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Responsibility of Plastic Surgeons

The word responsibility is a major consideration in every task. Both massive and small tasks
must be injected with full responsibility. Plastic surgeons are no different. They hold a great
responsibility in every handling of any procedure they undertake. Human lives are directly or
indirectly affected by every stroke of their scalpel; for every decision that they put into
action, the power of the mind and the heart should work in hand to create an outstanding

Top or mediocre plastic surgeons follow laws and rules implemented by many different
government or private standardization and/or governing bodies. These protocols serve as their
guidelines in the practice. Code of ethics is also implemented in every field of work or
business. In plastic and cosmetic surgery, data protection is an issue. Privacy is at stake when
someone decides to engage into any plastic surgery procedures. Cases of patients suing their
surgeons for revealing private information to the press or to some people have been rampant
on news. There are also people though who are not at all embarrassed or ashamed about the
alterations done on their body, face, breasts or whatever. For many public entertainers or
figures, they also endorse top plastic and/or cosmetic surgeons. Beauty has indeed become a
profitable business.

Public interest about plastic surgery is enormously growing each time. Aging is a dreaded
stage by most because of its association with sagging skin, eye bags, wrinkles, sagging
breasts, receding/balding hair, facial area discolouration, warts, thinning lip area, etc. These
were not big deal during the time of our grandparents; they were just normal part of reality.
Today however, these aging occurrences are not that serious anymore. Botox, silicone,
surgery, nose job, and a lot more have made aging delayed for few or even a lot of years.

The two most famous plastic surgery procedures according to top plastic surgeons are:

   1. Liposuction – This process involves removal of fatty tissue to help with weight loss.
      This procedure is famous to both men and women who are with excess fat; however
      for the obese, more complex procedures are offered. Contrary to what many people
      think, liposuction is not just mainly for the stomach and waist area, this cosmetic
      surgery procedure also is recommended for buttocks, inner and outer thighs, double
      chins, buttocks, knees and hips.
   2. Tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty- is a procedure of body sculpting that also aims to
      make someone slimmer. This treatment is specifically designed to make one’s
      stomach flatter.
Whether or not the procedures mentioned improve someone’s life, the reality is it is a major
risk for anyone to get involved if she/he is not psychologically prepared to undergo such
procedures. Psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and the like play an important role in
everything associated with alteration. Pain will go away bust scars will stay, as the saying
goes, so it is vital to have reliable and collective information before committing to whether a
top or bottom plastic surgeon. For intelligent information, visit http://www.jaycalvertmd.com.

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