2006 217 1. The emergency equi by fjwuxn


									2006 년도 토익 기출어휘 217 개
1. The emergency equipment is tested (frequently) to ensure that it is in good c
*test ~ frequently: ~를 빈번하게 테스트하다
Iron and folic acid supplements are frequently given to pregnant women.

2. All participants at the seminar are asked to complete the evaluation (form)
*evaluation form 평가서
You will be asked to fill in a form with details of your birth and occupation.

3. there are (approximately) 250 people
*대략: approximately, about, around
Approximately $150 million is to be spent on improvements.

4. A light jacket is (recommended) for the winter months in the country’s warm
er regions
*recommend 추천하다
Though ten years old, this book is highly recommended.

5. The results of the survey will be released (in) three months
*in three months 3 개월 지나서
They'll be back in six months.

6. Any person (involved) in a legal case is advised to contact ~
*Any person (who is) involved in ~
*be involved in ~: ~에 관련되다
If she were involved in business, she would make a strong chief executive.

7. the restaurants (conveniently) located on the corner
*the restaurants (which are) conveniently located ~
*be conveniently/agreeably/perfectly located ~
It was very conveniently situated just across the road from the City Reference L

8. put the (announcement) about the restructuring in the department newsletter
*put/place the announcement 안내문을 싣다
He will place an announcement in the personal column of The Daily Telegraph.

9. offers (numerous) outdoor activities
*numerous outdoor activities 다양한 실외 활동
*numerous = various, diverse, many, a number of
Despite numerous attempts to diet, her weight soared.

10. We apologize (for) the delay
*apologize (to sb) for sth
I apologize for being late.
He apologized to the people who had been affected.

11. in order to get to (work) or school
*get to work 출근하다
Many people travel to work by car.

12. take care of several personal (matters) before returning to the office
*personal matters 개인적인 용무
It was clear that she wanted to discuss some private matter.

13. Mr. Grant (narrowly) missed the deadline
*narrowly miss the deadline: 마감기한을 아슬아슬하게 놓치다
She hurled the ashtray across the room, narrowly missing my head.

14. the symposium will be (hosted) by human resources department
*host a symposium: 토론회를 개최하다
Cannes hosts the annual film festival.

15. has (still) not released the annual spending figures
*still has not released ~ = has not yet released ~
Brian's toe is still badly swollen and he cannot put on his shoe.

16. (None) of the people in the department imagined it would become so popula
*None of the people = No one, Nobody
None of us knew how to treat her.

17. will inform you (of) the exact shipment date
*inform sb of sth
*inform sb that ~
They would inform him of any progress they had made.
My daughter informed me that she was pregnant.

18. The periodicals should be checked carefully (prior to) publication
*prior to publication 출판하기 전에
Prior to his Japan trip, he went to New York.
cf. prior = previous
The Constitution requires the president to seek the prior approval of Congress fo
r military action.

20. (Substantial) pay increases cannot be expected unless next year’s budget sho
ws ~
*substantial pay increases 상당한 급여 인상
*substantial = significant, considerable
The party has just lost office and with it a substantial number of seats.

21. unless spaces in the two main parking areas are all (taken)
*taken = full, occupied
Rachel smiled at him as they took their seats on opposite sides of the table.

22. Upgrading the current assembly line may (contribute) to a better quality
*contribute to = lead to = result in ~를 초래하다
The report says design faults in both the vessels contributed to the tragedy.

23. our revenue (more than) doubled
*more than double 두 배 이상이 되다
Lithuania produces more than enough food to feed itself.

24. The New Wave Department store (occupies) the heart of the commercial dist
*occupy 차지하다
There were over 40 tenants, all occupying one wing of the hospital.

25. for the (remainder) of the week
*for the remainder of the week: 이번 주 남은 기간동안
He gulped down the remainder of his coffee.

26. the company has provided (comprehensive) services
*comprehensive services 종합적인 서비스
The Rough Guide to Nepal is a comprehensive guide to the region.

27. recruitment advertisements should be placed in (accordance) with the compan
y's personnel advertisement guidelines
*in accordance with ~: ~에 따라
Entries which are not in accordance with the rules will be disqualified.

28. Initiative (suggested) by Ministry of Tourism was well received
*Initiative (which was) suggested by ~
*initiative 시작; 솔선
I suggested to Mike that we go out for a meal with his colleagues.

