; Never Forget Another Birthday Greeting
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Never Forget Another Birthday Greeting


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									by: S Baker

Be honest not with us, but with yourself. How many birthdays have you missed this year? We
are all quite busy and we even have a hard time remembering what day it is, but when it comes
to the feelings of our friends and family, we need to take extra steps to remember. It happens to
all of us, even those with the best intentions. So, what can you do to help yourself remember for
next time? Because technology is just so great in this day and age, there are ways that you can
remember one or two birthdays or even one hundred and two.

A free service for you to consider is offered on the website, www.mobileBday.com. This service
is a great tool to have because it can help you stay connected to the long list of birthday
reminders you probably have. By allowing you to receive instant reminders of when birthdays
are happening, this service really can prove to be invaluable. The service allows you to program
birthdays into it. When the date arrives of the persons birthday, you will receive a text message
reminding you of the birthday. The message will show up whenever you plan for it to. It will
display the persons phone number which allows you to instantly call them and wish them a
happy birthday! You can also set up reminders for later in the day as well.

Again, this is a free service that helps to keep you connected with the loved ones around you.
You will no longer have to see the disappointment on the faces of those you love when you
forget to call. They wont feel like they are second best. And, you will not feel as if you have
failed again. This simple to use product is a great way to help you to remember all of those
important days. By the way, you can also use this service to program in all those anniversaries
that you tend to forget as well! Come home with a bouquet of flowers on your wedding
anniversary! It is easy to use, which makes it right for just about anyone who has a cell phone
with text messaging service. Getting started is as simple as registering and adding those
individuals into your cell.

This article was posted on September 12, 2005

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