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					Partnership Agreement


        Flora Kommune
            6900 Florø


  Nkhotakota District Assembly


1.1 About the Partnership Agreement
Today, a Partnership Agreement has been concluded by Flora Kommune and Nkhotakota District
Assembly regarding an exchange of Fredskorpset participants. The Partnership Agreement describes
Flora Kommune’s and Nkhotakota District Assembly’s allocation of responsibilities and obligations in
relation to implementation of the exchange programme.

1.2 The Partnership Agreement’s ethos
The Partnership Agreement is informed by a shared understanding of, and commitment to, the
values, principles and methods laid down in Fredskorpset’s statutes, provided as an annex to the
present Partnership Agreement.

1.3 Term of the Partnership Agreement
The Partnership Agreement comes into force when it is endorsed by Fredskorpset in the form of a
Collaboration Agreement with Flora Kommune. The Partnership Agreement shall remain in force
until all participants covered by the Agreement have completed the preparatory course, the foreign
posting and follow-up work. The inception date for the exchange programmes is hereby agreed as
January 2005. The anticipated date for completion is December 2006.

1.4 Termination of the Agreement
The Agreement may be renegotiated or terminated in part or in whole if one or more of the
participants - for whatever reason, has to travel home; where the project has to be discontinued
due to force majeure; in the event of financial default; where one partner is declared bankrupt, or
in the event of any significant default in performance of one or more clauses of the Agreement or
its annexes. Both Nkhotakota District Assembly and Flora Kommune may instigate renegotiation or
termination of the Agreement.

1.5 Default in contractual performance
Nkhotakota District Assembly and Flora Kommune are responsible for immediately reporting to each
other any significant deviations from the Partnership Agreement and/or its provisions, or any other
significant issues, affecting implementation of the project.

1.6 Contact details
The partners are responsible for providing a continually updated list of contacts for the
Fredskorpset project. Any alterations are to be notified immediately to all partners and
Fredskorpset. The list must contain telephone numbers, fax number, e-mail and postal addresses
for all contacts.

2.1       Project aim: Cross Cultural Learning and Development
      -    contribute to social mobilisation, civic education and capacity building whithin Nkhotakota
           district, within areas such as local natural resource management and education.
      -    Increase consciousness and knowledge of how community work affects local natural
           resource management and education, both in Nkhotakota district and Flora kommune.
      -    Develop and strengthen democratic ways of working and thinking in Nkhotakota and Flora.
      -    Increase knowledge and experience in international co-operation for both partners.
      -    Contribute to strengthening the communication and contact between Nkhotakota District
           Assembly and Flora kommune as for the work with the MIC programme.
      -    Send two north-south participants and 2 south-north participants in order to succeed in the
           above mentioned objectives.

2.2       Anticipated results of the project:

      -    The partners main interest is to contribute to social mobilisation in Nkhotakota and to
           broaden perspectives on local community work in Florø, by elaborating an exchange

            programme where the participants work in the areas natural resource
            management/production and education, all combined with community work.
      -     Increase appreciation and knowledge of participation as a tool of selfreliance, trough linking
            the Fredskorps exchange programme to the existing MIC programme between the partners.
            Thereby combine and use knowledge, personell and network of both partners on common
            issues and goals, in order to improve the quality of work and results of both.

      -     The partners anticipate following results:
      -     Increased consiousness and knowledge in Nkhotakota and Flora on how community work can
            contribute to mibilizing local resources in the areas of wild life and fish resource
            management/production and education.
      -     Capacity building in Nkhotakota on how to iniciate and complete small scale projects in the
            areas described above using community work as a method of mibilising local resources.

2.3        The participants’ tasks and responsibilities:

      -     There are 2 north-south participants and 2 south-north participants. Workplaces in Flora
            kommune are “Krokane Nærtenester” and “Svanøy”. Workplaces in Nkhotakota District are
            “Dwangwa” and “Malewera Sec. Community School”. Each workplace give the participant
            tasks and responsabilities based on a combination of education or and service production/
            community work or natural resource management or production/community work.
      -     Each participant shall take on responsabilities and tasks as described in Appendix 1 to
            Partnership Agreement and in the Participant Contract that is pending. (Appendix 1
            Substance of Programme, point 4).