29. The company is closed tomorrow (due to) the holiday
*due to = because of = thanks to = owing to
The country's economic problems are largely due to the weakness of the recover

30. In order to prevent the (duplication) of the procedures, processing and shippi
ng department will be merged
*prevent the duplication of ~: ~의 중복을 피하다
unnecessary duplication of resources.

31. Please be (assured) that our computer support team always takes every possi
*be assured that ~: ~를 확신하다
She assured him (that) the car would be ready the next day.
*be assured of 명사
The unions assured the new owners of the workers' loyalty to the company.

32. It is (likely) that S V
*It is likely that ~: ~할 것 같다
*be likely to do
If this is your first baby, it's far more likely that you'll get to the hospital too e
Once people have seen that something actually works, they are much more likel
y to accept change.

33. ~ customers will receive ~ if they renew their (subscription) to E Magazine.

*subscription to ~: 정기구독
You can become a member by paying the yearly subscription.

34. The labor department (initially) estimated that 150,000 ~; the actual number
was 170,000.
*initially 처음에는 = originally, at first, in the beginning
Forecasters say the gales may not be as bad as they initially predicted.

35. The library does not allow renewal of books that are extremely (popular), be
cause other patrons are waiting for them.
*popular 인기있는
Chocolate sauce is always popular with youngsters.

36. Applicants (are required) to submit ~
*be required to do ~해야한다 = have to do
*be requested/advised/asked/allowed/invited to do
This isn't the kind of crisis that requires us to drop everything else.
The law now requires that parents serve on the committees that plan and evaluat
e school programs.

37. that (frequent) inspections
*frequent inspections 빈번한 검사
Bordeaux is on the main Paris-Madrid line so there are frequent trains.
38. The company will reimburse you for any (expenses) that you might have inc
urred during your trip.
*expenses = costs 비용
I'll be happy to reimburse you for any expenses you might have incurred.

39. It is (absolutely) essential that ~
*absolutely essential 절대 필수적인
It was absolutely essential to separate crops from the areas that animals used as

40. contain too much unusable (space).
*unusual space 사용하지 않는 공간
The space underneath could be used as a storage area. (U)
List in the spaces below the specific changes you have made. (C)

41. newspapers are being forced to (raise) subscription rates.
*raise subscription rates 구독료를 인상하다
*raise money 모금하다
The Republic of Ireland is expected to raise interest rates.

42. Unfortunately, shareholders (strongly) disagree
*strongly disagree with ~: ~의 의견에 강력히 반대하다
We are strongly opposed to the presence of America in this region.

43. on behalf (of) the Ace Shipping Association.
*on behalf of ~: ~를 대표하여/대신하여
She made an emotional public appeal on her son's behalf.
Secret Service officer Robin Thompson spoke on behalf of his colleagues.

44. that he is highly (qualified) for the position
*be highly qualified for = be well qualified for ~에 대한 자격 조건이 충분하
highly trained staff who are well qualified to give unbiased, practical advice.

45. To accomplish our financial goals (for) this year,
*financial goals for this year 올해 재정 목표
The goal is to raise as much money as possible.

46. In order for the assembly line to run (effectively), we will need to hire mor
e employees.
*run effectively 효율적으로 운영되다
Officials in charge of the camps say the system is now running extremely smoot

47. before the (predicted) rate increase.
*predicted rate interests 예측되는 이율 인상
*predicted = anticipated, projected, expected
The hurricane is predicted to reach the coast tomorrow morning.

48. the information technology department granted a two-week (extension) on the
 loan of the equipment.
*extension 기한 연장
*conduct an extensive search 광범위한 조사를 실시하다
He first entered Britain on a six-month visa, and was given a further extension
of six months.

49. with a (financially) sound plan for
*a financially sound plan 재정적으로 확실한 기획
Buy a policy only from an insurance company that is financially sound.

50. The management announced yesterday that $40 million has been set aside to
 (be reinvested) in marketing, including the hiring of a world-class consultant.
*수동태 부정사 (to be pp.)

51. The prices quoted in our catalog are subject to change because the internatio
nal market for gold is currently (unstable).
*unstable 불안정한
The situation is unstable and potentially dangerous.

