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									Special Offers from Contractors Long Island

“Contractors Long Island” is a well named company in providing the best offers to its
clients. Apart from the quality service, it is also providing lot many benefits that client can
make use of it. General benefits which are declared by company are as below.

There will be 16% off on the wiring for the home. The company is designing all the wiring
plans according to your need. Wiring is a having its own engineering where it should cover
the entire home but it should not result in making home look bad. Bad wiring most of the
time results in ugly look for homes. There should be always excessive extension plugs
should be maintained whenever you are planning to wire a home. The future requirement
should be considered at the time of initial investment itself. With this organization you can
save up to 16% of your cost on Wiring, which can be utilized to invest in some other part of
the home. While you wiring your home, you should be very careful about security aspects.
You should always take a note of which switch point is going to be used for which purpose.
If a switch point is using for Washing Machine then the switch may get heat due to long
use. So such a switch should have greater capacity to withstand the load. If a switch is
using for just to make some light in the room then it don’t need much capacity.

Also “Contractors Long Island” is providing 21% off for the repeated and existing
customers, who are the backbones of this company. Retaining a existing customer, making
more business with the already existing customer is very easy if the company is providing
good service. Once the customer likes the service which the contractor is providing, then
there will be normally low chance to break this contract. Normally client wont switch for
other contractors if the existing contractor is utilizing full skills to make clients plan come
true. If client switches to other contractor in the middle of the project then it will result in
delay of the project schedule. Also there will be not any cost effectiveness since new
contractor may need some time to understand overall plan again.

“Contractors Long Island” is mainly concentrating on the security of the home. The
organization is providing the insurance for the house which it is building. Sensor lights will
be fixed at the doors which is completely free of cost. And also if client is opting for CCTV
cameras then one camera will be free from this company. There will be free fire control
system will be installed in the home which is very essential at the time of emergencies.
Automatic power generator will be installed which will be running on Solar power. With
the help of this Solar system you can burn 2 lights, 1 water heater and stove everyday which
will make your home budget cost effective. By using Solar system you will also by
contributing to make our environment clean and clear.

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