Ways Of Deceiving Spam Filters by cmlang


									by: William R. Nabaza

Spam filters or spam blockers or spam eliminators have one purpose and that is to block, ban,
delete unwanted, unsolicited commercial email and prevent them from entering your inbox.
Their intentions are good since email is intended for personal communication but often abused
by internet marketers and opt-in newsletters. However, spam filters are misunderstood little tool
for they are merely software that aids and not to demand from it's owner or never to dictate it's
owner what is spam or not. Our fault is laziness in way that we have all delegated the task of
choosing what and what not to read in our inbox to a software.

Spam filters work in various ways but one common principle is that they isolate spam from not
by means of patterns or words or keywords found on your email messages. They do this very fast
often lightning speed and we can say that they've already "read" our email messages first before
we have ever read it. Some will go into extent that it actually scans the email message and reads
it for some spam are mascarading as a personal email but are not. They're real intention is ot sell
you out.

So this little so-called "intelligent software" will do their "thing" and put messages straight to
your spam box/folder or even worst delete it before you can even set your eyes on it. One
colleague of mine decided not to receive email from me because my email end up on the spam
folder. How cruel? A friendship destroyed just because people prevented their brain to think and
sided with the spam filter. Spam filters can't give you freebies because it hates the word.

A person or programmer feeds it's words like: free, money, cash, opportunity, friend, $,
investment, and many more to be filtered or scored out. A certain score was assigned to a word
mentioned above and the more the word are mentioned in an email message the more your email
message is considered as a spam. So the highest scorer get straight to the trash.

No person or software can tell me what is spam or not for I have not prevented by the use of my
brain. Remember the saying "Another man's trash is another man's treasure.", so it is with spam.
"Another man's spam is another man's opportunity.

So how can you deceive this spam filters and get your message across to your intended recipient.

1. Limit or if possible don't use the words: "free, money, cash, opportunity, for a more listing of
these scored out words, try sending a message to yourself using either yahoo or hotmail account
once it get straight to the trash, chances are you have the banned word.

2. Speak in a foreign language, perhaps, your own native language will do. Majority of spam
filters are programmed in English but watch out there are already multi-lingual spam filters out

3. Work on your wordings, make it short. Send a test email to your yahoo or hotmail account, if
it gets to the inbox, then you can send that email, if not try rewording your message. try my spam
tester here: http://www.nabaza.com/safelist.htm or here
4. Insert symbol or extra letter in the filtered word, for example instead of saying "free" say it
like: "freee", "f.r.e.e.", "F*r*e*e*". I think you get the point. Your message will appear coded
bringing us back to the military age of the internet where only the militaries can use the internet.

5. Don't send an email at all, that way it won't be filtered. Try fax machines. Use forum, blogs,
rss, i.m. (instant messenger) or desktop alerts.

6. Use randomly generated words so you're recipient will think you're crazy and so he/she will
move your message to his/her trash.

7. Use a website and post your message there. Email the recipient just the url or web address and
let him/her click on it, chances are he/she won't click thinking that the web address is a virus or a

8. Abbreviate your words like those sent on SMS (short messaging system) or in telegrams or
just like in morse codes.

9. Turn your messages into a graphic either a .jpg or .gif will do. Write in a piece of paper and
scan it or use a graphic editing software and write your entire message there and save it as .jpg or
.gif and send it in an email as file attachments.

Ok, I'll stop there before I become a laughing stock. Now for a very effective way of
communication, use desktop alerts, what are desktop alerts? Know them and download 1 or two
of them here: http://www.Nabaza.biz

This article was posted on December 11, 2005

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