                            may include academic achievement, special talent, leader-
                                                                 ship ability, or group affiliation. Note: Outside agency
If your circumstances include any of the above, you should
                                                                 scholarships must be reported to the Financial Aid
submit a detailed letter of appeal along with documentation
                                                                 Office. These awards are subtracted from financial need,
supporting your circumstances to the Financial Aid Office.
                                                                 and will generally replace your self-help (loans and/or
     Circumstances That Cannot Be Used                           work-study) eligibility.
            as Basis for Appeal                                           Scholarship Resource Center
Certain circumstances, although affecting a family’s finan-                All students should apply for scholarships,
cial ability to contribute, cannot be used by the Financial                       regardless of financial need.
Aid Office to affect eligibility. Some of these are:
                                                                 The UCLA Scholarship Resource Center (SRC) helps
s Partialloss of income, not the result of unemployment.         students search for scholarships, regardless of their financial
  For example, loss of overtime pay or reduction in hours        need. The SRC offers a number of services to assist
  worked unless the result of illness.                           students in the scholarship process: a library of scholarship
s Excessive   consumer/credit card debt.                         books, counseling, search services, and workshops. The
                                                                 Center is located at 233 Covel Commons and is open
s Wage  garnishments due to back taxes, back child or            Monday through Friday, 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The
  spousal support.                                               SRC can also be reached at (310) 206-2875 or via e-mail
s Costs  of private school tuition unless special education      at
  is necessary because of a disability.                          Also, the Computer Scholarship Search offers current
s Prenuptial agreements stating that a stepparent is not         information regarding University and outside agency
  responsible for a stepchild’s education. Federal regulations   scholarships through the “Bruin On-Line” services free of
  do not recognize prenuptial agreements and if remarried,       charge to all UCLA students. Students, faculty, and staff
  both parent and stepparent’s information must be reported.     can also use the “Info UCLA” workstations available at
                                                                 UCLA’s Powell Library. Search for scholarships using the
s Parents’  refusal to contribute toward their child’s educa-    Internet at: or
  tion, if said child has been determined to be dependent.
  Parental contribution, calculated for all dependent                           Employment Options
  students, measures parents’ ability, not their willingness,
  to contribute toward the student’s educational expenses.       The UCLA Career Center helps students find jobs both
                                                                 on and off campus. The Center is located at 1158 Career
                                                                 Center Building; the telephone number is (310) 825-2981.
       ALTERNATE SOURCES                                         The jobs available through the Career Center here are
                                                                 not available for Federal Work-Study.
             OF AID
                                                                 The Associated Students UCLA (ASUCLA) operates
                                                                 student publications, 6 stores, 12 restaurants and the
             Non-University Scholarships                         Student Union on campus. You can call them at (310)
             You must notify the Financial Aid Office            825-7711.
          of all outside funds for which you are eligible.
                                                                 The UCLA newspaper, The Daily Bruin, includes help
Non-university scholarships (outside agency scholarships)        wanted advertisements for the local area. Pick up a free
are funds from various organizations, agencies, companies,       copy of the Bruin at locations all over campus or find it
or private individuals and are not funded by the University.     on line at
                                                                          The Guide to Your Estimated Financial Aid Notice   8

                   Private Loans                               students are in school) are not identical. You should
                                                               know that these loans rely on creditworthiness and
Private loans are available for students who have              frequently require co-signers. The Financial Aid Office
received the maximum award amounts under the FFELP             has information that will assist you in researching and
program and still require additional funding. These loans      selecting an alternative loan source. For additional
are sponsored by banks and private lending institutions.       information, see the Private Loan Comparison Chart,
Though this market is a competitive one, these loans are       available at the Financial Aid Office or on our website
not federally regulated, and therefore the interest rates      at We recommend that you do not
and repayment schedules (some of which begin while             apply for private loans until you receive your electronic
                                                               FAN for 2003-04.

                               Printing of UCLA’s The Guide to Your Financial Aid Notification
                               compliments of Sallie Mae and our lender partners.

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