52. Mr. Hashimoto’s report suggested that the problem of absenteeism in the div
ision has (yet) to be adequately addressed.
*have yet to be addressed = have not yet been addressed = have still not been
She has yet to spend a Christmas with her husband.

53. ~ will find a helpful (resource) on the website
*helpful resource 유용한 자료
The country's greatest resource is the dedication of its workers.

54. Kimberly Tok, (whose) work had a major impact on the country’s cultural li
fe, is
*소유격 관계대명사

55. to increase overall (productivity).
*increase overall productivity 전반적인 생산성을 향상시키다
The third-quarter results reflect continued improvements in productivity.

56. to be buried (beneath) Red Square ~
*beneath = underneath ~아래에
She found pleasure in sitting beneath the trees.

57. invest in stocks which can (decrease) in value.
*decrease in value 가치가 떨어지다
Since 1945 air forces have decreased in size.

58. found it (beneficial) to hire an outside company to handle ~
*beneficial 유익한 = useful
Using computers has a beneficial effect on children's learning.

59. are in proper working order and excellent cosmetic (condition).
*in excellent cosmetic condition 최상의 미용 상태에 있는
The two-bedroom chalet is in good condition.

60. The high risk ~ (surely) justifies a careful examination.
*surely justify ~를 확실하게 정당화하다
Ministers agreed that this decision was fully justified by economic conditions.

61. ~ is donating used computers ~, (in addition to) providing students ~
*in addition to = besides ~뿐만 아니라
There's a postage and packing fee in addition to the repair charge.

62. ~ Software Inc. ~and is looking for an agent who can (represent) the compa
ny in that country.
*represent the company 회사를 대표하다
The general secretary may represent the president at official ceremonies.

63. the proposed (expansion) of the oil refinery
the rapid expansion of the software industry
Expansion into new areas of research is possible.

64. will conduct a (wide) range of courses
*a wide range/variety/array of ~ 다양한
I offered her a range of options.
There is a wide/whole range of opinions on this issue.

65. temperatures dropped so (suddenly)
*갑자기 = unexpectedly
I was just dozing off to sleep when suddenly I heard a scream from outside.
I suddenly realised what I'd said, but it was too late.

66. has shown himself to be a (dependable) individual
*믿을만한 (reliable)
I need someone dependable to look after the children while I'm at work.
a dependable car

67. is seeking (skilled) workers for its hotel project
*skilled workers 숙련공들
My mother is very skilled at/in dressmaking.
Nursing is a highly skilled job.

68. people who get tired (easily) may benefit from ~
*get tired easily 쉽게 지치다
I can easily be home early tonight, if you want.
Ever since the illness I get tired very easily (= more quickly than usual).

69. has been appointed to head the (committee)
*head the committee 위원회를 이끌다
She heads one of Britain's leading travel firms.
Judge Hawthorne was chosen to head the team investigating the allegations of a

70. two chemical research institutions, which will work (collaboratively) on this
*work collaboratively on ~에 대해 협력하다 (collaboratively = cooperatively)
The presentation was a collaborative effort by all the children in the class.
The two playwrights worked in close collaboration (with each other) on the scrip

71. an important (characteristic) of an effective executive is the ability to manag
e risks
Sentimentality seems a characteristic of all the writers of that period.
The male bird displays (= has) several characteristics which distinguish him from
 the female.

72. to lean anything (against) the walls of their apartments
*lean sth against the wall: 벽에 기대게 하다
She leant the brush against the wall.

73. gives small businesses a greater (opportunity) to compete against large comp
[+ to infinitive] The exhibition is a unique opportunity to see her later work.
An ankle injury meant she missed the opportunity to run in the qualifying heat.

74. its products have become more (valuable)
*become valuable 귀중해지다
He was able to provide the police with some valuable information.
Parents gave the school valuable support in its case for getting its facilities impr

75. the Environment Minister (reportedly) rejected a recommendation
*reportedly 보도에 의하면
New York is reportedly (= People say that New York is) a very exciting place
to live.

76. the team has been formed to (develop) accounting procedures
*develop procedures 절차를 개발하다
We must develop a new policy/strategy to deal with the problem.
The company is spending $650 million on developing new products/technology.

77. boost its income to its (highest) level
*the highest level 가장 높은 수준
Chess requires a very high level of concentration.
There is some danger of low level (= a continuing small amount of) radiation.

