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									by: Morgan Hamilton

Are you thinking about buying some new art? Maybe you ought to think about mermaid pictures.
When most of us think of mermaids we think of a woman with long flowing blonde hair whose
legs have magically been transformed into a fish tail. Sometimes they can look pretty hot.

Granted most adults dont think about mermaids on a regular basis, yet there is a very special
cross-section of people that love them. Young girls can't get enough of the mystery and beauty of
these mysterious sea dwellers and if you have a small lady in your life its pretty much a sure
thing that she will eventually become enamored with everything mermaids, including mermaid

After Disneys release of the movie The Little Mermaid, mermaids really became incredibly
popular. Little girls were dressing as Ariel, the mermaid for Halloween and their bedrooms were
adorned with blankets, toys and clothing that depicted mermaids. It seemed like mermaid
pictures could be seen everywhere.

Not all of the mermaid images that found their way onto bedroom walls were purchased though.
A lot of girls took the time to draw their own mermaid pictures whether it be by freehand, or for
some of the younger ones, in their coloring books.

Coloring books are also filled with a multitude of things that kids love. Puppy dogs, kittens,
flowers and mermaid pictures can be found inside just waiting to be filled in with beautiful the
colors that titillate the imagination. Few things warm the heart more than walking into a home
with small children and ends saying all the beautiful artwork that the kids carefully crafted in
their coloring books displayed proudly throughout the home. The crayons marks are usually
running outside the lines drawn on the page to create beautiful, original and timeless works of

Although it's not quite the same as the popular fantasy of becoming a Princess, a mermaid
certainly has its unique charm. For starters, a mermaid is an awesome swimmer and she always
looks beautiful no matter how much time shes spent under the water. Have you ever seen a
mermaid picture worth a mermaid has wet hair? No, I haven't either.

As children grow they begin to understand that some things arent real. No longer do they wait for
Santa Claus to come down the chimney and the Easter Bunny becomes a distant memory.
Mermaid's can be lumped in the same category. When the girls realize that there are not actually
beautiful mermaids inhabiting the seas, they usually lose interest rather quickly.

Yet many young ladies will still take a sum amount glance at mermaids and recall a more
innocent time when they wanted very much to be that beautiful graceful creature. These
wonderful memories can be triggered every time they see mermaid pictures. And as those young
women grow into mothers themselves they can sometimes feel the spark of their youth in the
mermaid pictures that their own little girls draw for them.

This article was posted on August 21, 2006

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