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Cars 16-Inch Boys BMX Bike


									  Cars 16-Inch Boys BMX Bike

Ideal for boys ages 4 to 8 years old, this official Cars movie bicycle offers a vibrant red steel frame with
Cars graphics. The bike features 16-inch wheels and comes with a pair of sturdy, removable training
wheels, which are intended to assist young riders and ensure maximum safety. A resin full-wrap chain
guard prevents dangerous chain interference and wheel jamming for added safety. It also features a
coaster brake, a padded crossbar, a padded spring seat, and front and rear reflectors. The seat height
is adjusted with a quick release seat clamp. This fun bike also includes a Cars-themed handlebar bag.
Some assembly is required.

The 16-inch Cars BMX bike features a red steel frame, removable training wheels, and an
adjustable seat.

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