78. not eligible to win prizes (for) a period of 30 days
*for a period of 30 days: 30 일 동안
Fifteen people were killed in/over a period of four days.
The study will be carried out over a six-month period.

79. product endorsements are valuable (tools)
*valuable tools 귀중한 도구
A free low-interest credit card can be a useful budgeting tool.

80. using the mailing label (provided)
*the mailing label (which is) provided 제공되는 수신인 주소 성명용 라벨
This booklet provides useful information about local services.
All meals are provided throughout the course.

81. scheduled to begin at (approximately) 9 AM
*approximately = around = about
The job will take approximately three weeks, and cost approximately $1000.

82. designed to (conserve) energy
*conserve energy 에너지를 절약하다
To conserve electricity, we are cutting down on our central heating.
The nationalists are very keen to conserve their customs and language.

83. will be reviewed and granted in (accordance) with building codes
*in accordance with ~에 따라
In accordance with her wishes, she was buried in France.

84. is not always (indicative) of a failure in ~
*be indicative of = indicate
Resumption of the talks is indicative of an improving relationship between the c

85. Putting profits (before) customer satisfaction
*Put honor before wealth. 재물보다 명예를 중시하여라.
I'd never put my work before my family.

86. The new quality-assurance (advisor) will investigate
*advisor 자문위원
She is the party's main economic adviser.
a financial advisor

87. organizers have (obtained) special conference rates
First editions of these books are now almost impossible to obtain.
In the second experiment they obtained a very clear result.

88. there may be a brief (interruption) in the electrical supply
*interruption of electric service 정전
a brief interruption
I worked all morning without interruption.

89. could cause (alarming) changes to ~
*alarming changes 놀라운 변화
alarming news
There has been an alarming rise in the rate of inflation.
90. to (ensure) that their prices are competitive
*ensure that ~: ~를 보장하다
The airline is taking steps to ensure safety on its aircraft.
[+ (that)] The role of the police is to ensure (that) the law is obeyed.

91. By all accounts, our vice president, Mr. Chung, is an (admirable) person and
 all respected in the community.
*an admirable person 훌륭한 사람
I think you showed admirable tact/restraint/self-control in your answer.
The police did an admirable job in keeping the fans calm.

92. more employees are (scheduled) to travel to Southeast Asia on business.
*be scheduled to do ~할 예정이다
The meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.
The train is scheduled to arrive at 8.45, but it's running twenty minutes late.

93. spent hours working (on) the technology project.
*work on sth = improve
His dancing technique is good, but he needs to work on his fitness.

94. have their identification cards (automatically) renewed before the end of the
*automatically renew the card 카드를 자동으로 갱신하다
The camera adjusts the lens aperture and shutter speed automatically. (independen
Employees who steal are dismissed automatically. (certainly)

95. reserves the (right) to change advertised rates without notice.
*reserve the right to do: ~할 권리를 가지다
He reserved the right to change his mind.

96. we intend to (place) our orders
*place an order 주문하다 = make an order
I would like to place (= make) an order for a large pine table.
97. due to the (confusion) about the new system
*confusion 혼동
There seems to be some confusion over who is actually giving the talk.
To avoid confusion, the twins never wore the same clothes.

98. there are (currently) many positions available.
*currently = presently
The Director is currently having talks in the USA.
Have you seen the current issue of (= the most recently published) Vogue maga

99. (announced) the opening of a new exhibit
*announce the opening of ~: ~의 개막을 알리다
She announced the winner of the competition to an excited audience.
The Prime Minister has announced that public spending will be increased next y

100. meeting consumer demand for new games (remains) a challenge.
*remain a challenge 어려운 과제로 남다
He remained a prisoner for the rest of his life.
The situation remains unchanged.

101. Due to unfavorable weather (conditions), ~
*weather conditions 기상 조건 cf. in excellent condition
weather conditions/ working conditions

102. Please be sure your staff is aware of ~
*be aware of ~: ~를 알고 있다
I wasn't even aware that he was ill.
Were you aware of the risks at the time?

