Panhellenic President –Elect Application by hcj


									            Panhellenic President–Elect Application
Applications are now being accepted for the position of Panhellenic President-Elect. The
President-Elect will automatically assume and complete the Panhellenic President
position. These positions will being in December 2010 until December of 2012.

There are two major qualifications which you must meet to serve in this position and as
President: 1) you must be a full time student each semester through Fall 2012, and 2) you
must be an active member in good standing within you sorority during each semester
through Fall 2012.

Other requirements: Applicants should be motivated, energetic, enthusiastic, organized,
and comfortable in a leadership role. Fairness and responsibility are important aspects of
this position.

The President-Elect’s primary responsibilities are developing and implementing New
Member programming, coordinating New Member Presentation with the IFC Vice-
President, and serving as a liaison between the Panhellenic Council and IFC. Other
responsibilities are listed on the attached job description sheet. Attendance at IFC
general meetings is required (Wednesday s at 4pm), unless the responsibility is delegated
to another officer. Attendance at Panhellenic Executive meetings on Tuesday s at 4pm,
Panhellenic general meetings on Thursdays at 4pm, and Panhellenic officer training in
January 2011.

Applications received on or before Friday October 8, 2010 will be given preference.
Please bring them to Rosie, in the Greek Life Office, preferably typed. The option to
speak at chapter meetings, on Monday, October 11, 2010 is available. Interviews will be
held on Thursday, October 14, 2010 after Panhellenic. Applications will be reviewed and
candidates selected for interview by a panel consisting of Panhellenic President Rachel
Hakeem, Panhellenic President-Elect Shelby Beasley, sorority chapter presidents,
sorority Panhellenic delegates, and the Coordinator for Greek Life Susan Waldo.

Name _________________________               Phone_______________Email__________

Affiliation______________________            When Affiliated______________________
Sorority Offices                             Other Organizations
What Leadership qualities do you possess? How will you use these qualities to benefit
the Panhellenic Council and community as the President-Elect?

What would your goals be if selected for this office? How do you intend to achieve these

How much time will you have to put into this office, (what are your other major time

What does being Greek mean to you? How can you display this to the Panhellenic
Council and community?
What types of jobs or responsibilities have you had that might benefit you as President-
Elect? Please elaborate.

What ideas do you have to improve upon the current structure of the Panhellenic
Council? (i.e. Meetings, programming, inter-Panhellenic relations, etc.)

Is there anything else you would like the panel to consider or know at this time?

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