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									                                MOU Procedures
                     College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
                                      July 12, 2010

Please read these procedures and use the CALS MOU template below as the basis for
preparing your MOU, inserting the appropriate language where necessary. Please do not
delete major sections. If you feel sections may be irrelevant to your particular situation,
communicate that to Jim Haldeman (CALS International Programs --
and the Senior Associate Dean for a final determination before preparing the MOU for
the approval process review.

When you begin work on an MOU, please contact Jim Haldeman in the CALS
International Programs Office. Jim will help guide the MOU through the appropriate
approval processes. Once Jim Haldeman has reviewed the language required as in the
CALS MOU template, his office will prepare a routing form, and the MOU will then be
moved through the approval process. Jim will see that all required signatures are
obtained in the correct order. Review is required from University Counsel, the Relevant
Area Studies Program, Cornell Abroad (if a university student exchange is involved), and
the Dean of the Graduate School (if Graduate School resources are involved). After Jim
Haldeman obtains the above series of signatures, he will approve and sign the routing
form as the IP/CALS representative and the MOU will be forwarded to the Senior
Associate Dean of CALS office for review in advance of the Dean of the College of
Agriculture and Life Sciences approving and signing the agreement.

Dean Boor should be the first person to sign the MOU after it has been through the
approval process at Cornell, working through Jim Haldeman. Please do not have the
partner institution sign first, and please do not send MOUs directly to the Dean or Senior
Associate Dean. Cornell approvals are needed, and Jim Haldeman will assist you in
obtaining the sequence of signatures required.

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Once the Dean of CALS has approved the agreement, Jim Haldeman will send the
agreement to the Provost for International Relations for final signature. (Once approved,
this office notifies the Enaudi Center of the approved MOU, which is then entered into
their database of MOU’s, accessible online.) If necessary, this office will work with the
originator to obtain the signature from the partner institution. Both parties to the
agreement must have an original copy of the MOU.

Additional information regarding international MOU’s is available at the Einaudi web

See the CALS MOU template below.

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                 NAME OF PARTNER INSTITUTION plus full address


                                 Ithaca, New York (USA)


Project Agreements
The terms of cooperation for each specific activity implemented under this Memorandum
of Understanding (MOU), including financial aspects, shall be mutually discussed and
agreed upon in writing by both parties prior to the initiation of that activity. These
Project Agreements shall be subject to the terms of this MOU and shall be attached hereto
in Appendix A.

In order to facilitate international academic exchange, to develop academic and scientific
relationships, and in support of collaborative research activities name of partner institution
and Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) agree to establish
this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as a framework for cooperative programs.

                                      ARTICLE I
                        University Personnel Exchange and Visits

It is agreed that linkages will be strengthened by university personnel visits and
exchanges between the collaborating institutions. The purpose is to exchange scientific
information and develop specific cooperative projects and programs. Arrangements for
each such visit will be made under the aegis of the institutions. Purpose, timing and other
details concerning exchanges and short visits shall be mutually acceptable to the
institutions. It is agreed that information concerning the purpose and duration of faculty
and/or student visits, the research backgrounds of personnel and further details, as
required, will be provided to the host institution at least two months prior to the proposed

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                                      ARTICLE II
                                   Cooperative Research

It is recognized that significant opportunities will exist for cooperative research at the
collaborating institutions.      Such clearly beneficial activities may require specific
arrangements. In view of the importance of cooperative research, collaborating institutions
agree to give a high priority to this within their overall relationships.

                                      ARTICLE III
                                Areas of Academic Interest

Every effort will be made to encourage productive relationships and exchanges in all
agricultural related fields identified by interested members of collaborating institutions.

                                      ARTICLE IV
                              Post Graduate Degree Training

The collaborating institutions recognize that there are considerable benefits when graduate
students are provided with opportunities for conducting at least some of their research
abroad. Efforts will be made, accordingly, to expand opportunities toward this objective.
Arrangements to this end will be considered on a case-by-case basis. It is agreed that as
much as practicable, graduate-level research and training will be considered an essential
component for inclusion in externally funded projects. Short-term, non-degree training will
also be considered as part of this agreement.

With respect to student programs, the acceptance of students for research, course work or
full programs will be dependent on meeting the funding needs, academic criteria of the host
institution, and on visa and other requirements of the host country. In such cases students
will apply through the Cornell Graduate School and, if admitted, would be responsible for
paying tuition and fees. Students participating in a program contemplated by this MOU will
be required to carry adequate health insurance acceptable to the host institution, and provide
proof of such insurance to the host institution.

