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					Index   Abbreviation   Description
        .a.a.          .a.a. Free of all average
        1st            1st First Engineer
        1st            1st Mate Chief Officer
        1st            1st Off. Chief Officer
        2/E            2/E Second Engineer
        2/H            Second Half
        2H             Second Half
        2nd            2nd Second Engineer or Second Mate (Usually the 2nd
        3rd            Engineer)Engineer or Third Mate (Usually the 3rd Engineer)
                       3rd Third
        4th            4th Fourth Engineer
        5th            5th Fifth Engineer
A       A              A Aft
A       A.M.C.         American Maritime Cases
A       A/E            A/E Auxiliary Engine
A       A/F            All Fast
        A/N            Arrival Notice - an import document send to the notify party
                       and/or importer's broker containing all necessary arrival info
A                      for Customs clearance; normally with freight charges.
A       A/S            Alongside
A       A1             ABS Class of Vessel Top category or in "Good Condition"
A       AA             Always Afloat
A       Aa             Arrival After
A       AAA            AAA American Arbitration Association
A       AAA            AAA Association of Average Adjusters
A       AAAA           Always Afloat, Always Accessible
A       AAOSA          Always Afloat or Safe Aground. Condition for a vessel whilst
A       AAPA           in port
                       American Association of Port Authority
A       AARA           Amsterdam-Antwerp-Rotterdam Area
A       AAS            Annual Automation Control Survey
A       AASO           Association of American Shipowners
A       AB             Able-Bodied Seaman
A       ABAFT          Toward the rear (stern) of the ship. Behind.
A       ABC            Activity-Based Costing
A       ABCU           Automated Bridge Control System For Unattended Engine
A       ABI            Room
                       ABI Association of British Insurers
A       ABN            Abandoned
A       ABOARD         On or within the ship
A       ABOVE DECK     On the deck (not over it - see ALOFT)
A       ABP            ABP Associated British Ports
A       ABS            American Bureau of Shipping
A       ABT            About
A   Abt.           Abt. About
A   Ac             Ac Actinium
A   AC             AC All other Contents
A   AC             Air Conditioner
A   AC             Activated Carbon
A   AC             Alternating Current
A   ACC            Automatic Combustion Control (System)
A   ACC            Automatic Control System Certified
A   Accom.         Accom. Accommodation
A   ACCU           Automatic Control System Certified For Unattended Engine
A   ACFN           Room
                   American Committee for Flags of Necessity
A   ACG            Annual Cargo Gear Survey
A   ACP            ACP Area Contingency Plan
A   ACP            Alternative Compliance Program
A   ACS            American Chemical Society
A   ACS            Arab Classification Society
A   ACTU           Associated Container Transportation
A   ACV            ACV Air Cushioned Vehicle
A   AD             AD Accidental Damage
A   ADA            Americans With Disabilities Act
A   ADB            ADB African Development Bank
A   ADB            ADB Asian Development Bank
A   ADCOM          Address Commission
A   ADCU           Flexi Van Leasing New York
A   ADDENDUM       Additional chartering terms at the end of a charter party
A   ADEC           Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
A   ADN            ADN Accord du Transport Dangereux par voie Navigable
A   AEIU           American Export Lines Inc
A   AFAIK          AFAIK As Far As I know
A   AFFREIGHTMEN   The hiring of a ship in whole or part
A   T
    AFIA           AFIA American Foreign Insurance Association
A   AFL-CIO        American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial
A   AFRA           Organizations Rate Assessment
                   Average Freight
A   AFRAMAX        AFRAMAX Average Freight Rate Assessment Maximum
    AFRAMAX        A tanker of such size as to take commercial advantage
A                  under Worldscale (generally, tankers 80,000-119,000 DWT)
A   AFSPS          Arrival First Sea Pilot Station (Norway)
A   AFT            At or towards the stern or rear of a ship
A   Aft            Aft Pk Tks Aft Peak Tanks
A   Ag             Ag Silver
A   AG             Accessibility Guidelines
A   AG           Algeria (Flag)
A   AG           Arabian Gulf (See PG)
A   AGROUND      Touching or fast to the bottom
A   AGW          All Going Well
A   AHD          AHD Ahead
A   AHF          AHF Amercian Hull Form
A   AHL          Australian Hold Ladders
A   AHP          Above Head of Passes
A   AHS          AHS Anchor Handling and Supply
A   AHS          Annual Hull Survey
A   AHT          AHT Anchor Handling Tug
A   AHTS         AHTS Anchor Handling Towage and Supply
A   AHTSV        AHTSV Anchor Handling Towage and Supply Vessel
A   AHV          AHV Anchor Handling Vessel
A   AI           Artificial Intelligence
A   AID          Agency for International Development
    AIDS TO      Artificial objects to supplement natural landmarks indicating
A   NAVIGATION   safe and unsafe waters
A   AIGSS        Annual Inert Gas System Survey
A   AIMS         American Institute of Merchant Shipping
A   AIMU         American Institute of Marine Underwriters
A   AIRMIC       AIRMIC Association of Risk Managers in Industry and
A   AIS          Commerce
                 AIS Automatic Identification System
A   AISI         AISI AS I See It
A   AIWW         Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway
A   AJCU         Australia Japan Container Line
A   Al           Al Aluminum
A   Alk.         Alkilinity
A   ALL          ALL ER All English Law Reports
A   ALLI         Annual Load Line Inspection
A   ALM          ALM Association of Lloyd's Members
A   ALOFT        Above the deck of the ship
A   ALRS         ALRS Admiralty List of Radio Signals
A   Am           Am Americium
A   AM           Anti Meridian
A   AMAC         AMAC Association of Maritime Arbitrators in Canada
A   AMIDSHIPS    In or toward the centre of the ship
A   AML          AML Absolute Maximum Loss
A   AMNI         AMNI Associate Member of The Nautical Institute
A   Amps.        Amperes
A   AMS          Annual Machinery Survey
A   AMVER        Automated Mutual – Assistance Vessel Rescue System
A   AMWELSH 93   Americanized Welsh Coal Charter (1993)
A   ANB A        ustralia National Line
A   ANBU         ABC Container Line Antwerp
A   ANC A        Australia National Line
A   ANCHORAGE    A place suitable for anchorage in relation to the wind, seas
A   ANE A        and bottom
                 Australia National Line
A   ANERA        Asia North America Eastbound Rate Agreement
A   ANF          ANF Arrival Notification Form
A   ANF A        Australia National Line
A   ANFO         Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil Mix
A   ANL          ANL Above Normal Loss
A   ANNU         Australia National Line
A   ANPRM        Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
A   ANR A        Australia National Line
A   ANSI         American National Standards Institute
A   ANT          Netherlands Antilles (Flag)
A   ANTHAM       Antwerp-Hamburg Range
A   ANZU         Danzas SA Paris
A   AO           AO voy. Any One Voyage
A   AOA          AOA Any One Accident
A   AOA          AOA Aviation Oficers Association
A   AOL          AOL Any One Loss
A   AOL          AOL America Online
A   AOO          AOO Any One Occurrence
A   AOV          AOV Any One Vessel
A   AP           AP Addiotional Premium
A   AP           AP Annual Premium
A   AP           AP Agriculture Premium
A   APA          Aruba Port Authority
A   APA          Administrative Procedure Act
A   API          API American Petroleum Institute
A   APL          APL As per list
A   APL          APL Amercian President Line
A   APP          APP Adjustment Premium Policy
A   Appd         Appd Approved
A   APPS         Act to Prevent Pollution From Ships
A   APS          Arrival Pilot Station
A   Ar           Ar Argon
A   AR           AR All Risks
A   ARA          Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam (range)
A   ARAG         Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp-Gent Range
A   ARAMCO       ARAMCO Arabian American Oil Company
    ARBITRATION  Method of settling disputes which is usually binding on
A                parties. A clause usually in a charter party
A   ARCS         Admiralty Raster Chart Service (U.K. Hydrographic Office)
A   ARE          United Arab Emirates (Flag)
A   ARMS         Automated Requisition Management System
A   ARO          Agreement on Rules of Origin (GATT 1994)
A   ARP          ARP Accrued Rights Premium
A   ARPA         ARPA Automatic Radar Plotting Aids
A   ARPA         Advanced Research Projects Agency
A   Arr.         Arr. TL Arranged Total Loss
A   ARS          Annual Cargo Refrigeration System Survey
A   As           Arsenic
A   AS           Annual Survey
A   ASAP         ASAP As Soon As Possible
A   ASBA II      A Type of Standard Voyage Charter Party Issued by ASBA
A   ASBA         Association of Shipbrokers and Agents (U.S.A.) Inc.
A   ASBATANKVOY A Type of Standard Voyage Charter Party Issued by ASBA
A   ASEAN        ASEAN Association of South East Asian Nations
A   ASEE         American Society for Engineering Education
A   ASF          ASF Asian Ship Owner¡¦s Federation
A   ASGU         Anglo - Soviet Shipping England
A   ASLU         Australia Straits Container Line
A   ASME         Association of Mechanical Engineers
A   ASN          Advance Shipment Notice
A   ASO          ASO Employers Organization for Ships and Offshore
A   ASPW         Installations in the World
                 Any Safe Port
A   Ast          Ast Astern
A   ASTERN       In the back of the ship, opposite of ahead
A   ASTM         American Society for Testing and Materials
A   At           At Astatine
A   ATA          Actual time of arrival
A   ATC          Affordability Through Commonality (NAVSEA Program)
A   ATD          Actual time of departure
A   ATDNSHINC    Any Time Day/Night Sundays and Holidays Included
A   ATDNSHINC    Any Time Day/Night Sundays and Holidays Included
A   ATF          Department Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms
A   ATFI         ATFI
A   ATHWARTSHIPS At right angles to the centreline of the ship
A   ATL          ATL Actual Total Loss
A   atm          Atmosphere
A   ATONIS       Aids To Navigation Information System
A   ATUTC        Actual Times Used to Count
A   ATUTC        Actual Time Used To Count
A   Au           Au Gold
A   AUS          Australia (Flag)
A   AUTODAM      Automated Damage Control
A   AUX KW       Auxiliary/Generators Kilowatts (total)
A   AUX(AX)      Auxiliary
A   Aux.         Aux. Auxiliary
A   AUXMIS       Auxiliary Management Information System
A   Av           Average
A   Ave          Average
A   AWB          Air waybill
A   AWES         AWES Association of Western European Shipbuilders
A   AWIWL        AWIWL Always Within Institute Warranties Limits
A   AWO          AWO All Weather Operations
A   AXBS         Auxiliary Boiler Survey
A   AXFTBS       Auxiliary Eire-Tube Boiler Survey
A   AXWTBS       Auxiliary Water-Tube Boiler Survey
A   AZE          Azerbaijan (Flag)
B   B            B Boron
B   b            Bar
B   B            Byte
B   b            Bit
B   B/E          B/E Bill of Exchange
B   B/G          B/G Bonded goods
B   B/H          B/H Bordeaux/Hamburg
    B/L          (Bill of Lading) A document signed by the carrier which acts
B                as a Contract of Affreightment, a receipt and evidence of
B   B4           titleBefore cargo.
                 B4 to the
B   Ba           Ba Barium
B   BA           BA Breathing Apparatus
    BACKLETTER   Where a seller/shipper issues a 'letter of indemnity' in
B                favour of the carrier in exchange for a clean bill of lading
    BAF          Bunker Adjustment Factor. A Fuel Surcharge expressed as
                 a percentage added or subtracted from the freight amount,
B                reflecting the movement in the market place price for
    BALE CAP.    bunkers.
                 Cubic capacity of a vessels holds to carry packaged dry
B                cargo such as bales/pallets
    BALLAST      Heavy weight, often sea water, necessary for the stability
B                and safety of a ship which is not carrying cargo
B   BALLAST    Compensation for relatively long ballast voyage
    BAREBOAT   Bareboat Charter - Owners lease a specific ship and control
    CHTR.      its technical management and commercial operations only.
B              Charterers take over all responsibility for the operation of
B   BB         the Ballast and expenses for the duration.