103. their (favorite) color for decorating kitchen.
*favorite color 마음에 드는 색깔
"What's your favourite color?" "Green."
my favorite restaurant/book/song
104. Princeton, editor of Arts Monthly, will retire after the June (issue) is publis
*June issue 6 월호
There's an article on motorbikes in the latest/next issue.
An old issue of 'Homes and Gardens' lay on the table.

105. the new brand of fall sweaters (is selling) very well right now.
*sell well 잘 팔리다
These baskets sell well (= a lot of them are bought).

106. advised people to invest (in) transportation company.
*invest in ~: ~에 투자하다
He's not certain whether to invest in the property market.
You have all invested significant amounts of time and energy in making this pro
ject the success that it is.

107. must work (collaboratively) to achieve our goals.
*work collaboratively = collaborate 협력하다
The ability to work collaboratively is a true test of leadership...

108. (Those) who expressed an interest in touring
*Those who ~ = People who ~
Those who listened to him were deeply moved.

109. since (joining) the company last October.
*since joining ~ (분사구문) = since he joined ~
I've never taken a holiday since starting this job...
He has been singing in his church choir since he was six.
`Prices are down 40 per cent since Christmas,' he lamented.

110. Until his computer is repaired, Mr. Griggs will (temporarily) be using this
*temporarily 일시적으로 = tentatively
This office is closed temporarily for redecoration.
The peace agreement has at least temporarily halted the civil war.
111. has a (considerable) effect on ~
*have a considerable/noticeable effect on ~: ~에 상당한 영향을 미치다
The fire caused considerable damage to the church.
The radiation leak has had a disastrous effect on/upon the environment.

112. The first page of each ~ report should (summarize) the most important find
ings for
*summarize the findings 조사결과를 요약하다
I'll just summarize the main points of the argument in a few words if I may.
Basically, the article can be summarized in three sentences.

113. of interest in the proposed design scheme
*of interest: 흥미 있는
Would this book be of any interest to you?
Food was of no interest to her at all.

114. experimented (with) the concept of ~
*experiment with ~: 실험하다, 시도하다
The school is experimenting with (= trying) new teaching methods.
In 1857 Mendel started experimenting with peas in his monastery garden.

115. and assure you that any future orders will be handled (promptly).
*promptly handle the orders: 주문을 신속하게 처리하다
We'll have to leave fairly promptly (= on time) if we want to catch that train.
We try to answer readers' letters as promptly (= quickly) as we can.

116. engineers who have extensive training and (expertise)
*expertise (U) 전문지식, 전문기술
I have no expertise in sewing/sewing expertise.
She has considerable expertise in French history.

117. systems that are more (vulnerable) to damage
*vulnerable to damage 손상되기 쉬운
Tourists are more vulnerable to attack, because they do not know which areas of
 the city to avoid.
People with high blood pressure are especially vulnerable to diabetes.
118. By Friday, October 7th, we (probably) will have finished
*probably = very likely
He probably didn't even notice.
Probably the best thing to do is to call them before you go.

119. (according to) the information provided by the local visitors bureau.
*according to ~: ~에 따르면
According to Sarah they're not getting on very well at the moment.
According to our records you owe us $130.

120. Managers often find (that) rewarding high performance employees raised
workplace morale.
*find that ~: ~라는 사실을 깨닫다
The study found that men who were married lived longer than those who were

121. warns that a (lack) of knowledgeable salespersons harms
*a lack of ~: ~의 부족
The charges were dropped for lack of evidence.
There is a lack of people wanting to start up new businesses.

122. Please be aware that annual (reviews) of job performance will take place
*reviews 검토, 평가
Richard Coles reviews all of the latest video releases.

123. all managers will be required to (attend) at least three professional develop
ment seminars
*attend the seminar 세미나에 참석하다
cf. attend = be present at = participate in = go to
The meeting will be attended by finance ministers from many countries.

124. ~ is a growing company (eager) to expand its business in East Asia.
*a growing company (which is) eager to expand ~
cf. be eager to do = be anxious to do = long to do: ~하기를 갈망하다
Robert was eager to talk about life in the Army.
When my own son was five years old, I became eager for another baby.

125. have been given (specific) instructions
*specific instructions 구체적인 안내사항
There are several specific problems to be dealt with.

126. has received an (invitation) to attend the awards ceremony
*receive an invitation 초대장을 받다
He's understood to be there at the personal invitation of President Daniel Arap

127. The M Corporation (anticipates) significant revenue increases
*anticipate = expect, predict, project 예상하다
It is anticipated that the equivalent of 192 full-time jobs will be lost.

