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									Code of Conduct Policy for Players____

I hereby pledge to provide a positive attitude and be responsible for my participation in youth
sports by following this contract with the Stockton Lacrosse Club:

1. I will do my best to attend all practices & games. If I have a conflict I will notify my coach as
soon as possible so that he/she can plan practice and game rosters accordingly.
2. I will arrive at practice and games on time, fully equipped and ready to play and warm-up. I
understand that practice fields are paid by the club for our use.
3. I will communicate to my parents when practice will end so I am picked up on time.
4. I will do my best to learn and listen to my coaches.

5. I will support my teammates and be a team player on and off the field.
6. I recognize that I am representing Stockton Lacrosse Club and will act accordingly. I
understand that ABSOLUTELY no foul language or attitude unbecoming a Lacrosse player will be
tolerated at practice or a game.
7. ABSOLUTELY NO FIGHTING – If I choose to take my stick or fists to any other opposing
player or teammate I will be suspended and/or terminated from the Stockton Lacrosse Club,
NCJLA and possible US Lacrosse events. I also understand under the US Lacrosse rules if I
choose to engage in a physical assault of any opposing player or teammate it will be referred to
the local law enforcement authority.
8. I will treat my coaches, teammates, opponents, referees, league officials and fans with

9. I will play in an alcohol, tobacco and drug free environment.
10. I will take responsibility for my own behavior.
11. I will take responsibility for Stockton Lacrosse Club’s field equipment, equipment they may
have loaned me for the season, my own lacrosse equipment & game uniforms.
12. I will do my best in school.
         a. High School Players must maintain a 2.0 grade average and can be asked to provide a
         report card and progress report if necessary. This is in compliance with CIF rules.

13. I will be humble in victory, gracious in defeat.

14. I will Honor the Game of Lacrosse

Failure to comply with the above policies can result in suspension from practice or game play by
my coach as a consequence of my behavior. I can also be expelled from Stockton Lacrosse Club
if I continue to be disrespectful to the rules of the club.

Both Parents/Legal Guardians MUST SIGN with their Minor Child

Players Signature _______________________________ Date___________

Parents Signature___________________________ Date ______________

Parents Signature___________________________ Date ______________

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