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Future Trends in Technology IS Strategic Perspective for the 2008


									Reaching The New Generation Of Employees
  Trends in Technology and What it Means for Recruiting

                       December 2, 2008
            Ed Granger-Happ, Global CIO SC/US & UK
                  Chairman, NetHope & GTRB
Where I Spent My Sabbatical

Cell Phones on the Green

 I was walking across the green in the center of the Dartmouth campus one afternoon,
 and noticed two coeds approaching each other talking on cell phones. It became
 obvious as they got closer that they were talking to each other. As they came face-to-
 face they kept talking. To each other! Then they smiled and walked on in opposite
 directions, still talking to each other. I stopped, put down my bag and thought about
 what I just saw. The cell phone was not a convenience or an add-on for these
 students. The phone was the conversation! That’s a mind shift even business people
 addicted to their Blackberries. Are we ready for that in the workplace?
The Speed of Information
 In a class at Tuck, the professor
 and guest advisor were giving
 the teams tips on who to
 contact. During the tech team
 presentation, I was watching
 what the students were doing
 on their laptops. The advisor
 recommended the team contact
 a major foundation, who had a
 technology-related funding
 program. As he was making his
 comments, one of the students
 browsed to the foundation web
 site and found the relevant
 program page. Before he
 finished, she had sent the link
 via email to the rest of the
 team, who in turn were clicking
 to the site. The entire flow of
 verbal and electronic
 information happened real-time.
Doonesbury Gets It!
Students care about social initiatives

                                  • 50% of incoming
                                    students ask about the
                                    school's Allwin Initiative
                                    for corporate social
                                    responsibility as part of
                                    their decision process
                                    for attending the school.
                                  • 30 of 240 incoming
                                    students, volunteer to
                                    work on nonprofit
                                    boards for the school

That’s good news for NGOs

 Last year during a NetHope collaboration summit of
 nonprofit and for-profit technology leaders, the head
 of corporate affairs for a leading software company
 leaned over to me and said, “Guess what the number
 three question applicants are asking us now?”
 Building the suspense, she cited the obvious number
 one and two questions about salary and career path.
 “What’s your corporate social responsibility
 program,” she delivered word-by-word after a pause,
 “It wasn’t even on the radar screen three years ago.”

 However, there’s an impending war for global talent

• Millennials: 13-24
   (born 1983-94)
• Generation X: 25-41
   (born 1966-82)
• Baby Boomers: 42-60
   (born 1947-65)
• Matures: 61-75
   (born 1932-46)

…and there’s a serious “communications” gap

                   Top three Cell Phone Applications
                       % frequently/occasionally
              0        20          40          60            80        100





                  Text messaging   Digital Camera (still pictures)   Games
We were wrong about cell phones…

 “Think about what translates from your
 business to these problems,” she said. One
 example: cellphones. Of the 6.6 billion people in
 the world, 3.7 billion have access to a cellphone,
 she said. That opens an opportunity to use
 mobile technology for reworking banking for
 the poor, she said.” –Melinda Gates, at the D
 Conference of Tech leaders, May 29, 2008

…and the Internet is improving faster than we think

Video and the Rise of the Personal Broadcaster

• 32% of consumers consider themselves to be
  a “broadcaster” of their own media
• 45% are creating personal content for others
  to see
• 54% (69% of Millennials and 62% of Xers) are
  increasingly creating their own entertainment
• 69% are watching/listening to content created
  by others

Who are you spending time with?

     “If you’re a CIO, you need to spend a
     lot of time out on the fringes of the
     Web because that’s where the
     innovation’s taking place. You need to
     spend a lot of time with people under
     25 years old.” –Gary Hamel, strategy

Who is Your Leading Indicator?

Consider this…

      “YouTube didn’t exist before 2005, yet
      it already is responsible for 10 percent
      of all traffic on the Internet.” --Stan Schatt,
      ABI Research Analyst

What is the other side seeing?

“Did You Know?” presentation, Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado, United States.

Current University Students
• I asked Dartmouth Graduate students:
  – So what do you use to communicate
    more, IM or Texting?
• Answer: Neither
• Neither?
• We do everything in Facebook

Do you have a Facebook account?

Five things a recruiter should be doing today
1.   Hanging out with under 25 year-olds
        Watch kids and ask them how they communicate
        Engage local university students in creating what we need; partner
         with professors
2.   Getting an account on MySpace and Facebook, not just
        Meet young recruits where they are
3.   Go viral with cell phones
        “Cell a friend” about an SC job
        Set cell phone alerts: when type of job available
4.   Video, video, video
        Making recruitment videos (e.g. working at SC)
        Request applicant videos
        Virtual tour of a program or field office
5.   Partner with corporations on the leading edge of
     recruitment technology
        Ask leaders to volunteer to create all of the above                  20
  Advice from a Hockey Legend

“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”
--Wayne Gretzky

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