                                     ARTICLE V
                             Exchange of Scientific Materials

Collaborating parties agree to exchange as widely as is practicable such items as scientific
publications and journals, university calendars, prospectuses, text books, course outlines and
reference materials.

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                                     ARTICLE VI
                       Duration of Memorandum of Understanding

The effective date of this MOU shall be ______________. The MOU shall extend for a
period of ________ years and may be renewed upon mutual written agreement. The MOU
may be modified by mutual written agreement. The MOU may be terminated by either
university with notification to the other party six months prior to the effective date of

                                      ARTICLE VII
                                   Intellectual Property

Each party to this MOU shall own the intellectual property (IP) conceived or first reduced
to practice solely by its employees or agents in furtherance of projects or activities
contemplated by this MOU. IP conceived or first reduced to practice jointly by
employees or agents of both parties shall be jointly owned.

                                     ARTICLE VIII
                                    Academic Freedom

Basic principles of academic freedom will be applicable to all educational and research
activities undertaken by (or under the direction of) faculty who participate in the projects
contemplated by this MOU.

                                     ARTICLE IX
                                   Export Compliance

The parties hereto agree to comply with all applicable United States export laws and
regulations. Unless authorized by applicable government license or regulation, neither
party will directly or indirectly export or re-export, at any time any technical information
or software, furnished or developed under this MOU to any prohibited country (including
release of such technical information or software to nationals, wherever they may be
located, of any prohibited country) as specified in applicable United States export,
embargo, and sanctions regulations.

                                     ARTICLE X

Specifically, both institutions agree not to discriminate against any person because of age,
ancestry, color, disability or handicap, national origin, race, religious creed, sex, sexual
orientation, or veteran status. Cornell and [Partner University] shall abide by these
principles in the administration of this MOU, and neither institution shall impose criteria
for the exchange of faculty or students which would violate the principles of non-
discrimination. Breach of this covenant may be regarded as a material breach of this
Memorandum of Understanding and any related agreements.

Revised: 7/12/2010                           Page 5 of 7
                                      ARTICLE XI

[Partner University] and Cornell shall each indemnify and hold harmless the other, its
officers, agents, and employees, for any and all liability, damages and costs attributable to
the negligent acts or omissions of the indemnifying party, its officers, agents and employees
while acting in the scope of their employment, and in furtherance of activities described in
this Memorandum of Understanding.

                                       ARTICLE XII
                                        Use of Name

Any use of the name Cornell University including any of its constituent colleges or
programs, or Cornell related logos in advertisements, publications or notices relating in
any way to the activities described in this MOU shall be subject to the prior written
approval of Cornell University.

                                    ARTICLE XIII
                                   Liability Insurance

Each party shall maintain its own insurance in amounts deemed appropriate for its
operations. Such insurance shall provide coverage for negligent acts, errors, or omissions
and provide protection against bodily injury or property damage claims. It is expressly
understood that each party shall be solely responsible for its own actions and such
insurance shall not extend to protect any other party.

                                     ARTICLE XIV

The Parties will consult with each other and attempt to resolve disputes or
misunderstandings that arise in the administration of this MOU informally. In the event
that internal attempts at resolution are not successful, the Parties agree that any formal
claims in connection with this Agreement against Cornell, its officer, agents and
employees shall be brought in State or Federal Court having jurisdiction in Tompkins
County, State of New York, USA, and claims against [institution name] shall be brought
in the courts of [home country]. The MOU shall be construed in accord with the law of
the courts in which the proceedings are brought.

                                     ARTICLE XV

Exchange faculty and students must abide by the laws of the host country affecting
foreign nationals, and by the rules and regulations of the host university.

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                                                       ARTICLE XVI

Neither party to this Agreement shall have the right to assign any duty or responsibility
arising hereunder without the written consent of the other party.

                                                         ARTICLE XVII

The administration of this MOU will be the responsibility of the International
Programs/CALS at Cornell University. NAME/TITLE will be the primary contact at
Cornell. Dr. ___________ will serve as the primary contact at ___________.
Include contact address.

In witness whereof the undersigned, representing their respective institutions, hereby sign
and approve this Memorandum of Understanding in duplicate, one copy for every signing

Should this MOU or any related Project Agreement be executed in more than one language
the English version shall control in the event of any conflict or inconsistency in meaning or
interpretation of terms.


Partner Institution                                                      Cornell University (CALS)

_______________________________                                          ________________________________
By:.........................................................             Kathryn J. Boor, Ph.D.
Title:......................................................             The Ronald P. Lynch Dean

Date ………………                                                              Date ……………………

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