128. The new science museum is expected to (attract) many tourists to the city.
*attract tourists to the city: 도시로 관광객을 유치하다
More people would be attracted to cycling if conditions were right.

129. Mr. P has assured that the prototype will be (completely) functional by Jun
e 9
*be completely functional 완전하게 작동되다
cf. functional = operational
We have fully/completely functional smoke alarms on all staircases.

130. all borrowed books from the library will be (due) three weeks from the ch
eckout date
*due 반납해야 하는
The results are due at the end of the month.

131. To take (advantage) of software-upgrade, customers should verify ~
*take advantage of ~: ~를 활용하다 = use, utilize, make good use of
I intend to take full advantage of this trip to buy the things we need.

132. Passengers should have all (necessary) boarding documents
*necessary boarding documents 필요한 탑승 서류
I kept the engine running because it might be necessary to leave fast.

133. The environment commission concluded that there is a (need) for ~
*a need for ~: ~에 대한 요구/필요성 cf. a request/demand for ~
Mr Forrest believes there is a need for other similar schools throughout Britain.

133. has remained (remarkably) consistent
*remain remarkably consistent 상당히 일관성을 유지하다
The Scottish labour market has been remarkably successful in absorbing the incr
ease in the number of graduates.

134. Ms. I generously offered to (deliver) an invitation in person rather than sen
d it through mail
*deliver an invitation 초대장을 전달하다
The president will deliver a speech about schools.

135.describe him as reasonably (cautious)
*describe A as B: A 를 B 라고 묘사하다
He described it as an extraordinarily tangled and complicated tale.
Even his closest allies describe him as forceful, aggressive and determined.

136. ~ (at) no cost
*at no cost = at no charge = free of charge = for free 무료로
A home exchange is one of the easiest and best ways to arrange a holiday abro
ad at no cost.

137. On Thursday, Ms. X should receive the (results) of the survey conducted
*the results of the survey 조사 결과
Compensation is available for people who have developed asthma as a direct res
ult of their work.

138. As (discussed) in our telephone conversation, Mr. Fox will arrive at your f
*As (it was) discussed ~: 논의한 바와 같이
As discussed in our telephone conversation on Tuesday, December 12,. 1995, I a
m requesting a written response to the following questions.
138. Summit Motors will (retain) its current name even after it merges with a ri
val company
*retain 보유하다, 유지하다
The interior of the shop still retains a nineteenth-century atmosphere.

139. Most of the employees will be (eligible) to receive three weeks' vacation ti
*be eligible to do ~할 자격이 있다
Almost half the population are eligible to vote in today's election.
You could be eligible for a university scholarship.

140. in two highly (desirable) properties in ~
*highly desirable properties 매우 바람직한 부동산
Completed to exacting standards, these highly desirable properties boast 3 bedroo
ms, uPVC double-glazing and energy-efficient gas central heating.

141. when you encounter them (throughout) the next three weeks
*throughout the next three weeks 앞으로 3 주 내내
At various times throughout the next three weeks, you will have the opportunity
 to earn an extra A for your transcript.

142. Safety (precautions) must be taken by all laboratory employees
*take safety precautions 안전 예방조치를 취하다
During all coating practices, safety precautions must be taken into consideration.

143. if you have not received information (regarding) company reimbursement pr
*regarding = concerning = as to = with regard to ~에 관하여
At press time we have not received information regarding our speaker for the Ju
ly 18 meeting.

144. company dealing almost (exclusively) with biographies
*deal almost exclusively with ~: 거의 ~만을 취급하다
*exclusively = only, solely
They were used to dealing almost exclusively with Hispanic people.
145. Enclosed is the latest listing of (distinguished) companies and institutions
*distinguished = successful 성공적인, 저명한
We are pleased to join the list of distinguished companies on the NYSE.

146. Deal Travel, Inc., acts (as) an agent for the vacation products
*act as ~: ~로서 활동하다
The County Treasurer acts as an agent to collect property taxes levied in the Co
unty for all. taxing authorities.

147. ~ to respond to any (concerns) you have about the products ~
*concern (C/U) 걱정, 관심
We will respond to any concerns you have relating to these points.