2.4        The content of the programme - described in detail in Annex 1 to this Partnership

           Scope of the Agreement:
                                     Duration per participant (number of months)

                     Number of       Preparatory     Posting       Debriefing seminar     TOTAL
                     participants    course                        + information /
                                                                   follow-up activities
North-South          2               1               12            1                      14
South-North          2               1               12            1                      14
TOTAL                4

3.1 Duties vis-à-vis Fredskorpset
Flora Kommune assumes legal responsibility vis-à-vis Fredskorpset under the Collaboration
Agreement. Flora Kommune and Nkotakota District Assembly are responsible for ensuring that the
individual participants honour their obligations in relation to Fredskorpset, including participation in
a preparatory course and debriefing seminar, reporting, evaluation, debriefing, information
activities and network participation. The host partner has executive responsibility in cases of
emergencies or crisis situations involving the participants.

3.2 Recruitment
The partners have jointly established criteria for recruitment, and participants recruited into the
partnership are recruited in accordance with these. Flora Kommune and Nkhotakota District

Assembly shall have mutual opportunity to evaluate each other’s candidates. No participants
recruited shall be younger than 22 or older than 35.

3.3 Participant Contracts
Implementation of the programme requires each participant to sign a contract with Flora Kommune
or Nkhotakota District Assembly. Participant Contracts shall be based on Fredskorpset’s template,
and adapted to the specific Fredskorpset project and posting. The Participant Contract is an annex
to the Partnership Agreement, and must be concluded not later than the date of enrolment on the
preparatory course.

3.4 Suitability
Flora Kommune, Nkhotakota District Assembly as well as Fredskorpset shall have the option of
evaluating the suitability of the participants, both during the preparatory course and the posting.
Following mutual consultation the partners shall have recourse to terminate the Participant
Contract and summon any unsuitable participant home.

3.5 Employer’s liability
Flora Kommune is the principal employer of participants from the South in Norway. Participants
from the South shall have temporary employment with Flora Kommune, and the employer’s liability
shall be reflected in the Participant Contracts. Any employer’s national insurance contributions
shall be paid. All participants shall undergo a medical examination as a condition of employment.

3.6 Allowances, taxation and Norwegian national insurance
Flora Kommune is responsible for payment of agreed allowances to all participants in the project,
and for making suitable arrangements for such disbursements, as stipulated in the Participant
Contract. It is stipulated that any taxation of participants occurs according to the normal
regulations for taxation of Norwegians during stays abroad and of foreigners resident in Norway and
also any relevant taxation agreement between Norway and the other country concerned.
Norwegian participants will continue their membership of the National Insurance Scheme. Where
participants achieve tax-free status, the participant/employer must independently register with the
Norwegian National Office for Social Security Abroad (FFU). Fredskorpset does not contribute
towards membership of the FFU.

3.7 Preparatory course and debriefing seminar
Flora Kommune is responsible for enrolling the participants on Fredskorpset’s preparatory course
and debriefing seminar within the deadlines set by Fredskorpset.

3.8 Monitoring
The partners have planned the following procedures for monitoring the project:
   - Carry out an annual evaluation of the programme during the exchange period.
   - Monitoring the programme on a quarterly basis as follows:
       The partners shall submit quarterly reports to each other based on monthly reports from the
       participants and contact with the workplaces. The quarterly reports shall include evaluation
       on the following subjects:
            Activities carried out within the work-place
            Social situation for the participants.

    -   North partner shall contact North-South participants on a monthly basis as a minimum.
    -   North partner shall contact the workplaces of South-North participants on a monthly basis as
        a minimum.
    -   South partner shall contact South-North participants on a monthly basis as a minimum.
    -   South partner shall contact the workplaces of North-South participants on a monthly basis as
        a minimum.
    -   The participants will do monthly reports of their work experiences and social situation. They
        will send the reports to the partner they represent.

