Stallion Breeding Contract - DOC by coreymcintyre


									                                 Waldrop Appaloosas
                               Karen & C. Kevin Waldrop
                                   151 Summey Rd.
                                  Old Fort, NC 28762

                               Stallion Breeding Contract

This contract is entered into and is between the undersigned, Karen & C. Kevin Waldrop of
Waldrop Appaloosas herein known as "STALLION OWNER" and the undersigned herein
known as "MARE OWNER". This contract sets forth the rights and responsibilities of the
parties for the 2009 breeding season.

The stallion providing breeding services under this contract:

        Stallion Name: ULRICH RED PEPPER, ApHC # 589142

The mare to be bred under this contract:

        Mare Name: _________________________, Breed: ________________,
        Registration #:______________________.

       MARE OWNER shall pay the breeding fee in the amount of $350.00. There is a non-
       refundable booking fee of $_________, which is payable upon execution of this
       agreement. The balance of the breeding fee is $_________; together with all unpaid
       board and expenses and shall be paid when the mare is retrieved. The mare will not
       be released to the owner or the owner's agent until all fees are paid to date. The
       STALLION OWNER shall have a possessory lien on the mare for all unpaid bills.

       1.      MARE OWNER shall deliver the mare in a healthy and sound breeding
       condition free from infection or disease. MARE OWNER agrees that STALLION
       OWNER has permission to have the mare treated by a licensed veterinarian for
       pregnancy examination, and have reasonable and necessary veterinary services
       performed for any condition which might insure the mare's well-being as the
       STALLION OWNER or STALLION OWNER’S AGENT deems necessary at the expense
       of the MARE OWNER. Documents that must accompany the mare upon delivery to
       STALLION OWNER are as follows:

               Current negative Equine Infectious Anemia (Coggins) document

               Photocopy of both sides of the mare’s registration papers

               Veterinarian's certificate of negative vaginal bacteria culture.
       STALLION OWNER reserves the right to refuse the mare if the mare is not in
       satisfactory breeding condition (sick, malnourished, etc.).

       2.      MARE OWNER shall be invoiced for all interim expenses including but not
       limited to veterinary services, special dietary services, and boarding expenses. Said
       invoices are to be paid by MARE OWNER upon receipt of statement. Such charges
       shall be paid in full whether or not the mare is settled.

       3.       Mare care/board is in the amount of $12.00 per day.
                                                                   Mare owner’s initials______

4.     STALLION OWNER shall attempt with reasonable diligence to settle the mare;
if however, for any reason the mare does not settle, MARE OWNER will hold
STALLION OWNER and her AGENTS harmless.

5.     The breeding season begins February 1 and closes August 31 of the year
covered by this contract.

6.      STALLION OWNER guarantees a live foal from the breeding contracted for
herein. "Live Foal" is defined as a foal that stands and nurses.

7.      Should the mare prove not to be in foal, aborts her foal or if the foal is still-
born, MARE OWNER shall notify the STALLION OWNER in writing within one week of
the foaling date or the date the mare is proved not to be in foal or loses her foal. A
written statement from a licensed veterinarian verifying that the mare has slipped or
produced a non-viable foal must be sent to the STALLION OWNER.

8.       STALLION OWNER shall give the MARE OWNER a rebreeding to the stallion
the following year, subject to the MARE OWNER paying all boarding, veterinary, and
miscellaneous care fees for the rebreeding year. MARE OWNER may choose to
substitute another mare in place of the original mare.

9.     In the event the mare aborts, the MARE OWNER shall certify to the STALLION
OWNER that the mare was accurately and properly administered vaccines to prevent
the mare from aborting; such as booster rhinopneumonitis vaccinations
administered as indicated by the individual drug manufacturer.

10.     All parties agree that the STALLION OWNER, their AGENTS or ASSIGNS are
not liable for death, sickness or accident including consequential damages caused
to the mare or foal.

11.   All breeders’ certificates will be issued to MARE OWNER after all outstanding
expenses have been paid and upon notification of the birth of the foal to the

12.    All fees are payable in U.S. funds only.

13.     This contract shall be governed by the Laws of the State of North Carolina
and is hereby executed as of the date signed by the STALLION OWNER or
Authorized Agent which date shall govern the effective dates of said contract.

14.    This contract is non-assignable and non-transferable.

                                                       Mare owner’s initials_______

Mare Owner: ____________________________
Address: ________________________________
Day Phone: _______________________________
Evening Phone: ___________________________
Email: __________________________________
Fax: _____________________________________

Stallion Owner:

Karen & C. Kevin Waldrop
151 Summey Rd.
Old Fort, NC 28762
828=423=3006 (cell)
828-668-7506 (house/fax)

Stallion Owner’s Agent:

Mark & Becky Lytle
Head, Heart, Hands & Horses
1270 Old Glenwood Rd.
Marion, NC 28752
828-738-0419 (fax)


Mare Owner or Authorized Agent's Signature & Date


Stallion Owner or Authorized Agent’s Signature & Date


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