148. has received numerous (complaints) about the service
*numerous complaints about ~: ~에 관한 수많은 불만
The Alliance has received numerous complaints about Alligator Alley.

149. (However) uncomfortable they may be, protective helmets, gloves, and glass
es must be worn.
*However uncomfortable they may be ~
= No matter how uncomfortable they may be: 아무리 불편하더라도
Peaceful demonstrations are one thing and I totally support them however uncom
fortable they may be to some.

150. In order for us to (evaluate) Ms. Brown's suitability as a candidate,
*evaluate 평가하다
In order for us to evaluate a book or proposal effectively, it is helpful for us to
 receive additional information about the book and about you!

151. All advertising at the company is subject to (approval) by the board of dire
*be subject to approval: 승인을 받아야 한다
Are my electric rates subject to approval by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Com
152. one of our (professional) financial advisors.
*형용사 + 명사 professional financial advisors 전문 재무 상담사들
cf. professional ethics 직업 윤리
She's a professional dancer/photographer.
He's a runner who's just turned professional. (= His running used to be a hobby,
 but now it is his job.)

153. The board of directors (decided) to choose the construction bid entered by
*decide, want, would like, intend... to do
[+ to infinitive] In the end, we decided to go to the theatre.

153. the post office offers a (service) that confirms
*관사 + 명사
The only trouble with this café is that the service is so slow.
There is a 10% service charge included in the bill.

154. enjoys spending her free time (composing) music.
*spend time -ing
I spent a lot of time cleaning that room.
I've spent years building up my collection.
I spent an hour at the station waiting for the train.

155. The annual budget report needs to be submitted (before) Monday if ~
*전치사 before = prior to
You should always wash your hands before meals.
Before leaving he said good-bye to each of them.

156. The conference’s keynote (speaker) should have arrived at
*주어 자리
a good public speaker
Please join with me in thanking our guest speaker tonight.
The Democrats have chosen the Texas state treasurer as the keynote (= most im
portant) speaker at their convention.

157. an extremely (valuable) member
*형용사 + 명사
cf. valuable tools 귀중한 수단/도구
He was able to provide the police with some valuable information.
Parents gave the school valuable support in its case for getting its facilities impr

158. Employees who did not turned in their old ID badges should bring them to
 the security office (immediately).
*즉시 immediately, promptly, quickly
We really ought to leave immediately.
Immediately after/ Immediately (= As soon as) she'd gone, the boys started to m
ess about.

159. The new CEO of the XYZ company (proposed) a more effective manageme
nt structure
[+ that] I propose that we wait until the budget has been announced before com
mitting ourselves to any expenditure.
[+ ing form of verb] He proposed dealing directly with the suppliers.

160. It is fairly (common) for new restaurants in the city to take six months to
twelve months to establish steady customer base.
*common 일반적인 general, usual, typical, normal
It's quite common to see couples who dress alike.
The surname 'Smith' is very common in Britain.

161. Dayton offers classes on nutrition (to) adults and children.
*offer sth to sb = offer sb sth
It's an organization that offers free legal advice to people on low incomes.
It says in the guide that this area of the countryside offers some of the best wa
lks in England.
[+ two objects] We are now offering you the chance to buy the complete set of
  pans at half price.

162. Mr. Ramirez will serve as a (temporary) replacement for the receptionist, w
ho will be away for two weeks.
*serve as a temporary replacement 임시직으로 대리근무하다
The ceasefire will only provide a temporary solution to the crisis.
temporary staff

163. a high level of (satisfaction) with our products
*a high level of satisfaction 높은 만족감
She looked at the finished painting with satisfaction.
She derived/obtained great satisfaction from/out of helping other people.
For me, job satisfaction is more important than the money.

164. Although Mr. Benoit has signed the contract, he (also) needs to sign the of
ficial ~.
*부사 also = in addition
She's a photographer and also writes books.
I'm cold, and I'm also hungry and tired.

165. has been (predictably) moderate
*predictably moderate 예상대로 적당한 [부사 + 형용사]
Predictably, after the initial media interest, the refugees now seem to have been
forgotten. (predictably = as expected)

166. (Due to) rise in fuel price, ~ has added a surcharge to all deliveries ~.
*due to = because of, owing to, thanks to
A lot of her unhappiness is due to boredom.
Due to wet leaves on the line, this train will arrive an hour late.