               BB vessel Bonus
B   BB         BB Both to Blame
    BBB        Before Breaking Bulk. Refers to freight payments that must
B              be received before discharge of a vessel commences
B   bbl        Barrel
B   BC         BC Code of Safe Practice for Solid Bulk Cargoes
B   BC         BC Bulk Cargo
B   BCH        BCH Bulk Chemical
B   Bd         Bd Bond
B   BDI        Both Dates Inclusive
B   BDI        BDI Baltic Dry Index
B   Be         Be Beryllium
B   BEAM       The maximum breadth or the greatest width of a ship
B   BELOW      Beneath the deck
B   BENDS      Both Ends (Load & Discharge Ports)
B   BESMA      BESMA Belgian Shipmasters Association
B   BFI        BFI Baltic Freight Index
B   BHP        Brake Horse Power
B   BI         Both Inclusive
B   Bi         Bi Bismuth
B   BI         BI Business Interuption
B   BIAC       BIAC Business and Industry Advisory Committee
B   BICC       BICC Bureau International des Chambres de Commerce
B   BIFA       BIFA British International Freight Association.
B   BIFFEX     BIFFEX Baltic International Freight Futures Exchange
B   BIMCO      The Baltic and International Maritime Council
B   BIS        BIS Bank for International Settlements
B   BISC       BISC British Iron and Steel Corporation
B   Bk         Bk Berkelium
B   BKLU       The Bank Line
B   BL         Bale
B   BL         BL Bill of Lading
B   BLEVE      Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion
B   Blkr       Blkr Bulker
B   BLPU       Bridge Line
B   Blt        Blt Built
B   BM         Beam
B   BMLA       BMLA British Maritime Law Association
B   BMUA        BMUA British Marine Insurance Underwrters Association
B   BN          Booking Note
B   BN          BN British North America
B   BOB         Bunker on Board
B   BOD         Biochemical Oxygen Demand
B   BOD         Biological Oxygen Demand
B   BOFFER      Best Offer
B   BOSVA       BOSVA British Offshore Support Vessel Owners Association
B   BOSVA       BOSVA British Offshore Supply Ships Association
B   BOTB        BOTB British Overseas Trade Board
B   BOW         The forward part of a ship
B   BPI         BPI Baltic Panamax Index
B   BPO         BPO Baltic Ports Organisation
B   Br          Br Bromine
B   BR          BR Builders Risk
B   BR          BR British Railways
B   brl         Barrel
B   BROA        BROA British Rig Owners Association
B   BROB        Bunkers Remaining on Board
    BROKERAGE   Percentage of freight payable to broker (by owners in c/p's)
B               or applicable to sale or purchase
B   BS          BS British Standard
B   BS          BS Boiler Survey
B   BSC         BSC British Shippers Council
B   BSI         BSI British Standard Institute
B   BSLU        Blue Star Line
B   Bsn         Bsn Bosun
B   BSS         Basis
B   BSS 1/1     Basis 1 Port to 1 Port
B   BST         British Summer Time
B   BT          Berth Terms
B   BT          BT Ballast Tank
B   BTU         Britsh Thermal Unit
B   BTW         BTW By The Way
B   Bulker      Bulker Bulk Carrier
B   BULKHEAD    A vertical partition separating compartments
    BUNDLING    This is the assembly of pieces of cargo, secured into one
                manageable unit. This is relevant to items such as
                Structural Steel, Handrails, Stairways etc. Whilst this is a
B               very flexible description, a rule of thumb is to present cargo
    BUNKERS     at a size easily handled by a largeDiesel Oil supplies
                Name given for vessels Fuel and (20 tonne) fork lift.
B               (Originates from coal bunkers)
    BUOY            An anchored float used for marking a position on the water
B                   or a hazard or a shoal and for mooring
B   BV              BV Bureau Veritas
B   BWAD            Brackish Water Arrival Draft
B   BWAD            BWAD Brackish Water Arrival Draft
B   BWT             BWT Bleed Wing Tanks
C   C               C Carbon
C   C               Centigrade
C   C&E             C&E Customs and Excise
C   C&F             C&F Cost and Freight
    C.O.            Certificate of Origin - a signed statement from a semiofficial
C                   organization certifying the origin of an export item, required
C   C/D             by certain nations.
                    C/D Country Damage
C   C/L             C/L Center Line
C   C/L             C/L Chain Locker
C   C/M             C/M Chief Mate
C   C/N             C/N Credit Note
C   C/O             C/O Chief Officer
C   C/O             C/O Change Over
C   C/snee          C/snee Consignee.
C   C3H8            Propane
C   Ca              Ca Calcium
C   CA              Controlled Atmosphere
C   Ca(OH)2         Calcium Hydroxide
C   CAACE           CAACE Comite des Associations d'Armateurs de la
C   CaC12           Communaute Europeenne
                    Calcium Chloride
C   CACM            CACM Central American Common Market
C   CaCO3           Calcium Carbonate
C   CAD             CAD Computer Assisted Design
    CAF             Currency Adjustment Factor. A fee applied to the shipping
C                   costs to compensate for exchange rate fluctuations.
C   CAJEA           CAJEA Council of All Japanese Exporters' Association
C   Cal.            Calories
C   CAMP            CAMP Chambre Arbitrale Maritime de Paris,
C   CAMU            Cunard Steamships London
C   CAP             CAP Condition Assesment Program
C   Cape            Cape Size Large Ships that cannot fit through the Suez.
C   CASO            CASO Council of American-Flag Ship Operators
C   Cat.            Cat. Catamaran
C   CATU            CATU Containers SA Geneva
C   CB/L            CB/L Clean Bill of Lading
C   CBFT (or CFT)   Cubic Feet
C   CBI            CBI Computer-Based Information
C   CBM            Cubic Metres
C   CBMU           CBMU Canadian Board of Marine Underwriters
C   CBT            CBT Computer-Based Training
C   CBT            CBT Clean Ballast Tank
C   CCA            CCA Chemical Carriers Association
C   CCAF           CCAF Comite des Armateurs de France
C   CCC            CCC Customs Co-operation Council
C   CCC            CCC Carrier Container Council
C   CCCU           Compass Container Line
C   CCP            CCP Contolable Pitch Propeller
C   CCS            CCS China Classification Society
C   CCT            CCT Closed Circuit Television
C   Cd             Cd Cadmium
C   CD             CD Compact Disc
C   CDI            CDI Chemical Distribution Institute
C   Cdt            Cdt Cadet
C   Ce             Ce Cerium
C   CEFOR          CEFOR Maritime Insurers Central Association.
C   CEN            CEN European Committee for Standardization
C   CENELEC        CENELEC European Committee for Electrotechnical
C   CENSA          Standardisation of European and Japanese National Ship-
                   CENSA Council
C   CES            owners' Associations
                   CES Coast Earth Station
C   CESMA          CESMA Confederation of European Union Shipmasters
C   CEU            Associations
                   CEU Car Equivalent Unit
C   Cf             Cf Californium
C   CFC            Chlorofluorocarbons
C   CFR            CFR Code of Federal Rules
C   CFR (or C&F)   Cost and Freight
C   CFS            CFS Container Freight Station
C   CFT            Cubic Feet
C   CG             CG Coast Guard
C   CGMU           Compagnie Generale Maritime
C   CGT            CGT Capital Gains Tax
C   Ch.            Ch. Eng Chief Engineer
C   CH4            Methane
C   CHART          A map used by navigators
C   Chem.          Chem. Chemical
C   CHOPT          Charterers Option
C   CHSU           Chep Handling Systems
C   CHTRS          Charterers
    CIF      Cost, Insurance & Freight. Seller pays all these costs to a
C            nominated port or place of discharge.
C   CIFFA    CIFFA Canadian International Freight Forwarders
C   CILU     Association
             Container Investment Leasing Zurich
C   CIP      Carriage and Insurance paid to...
C   CIRM     CIRM Committee International Radio Maritime
C   CIS      CIS Commonwealth of Independent States
C   CIT      CIT Chartered Institute of Transport
C   Ck       Ck Cook
C   CKD      Completely knocked down
C   Cl       Chlorine
C   Cl.      Cl. Clause
C   CLBU     Container Leasing AG Basle
C   CLC      CLC International Convention on Civil Liability for Oil
C   CLC      Pollution Damage Loss Committee
             CLC Consequential
C   CLGU     Contship Container Lines
C   CLIU     Container Lloyd (USA)
C   CLOU     CLOU Container Leasing GmbH
C   Clr      Clr Cooler
C   CLSU     Container Leasing Services London
C   CLT      CLT Constructive Total Loss
C   Cm       Cm Curium
C   Cm       Centimeters
C   CMI      CMI Comite Maritime International
C   CMLA     CMLA Canadian Maritime Law Association
C   CN       CN Cover Note
C   CNEE     CONSIGNEE. Name of agent, company or person receiving
C   CNEU     consignment
             Canadian National Railways Montreal
C   Co       Co Cobalt
C   CO2      Carbon Dioxide
C   CO3      Carbonate
    COA      Contract of Affreightment - Owners agree to accept a cost
C            per revenue tonne for cargo carried on a specific number of
C   COACP    voyages. of Affreightment Charter Party
C   COACP    COACP Contract of Affreightment Charter Party
C   COB      Closing of Business
C   COB      COB Closing of Business
C   COBLDN   Closing of Business London
C   COC      COC Chamber of Commerce
C   COD      Cash On Delivery
C   CODGSA   CODGSA Carriage of Dangerous Goods By Sea Act
C   COFR     COFR Certificate Of Financial Responsibility
C   COFR          COFR Code of Federal Rules
C   COGSA         Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
C   COI           COI Certificate of Inspection
C   COLREG        COLREG International Convention on Collision Regulations
C   CONGESTION    Port/berth delays
C   CONS          Consumption
C   Cons.         Cons. Consumption
C   Cont.         Cont. Container
C   CONU          Contrans Gesellschaft Fur Containerverkehr Hamburg
C   COP           Custom Of Port
C   COP           COP Custom of the port
C   COP           COP Customs Of the Port
C   COS           COS Chamber of Shipping
C   COSU          China Ocean Steamships China
C   CoSWP         CoSWP Code of Safe Working Practices
C   COT           COT Customers Own Transport
C   COU           COU Clip On Unit
C   COW           COW Crude Oil Washing
C   Cox¡¦n        Cox¡¦n Coxswain
C   CP            CP Controllable Pitch
C   CP (or C/P)   Charter Party
C   CPD           Charterers Pay Dues
C   CPP           CPP Controllable Pitch Propeller
C   CPPU          Canadian Pacific Montreal
C   CPT           Carriage Paid To
C   CPT           CPT Carriage Paid To
C   CQD           Customary Quick Despatch
C   Cr            Cr Chromium
C   CR            CR Control Room
C   CR            CR Current Rate
C   CR            Calcium Reactor
C   CRN           Crane
C   Crn           Crn Barge Crane Barge
C   CRN           CRN Crane
C   CROB          Cargo Remaining on Board
    CRT           Cargo Retention Clauses, introduced by charterers based
C                 on shortage of delivered cargo because of increased oil
C   Cs            prices
                  Cs Cesium
C   CSC           CSC Container Safety Convention
C   CSG           CSG Consultative Shipping Group
C   CSS           CSS Code of Shipmanagement Standards
C   CSSU        Crusader Swire Container Services London
C   CST         Centistokes
C   CSYU        Textainer Equipment Management SFO
C   CT          CT Combined Transport
C   CTAU        Cooltainer Services
C   CTD         Conductivity, Temperature, Depth
C   CTIU        Genstar Container Corporation
C   CTL         CTL Constructive Total Loss
C   CTO         CTO Combined Transport Operator
C   CTR         Container Fitted
C   CTR         CTR Container Fitted
C   CTU         CTU Cargo Transport Unit
C   CTUU        CTC (Equipment) AG Basle
C   Cu          Cu Copper
C   CU          CU See You Later
C   cu          Cubic
C   CUT         CUT Coordinated Universal Time
C   CV          CV Commercial Vehicle
C   CV          CV Curriculum Vitae
C   CWE         CWE Cleared Without Examination
C   CWO         CWO Cash With Order
C   CWSU        Container World Leasing Southampton
D   D/C         D/C Devition Clause
D   D/D         D/D Damage Done
D   D/W         D/W Deadweight
D   DA          Disbursement Account
D   DAF         DAF Delivered At Frontier
    DAMFORDET   Damages for Detention. Penalty if cargo is not ready when
                ship arrives for working (1st day of Laycan). This is not
D               detention which is charged for ships time on delay. If the
D   DANU        Danzas ready there is no
                cargo is SA Switzerland DAMFORDET.
