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Residual Income by cmlang


									by: Peter Owen

Hi, I'm Peter Owen, Director and founder of Tall Oak Limited.

We have produced this article to give you a quick insight into how to receive a second income or
replace your present income. The key to securing your future and reaching your goals is called a
residual income. Residual income flows into your bank account day after day, year after year for
work you did 6 months ago.

Sounds Good! Great then lets look how you gain a residual income. The way I approach it is by
talking about Network Marketing, I know what you are thinking 'that's pyramid selling isn't it?
No! Network Marketing is used by several large companies creating a different way for
companies to sell there products and services.

Network Marketing works by distributors or members, telling people about the product or
service rather than using high cost advertisements. .

Lets look at an example: I start a restaurant and decide to use network marketing to gain
customers, every time someone comes in I give them a card offering them 5% of the total spend
by each person they recommend to my restaurant. One person (lets call him Fred) goes away and
tells ten people about my restaurant, those ten people spend 500 (about 50 per head) which
means at the end of the week Fred receives a cheque for 25 just for telling people about my
restaurant. Sounds good doesn't it? That is simply how network marketing works, Different
companies have different ways of working out how much you get paid but the principle is the

The more people you tell the more you can earn. So why do you need a second income?

Have you seen the reports about having to work till your 70; I don't want to work till Im 60, let a
loan 70.

Is your retirement fund big enough for you to continue to live the life style you want?

Most people think that when they retire there mortgage will have gone, debts will have been paid
off, and so they can afford to take a cut in there income WHY?

Why work hard for 45 years then take a pay cut

The way I see it if I worked 45 years of my life I should be able to enjoy my retirement not
reduce my life style or leave it as it is, my life should get better.

How many hours a week do you spend with your family and I don't mean sleeping in front of the
TV. Would you like more time with your family and go on more holidays?
How about your debt and mortgage do you struggle from month to month and worry about if you
can pay the bills each time, wouldn't you like to get rid of your debts and mortgage and I don't
mean by going to a loans company and consolidating, that just lengthens the time till there gone.

If any of the above sound familiar then a residual income is the answer.

There are loads of networking companies so why should you choose us to show you how. Well
we believe we have found two companies well worth looking at and we will offer you support
from day 1 until you ask us to stop, I am not going to go into detail but we will give you a brief
idea of both so you can decide which is best for you.

The first is Telecom Plus newly named Telecom Plus the Utilities Warehouse, which is (as the
name suggests) a utilities company. They offer a cheaper phone service, the cheapest gas and
electric (Yes I said the cheapest not cheaper) only if you save money on your phone as well, not
bad hey!! . They also offer Mobile Phones, 0800 numbers and an online shop, selling everything
from flowers to TV's.

The second company is World Games Inc, an exclusive online gaming company with a casino,
sweepstake and a patented private stock market. World Games Inc is purely internet based and
can be run from any computer with internet access. My explanation of World Games Inc may be
short but don't underestimate it. World Games is new to the UK and will grow rapidly so join
now and ride the wave to success.

I hope I have given you enough information to enable you to see why residual income is so
important. Please check out Telecom Plus and World Games Inc by using the links on our web
site at or get back to the person who sent you to us.

Don't wait for life to pass you by live your dreams today.

This article was posted on September 16, 2003

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