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researCh &
Contract research
& Consulting services                                                                                                                    Access MQ hAs expertise
                                                                                                                                         in the AreAs of:
A powerful opportunity for future
development rests in Macquarie
                                             Contract Research & Consulting applies
                                             when an Academic or a University staff
                                                                                            Why Access MQ?                               Business development
                                                                                                                                         Access MQ vigorously conducts business
University’s ability to attract growth in    member provides professional skills or         The Contract Research & Consulting           development activities to raise client awareness
government and non-government revenue.       expertise in exchange for remuneration.        Unit within the Research & Commercial        of the University’s expertise. It assists in gaining
                                                                                            Services Division of Access MQ               Institutional Grants Scheme (IGS) funding
Macquarie University encourages              All Contract Research & Consulting             provides commercial and business             (research quantum) for the Faculties.
members of staff with suitable experience    activities by Macquarie University             support services to Macquarie
and skills to undertake consultancies and    staff members must have the written                                                         preparation and suBmission
                                                                                            University staff and to external
become involved in externally focused        consent of the University. In general, the                                                  of Bid proposals
                                                                                            consultants to enable effective
activities or relevant external work         consultancy contract must not involve a                                                     Access MQ assists consultants with tender
                                                                                            planning, implementation and review
provided it does not conflict with the       commitment exceeding one day per week                                                       proposals, particularly in the areas of budget
                                                                                            of commercial activities.
interests of the University.                 on average unless the staff member is on                                                    preparation and contract negotiations.
                                             approved leave.                                It also provides specialist services
Consultancy is a means of creating                                                          to the University divisions and staff        project administration
interaction and enhancing links between                                                     to facilitate the growth of income           and manaGement
the University and external organisations                                                   generating activity on a profitable basis,   Access MQ’s strength lies in the areas of
to foster a reciprocal flow of knowledge                                                    meeting the University’s obligations.        administrative, financial, contract and project
and information.                                                                                                                         management. It provides a central contact point
                                                                                                                                         for clients and offers support when appropriate.

Benefits to Academics, University Staff                                                     Contract Research & Consulting Process
and to Macquarie University
There are distinct advantages to              Compensation, Professional Indemnity
Academics, University Staff and to the        and Public Liability insurance (see                                                 contract          implemen–
                                                                                             opportunitY        planninG         neGotiation          tation             close out
University in having Contract Research &      conditions on our website).                                                         & siGninG         & control
Consulting activities conducted through      • All Contract Research & Consulting               Client         Project Scope          Legal          Completion      Identify Any Remaining
Access Macquarie Limited (Access MQ).          activities are supported by Access             approaches                         Documentation     of Deliverables        Deliverables
                                                                                              Academic /         Resource         (Acceptable /     / Milestones
 • Making the specialised knowledge            MQ administration, including                      AMQ             Allocation            Not                             Final Milestone /
   and talents of Access MQ consultants        obligations under the Goods and                                                     Acceptable)        Change           Report / Invoice
                                                                                                Tenders         Contingency                          Requests /
   and that of the University available to     Services Tax (GST) legislation                                       Plan /                           Problems          Update / Review
   the community                                                                              Networking       Risk Mitigation                                          Project Staff
                                             • Access MQ offers financial benefits to                                                                                Contracts / Payments
 • Widening the options available to the       the respective Divisions of the University    Pre-determined       Cost &
                                                                                                projects      Fee Estimation                                          Client Close Out
   University Academics for additional       • The capacity of consultants to use                                                                                    Meeting / Feedback
   sources of funding for teaching,                                                                               Invoice
                                               the University’s name, branding and                               Structure                                           Identify Opportunity
   research and scholarships                   reputation in support of their consultancy                                                                              for Further Work
 • Consultancy activities managed within     • The capacity of consultants to use                                                                                      Lessons Learned
   Access MQ are covered by Workers            their academic title
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