D   DAPS        Days all Purposes (Total days for loading & discharging)
D   DAPS        DAPS Days all Purpose
D   DB          DB Double Bottom
D   DC          DC Direct Costs
D   DC          Direct Current
D   DD          DD Dry Dock
D   Dd          Dd Delivered
D   DDP         Delivered Duty Paid.
D   DDU         Delivered Duty unpaid.
D   DDU         DDU Delivered Duty Unpaid
D   DECK        A permanent covering over a compartment, hull or any part
D   DEDU        Interpool Equipment Management SFO
D   degC        Degrees Celcius
    DEM         Demurrage (Quay Rent). Money paid by the shipper for the
D               occupying port space beyond a specified "Free Time"
D   DEMDES      period. Demurrage/Dispatch money
D   DEQ         Delivered Ex Quay
D   DERA        DERA Defence Evaluation and Research Agency
D   DES         Delivered Ex Ship
D   DES         DES Delivered Ex-ship
D   DESP        Despatch. Time saved, reward for quick turnaround- in dry
D   DET         cargo only(See DAMFORDET)
D   DET         DET Detention
D   DETR        DETR Department of the Environment, Transport and the
D   DEV         Regions Vessel departure from specified voyage course
D   DFRT        Deadfreight. Space booked by shipper or charterer on a
D   DG          vessel but not used
                DG Directorate General
D   DHDATSBE    Despatch Half Demurrage on All Time Saved Both Ends
D   DHDWTSBE    DHDWTSBE Dispatch Half Demurrage on Working Time
D   DIC         Saved Both Ends Conditions
                DIC Difference in
D   DIS         DIS Dansk Internationalt Skibsregister
D   DIS         Draft International Standard
D   DISCH       Discharge
D   Disch.      Disch. Discharge
D   DIY         DIY Do It Yourself
D   DK          Deck
D   DLat        DLat Difference in Latitude
D   DLLU        Textainer Equipment Management SFO
D   DLong       DLong Difference in Longitude
D   DLOSP       Dropping Last Outwards Sea Pilot (Norway)
D   DLR.        DLR. Dominion Law Reports.
D   DMDO        DMDO Distilate Marine Deisel Oil
D   DMF         DMF Droit Maritime Francais.
D   DNC         DNC Digital Nautical Chart
D   DNME        DNME Dynamic Non-Member Economies
D   DNMF        DNMF Det Norske Maskinistforbund
D   DNO         DNO Debit Note Only
D   DNRCAOSLONL Discountless and Non-Returnable Cargo and/or Ship Lost
D   DNV         or Not Lost
                DNV Det Norske Veritas
D   DO          Diesel Oil
D   DO          Dissolved Oxygen
D   DOC         DOC Document of Compliance
D   DOC             Dissolved Organic Carbon
D   DOL             DOL Date Of Loss
D   DOL             DOL Dock Owner Liability
D   DOLSP           Dropping Off Last Sea Pilot (Norway)
D   DOP             Dropping Outward Pilot
D   DOP             DOP Dropping Outward Pilot
D   DOT             Department of Transport
D   DOTI            DOTI Department of Trade and Industry
D   doz             Dozen
D   DP              DP Dynamic Positioning
D   DP              DP Designated Person
D   DR              DR Dead Reckoning
D   DR              DR Danmarks Rederiforening
    DRAUGHT (or     Depth to which a ship is immersed in water. The depth
    DRAFT)          varies according to the design of the ship and will be
                    greater or lesser depending not only on the weight of the
D                   ship and everything on board, but also on the density of the
D   DRC             DRC in which the ship is lying.
                    waterDamage Received in Collision
D   Drft            Drft Draught
D   DRK             Derrick
D   Drk             Drk Barge Derrick Barge
D   DSB             Deep Sand Bed
D   DSC             DSC Distinctive Select Calling
D   DSC             DSC Dangerous Goods, Solid Cargoes and Containers
D   DSO             DSO De Samarbeidende Rganisasjoner
D   DSRK            DSRK Deutsche Schiffs Revision und Klassifikation
D   DSS             DSS Decision Support Center
D   DSV             DSV Diving Support Vessel
D   DT              Destructive Testing
D   DTBA            DTBA Date To Be Advised
D   DTI             DTI Departement of Trade and Industry
    DUNNAGE         Materials of various types, often timber or matting, placed
                    among the cargo for separation, and hence protection from
                    damage, for ventilation and, in the case of certain cargoes,
D                   to provide space in which the tynes of a fork lift truck may
D   Duty            be inserted. Engineer
                    Duty Eng Duty
D   Duty            Duty Off. Duty Officer
D   DV              DV Declared Value
D   DWAT            DWAT Deadweight.
    DWAT (or DWT)   Deadweight. Weight of cargo, stores and water, i.e. the
D                   difference between lightship and loaded displacement.
D   DWT             DWT Deadweight Tonnes
D   DX.90     DX.90 Format for digital cartographic data
D   Dy        Dy Dysprosium
E   E&EA      E&EA Each and Every Accident
E   E&EL      E&EL Each and Every Loss
E   E&EO      E&EO Each and Every Occurence
E   E&OC      E&OC Errors & Omissions Excepted
E   E&P       E&P E&P Forum Exploration and Production Forum
E   EAB A     Australia National Line
E   EAC       EAC East Asiatic Company
E   EAC A     Australia National Line
E   EACU      East Asiatic Co Copenhagen
E   EAE A     Australia National Line
E   EAF A     Australia National Line
E   EAR A     Australia National Line
E   EBB       A receeding current
E   EBRD      EBRD European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
E   EC        East Coast
E   EC        EC European Comunity or European Commission
E   ECDIS     ECDIS Electronic Chart Display and Information System
E   ECDS      ECDS Electronic Chart Display System
E   ECE       ECE Economic Commission for Europe
E   ECG       ECG Export Credits Guarantee
E   ECJ       ECJ European Court of Justice
E   ECLA      ECLA Economic Commission for Latin America
E   ECMT      ECMT European Conference of Ministers of Transport
E   ECO       ECO Electrical and Communications Officer
E   ECOSOC    ECOSOC Economical and Social Council of the United
E   ECS       Nations
              ECS Electronic Chart System
E   ECSA      ECSA European Community Ship-owners' Association
E   ECSC      (Brussels)
              ECSC European Coal and Steel Community
E   ECU       ECU European Currency Units
E   EDI       EDI Electronic Data Interchange
    EDIFACT   EDIFACT Electronic Data Interchange for Administration,
E             Commerce and Transport
E   EDP       EDP Electronic Data Processing
E   EE        EE Errors Excepted
E   EEA       EEA European Economic Area
E   EEC       EEC European Economic Community
E   EEO       EEO Electrical and Electronics Officer
E   EEO       EEO Electrical Engineering Officer
E   EEZ       EEZ Exclusive Economic Zone
E   EFT       EFT European Free Trade Association
E   EHA       EHA Equipment Handover Agreement
E   EIB       EIB European Investment Bank
E   EIC       EIC European Insurance Committee
E   EICU      Container World Leasing Southampton
E   EIU       Even If Used
E   EIU       EIU Even If Used
E   EKLU      Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha ( K Line ) Kerr Corporation San Francisco
E   ELA       ELA Euzko Langilleen Alkartsuna
E   ELVENT    Electric Ventilation
E   ELVENT    ELVENT Electrical Ventilation
E   EMA       EMA European Monetary Agreement
E   EMCU      Evergreen Marine Corp Taiwan
E   Emerg,    Emerg, Emergency
E   Emerg.    Emerg. Air Comp. Emergency Air Compressor
E   EMI       EMI Estimated Maximum Loss
E   EMLO      EMLO European Maritime Law Organization
E   EMPL      EMPL Estimated Maximum Probable Loss
E   EMS       EMS Environmental Management System
E   EmS       EmS Emergency Schedule
E   EMU       EMU Economic Monetary Union
E   EN        European Standard
E   ENC       ENC Electronic Navigation Chart
E   Eng.      Eng. Engineer
E   EO        EO Electrical Officer
E   EOHP      EOHP Except as otherwise herein provided
E   EOP       EOP End of Passage
E   EPFS      EPFS Electronic Position Fixing System
E   EPIRB     EPIRB Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
E   EPS       EPS IMO performance standard for ECDIS
E   EQUASIS   EQUASIS European ship and operator information system
E   Er        Er Erbium
E   ER        ER English Reports.
E   Es        Es Einsteinium
E   ESA       ESA European Surveillance Authority
E   ESC       ESC European Shippers' Council
E   ESCAP     ESCAP Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the
E   ESSU      Pacific Japan
              K Line
E   EST       EST Eastern Standard Time
    ETA       Estimated Time of Arrival - the projected date and time a
E             shipment is scheduled to arrive at its destination.
E   ETA            ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
E   ETC            Estimated Time of Completion
    ETD            Estimated Time of Departure - the projected date and time
E                  a shipment is scheduled to depart from the port/airport of
E   ETL            origin.
                   ETL European Transport Law
E   ETR            ETR Estimated Time of Readiness
E   ETS            Estimated Time of Sailing
E   ETS            ETS Estimated Time Of Sailing
E   ETSF           ETSF Electronic Trading Standard Format
E   ETSI           ETSI European Telecommunications
E   Eu             Eu Europium
E   EU             EU European Union
E   EUROS          EUROS European Union Register of Ships
E   Exh.           Exh. Exhaust
E   EXIMBANK       EXIMBANK Export-Import Bank
E   EXW            Ex Works
F   F              F Fluorine
F   F              Fahrenheit
F   F.             F. Forward
F   F.             F. Pk Fore Peak
F   F.ast          F.ast Full Astern
F   F.C.O.D        F.C.O.D "Fire, collision, overturning and derailment"
F   F.C.R          F.C.R Forwarding agents' certificate of receipt
F   F.C.S.R.C.C.   F.C.S.R.C.C. "Free of capture, seizure, riots and civil
F   F.C.T.         commotions"
                   F.C.T. Forwarding agents' certificate of transport
F   F.C.V.         F.C.V. Full contract value.
F   F.C.V.         F.C.V. Full completed value
F   F.O.D.abs.     F.O.D.abs. Free of damage absolutely
F   F.O.M.         F.O.M. Flag, ownership or management
F   F.R.O          F.R.O Fire risk only
F   F.Supp         F.Supp Federal Supplement
F   F/A            F/A Fire and accident (Insurance)
F   F/cstle        F/cstle Forecastle
F   F1B            F1B Radio transmission designator.
F   F1D            F1D Radio transmission designator.
F   F2B            F2B Radio transmission designator
F   F2C            F2C Radio transmission designator
F   F2D            F2D Radio transmission designator
F   F3C            F3C Radio transmission designator
F   F3E            F3E Radio transmission designator
F   FAC            Fast as can
F   FACS        FACS Federation of American Controlled Shipping
F   FAO         FAO Food and Agriculture Organization
F   FAOP        FAOP Full Away on Passage
F   FAQ         FAQ Frequently Asked Question
    FAS         Free Alongside Ship. Seller delivers goods to appropriate
F               dock or terminal at port of embarkation and buyer covers
F   FASA        costs and risks of of Asian Ship-owners' Associations
                FASA Federation loading
F   FBZU        Fairbreeze Shipping Co
F   FC          FC & S Free of Capture and Seizure Clause
    FCA         Free to Carrier. A modern equivalent of FAS used in
                intermodal transport where goods are transferred at a
F               nominated forwarders premises, depot or terminal but not
F   FCC         FCC Fully board vessel.
                actually onCellular Containership
F   FCC         FCC First Class Charterers
F   FCC         FCC Federal Communications Commission
F   Fch         Fch Franchise
    FCL         Full Container Load - a container that is fully loaded by
                cargo, occupying all space, or loaded to the maximum
                permissable weight. It can contain cargo from multiple
F               shippers, but normally is consigned to the same consignee.
