Waste Management in Gdansk New Waste Treatment Plant by coreymcintyre


									Waste Management
in Gdansk
By Mrs Jadwiga Kopec & Mrs Monika Piotrowska – Szypryt
      The project “Strategy will be drawn to a conclusion on efficiency
                                             of the project in comparison with usual
             Development for services in the districts. Results of Pilot
       Effective Solid Waste Project will also be stated by inhabitants
                                             of questionnaires filled in
                                                                          on the ground

   Management in the City participated in PP.
 of Gdansk” is now under Similar project will be implemented in
                                             other city district and later on the system
          process. It consists of waste collection in areas of high density                       Teching of behaviour patterns starts
                                             of population will be changed.                       already at young age.
    preparation of “Waste
                                                                                                The plant will consist of a number of inter-
 Management Programme                                                                           connected sorting, dismantling, and
in the City of Gdansk up                                                                        composting lines. It will be an ecologically
                                                  More information:                             safe, modern and complete plant treating
    to 2015”, preparation                         Mrs Jadwiga Kopec                             and managing refuse. It will also be easy
                                                  Mrs Monika Piotrowska – Szypryt               to modify it later. Initially, relatively
      and realization of the                                                                    unsophisticated technical elements, easy
                                                  Environmental Protection Department
      Pilot Project (PP) of                       City of Gdansk                                to construct and start, and matching the
                                                  Tel/Fax +48 58 3026370                        present situation in the cities, will be used.
     selective collection of                      e-mail: wosr@gdansk.gda.pl                    Stage two envisages launching highly
          waste in selected                                                                     advanced technological RDF installations
                                                                                                and organic refuse composting facilities.
districts, and preparation                                                                      A comparative study of six waste
        of feasibility study                                                                    management systems was conducted in
     including recycling of                      New Waste                                      1997 and as a result a MIX programme
                                                                                                was selected. It assumes a comprehensive
                                                                                                approach to the introduction of modern
industrial waste – plastic,
          glass, and paper.                      Treatment                                      municipal waste management combining
                                                                                                investment, legislative, and educational
                                                                                                efforts. It was first used in 1999 with less
In May 2001, implementation of the Pilot
Project started in selected city districts. It   Plant                                          than 30 000 people but it is thought that
                                                                                                by next year it will be cover a population
                                                                                                of about 350 000.
was preceded by information campaign             Mr Adam Kaldunski
through citizens (posters, leaflets, picnic).                                                   The parties implementing the MIX
The main objective of the Pilot Project is        The most modern Polish                        programme are aware that construction
selective collection of various types of                 waste treatment and                    of the facilities and installations alone will
household waste including hazardous                                                             not make the system work as expected.
waste and biowaste with maximum                       management plant will                     Therefore they put much emphasis on
services ensured by the city. Extra                                                             changing the inhabitants’ behavioural
containers for recycled materials (for
                                                      locate near Gdynia. It                    patterns through an intensive information
paper, glass, plastics, cans of aluminium            will be environmentally                    and educational campaign. Most
and biowaste) were supplied where                                                               environmental programmes, workshops
needed. Every household was also                                safe, and the                   and competitions are addressed at
supplied with small biowaste basket. Used         comprehensive solutions                       children and youth though the good
batteries are collected in special “pockets”                                                    offices of the teachers. In nearly four years
of glass containers and overdue medicines           adopted there will make                     10 000 children and youth have been
in containers placed in drugstores. Toxic                                                       reached through the educational
                                                  it stand out among other                      campaign.
household waste, such as chemicals,
fluorescent lamps, mercury – in – glass                      similar projects                   The project had received funding from the
thermometers and electronic equipment                                                           European Union for environment
can be taken to a special car driving round
                                                   throughout the country.                      protection of Euro 15,3 million from the
the districts in appointed time.                                                                pre-accession ISPA fund (Instrument for
Periodically collection of constructional        Preparations for the construction of the       Structural Policies for Pre-Accession).
and balky waste is also organized.               Lezyce plant are entering their final stage.
The preparation and realization of PP is         The plant will be used for the waste of         More information:
coordinated by the Gdañsk City Hall and          almost half a million people of Gdynia,         Mr Adam Kaldunski
funded by Dutch Ministry from MATRA              Sopot, Rumia, Reda, Wejherowo,                  Tel: +48 58 661 71 75
Fund. At the end of this year the                Kosakowo Commune, and communes of               E-mail:
approximated amount of collected waste           Luzino and Szemud.                              wydz.ochrony_srodowiska@miasto.gdynia.pl

12                                                                                                                     BCB Environment 2/01

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