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Adams Girl's Run Bike_ PinkBlack by bestblackfriday05


									  Adams Girl's Run Bike, Pink/Black

These run bikes are the perfect training/teaching aide for young children. Run Bikes provide the
opportunity to learn the basics of balance, steering, and handling that a bicycle with training wheels
may not provide.
Teach your child the basics of balancing on a bike--a skill that training wheels don't teach--with this
Adams Run bike for girls in pink and black. Everyone has to start somewhere, and Run Bikes are a
great place for kids to begin the adventure of learning to ride a bicycle. Simple and safe, these little
bikes have no pedals or chain and are regarded by many to be the best way to teach children balance
before taking on the challenge of riding a bicycle by themselves. A fun alternative to a sidewalk bike or
tricycle, this Run Bike helps to develop balance and motor skills as well as speed up the learning curve
to transition to a two-wheeler. It features a long, comfortably padded saddle for multiple sitting
positions as well as an adjustable saddle height to fit a wide range of children from 2-1/2 to 5 years old.
The bike weighs approximately 8-1/2 pounds.
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