F   FCO         The shipment isConstructed and Operated the consignee
                FCO Financed, expected to be delivered to
F   FCR         FCR Federal Court Reports
F   FD (FDIS)   Free Discharge
F   FDD         Freight Demurrage Deadfreight
F   FDD         FDD Floating Drydock
F   FDD         FDD Freight Demurrage Dead freight
F   FDD         FDD Freight, demurrage and defence"
    FDEDANRSAOC FDEDANRSAOCLONL Freight Deemed Earned, Discount
F   LONL        less And Non-Returnable (Refundable) Ship And Or Cargo
F   FDESP       Lost Or Not Lost
                Free Despatch
F   FDESP       FDESP Free Dispatch
F   Fe          Fe Iron
F   FEA         FEA Fire Extinguishing Appliances
    FENDER      A cushion, placed between ships, or between a ship and a
F               pier, to prevent damage
F   FENSO       FENSO Federation of Norwegian Ships Officers
    FEU         Standard 40’ Container, forty-foot equivalent unit, a
F               standard size intermodal container.
F   FFFS        FFFS Fixed Fire Fighting system
F   FFFU        Freightways (Overseas) Manchester
F   FFI         FFI For Further Instructions
F   FG          FG Foreign
F   FGN         FGN Foreign
F   FGU           FGU From the ground up
F   FHEX          FHEX Fridays/Holidays Excluded
F   FHINC         Fridays/Holidays Included
F   FIATA         FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders
    FILO          Associations Out. Seafreight with which the shipper pays
                  Free In/Liner
F                 load costs and the carrier pays for discharge costs.
    FIO           Free In/Out. Freight booked FIO includes the seafreight, but
F                 no loading/discharging costs, i.e. the charterer pays for cost
F   FIO           of loading/discharging cargo.
                  FIO Free In/Out
F   FIOS          Free In/Out Stowed. As per FIO, but excludes stowage
    FIOT          costs.
                  Free In/Out and Trimmed. As per FIOS but includes
                  trimming, e.g. the levelling of bulk cargoes. FIOS includes
F                 seafreight, but excludes loading/discharging and stowage
F   FIOT          costs.Free In/Out and Trimmed
F   First         First First Engineer
F   FIT           Free In Trimmed
F   FIW           Free In Wagon
F   FIXING        Chartering a Vessel
F   FIXTURE       Conclusion of shipbrokers negotiations to charter a ship -
F   Fl.Oz         an agreement
                  Fluid Ounce
F   FLATPACKING   Cargo to be presented stacked and secured as an integral
F   FLE           unit. Fire, lighting and explosion
F   FLG           FLG Flag
F   FLT           Full Liner Terms
F   FLT           FLT Fork Lift Truck
F   Fltr          Fltr Filter
F   FLXU          Itel Containers International USA
F   Fm            Fm Fermium
F   FMC           Federal Maritime Commission
F   FME           Force Majeure Excepted
F   FMS           Fathoms
F   FNI           FNI Fellow of The Nautical Institute
F   FO            For Orders
F   FO            Free Out
F   FO            FO Fuel Oil
F   FO (IFO)      Fuel Oil/Intermediate FO
F   Fo¡¦c¡¦sle    Fo¡¦c¡¦sle Forecastle
F   FO1           FO1 For Orders
F   FO3           FO3 Free Out
    FOB           Free on Board. Seller sees the goods "over the ship’s rail"
F                 on to the ship which is arranged and paid for by the buyer
F   FOC           FOC Flag Of Convenience
F   FOC            FOC Free Of Claims
F   FOFFER         Firm Offer
F   FOFFER         FOFFER Firm Offer
F   FOG            For Our Guidance
F   FOG            FOG For Our Guidance
F   FONASBA        FONASBA Federation of National Associations of Ship
F   FOQ            Brokers and Agents
                   Free On Quay
F   FOR            Free On Rail
F   FOR            FOR Free on Rail
F   FORCE          Clause limiting responsibilities of the charterers, shippers
    Fore           and receivers of cargo.
                   Fore Forward
F   FORE-AND-AFT   In a line parallel to the keel
F   FORWARD        Toward the bow of the ship
F   FOT            Free On Truck
F   FOW            First Open Water
F   FOW            Free On Wharf
F   FOW1           FOW1 First Open Water
F   FOW2           FOW2 Free on Wharf
F   FP             Free Pratique. Clearance by the Health Authorities
F   FP             FP Fixed Pitch
F   FP             FP Free Pratique
F   FPA            FPA Free of Particular Average
F   FPSO           FPSO Floating Production Storage and Offloading
F   FR             First Refusal. First attempt at best offer that can be matched
F   Fr             Fr Francium
F   FR             FR First Refusal
F   FR             FR Finlands Rederiforening
F   FRCU           FRC Financement et Relocation S.A
F   FREE           FREE OUT Free of discharge costs to owners. Includes sea
    FREE           freight only.
                   If loading/discharging achieved sooner than agreed, there
F   DESPATCH       will be no freight money returned.
F   FREE EXINS     Free of any Extra Insurance (Owners)
F   FREE OUT       Free of discharge costs to owners. Includes seafreight only.
F   FREEBOARD      The minimum vertical distance from the surface of the water
F   FRSU           to the gunwale
                   Fairbreeze Shipping Co
F   FRT            Freight. Money payable on delivery of cargo in a mercantile
    FRUSTRATION    condition when cancelling agreement sometimes quote
F                  'doctrine of frustration' i.e. vessel is lost, extensive delays.
F   FSA            FSA Full Steam Ahead
F   FSA            FSA Formal Safety Assessment
F   FSB A          Australia National Line
F   FSC A          Australia National Line
F   FSE A    Australia National Line
F   FSR A    Australia National Line
F   FSW      FSW Frisian Shipyard Welgelegen
F   ft       Feet
F   FTPA     FTPA Forest Transport Product Association
F   FVIU     Flexi Van Leasing New York
F   FW       FW Fresh Water
F   FWAD     Fresh Water Arrival Draft
F   FWC      FWC Fully-loaded weight and capacity.
F   Fwd      Fwd Forward
F   FWD      FWD Fresh Water Damage
F   FWDD     Fresh Water Departure Draft
F   FWDD     FWDD Fresh Water Departure Draft
F   FWDS     FWDS Forwards
F   FXX      FXX Radio transmission designator
F   FYG      For Your Guidance
F   FYG      FYG For Your Guidance
F   FYI      For Your Information
F   FYM      FYM For Your Misinformation
G   G        Gram
G   G1D      G1D Radio transmission designator
G   G2B      G2B Radio transmission designator
G   GA       General Average
G   GAC      Granular Activated Carbon
G   Gal      Gallon
G   GATS     GATS General Agreement on Trade in Services
G   GATT     GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
G   GB       Gigabyte
G   GBP      GBP Great British Pound
G   GBR      GBR Great Barrier Reef
G   GBR      GBR Great Britain
G   GBS      Gravity Base Structure
G   GCBS     GCBS General Council of British Shipping
G   GCDU     P&O Containers
G   Gd       Gd Gadolinium
G   Ge       Ge Germanium
G   GEAR     A general term for ropes, blocks, tackle and other equipment
G   Gen.     Gen. Cargo General Cargo
G   Gen.     Gen. Alarm General Alarm
G   GENCON   GENCON General Conditions
    GESAMP        GESAMP Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of
G                 Marine Environmental Protection.
G   GIS           GIS Geographic Information System
G   GIS           GIS German International Ship Register
G   GIT           GIT Goods in Transit
G   GL            GL Germaisher Lloyds
G   GLA           GLA General Lighthouse Authority
G   GLCU          Flexi Van Leasing New York
G   Glns          Gallons
G   GLONASS       GLONASS Global Navigation Satellite System
G   GLS (GLESS)   Gearless
G   GLSU          Zim Israel Navigation Tel Aviv
G   GM            GM Metacentric Height
G   GMDSS         GMDSS Global Maritime Distress and Safety System.
G   GMEU          Global Equipment Management San Francisco
G   GMQ           GMQ Good Merchantable Brand
G   GMT           GMT Greenwich Meantime
G   GN            GN Grain
G   GN (or GR)    Grain (Capacity)
G   GO            Gas Oil
G   GOC           GOC General Operators' Certificate
G   GoM           Fluid Metacentric Height
G   GOR           GOR Gross Original Rate
G   GP            Grain Capacity. Cubic capacity in 'grain'
G   GPS           GPS Global Positioning Satellite
G   GR            Geographical Rotation. Ports in order of calling
G   gr            Gross
G   Gr            Gram
G   Gr.           Gr. Oil Gear Oil
G   Grad.         Gradient
G   GRD           Geared
G   Grd           Grd Geared Ship
G   GRGO          GRGO Gas Oil
    GRI           General Rate Increase. Used to describe an across-the-
G                 board tariff rate increase implemented by conference
G   GRP           members and applied to base rates.
                  Glass Reinforced Plastic
G   GRT           Gross Registered Tonnage
G   GSB           Good, Safe Berth
G   GSP           Good, Safe Port
G   GSTU          Genstar Container Corporation San Francisco
G   GT            GT Gross Tonnage
G   GTEE          Guarantee
G   GTP           GTP General Third Party
G   GUNWALE       The upper edge of a ship's sides
G   GVW           GVW Gross Vehicle Weight
H   H             H Hydrogen
H   H&M           H&M Hull and Machinery
H   H&O           H&O Hook and Oil Damage
H   H/C           H/C High Cube
H   H/H           H/H Half Height
H   H2A           H2A Radio transmission designator
H   H2B           H2B Radio transmission designator
H   H2O           Water
H   H3E           H3E Radio transmission designator
H   H9W           H9W Radio transmission designator
H   HA            Hatch
H   ha            Hectare
H   HAGUE RULES   Code of minimum conditions for the carriage of cargo under
H   HAMU/ HLCU    Hapag Lading
                  a Bill ofLloyd Hamburg
H   HATCH         An opening in a ship's deck fitted with a watertight cover
H   HAZMAT        HAZMAT Hazardous Material
H   HBF           Harmless Bulk Fertilizer
H   HBL           HBL Hydrostatic Balanced Loading
H   HCO3          Hydrogen Carbonate
H   HCRF          HCRF Hydrographic Chart Raster Format
H   HDLTSBENDS    Half Despatch Lay Time Saved Both Ends
H   HDLTSBENDS    HDLTSBENDS Half Dispatch Lay Time Saved Both Ends
H   HDWTS         Half Despatch Working (or Weather) Time Saved
H   HDWTS         HDWTS Half Dispatch Working (or Weather) Time Saved <
H   He            br/>Helium
H   HF            HF High Frequency
H   Hf            Hf Hafnium
H   HFO           HFO Heavy Fuel Oil
H   Hg            Hg Mercury
H   HGV           HGV Heavy Goods Vehicle
H   HHDW          Handy Heavy d.w. (Scrap)
H   HHDW          HHDW Handy Heavy Dead Weight
H   HHP           HHP High Holding Power (Anchors)
H   HIRE          T/C Remuneration
H   HMM           HMM Hyundai Merchant Marine
H   HMS           Heavy Metal Scraps
H   HNS           HNS Convention on the Carriage of Noxious and
                  Hazardous Substances by Sea
H   HNS      HNS Hazardous and Noxious Substances
H   HO       Hold
H   HO       HO High Output
H   Ho       Ho Holmium
H   HO       HO Hydrographic Office
H   HO       HO Heavy Oil
H   HO       HO Hydraulic Oil
H   HO       HO Hydrographic Office
H   HOLD     A compartment below deck in a large vessel, used solely for
H   HP       carrying cargo
             High Pressure
H   hr       Hour
H   HSA      High Speed Ariation
H   HSC      HSC International Code of Safety for High-Speed Craft
H   HSE      HSE Health and Safety Executive
H   HSE      HSE Health Safety and Environment
H   Hsng     Hsng Housing
H   HSWA     HSWA Health and Safety at Work Act
H   HTH      HTH Hope This/That helps
H   HTMU     Lu Hai Developing Hong Kong
H   HULL     The main body of a ship
H   HW       High Water
H   Hyd      Hyd Hydraulic
H   Hz       Hertz
I   I        I Iodine
I   IACS     IACS International Association of Classification Societies
I   IADC     IADC International Association of Drilling Contractors
I   IAIN     IAIN International Association of Institutes of Navigation
I   IALA     IALA International Association of Lighthouse Authorities
I   IAPH     IAPH International Association of Ports and Harbors
I   IAR      IAR Industrial All Risks
I   IASST    IASST International Association for Sea Survival Training
I   IBCS     IBCS Integrated Bridge Control System
I   IBIA     IBIA International Bunker Industry Association
I   IBNR     IBNR Incurred But Not Reported
I   IBNRPR   IBNRPR Incurred But Not Properly Reported
I   ICC      ICC Institute Cargo Clauses
I   ICCU     ICCU Containers Italy
I   ICD      ICD Inland Clearance Depot
I   ICHCA    ICHCA International Cargo Handling Coordination
I   ICIU     AssociationEquipment San Francisco
I   ICMA     ICMA International Congress of Maritime Arbitrators
I   ICS      ICS International Code of Signals
I   ICS      ICS Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers:
I   ICS      ICS International Chamber of Shipping
I   ICSU     Transamerica Container Leasing USA
    ICW      Intercoastal Waterway : bays, rivers, and canals along the
             coasts (such as the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts),
I            connected so that vessels may travel without going into the
I   IDS      sea International Distress Signal
I   IE       IE Internet Explorer
I   IEAU     Intermodal Equipment San Francisco
I   IFO      IFO Intermediate Fuel Oil
I   IFSMA    IFSMA International Federation of Ship Masters'
I   IFTPA    Associations
             IFTPA International Forest Product Transport Association
I   IGO      IGO Inter-Governmental Organisation
I   IGS      IGS Inert Gas System
I   IHB      IHB International Hydrographic Bureau
I   IHMA     IHMA International Harbour Masters' Association
I   IHO      IHO International Hydrographic Organisation
I   IHP      Indicated Horse Power
I   IICL     IICL Institute of International Container Lessors
I   IIMS     IIMS International Institute of Marine Surveyors
I   IKKU     ICCU Container Fleet
I   IKSU     Transamerica Container Leasing USA
I   ILA      ILA International Law Association
I   ILO      ILO International Labour Organisation
I   ILU      ILU Insitute of London Underwriters
I   IM       IM In My
I   IMarE    IMarE Institute of Marine Engineers
I   IMB      IMB International Maritime Bureau
I   IMCA     IMCA International Maritime Contractors Association
I   IMCO     IMCO In My Considered Opinion
I   IMDG     International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code
I   IMDG     IMDG Code International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code
I   IME      IME In My Experience
I   IMEO     IMEO In My Expert Opinion
I   IMIU     IMIU International Marine Insurance Union
I   IMLA     IMLA International Maritime Lecturers Association
I   IMLI     IMLI International Maritime Law Institute
I   IMNSHO   IMNSHO In My Not So Humble/Honest Opinion
I   IMO      International Maritime Organisation
I   IMO      IMO In My opinion
I   IMO      IMO International Maritime Organisation
I   IMPA           IMPA International Maritime Pilots' Association
I   IMPA           IMPA International Marine Purchasing Association
I   IMU            IMU International Maritime Union
I   In             In Indium
I   IN             IN &/OR OVER Goods carried below and/or on deck
I   IN &/OR OVER   Goods carried below and/or on deck
I   INBU           Interpool USA
I   INCOTERMS      (Refer to comments in covering statement on front page A-
I   IND            F)
I   INLS-code      INLS-code International Noxious Liquid Substances Code
I   Inmarsat       Inmarsat International Marine Satellite
I   Inmarsat       Inmarsat C International Marine Satellite C
I   INMARSAT       INMARSAT International Marine Satellite Organisation
I   INSROP         INSROP International North Sea Route Program
I   INTERCARGO     INTERCARGO International Association of Dry Cargo Ship-
I   Intercom       owners Intercommunicating System
    INTERMODAL     Carriage of a commodity by different modes of transport, i.e.
