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									by: Rhiannon Williamson

Is it your dream to one day own a holiday home in the sun; a beautiful house where you can
escape, relax and be free of the worries that seem to go hand in hand with every day life?

Well, youre not alone!

A recent survey by a well known mortgage lender in the UK revealed that up to one in three
Britons not only dream about owning a home in the sun but fully intend to make that dream a
reality some day. And in the US the number of Americans planning to one day buy that ideal
second home haven is now up to three in ten people.

Now let me ask you another question: -

If it is your dream to one day own that beautiful home in the sun what exactly are you waiting

Why wait for one day when you can make your dream a reality today?

Here are just five simple ways that could free you up to make your ideal property purchase

1) Location, Location, Location

There are still some very beautiful and highly affordable locations left in this wonderful world of
ours destinations that are less well known, less popular with tourists, less well developed maybe;
but no less beautiful, no less welcoming and certainly no less safe!

You just have to look a little further afield or think outside of the box and be prepared to do some
of the real estate research yourself. The most popular destinations for second homes like Florida
and Spain are very well documented and there are literally thousands of real estate agents to help
you find that pricey holiday villa or apartment.

But if you want to be able to buy up something that doesnt have such an inflated and
unachievable price tag then look to less well marketed and tourist populated areas find the next
emerging market.

Did you know that property in Northern Spain is a fraction of the price of property on the Costa
del Sol, property in Northern Belize is a fraction of the price of property in the Cayes and
property in central France is a fraction of the price of property on the Cote dAzur for example?
Did you know Croatia and Bulgaria have beautiful summer climates and stunning beaches?

Be a proactive pioneer and seek out the most affordable and desirable holiday home hotspots and
make todays budget go that much further.

2) Jet to Let
If you need to borrow to finance your property purchase consider buying an apartment, villa or
house that can easily be rented out during the peak season in your dream destination. The weekly
rental income you can generate from your property purchase will pay off the extra money you
had to borrow to buy your dream home now rather than waiting until tomorrow.

Once the peak season is over and youve generated the highest rental yields possible you can free
up the home for a couple of weeks and you can take time out to travel to it and enjoy an out of
season break in your very own dream overseas home.

Once the holidaymakers who let your home have helped you pay off your mortgage you can
either continue to take an income supplement from the property or refuse to rent it out and have
it all to yourself either way, jet to let is the latest way to afford that second home overseas.

3) Pool Resources

If you and your friends or family members all share the dream of owning a second home
overseas you could consider pooling your financial resources together to get on the second home
property ladder.

This will enable each of you to make your financial contribution go so much further - and if you
draw up a contract between you all at the start which details who can have access to the house
during which weeks of the year there will be no possibility of arguments later on!

4) Get a Fixer-Upper

Many first time buyers in the local market consider buying a home in need of repair, renovation
or just a cosmetic overhaul. Its a well known fact that homes in need of some TLC get sold far
cheaper than perfectly presented show homes. Well, the same applies in every house market
regardless of where in the world youre looking to buy.

Therefore spend a little time learning about the local real estate market in your preferred country,
find out about average costs of houses and then look for homes priced under this ceilingall of
them will be priced down because they require work.

Always make sure you get a survey done on any home youre interested in to ensure youre fully
aware of the work required then get building quotes etc., and cost the work up obviously the
more work you can do yourself the less money it will cost and then go get yourself a fixer-upper
and use some of your holiday time turning your second home into your dream home.

You will be amazed at how well you can potentially push up the value of a second home by
taking this path in many countries overseas run down homes are undervalued because local
people have no desire to take on the work. If you put in the effort and turn the house around,
when you want to sell it you will probably be handsomely financially rewarded!

5) Release Equity
If you have equity in your principal home i.e., your house is worth more than the mortgage you
have on it you could consider re-mortgaging to free up this equity and you could then use this
equity for a second home purchase.

There are some major considerations to think about before taking this path however because it
involves increasing your debt ratio. On the good side you can often reduce your overall mortgage
interest rate when you re-mortgage and you will be putting the money you free up straight back
into property.

On the bad side you will be increasing your debt and your loan will be secured on your primary
residence. This option can suit many people but you should speak to a financial adviser before
taking this path.

Hopefully these five simple ways have given you some food for thought there are many ways to
stop putting off until tomorrow that dream that you could be living today.

Why wait until youre too old to enjoy a home overseas before you buy one!

This article was posted on September 11, 2005

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