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									by: Gary Tallon

The life insurance market in the UK is extremely competitive. Over the last 5 - 10 years more
and more insurance companies have been entering the life insurance market providing consumers
with a huge range of life insurance products to go after. Even the big supermarkets like Tesco,
Sainsbury and Asda now offer cheap life insurance products, often using their own brand goods
as advertising space to get their message across to their legions of customers.

Such is the level of competition, a basic term life insurance policy can now cost as little as 5 per
month for a young and healthy non-smoker. Life insurance costs though will vary significantly
depending upon age, lifestyle and occupation. They will also vary between different life
insurance providers, as not all providers evaluate the risk of the life to be insured in the same

Shopping around for life insurance

The best way to get good value for money on your life insurance cover is to spend some time
shopping around for life insurance quotes. If you take the traditional approach and start leafing
through the phone directory for insurance leads with a view to phoning them up for a quote, then
it may take you quite some time to find the best life product for your circumstances.

This method of finding life insurance is quite laborious too as each time you phone up a new life
insurance agent you'll end up repeating all of the details that you gave to the last life insurance
agent on the telephone. Then, having spent 5-10 minutes giving out your personal details and
relevant information pertaining to the type of life cover that you need, you still might end up
receiving a life insurance quote that you deem not be competitive.

By far the best way to get a good selection of life insurance in this day and age is to use the
Internet. Today, the majority of mainstream life insurance companies have a presence on the
Internet, and they are joined by several specialist life companies who operate exclusively online.
Between them they offer the widest selection of life cover leads for people seeking life insurance

Additionally, life companies publish their life insurance policies online, allowing you to review
the policies in the comfort of your own home on all the life products before making the decision
to apply. Most companies provide links to online application forms too, enabling you to apply
for life cover from your chosen providers immediately. Application forms in most instances take
less than 10 minutes to complete.

This article was posted on February 21, 2006

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