I                  sea, road, rail and air within a single journey
I   INTERTANKO     INTERTANKO International Association of Independent
I   IO3            Tanker Owner
I   IOLT           IOLT Institute of Logistics and Transport
I   IOLU           Textainer Equipment
I   IOP            IOP Irrespective of Percentage
I   IOPC           International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds
I   IOPC           IOPC International Oil Pollution Fund
I   IOPP           IOPP Code International Oil Pollution Prevention Code
I   IOR            IOR Indian Ocean Region
I   IOW            IOW In Other Words
I   IPRC           IPRC Institute Port Risk Clause
I   Ir             Ir Iridium
I   IR             Infrared
I   IS             IS Information System
I   ISDN           ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
I   ISDP           ISDP Integrated Ship Design and Production
I   ISF            ISF International Shipping Federation
I   ISGOTT         ISGOTT International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and
I   ISM            Terminals Safety Management Code
I   ISMA           ISMA International Ship Managers' Association
I   ISO            ISO International Standards Organization
I   ISOA           ISOA International Support Vessel Owners' Association
I   ISPS           International Ships and Port Security System
I   ISSA        ISSA International Ship Supplies Association
I   ISSN        ISSN International Standard Serial Number
I   ISU         ISU International Salvage Union
I   IT          IT Information Technology
I   ITCZ        ITCZ Intertropical Convergance Zone
I   ITF         International Transport Workers Federation (Trade Unions).
I   ITF         Complies on crewing
                ITF International Transport Workers' Federation
I   ITINERARY   Route.Schedule
I   ITLU        Itel Corporation San Francisco
I   ITOPF       ITOPF International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation
I   ITS         ITS International Tanker Service
I   ITU         ITU International Telecommunication Union
I   ITZ         ITZ Inshore Traffic Zone
I   IU          If Used
I   IU          IU If Used
I   IUA         IUA International Underwiting Association
I   IUHTAUTC    If Used, Half Time Actually To Count
I   IUHTAUTC    IUHTAUTC If Used, Half Time Actually To Count
I   IUMI        IUMI International Union of Marine Insurance
I   IWA         IWA International Wheat Agreement
I   IWL         Institute Warranty Limits
I   IYC         IYC Institute Yacht Clause
J   J&WO        J&WO Jettison and washing overboard
J   J.          J. Eng Junior Engineer
J   J/O         J/O Junior Officer
J   J2B         J2B Radio transmission designator
J   J2DEN       J2DEN Radio transmission designator
J   J3E         J3E Radio transmission designator
J   JHC         JHC Joint Hulls Commttee
J   JLCU        Johnson Line A.B
J   JLLU        Nippon Liner System
J   JLSU        Joon Liner Services Netherlands
J   JR          JR Jugoslav Register
J   JSSU        China Navigation London
J   Junior      Junior EO Junior Electrical Officer
J   JWO         JWO Jettison and Washing Overboard
K   K           K Potassium
K   K           Kilo
K   K           Kelvin
K   K&R         K&R Kidnap and Ransom
K   Kcal        Kilo Calories
K   KEEL         The centreline of a ship running fore and aft; the backbone
K   KFK          of a vessel
                 KFK - Koordinerende Forskningskomite
K   Kg           Kilogram
K   Kg/Cm        Kilogram Per Centimeter
K   KI           Pottasium Iodide
K   KISS         KISS Keep It Simple Stupid
K   KK           KK Knock for Knock
K   KKR          KKR Korean Register of Shipping
K   Km           Kilometres
K   KNLU         Nedlloyd Lines Rotterdam
K   KNOT         A measurement of speed equal to one nautical mile (6,076
K   Kr           feet) per hour
                 Kr Krypton
K   KR           KR Korean Register of Shipping
K   Kt           Knot
K   Kv           Kilo Volts
K   KW           Kilo Watts
K   KWh          Kilo Watt hour
L   L            Liter
L   Li           Lithium
L   L/C          Letter of Credit
L   L/C          L/C Letter of Credit
L   L/D          L/D Load / Discharge
L   La           La Lanthanum
L   LAFTA        LAFTA Latin America Free Trade Association
L   LAN          LAN Local Area Network
L   LAN          LAN Local Apparent Noon
    LANE METER   A method of measuring the space capacity of Ro/Ro ships
                 whereby each unit of space (Linear Meter) is represented
L                by an area of deck 1.0 meter in length x 2.0 meters in width.
L   LANU         Catu Containers Switzerland
L   LASA         LASA Latin America Ship-owners' Association
L   LASH         To hold goods in position by use of Ropes, Wires, Chains
L   LASH         or Straps etc. Aboard Ship
                 LASH Lighter
    LAT          Latitude. The distance north or south of the equator
L                measured and expressed in degrees.
L   LAT          LAT Local Apparent Time
L   Lat.         Lat. Latitude
L   LAUA         LAUA Lloyd's Aviation Underwriters' Association
L   LAYCAN       Laycan (Layday Cancelling Date)
L   LAYCAN       LAYCAN Lay day Canceling Date
L   LAYTIME      Time at Charterers disposal for purpose of
L   lb           loading/discharging
L   LBP       LBP Length Between Perpendiculars
L   LBS       LBS Lifeboat Stations
L   LC50      Lethal Concentration 50
L   LCB       Longitudinal Centre of Buoyancy
L   LCD       LCD Liquid Crystal Display
L   LCF       Longitudinal Centre of Flotation
L   LCIA      LCIA London Court of International Arbitration
L   LCKR      LCKR Locker
L   LCL-      LCL- Less Than a Container Load
    LCL       Less than Container Load - a shipment that takes up only a
              portion of a consolidated container. LCL shpts are to be
L             picked up at a CFS only, whereas FCL are to be picked up
L   LCR       at a container yard/terminal.
              Lowest Current Rate
L   LD50      Lethal Dose 50
L   LDPI      LDPI Incurred But Not Reported
L   LDT       LDT Light Displacement Tonnage
L   LDT       LDT Lost During Transshipment
L   LED       LED Light Emitting Diode
L   LEE       The side sheltered from the wind
L   LEEWARD   The direction away from the wind. Opposite of windward
L   LEEWAY    The sideways movement of the ship caused by either wind
L   LEL       or current
              Lower Explosive Limit
L   LEM       Lower Explosive Mixture
    LF        Load Factor. Percentage of cargo or passengers carries
L             e.g. 4,000 tons carried on a vessel of 10,000 capacity has a
L   LF        load factor of 40% Water Load Line
              LF Summer Fresh
L   LFL       Lower Flammable Limit
L   LHAR      LHAR London, Hull, Antwerp or Rotterdam
L   Li        Li Lithium
L   LIEN      Retention of property until outstanding debt is paid
L   LJ        LJ Lord Justice
L   LLA       LLA Local Lighthouse Authority
L   LLMC      LLMC Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims
L   LMAA.     LMAA. London Maritime Arbitrators' Association
L   LMT       LMT Local Mean Time
L   LNG       Liquefied Natural Gas
L   LNG       LNG Liquefied Natural Gas
L   LNYD      LNYD Liability not yet determined
L   LO        LO - LO Lift On - Lift Off
L   LO        LO Lubricating Oil
L   LOA       Length Overall of the vessel
L   LOA       LOA Length Over All
    LOAD LINE       An internationally recognised line painted on the side of
                    merchant ships. When a ship is loaded, the water level is
                    not supposed to go above the line. Water can reach
L                   different parts of the line as its temperature and saltiness
L   LOC             varies with theCompliance location. From where Plimsoll
                    LOC Letter of season and
L   LOC             LOC Letter of Credit
L   LOF             Lloyds Open Form
L   LOF             LOF 2000 Lloyd's Open Form 2000
L   LOF'90          LOF'90 Lloyd's Open Form 1990
L   LOG             A record of courses or operation. Also, a device to measure
L   LOI             speed of Indemnity
L   LOI             LOI Letter of Indemnity
L   LOL             LOL Laughing Out Loud
L   LOL             LOL Limitation of Owner's Liability
L   LOL             LOL Loss Of Life
L   LONGITUDE       The distance in degrees east or west of the meridian at
L   LOP             Greenwich, England
                    LOP Line of Position
L   LOR             LOR Letter of Readiness
L   LOS             LOS Law of the Sea
L   LOS             LOS Line of Sight
L   LOW             Last Open Water
L   LP              Liquid Petroleum
L   LP              Low Pressure
L   LPC             LPC London Processing Centre
L   LPG             LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas
L   LPIU            Leasing Partners Netherlands Antilles
L   Lr              Lr Lawrencium
L   LR              LR Lloyd's Register
L   LRMC            LRMC Lloyd's Refridgeration Machinery Certificate
L   LRQA            LRQA Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance
L   LS              LS Lump Sum
    LS (or LUMPS)   Lumpsum Freight. Money paid to Shipper for a charter of a
L                   ship (or portion) up to stated limit irrespective of quantity of
L   LSA             cargo
                    LSA Lloyds Standard Agreement
L   LSA             LSA Life Saving Appliances
L   LSD             Lashed Secured Dunnaged
L   LSD             LSD Lashed Secured Dunnaged
L   LST             Local Standard Time
L   LT              Liner Terms
L   LT              Long Ton = 1,016.05 kilogram (2,240 lbs)
L   Ltge.           Ltge. Lighterage
L   LTHH            Liner Terms Hook/Hook
L   LTHH       LTHH Liner Terms Hook/Hook
L   LTIU       Lloyde Triestino Italy
L   Ltr.       Ltr. Lighter
L   Ltrs       Liters
L   Lu         Lu Lutetium
L   LUMPS      LUMPS Lump Sum Paid to Shipper
L   LW         Low Water
L   LW         LW Low Water
L   LWL        LWL Low Water Line
L   LWL        LWL Length on Water Line
L   LYCN       Laycan (Layday Cancelling Date)
M   M          Mega
M   m          Milli
M   M          Meter
M   M&W        M&W Marine and War risks
M   M/T        M/T Motor Tanker:
M   M/V        Motor Vessel / Merchant Vessel
M   MA         MA Malicious Damage
M   MAC        MAC Maximum Acceptable Concentration.