The first annual follow-up meeting between the partners (partner meetings) is scheduled for
September 2005

4.1 Budget
Flora Kommune is the responsible budget administrator on behalf of the partnership vis-à-vis
Fredskorpset for the specific Fredskorpset project. Flora Kommune is responsible for accounting and
auditing of the project in accordance with Norwegian accounting legislation and for financial
reporting to Fredskorpset. Budgets and accounts shall be in NOK and prepared according to
Fredskorpset’s template.

4.2 Grant principle
Fredskorpset projects are financed in the form of a grant from Fredskorpset. This means that
Fredskorpset does not refund actual costs, but contributes a pre-determined amount to the
partners’ activities. If the actual costs of the project turn out to be lower than the allocated
adjustable grant, surplus funds can then be employed by the partnership in order to boost the
project. Where the project proves more expensive, Flora Kommune and Nkhotakota District
Assembly must provide additional financing from their own resources.

4.3 Transfer of allocated funds
Under the pre-condition that a Collaboration Agreement with Fredskorpset has been concluded,
with an allocation according to the partner’s budget, Flora Kommune shall transfer to Nkhotakota
District Assembly amounts as shown in the transfer plan below (in Norwegian kroner).

Date for transfer to             Nkhotakota District Assembly
1.January 2005                                                   67000
1. October 2005                                                  60000
1. January 2006                                                  60000

Total                                                           187000

The transfers shall cover costs incurred by Nkhotakota District Assembly and payments made in the
South by Nkhotakota District Assembly as specified below:

Costs and payments in the South                       Nkhotakota District Assembly
Example:                                              Amount
 House rental north-south participants                                                                  98000
 Administration south-north participants                                                                14000
 Partner meetings/network meetings; 2                                                                   20000
 General administrative expenditure                                                                     55000

Total                                                                                               187000

4.4 Proviso
The transfers of funds will be made subject to continued financing of Fredskorpset as a whole
through the appropriations by Parliament through the national budget. Fredskorpset may also stop a
payment or demand repayment of funds allocated if significant items in the Collaboration
Agreement have been amended. If the South partner is involved, payments from Flora Kommune to
Nkhotakota District Assembly will be stopped or demanded repaid. The transfer plan also requires
that the participants attend the preparatory course as stipulated in the Collaboration Agreement
with Fredskorpset. If participation in the course is postponed (see Section 3.8), the payment plan
may be amended.

4.5 Accounts and auditing
Nkhotakota District Assembly shall submit its audited project accounts for each calendar year to
Flora Kommune before 15 February in the subsequent year. The accounts must be certified by a
Norwegian public licensed accountant before 31 of May. The accounts shall, as far as possible, use
the individual budget headings set out in the budget template. Funds transferred but unexpended
by 31/12 shall be accounted for.

4.6 Contact details for accounting
Flora Kommune and Nkhotakota District Assembly are responsible for providing a continually
updated list containing contact details for accountants and auditors, and bank details for
respectively Flora Kommune and Nkhotakota District Assembly. The list shall contain the name,
telephone number, fax number, e-mail and postal addresses, and the parties' bank account
numbers. The partners are mutually responsible for immediately notifying each other regarding
changes with respect to these details.

                                 Nkhotakota, 8th of February 2004

For Flora Kommune                                  For Nkhotakota District Assembly

Bente Frøyen Steindal                              Geoffrey Chikaonda
Ordfører / Mayor                                   Assembly Chairman

Annexes to the Agreement:
   1. Substance of the programme
   2. Grant Calculation Basis
   3. Contact details for <North partner’s name> and <South partner’s name>
   4. Contact details for accounting
   5. Distribution of tasks
   6. Participant Contracts (pending)
   7. Fredskorpset’s statutes
   8. Fredskorpsets Handbook Part 1 – Planning
   9. Fredskorpsets Handbook Part 2 – Service Booklet


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