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Schwinn Delta Sport Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike _26-Inch Wheels_


									  Schwinn Delta Sport Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels)

The Schwinn Delta Sport Mountain Bike is ready to ride over rough terrain and take the abuse of the
trail for you. Dual suspension absorbs shock to both the back and front wheel, allowing you to
negotiate rocks, logs, and anything else that lay across your trail. The tough, all-black ISO Drive alloy
frame is lightweight and designed to jump all the obstacles. With a 21-speed Shimano EZ Fire
Shimano drive train, Shimano EF-50 shifters, and Acera rear derailleur, the Delta Sport is ready to take
on any steep incline with rapid-fire adjustability. The Promax linear pull alloy brakes and brake levers
offer super-strong stopping power, and the double-wall alloy rims and stainless steel spokes are built to
withstand heavy use and abuse. The Delta Sport is also equipped with quick-release alloy hubs and
two bottle cage mounts for convenience. Specifications: 26-inch wheels Full/dual suspension ISO
Drive alloy frame Shimano EF-50 shifters 21-speed Shimano EZ Fire drive train Acera rear derailleur
Promax linear pull brakes and brake levers Double-wall alloy rims Quick-release alloy hubs Stainless
steel spokes

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