M   MACNA      MACNA Marine Aquaria Conference of North America
M   MAIB       MAIB Marine Accident Investigation Branch
M   MAIIF      MAIIF Marine Accident Investigators' International Forum
M   MANIFEST   Inventory of cargo on board
M   MARISAT    MARISAT Maritime Satellite System
M   MARPOL     MARPOL International Convention for the Prevention of
    MARPOL     Pollution from ships International Convention for the
               MARPOL 1973/1978
M              Prevention of Pollution from Ships 1973, as amended 1978
M   MARS       MARS Marine Accident Reporting Scheme
M   MASA       MASA Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia
M   Mayday     Mayday English translation of the French m'aidez, "help me".
M   MB         Merchant Broker
M   MB         MB Merchant Banker
M   MB         MB Merchant Broker
M   MB         Megabyte
M   Mb         megabyte
M   Mb e       Megabyt
M   MBD        MBD Machinery Breakdown
M   MCA        MCA Marine Coastguard Agency
M   Md         Md Mendelevium
M   MDO        MDO Marine Diesel Oil
M   MDO (DO)   Marine Diesel Oil
M   MEIF       MEIF Mandatory Excess Insurance Facility
M   MEO        MEO Marine Engineering Officer
M   MEPC       MEPC Marine Environment Protection Committee
M   MERSAR     MERSAR Merchant Ship Search and Rescue Manual
M   Mg         Mg Magnesium
M   mg         Milligram
M   MGN        MGN Marine Guidance Note
M   MGNe       MGNe Marine Guidance Notice
M   MGO        MGO Marine Gas Oil
M   MIDSHIP    Approximately in the location equally distant from the bow
M   MIN/MAX    and stern
               Minimum/Maximum (cargo quantity)
M   MIS        MIS Management Information System
M   MITS       MITS Maritime Information Technology System
M   MLA        MLA The Maritime Law Association
M   MLCU       Matson Leasing
M   mm         Millemeters
M   MMMU       V/O Sovinflot Moscow
M   MMSI       MMSI Maritime Mobile Selective-call Identity code
M   Mn         Mn Manganese
M   Mn         Manganese
M   MNI        MNI Member of The Nautical Institute
M   MNLU       Malaysian International Shipping Corporation
M   M-Notice   M-Notice Marine Notice
M   MO         MO Merchant Officer
M   Mo         Mo Molybdenum
M   MO         MO Mail Order
M   MOA        Memorandum of Agreement
M   MOLCHOPT   MOLCHOPT More or Less Charterers Option
M   MOLOO      More or Less Owners Option
M   MOLOO      MOLOO More or Less Owners Option
M   MOLU       Mistui OSK Lines Tokyo
M   MOORING    An arrangement for securing a ship to a mooring buoy or
M   MOP        pier Mobile Offshore Production
M   MOPP       MOPP Mobile Offshore Production Platform
M   MOPP       MOPP Mobile Offshore Production Platform
M   MOU        MOU Memorandum of Understanding
M   MPH        Miles Per Hour
M   MRCC       MRCC Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre
M   MS         MS Motor Ship
M   MSA        MSA Marine Safety Agency
M   MSC        MSC Marine Safety Committee,
M   MSCN         MSCN Maritime Simulation Center Netherlands
M   MSCU         Mediterranean Shipping
M   MSD          MSD Material Safety Data Sheets
M   MSD          MSD Marine Sanitation Device
M   MSN          MSN Merchant Shipping Notice
M   mSv          MilliSievert
M   MT           Mertic Tonne (i.e. 1,000 kilos)
M   MT           MT Motor Tanker
M   MT           MT Empty
M   MT           Metric ton
M   MTC          MTC Maritime Transport Committee
M   MTNS         Metric Tons
M   MUI          MUI Maritime Union of Indian Officers
M   MV           MV Motor Vessel
M   MV           MV Merchant Vessel
M   MV           Mercury Vapour
N   N            N Nitrogen
N   N/E          N/E Not Exceeding
N   N03          Nitrate
N   Na           Na Sodium
N   NA           NA Not Available
N   NA           Net Absolute
N   NAABSA       NAABSA Not Always Afloat But Safely Aground
N   NaCO3        Sodium Carbonate
N   NaoH         Sodium Hydroxide
N   NASCO        NASCO Norwegian Asian Seafarers' Conference
N   NATO         NATO North-Atlantic Treaty Organization
N   NAVIGATION   The art and science of conducting a ship safely from one
N   NAVTEX       point to another
                 NAVTEX Navigational and Meteorological Warning
N   Nb           Broadcast Service
                 Nb Niobium
N   NCB          National Cargo Bureau
N   NCB          NCB National Cargo Bureau
N   NCD          NCD No Claims Discount
N   NCLU         Interocean Leasing
N   NCNP         NCNP No Cure No Pay
N   NCOB         NCOB No Cargo On Board
N   Nd           Nd Neodymium
N   ND           ND Non-Delivery
N   NDT          Non-Destructive Testing
N   NE           NE Not Entered
N   Ne           Neon
N   NECSA        NECSA Navigational Electronic Chart System Association
N   NEP          NEP Net Earned Premiums
N   NEPU         Neptune Orient Lines Singapore
    NESTING      Implies that cargo is presented stacked in the contour of
                 similarly shaped cargo, it may be likened to a stack of
N                plates. This is particularly relevant in the presentation of
N   NFD          tankage strakes for transport
                 NFD Norwegian Friendship Development
N   NFTZ         NFTZ Non Free Trade Zone
N   NGAD         NGAD Notice Given Arrival Date
N   NH3          Ammonia
N   NH4          Ammonium
N   Ni           Ni Nickel
N   NI           NI The Nautical Institute
N   NICU         Nippon International Container Service
N   NIHQ         NIHQ Nautical Institute Headquarters
N   NIS          NIS Norsk Internasjonalt Skipsregister
N   NK           NK Nippon Kaiji Kyokai
N   NKK          NKK Nippon Kaiji Kyokai
N   NLSU         Nautilus Leasing San Francisco
    NM           Nautical Mile. One minute of latitude; approximately 6,076
N                feet - about 1/8 longer than the statute mile of 5,280 feet
N   NM           NM Nautical Mile
N   NMB          NMB Norsk Maritime Befalskartell
N   NMB          NMB National Maritime Board
N   NMEA         NMEA National Marine Electronics Association
N   NMU          NMU National Maritime Union
N   NNME         NNME National Marine Electronics Association
N   NNR          NNR National Nature Reserve
N   NNR          Natural Nitrate Reduction
N   NO           NO Normal Output
N   No           No Nobelium
N   NO2          Nitrogen
N   NO2          Nitrite
N   NOAA         NOAA National Marine and Atmospheric Administration
    NOKUS        NOKUS Special taxation scheme for Norwegian-controlled
N                companies in low-tax countries.
N   NOLU         Neptune Orient Lines Singapore
    NON-         (Detention). If loading completed sooner than expected,
N   REVERSIBLE   then saved days will not be added to discharge time
N   NOPEF        allowed. Norsk Olje- og Petrokjemisk Fagforbund
N   NOR          Notice of Readiness
N   NOR          NOR Notice of Readiness
N   NOR           NOR Norsk Ordinart Register
N   NORDKOMPASS   NORDKOMPASS Nordisk Komite for Passasjerskip
N   NOSU          Neptune Orient Lines Singapore
N   Np            Np Neptunium
N   NP            NP No Problem
N   NR            NR Norges Rederiforbund
N   Nr.           Nr. Coastal Near Coastal
N   NRAD          NRAD No Risk After Discharge
N   NRAL          NRAL No Risk After Landing
N   NRAS          NRAS No Risk After Shipment
N   NRDA          NRDA Natural Resources Damage Assessment
N   NRN           NRN No Reply Necessary
N   NRT           Net Restricted Tonnage
N   NRT           NRT Net Restricted Tonnage
N   NRTB          NRTB No Risk Until Onboard
N   NRTOR         NRTOR No Risk Until On Rail
N   NRTOR         NRTOR No Risk To Attach Till After Landing
N   NRTWB         NRTWB No Risk Until Waterborne
N   NS            NS Netscape
N   NS            NS Norsk Styrmandsforening
N   NSA           NSA National Safety Agency
N   NSOAF         NSOAF North Sea Offshore Authority Forum
N   NSPF          NSPF Not Specially Provided For
N   NSU           NSU National Seafarers' Union
N   NSW           NSW Natural Sea Water
N   NT            NT Net Tonnage
N   NTC           NTC Norwegian Training Center
N   NTSB          NTSB National Transportation Safety Board
N   NTU           NTU Not Taken UP
N   NUMAST        NUMAST National Union of Marine, Aviation & Shipping
N   NUR           TransportUnder Repair
                  NUR Not
N   NUS           NUS National Union of Seamen
N   NUSI          NUSI National Union of Seamen of India
N   NUSU          Neptune Orient Lines Singapore
N   NVOCC         NVOCC Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carrier
N   NYKE          Nippon Yusen Kaisha Tokyo
N   NYKR          Nippon Yusen Kaisha Tokyo
N   NYKU          Nippon Yusen Kaisha Tokyo
N   NYPE          New York Produce Exchange
N   NZLU          New Zealand Line
O   o/b           o/b On or Before
O   O/Board     O/Board On Board or Overboard
O   O/O/B       O/O/B On Board or Overboard
O   O/W         O/W Overwidth
O   O2          Oxygen
O   OAPEC       OAPEC Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries
O   OBO         Ore/Bulk/Oil Vessel
O   OBTW        OBTW Oh By The Way
O   OCC         OCC Operations Control Centre
O   OCIMF       OCIMF Oil Companies International Marine Forum
O   OCLU        P&O Containers
O   OCPU        P&O Containers
O   OCR         OCR Optical Character Recognition
O   OD          OD On Deck
O   OECD        OECD Organisation for Economic Cooperation and
O   OFS         Development
                OFS Oljearbeidernes Fellessammenslutning
O   OFU         OFU Offshorenaringens Forhandlingsutvalg
O   OH          OH Overheight
O   OLF         OLF Oljeindustriens Landsforening
O   OMBO        OMBO One Man Bridge Operation
O   OO          Owners Option
O   OOD         OOD Officer Of the Deck
O   OOLU        Orient Overseas Container Line Taiwan
O   OOW         OOW Officer Of the Watch
O   OPA         OPA 90 Oil Pollution Act of 1990
O   OPEC        OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
O   OPP         OPP Oil Pollution Prevention
O   OPPR        OPPR Oil Pollution Preparedness and Response
O   OPRC        OPRC Oil pollution Preparedness, Response and
O   OSH         Cooperation. Deck
                Open Shelter
O   OSH         OSH Open Shelter Deck
O   OSSL        OSSL Oljeserviceselskapenes Landsforening
O   OSV         OSV Offshore Support Vessel
O   OT          OT Open Top
O   OTOH        OTOH On The Other Hand
O   OVERBOARD   Over the side or out of the ship
O   OWS         Owners
O   OWS         OWS Oily Water Seperator
O   OWS         OWS Owners
O   Oz          Ounce
P   P           P Phosphorus
P   P&I         Protection and Indemnity Insurance
P   P&I             P&I Protection and Indemnity Club
P   P&L             P&L Profit and Loss
P   Pa              Pa Protactinium
P   PACU            Pacifica Shipping New Zealand
P   PANAMAX         PANAMAX Panama Maximum
P   PASTUS          Past Us
P   PAX             PAX Passengers
P   Pb              Pb Lead
P   PC              Period of Charter
P   PC              PC Personal Computer
P   PC              PC Period of Charter
P   PC              Power Compact
P   PCB             Printed Circuit Board
P   PCGO            Part Cargo
P   PCGO            PCGO Part Cargo
P   PCT             Percent
P   PCTC            PCTC Pure Car/Truck Carriers
P   Pd              Pd Palladium
P   PDI             PDI Pre-Delivery Inspection
P   PDPR            Per Day Pro Rata
P   PER SE          By Itself
P   PERDIEM         By the Day
P   PFD             PFD Personal Flotation Devices
P   pH              Measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions
P   PHPD            Per Hatch Per Day
P   PI              PI Personal Injury
P   PI              PI Personal Indemnity
P   PI              PI Premium Income
P   PI              Pounds Per Square Inch
P   PIA             PIA Peril Insured Against
P   PIANC           PIANC Permanent International Association of Navigation
P   PK              Congresses
                    PK Peak
    Pm              Pm Promethium
P   PM              PM Planned Maintenance
P   PM              PM Post Meridian
P   PMCC            Pensky-Martens Closed Cup
P   PMS             PMS Planned Maintenance System
P   Po              Po Polonium
P   PO4             Phosphate
P   POA        POA Place Of Acceptance
P   POB        POB Persons On Board
P   POB        POB Pilot On Board
P   POD        POD Proof of Delivery
P   POD        POD Pay on Delivery
P   POEA       POEA Philippine Overseas Employment Administration
P   POLU       Polish Ocean Lines Poland
P   POR        POR Pacific Ocean Region
P   POR        POR Place of Receipt
P   PORT       The left side of a ship looking forward. A harbour.
