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Etiquette: Interacting
with Employers
                 "A good
             beginning makes
             a good ending."
             -English Proverb
            Today’s Agenda
• Mind Your Manners; Defining
  Business Etiquette
• Professional Presentation; Reality vs.
• Talk the Talk; Communicating with
• Elbows Off the Table; Dining Etiquette
Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.
   Clarence Thomas (1948 - )
    What is Etiquette?

• Manners that are acceptable by a
  society or business (Webster’s New
  world Dictionary)
• A set of traditions, based on kindness,
  efficiency, and logic that have evolved
  over time.
  What Constitutes Business
• The gender-neutral application of powerful
  social skills to transact accepted business
  practices with thoughtful consideration that
  sharpens and increases your competitive
     -The Executive Protocol Group
• Without etiquette, you limit your potential,
  risk your image, jeopardize relationships
  that are fundamental to business success.
Perception and Self
– Johari Window

                  Blind Spots

    Facade        Potential
    Communicating With
–   Follow-up
–   Email
–   Phone/Voice Mail
–   Cell Phones
–   Face to Face
                 You can get through life with
                 bad manners, but it's easier with
                 good manners.
                  Lillian Gish

•   RSVP and follow through
•   6 Degrees of Separation
•   Prioritization
•   Acknowledge, even if you aren’t
      E-Mail Etiquette

• Don't Be A Novelist
• Too Much Punctuation!!!
• Formatting Is Not Everything
• Salutations
• Signatures
• Grammar and Punctuation
      Phone/Voice Mail
• Speak slowly and clearly
• Answer with your name
• Don’t use speakerphone without
• Return all calls the same day
• Record a professional voicemail message
• When leaving voicemail, speak slowly
  and repeat contact information
            Cell Phones

•   Use cell phones in private
•   Limit your distractions
•   Turn off when in meetings or interviews
•   Check out your connection prior to
    accepting or returning a call
Dining Etiquette

         "The world was my
        oyster, but I used the
            wrong fork."
            -Oscar Wilde
Why Meet Over a Meal?

– Social Fit/Etiquette
– Assess Team Orientation
– Project How Well You Might Work
  With Clients
– Relaxed Environment To Sell The
– Get To Know You On A Personal
Openers: Pre-Meal Mingle

– Casual conversation
– Mingle and introduce yourself
– Chance to connect with many
  before a meal
– Note:
   • Nametags should be worn on the Right hand side

"The mark of a good conversationalist? Pay attention to
what people say!"
Larry King
    You May Be Seated...
– Women should be seated first
– Place your Napkin in your lap
  • The napkin may be placed on your chair if
    you must leave the table
  • Do not spit food out into your napkin
  • Be careful not to leave lipstick on the linen
  • Use the napkin to blot, not wipe
– Remember
  • Solids on the Left
  • Liquids on the Right
The Place Setting
    1st Course: Soup and
• Use utensils from outside to inside
• Wait until all are served before eating
• Bread
   – Pass to the right
   – Break and butter small pieces
• Salad
   – Pass dressing to the right
   – Cut leaves with a knife if they are large
• Soup
   – Stir to cool and scoop away from yourself

• Follow your host
• Alcohol issues
  – Over 21?
    • No more than 1 even if host has more
  – Under 21?
    • Not at all
       Seafood Starters

• Shrimp
  – With a tail, you may use your fingers
  – Without a tail, you should use a fork (2 tined)
• Oysters
  – Raw in the shell, swallow whole
  – Cooked, use a fork

• Tip - Do not try seafood for the first time
  at an employer event
            Main Course

• Don’t order the most expensive menu item
• Cut your food into pieces 1-2 at a time
• Cut with your Dominant hand then put your
  knife down
• Set down utensils between bites
• Salt and Pepper are married
• Place utensils at 4:20 if you are finished
• Place at an X if you must leave the table
  Dessert: To eat or not to
• Follow the cue of your host
• Use the utensils at the top of your plate or
  the fork immediately to the left of your plate
• Place your coffee cup up for coffee
  – Never leave your spoon in the cup
• Sugar and cream are married
• Napkin remains in your lap until you are
  ready to leave then fold and place next to
  your plate
       Sticky Situations

• Spilling Food
    – On You
    – On the table
•   Unwanted Food/Too Hot
•   Soiled Silverware
•   Dropped Silverware
•   Sneezing at the Table
•   Food Caught in Teeth
               Pop Quiz

• If you bring a folder   • It is appropriate to
  or portfolio with you     place your napkin
  to a business meal,       on your lap as soon
  it is best to clear a     as you are seated
  small space for it on     – True or false
  the table
  – True or False
               Pop Quiz

• Since you are the      • If you get warm
  employer’s guest, it     during the meal, in
  is appropriate for       order to stay
  you to order first       comfortable, it is
  – True or False          best to remove your
                           – True or False
               Pop Quiz

• The number of forks     • To indicate that you
  at your place setting     are done with your
  is an indication of       meal, simply make
  the number of             eye contact with the
  courses you may           wait staff to have
  expect to be served       your plate removed
  – True or False           – True or False
               Pop Quiz

• To get an idea of the   • If you are at a
  price range in which      business lunch and
  to order, you should      you are not yet full,
  ask your host for a       it is expected that
  few suggestions           you will order
  from the menu             dessert
  – True or False            – True or False
                    Pop Quiz

• When ordering alcohol     • If you need to
  at a business meal, it      excuse yourself
  is best to follow the       during the meal, it is
  host’s lead in deciding     appropriate to place
  how to approach the         your napkin on your
  situation. Continue to      seat until you return
  order as many                – True or False
  beverages as the host.
  – True or False
               Pop Quiz

• If you are at a meal   • If you are with a
  with a group, you        group and sharing
  should use the           items (bread,
  plates near your         appetizers), typically
  upper right, if you      you should pass to
  are right handed         the person on your
  – True or False          right
                            – True or False
               Pop Quiz

• Since Cell phones      • When given a
  are so common in         nametag to wear
  business today, if       during a business
  you have a cell          function, you should
  phone, it is             wear it under your
  appropriate to leave     right shoulder
  it on during an          – True or False
  interview lunch
  – True or False
                    Pop Quiz
• When interviewing         • When greeting
  during a meal, you          those who have
  should take                 joined you for an
  responsibility for          interview, you
  initiating conversation     should rise and
  about your                  shake their hands
  qualifications. It is       – True or False
  appropriate for you to
  direct the conversation
  and to “Sell Yourself”
  – True or False
                  Final Tips

 •   Take your cue from the Host
 •   Prepare questions and read the paper
 •   Connect with everyone and be inclusive
 •   Remain calm no matter what
 •   brush up on table manners
 •   Practice practice practice

“A man's manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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