P   POSH       POSH Port Out, Starboard Home
P   Pot.       Pot. Potable Water
P   PPE        PPE Personal Protective Equipment
P   PPM        Parts Per Million
P   Pr         Pr Praseodymium
P   PR         PR Port of Refuge
P   PR         PR Port Risks
P   Pr         Pr Pro Rata
P   PRATIQUE   Licence or permission to use a port
P   PREAMBLE   Introduction to a charter party
P   Press      Pressure
P   PROFORMA   Estimated Account
P   PROFORMA   PROFORMA Estimated Account
P   PRS        PRS Polish Register of Shipping
P   PS         PS Port Side
P   PSBU       Contship Container Lines
P   PSC        PSC Port State Control
P   PSU        PSU Polish Seafarers' Union
P   Pt         Pt Platinum
P   Pt         Pt Port
P   Pt         Pint
P   Pu         Pu Plutonium
P   PUS        Plus Us
P   PV         PV Pilot Vessel
P   PV         Pressure Vacuum
P   PV         Pressure Valve
P   PVC        Poly Vinyl Chloride
P   PWC        PWC Personal Watercraft
P   PWWD       Per Weather Working Day
P   PWWD       PWWD Per Weather Per Day
P   PXCU       Phoenix Container Lines Hong Kong
Q   QA           QA Quality Assurance
Q   QC           QC Quality Control
Q   QC           QC Queens Council
Q   Qrt          Quart
Q   Qtr          Quarter
R   R&D          R&D Research and Development
R   R/T          R/T Radio Telegraph or Telegraphy or Telephone
R   Ra           Ra Radium
R   RACE         RACE Radioactive containment exclusion clause
R   rad          Radians
R   RAM          RAM Random Access Memory
R   Rb           Rb Rubidium
R   RCC          RCC Rescue Coordination Center
R   RCDS         RCDS Raster Chart Display System
R   RCVR         Receiver
R   Rcvr         Rcvr Receiver
R   RCVR         RCVR Receiver
R   RDC          RDC Running Down Clause
R   RDF          RDF Radio Direction Finder
R   Re           Re Rhenium
R   RECAP        Recapitulation of the terms and conditions agreed
R   RECAP        RECAP Recapitulation
R   Refridge     Refridge Refridgeration
R   RENC         RENC Regional Electronic Navigational Chart Co-
R   REO          Coordinating Centre
                 REO Radio and Electronics Officer
    REVERSIBLE   (Detention). If loading completed sooner than expected at
R                load port, then days saved can be added to discharge
R   RF           operations.
                 RF Radio Frequency
R   RF           RF RangeFinder
R   RF           RF Radio Finder
R   RGE          RGE Range
R   Rh           Rh Rhodium
R   RI           RI Registro Italiano
R   RILU         Nedlloyd Lines Rotterdam
R   RINA         RINA Registro Italiano Navale
R   RINA         RINA Royal Institution of Naval Architects
R   RLAU         Australian Reefer Leasing
R   RLF          RLF Rederienes Landsforening
R   Rm           Room
R   RMT          RMT National Union of Rail, Maritime And Transport
R   Rn           Workers
                 Rn Radon
R   RN        RN Release Note
R   RNC       RNC Raster Navigational Chart
R   RO        RO Radio Officer
R   RO        Reverse Osmosis
R   Ro/Ro     Ro/Ro Roll on/Roll Off
R   ROB       Remaining On Board
R   ROB       ROB Remaining Onboard
R   ROD       ROD Rust, Oxidation, Discoloration"
R   RODU      Government of Mauritius Port Louis
R   ROM       ROM Read Only Memory
R   RORO      RORO Roll On Roll Off
R   ROV       ROV Remote Operated Vehicle
R   ROYU      Nedlloyd Lines
R   RP        RP Return Premium
R   RPH       Revolutions Per Hour
R   RPM       Revolutions Per Minute
R   RPS       Revolutions Per Second
R   RR&I      RR&I Respective Rights and Interests
R   RS        RS Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
    RT        Revenue Tonne (i.e. 1.0 metric tonne or 1.0 cubic meter,
              whichever greater). The overall RT is calculated on a line by
              line basis of the Packing List using the largest amount. The
R             overall freight liability is calculated on the total RT amount,
R   RT        multiplied by the freight rate.
              RT Radio Telegraph, Telegraphy, Telephone
R   RT        RT Registered Tonnage
R   RTBA      RTBA Rate to be agreed
R   RTCM      RTCM Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services
R   RTSATMP   RTSATMP Return Saturday PM
S   Ru        Ru Ruthenium
S   S         S Sulfur
S   S         S to S Sation to Station
S   s/a       s/a Subject to Approval
S   S/D       S/D Short Delivery
S   SA        SA Subject to Approval
S   SAC       SAC Special Area of Conservation
S   SACU      Scan Carriers Hovik Norway
S   SAFU      South African Marine Cape Town
S   Sal.      Salinity
S   SAM       SAM Surface to Air Missile
S   SAMU      South African Marine Cape Town>
S   SAR       SAR Search and Rescue
S   SART      SART Search and Rescue Radar Transponder
S   SAS           SAS Safety at Sea
S   SATCOM        SATCOM Satellite Communication
S   SATCOM A      SATCOM A Satellite Communication ¡V System A
S   SATCOM B      SATCOM B Satellite Communication ¡V System B
S   SATCOM C      SATCOM C Satellite Communication ¡V System C
S   SATNAV        SATNAV Satellite Navigation
S   SATPM         Saturday P.M.
S   SATSHINC      SATSHINC Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays Included
S   SB            Safe Berth
S   Sb            Sb Antimony
S   SBT           SBT Segregated Ballast Tank
S   Sc            Sc Scandium
S   SCDU          Sea Containers New York
S   SCIU          Sea Containers
S   SCLU          Sea Containers London
S   SCOPIC        SCOPIC Special Compensation P&I Clause
S   SCPU          Seaco Pacific Hong Kong
S   SCR           SCR Special Casualty Representative
S   SCR           SCR - Supreme Court Reports
S   SCXU          Sea Containers London
S   SD            SD Self Discharging
S   SD            SD Sea Damaged
S   SD (or SID)   Single Decker
S   SDHF          SDHF Standard Dutch Hull Form
S   SDW           SDW Summer Deadweight
S   Se            Se Selenium
    SEAFREIGHT    Costs charged for transporting goods over the sea. This
S                 does not cover haulage or loading/discharging costs but the
S   SEAU          sea transport only New York
                  Sealand Services
    SEAWORTHINES Statement of condition of the vessel (valid certificates, fully
S   S             equipped and manned etc.)
S   SEB           SEB Shipping Ethics Board
S   Second        Second Second Engineer
S   SED           SED Seafarers' Education Service
S   SELFD         Self Discharging
S   SELFD         SELFD Self Discharging
S   Semi          Semi Sub Submersible Platform
S   SEMI-TRAILERS Are usually 12.0 meter flat bed road trailers
S   SENC          SENC System Electronic Navigational Chart
S   SES           SES Satellite Earth Station
    SF            Stowage Factor. Cubic space (measurement tonne)
S                 occupied by one tonne (2,240 lbs/1,000 kgs) of cargo
S   SF       Stowage Factor
S   SFT      SFT Statens Forurensningstilsyn
S   SG       SG Specific Gravity
S   SG       SG Ships and Goods
S   SGS      SGS Societe Generale de Surveillance
S   SHEX     Sundays/Holidays Excluded
S   SHEX     SHEX Sundays/Holidays Excluded
S   SHINC    Sundays/Holidays Included
S   SHINC    SHINC Sundays/Holidays Included
S   SHP      SHP Shaft Horse Power
    SHPR     Shipper - the party in whose name a contract of carriage of
             goods has been concluded with at carrier or any party by
S            whom, in whose name or on whose behalf the goods are
S   Si       actually delivered to the carrier in relation to the contract of
             Si Silicon
S   SIGTTO   SIGTTO Society of International Gas Tankers and Terminal
S   SiO2     Operators
             Silicon Dioxide
S   SIOS     SIOS Senter for Internasjonal Okonomi og Skipsfart
S   SISU     SSI Container Corporation San Francisco
S   SITD     SITD Still In The Dark
S   SIU      SIU Seafarers' International Union
    SKIDS    Are bearers (timber or steel) positioned under the cargo to
S            enable forklift handling at port, and for ease of rigging and
S   Sm       lashing on board ship.
             Sm Samarium
S   SMA      SMA The Society of Maritime Arbitrators,
S   SMarT    SMarT Support for Maritime Training Scheme
S   SMC      SMC Safety Management Certificate
S   SMP      SMP Single Mooring Point
S   SMS      SMS Safety Management System
S   SMS      SMS Safety Management Code
    SN       Satellite Navigation - A form of position finding using radio
S            transmissions from satellites with sophisticated on-board
S   SN       automatic equipment
             SN Satellite Navigation
S   Sn       Sn Tin
S   Sndg     Sndg Sounding
S   SOB      SOB Shipped Onboard
S   SOC      Shipper Owned Container
S   SOC      SOC Shipper Owned Container
S   SOF      Statement of Facts
S   SOLAS    SOLAS International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea
S   SOLAS    SOLAS Safety Of Life At Sea
S   SOP      SOP Standard Operating Procedure
S   SOPEP    SOPEP Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan
S   SOSREP      SOSREP Secretary of State's Representative for Marine
S   SP          Salvage and Intervention
                Safe Port
S   SPA         SPA Special Protection Area
S   SPI         SPI Ship-Port Interface
    SPIDERING   Is the strengthening of circular tanks for transport, this
                prevents the tanks from becoming warped. The tanks are
S               strengthened with steel or wood crossbeams giving a
S   Sq.         "spider" appearance
S   Sr          Sr Strontium
S   SRBL        Signing and Releasing Bill of Lading
S   SRBL        SRBL Signing and Releasing Bill of Lading
S   SRCC        SRCC Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotions
S   SRF         SRF Sveriges Redareforening
S   SRL         SRL Ship Repairers Liability
S   SRT         SRT Sinclair Roche & Temperley
S   SS          SS Steam Ship
S   SS          SS Starboard Side
S   SS          SS or B Stranded, stunk or burn
S   SSHEX       Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays Excluded
S   SSHEX       SSHEX Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays Excluded
S   SSHINC      SSHINC Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays Included
S   SATSHINC    Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays Included
S   SSLU        Shaw Savill & Albion London
S   SSO         SSO Struck submerged object
S   ST          ST Steam Tanker
S   St.         St. Start or Stop
    STABILITY   It is paramount that a vessel is stable in all aspects at all
                times. When cargo is loaded/discharged, the stability is
S               monitored by a computer, which takes into account the
S   STARBOARD   Right side position of cargo within the vessel.
                weight andof a ship when facing the front or forward end.
S   Stbd        Stbd Satrboard
S   STC         STC Said To Contain
S   STCW        STCW Standards of Training and Certification for Watch
    STEM        Keepingto Enough Merchandise (Availability of cargo). Also,
S               the forward most part of the bow.
S   STERN       The aformost or after part of a ship
S   STM         STM Steam
S   STTU        Shirstar Container Transport UK
S   STUFT       STUFT Ships Taken Up From Trade
S   STW         STW Stowage
S   SUB         Subject (to). Depending upon as a condition
S   Sub         Sub Submarine
S   SUB          SUB Subject (to)
S   SUBC         SUBC Self-Unloading Bulk Carrier
S   SUDU         Hamburg Sudamerkanische Hamburg
S   Suezmax      Suezmax Suez Maximum
S   SUKU         Interocean Leasing
S   SUNU         Suntory Osaka
    SUPERCARGO   Person employed by a ship owner, shipping company,
                 charterer of a ship or shipper of goods to supervise cargo
S                handling operations. Often called a port captain.
S   SVTU         Sojuzvenshtrans Moscow
S   SW           SW Salt Water
S   SWAD         Salt Water Arrival Draft
S   SWATH        SWATH Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull
S   SWD          SWD Sea Water Damage
S   SWDD         Salt Water Departure Draft
S   SWIFT        SWIFT Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial
S   SWL          Telecommunications
                 Safe Working Load
T   T/C          T/C Time Charter
T   T/C          Turbocharger
    T/S          Transhipment - a shipping arrangement in which a
                 shipment is discharged of the vessel at an intermediate port
T                enroute and subsequently reloaded to another vessel for
T   Ta           carriage to its final destinationl
                 Ta Tantalum
T   Tb           Tb Terbium
T   TB           TB Twisting and Bending
T   TBN          To Be Named / To Be Nominated
T   TBN          Total Base Number
T   tbsp         Tablespoon
    TC           Time Charter - Owners agree to hire a particular ship for a
T                set length of time and provide technical management,
T   Tc           crewing etc.
                 Tc Technetium
T   TC           Turbocharger
T   TCE          TCE Time Charter Equivalent:
T   TCLU         TCL Tankcargo Container New York
T   TCP          Time Charter Party
T   TDS          Total Dissolved Solids
T   TDW          Tonnes Deadweight
T   Te           Te Tellurium
T   TEDU         Teco BmbH Hamburg
T   Temp.        Temperature
    TEU          Standard 20' Container, twenty-foot equivalent unit, a
T                standard size intermodal container.
T   TEXU          Textainer Equipment
T   TF            TF Tropical Fresh
T   TFC           Thin Film Composite
T   TFLL          TFLL Tropical Fresh Load Line
T   TFN           TFN Thanks For Nothing
T   TGV           TGV Tres Grande Vitesse
T   Th            Th Thorium
T   THC           THC Terminal Handling Charge
T   Third         Third Third Engineer or Third Mate (but usually the 3rd
T   THWARTSHIPS   Engineer)
                  At right angles to the centreline of the ship
T   Ti            Ti Titanium
T   TIA           TIA Thanks In Advance
T   TIDE          The periodic rise and fall of water level in the oceans
T   TIME BAR      Time after which legal claims will not be entered
T   TIR           TIR Transport Internationale Routier
T   TLEU          Contship Containerline
T   TLL           TLL Timber Load Line
T   TLM           TLM Tolerance Limit Median
T   TLO           TLO Total Loss and Excessive Liability
T   TLV           Threshold Limit Value
T   TLVO          TLVO Total Loss of Vessel Only
T   Tm            Tm Thulium
T   Tnk           Tank
T   Tnkr          Tnkr Tanker
T   TOB           TOB Time On Risk
T   TOLU          Trans Ocean Leasing San Francisco
    TOPSIDES      The sides of a ship between the waterline and the deck;
T                 sometimes referring to onto or above the deck
    TOVALOP       TOVALOP Tanker Owners' Voluntary Agreement
T                 Concerning Liability for Oil Pollution
T   TPHU          Tiphook Container London
T   TPI           Tonnes Per Inch
T   TPII          Tonnes Per Inch Immersion
T   TPND          TPND Theft, pilferage and non-delivery
T   TQM           TQM Total Quality Management TSS Traffic Separation
T   TRIM          Scheme aft balance of a ship
                  Fore and
T   TRIU          Triton Container San Francisco
T   TRLU          Transamerica Leasing, USA
T   TSCU          Trans Container Leasing Basel
T   tsp           Teaspoon
T   TTL           Total
T   TUAC          TUAC Trade Union Advisory Committee
T   TUC        TUC Trade Union Congress
T   TUCP       TUCP Trade Union Council of the Philipines
T   TW         Tween Decker
U   U          U Uranium
U   U/R        U/R Under Repair
U   U/W        U/W Underwriter
U   UACU       United Arab Shipping Liverpool
U   UBS        UBS Universal Bulk Ship
U   UCB        UCB Unless Caused By
U   UCLU       Unicorn Lines Durban
U   UCP        UCP Uniform Customs and Practice
U   UCSU       Unicontainer Sri Genoa
U   UECC       UECC United European Car Carriers
U   UEL        Upper Explosive Limit
U   UFCU       Itec Containers Intl
U   UFL        Upper Flammable Limit
U   UGF        Under Gravel Filter
U   UGT        UGT Union General de Trabajadores
U   UHF        UHF Ultra High Frequency
U   UKOOA      UKOOA United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association
U   ULBC       ULBC Ultra Large Bulk Carrier
U   ULCC       ULCC Ultra Large Crude Carrier
U   UMS        UMS Universal Measurement System
U   UMS        UMS Unmanned Machinery Space
U   UN         UN United Nations
U   UNCID      UNCID Uniform Conduct for Interchange of Data
U   UNCITRAL   UNCITRAL United Nations Commission on International
U   UNCLOS     Trade Law
               UNCLOS United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
U   UNCTAD     UNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade and
U   UNCTAD     Development UNCTAD Multi Modal Transport Convention
               UNCTAD MMO
U   Unh        Unh Unnilhexium
U   UNICON     UNICON Uncontainerable Goods
U   UNIDO      UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organization
U   Unp        Unp Unnilpentium
U   Unq        Unq Unnilquadium
U   UOR        UOR Under One Roof
U   UPS        UPS Uninterupted Power Supply
U   US         US United States
U   USC        Unless Sooner Commenced
U   USCG       USCG United States Coast Guard
U   USCO       Union Steamship Co of NZ Wellington
U   USLU         United States Lines New York
U   USMC         USMC US Maritime Commission
U   UTC          UTC Universal Time Co-coordinated
U   UU           Unless Used
U   UU           UU Unless Used
U   UUIWCTAUTC   Unless Used In Which Case Time Actually Used To Count
U   UV           Ultra Violet
U   UYLU         United Yugoslav Lines Piran
V   V            V Vanadium
V   V            Volts
V   V/V          V/V Valve
V   VAT          VAT Value Added Tax
V   VCB          Vertical Center of Buoyancy
V   VCG          Vertical Center of Gravity
V   VCM          Vinyl Chloride Monomer
V   VDR          VDR Voyage Data Recorder
V   VDR          VDR Verband Deutscher Reeder
V   VDU          VDU Visual Display Unit
V   Veg          Veg Room Vegetable Room
V   VHF          VHF Radio Very High Frequnecy Radio
V   VHO          VHO Very High Output
V   VLBC         VLBC Very Large Bulk Carrier
V   VLCC         VLCC Very Large Crude Carrier
V   VMAA         VMAA Vancouver Maritime Arbitrators Association
V   VNSU         Nedlloyd Lines Rotterdam
V   VOC          VOC Volatile Organic Compounds
V   Vol.         Volume
V   VP           Vapor Pressure
V   VPD          Vessel Pays Dues
V   VPD          VPD Vessel Pays Dues
V   VPP          VPP Variable Pitch Propeller
V   VRP          VRP Vessel Response Plan
V   VTIS         VTIS Vessel Traffic Information System
V   VTMS         VTMS Vessel Traffic Management Services
V   VTS          VTS Vessel Traffic System
V   VTS          VTS Vessel Traffic Service
V   VTSS         VTSS Vessel Traffic Separation Scheme
W   W            W Tungsten
W   W            Watts
W   W/W          W/W Wharehouse to Wharehouse
W   WA           WA Without Average
    WATERLINE   A line painted on a hull which shows the point to which a
W               ship sinks when it is properly trimmed
W   WAY         Movement of a ship through water such as headway,
W   WBS         sternway or leeway of salvage to the insurer
                WBS Without benefit
W   WCCON       Whether Customs Cleared Or Not
W   WCCON       WCCON Whether Customs Cleared Or Not
W   WFC&S       WFC&S Warranted Free of Capture and Seizure
W   WHO         WHO World Health Organisation
W   WIBON       Whether In Berth Or Not
W   WIFPON      Whether In Free Pratique Or Not
W   WIKU        Textainer Equipment
W   WINDWARD    Toward the direction from which the wind is coming
W   WIPON       Whether In Port Or Not
W   WL          WL Water Line
W   WLL         WLL Winter Load Line
W   WLTHC       WLTHC Water Line Top of Hatch Coaming
W   WLTOHC      Water Line-To-Hatch Coaming
W   WLTOHC      WLTOHC Water Line-To-Hatch Coaming
W   WMC         WMC West Marine Conference
W   WMO         WMO World Meteorological Organisation
W   WMU         WMU World Maritime University
W   WOG         Without Guarantee
W   WOG         WOG Without Guarantee
    WP          Weather Permitting. That time during which weather
W               prevents working shall not count as laytime
W   WP          WP Waterproof
W   WP          WP Weather Permitting.
W   WP          WP Without Prejudice
W   WPC         WPC World Petroleum Congress
W   WPD         Weather Permitting Day
W   WRIC        Wire Rods In Collis
W   WRO         WRO War Risk Only
W   WT          Watertight
W   Wtd         Wtd Warranted
W   WTO         WTO World Trade Organization
W   WWD         Weather Working Day
W   WWD         WWD Weather Working Day
W   WWL         WWL Wallenius Wilhelsmen Line
W   WWLU        Wilh Wilhelmsen Oslo Norway
W   WWR       When, Where Ready
W   WWR       WWR When, Where Ready
W   WWW       WWW World Wide Web
W   WWWW      Wibon, Wccon, Wifpon, Wipon
W   WYSIWYG   WYSIWYG What You See Is What You get
X   XBE       XBE Excluded Both Ends
X   XCLU      Textainer Services U.K
X   Xe        Xe Xenon
X   XL        XL Exces of Loss
X   XRTU      XTRA Inc Boston USA
X   Xs        Xs Loss Excess of loss reinsurance
Y   Y         Y Yttrium
Y   YAR       York Antwerp Rules
Y   YAR       YAR York Antwerp Rules
Y   YAW       To swing or steer off course, as when running with a
Y   Yb        quartering sea
              Yb Ytterbium
Y   YMLU      Yang Ming Marine Transport USA
Y   YOA       YOA Year of Account
Y   Yrds      Yards
Y   YSFF      Nippon Liner Services
Z   Z         UTC = GMT
Z   ZBXU      Zim Israel Navigation Tel Aviv
Z   ZCLU      Zim Israel Navigation Tel Aviv
Z   ZCSU      Zim Israel Navigation Tel Aviv
Z   ZD        ZD Zone Description
Z   ZIMU      Zim Israel Navigation Tel Aviv
Z   Zn        Zn Zinc
Z   Zr        Zr Zirconium
poration San Francisco

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