167. which has all the same features (plus) digital music capabilities.
*plus = in addition to, as well as, besides
What is six plus four?
The rent will be $75 a week, plus (= added to the cost of) gas and electricity.

168. An electronic transfer of money is convenient to move funds from one acc
ount to (another).
*from one account to another (account)
She's finished with that boyfriend and found herself another (one).
Do you want to exchange this toaster for another (one) or do you want your m
oney back?

169. are guaranteed to (last) longer than ~.
*last (자) 견디다, 오래가다
There's no point buying something that isn't going to last.
The cheaper washing machines should last about five years.
This pen should last (you) a lifetime if you look after it.

170. Dr. Hwang is (doubtful) that ~
*be doubtful that ~: ~를 의심하다 = be uncertain that ~
The teacher is doubtful about having parents working as classroom assistants.

171. make Longman furniture (superior) to other products
*superior, inferior, senior, junior, prior .... to
This is clearly the work of a superior artist.
She was chosen for the job because she was the superior candidate.
For all babies, breastfeeding is far superior to bottlefeeding.

172. ~ that all workers perform complex tasks (efficiently).
*perform complex tasks efficiently 복잡한 업무를 효율적으로 수행하다
She runs the business very efficiently.
The city's transport system is one of the most efficient in Europe.
We need someone really efficient who can organize the office and make it run s

173. The coupon may not be used in (conjunction) with any other discount, ~
*in conjunction with ~와 더불어 = along with
An unfortunate conjunction of circumstances led to his downfall.
There is a team of writers working in conjunction (with each other) on the book.

174. voters now have to decide (which) candidate has the greater appeal.
*which candidate ~: 어느 후보 (의문형용사 which)
Which party would you prefer to go to - Anna's or Ian's ?
Which doctor did you see - Sewards?
Which time suits you better - 12.30 or one o'clock?

175. to have his money (refunded)
*have the money refunded: 돈을 환불받다
When I went on business to Peru, the office refunded my expenses.
[+ two objects] The holiday was cancelled so the travel agency had to refund e
verybody the price of the tickets.

176. employees are authorized to fly business class (only if) the flight is six ho
urs or more.
*only if ~: ~할 경우에만
We'll give you your bicycle only if you do well on your exams.

177. will receive full (compensation) for overtime work.
*receive full compensation for ~: 전액 보상을 받다
She received $40 000 in compensation for a lost eye.
You should claim/seek compensation.

178. ~ market share of 15 percent brought it (within) 2 percentage points of its
main competitors.
*within 2 percentage points: 2 퍼센트 이내로
Two-thirds of Californians live within 15 miles of the coast.
The resort lies within easy reach of (= not far from) the ski slopes.
We came within five points of beating them (= We would have beaten them if
we had had five more points).

179. he is his own (harshest) critic.
*harshest critic 가장 혹독한 비평가
harsh criticism
The children had had a harsh upbringing.
We thought the punishment was rather harsh for such a minor offence.

180. New tenants have no (obligation) to pay
*have no obligation to do: ~할 의무는 없다
[+ to infinitive] If you have not signed a contract, you are under no obligation t
o (= it is not necessary to) pay them any money.
You have a legal obligation to (= The law says you must) ensure your child rec
eives a proper education.

181. will have to work (collaboratively) to meet the deadline.
*work collaboratively 협력하다 = collaborate
We also work collaboratively with our business partners around the world to und
erstand their regional requirements.

182. The government decided to (implement) the water conservation plan before
the upcoming drought season.
*implement a plan 계획을 실행하다
The changes to the national health system will be implemented next year.
implementation of the law/agreement

183. (According to) the employee handbook,
*according to ~에 따르면
According to Sarah they're not getting on very well at the moment.
According to our records you owe us $130.

184. spending a large (proportion) of their income on children's education.
*a large proportion of ~: 상당한 비율의 ~
Children make up a large proportion of the world's population.
A higher proportion of women now smoke than used to be the case.
The report shows that poor families spend a larger proportion of their income o
n food.

185. could have (worrying) consequences for the economy.
*have worrying consequences for 걱정이 되는 결과를 낳다
It's a very worrying situation.
This is going to have worrying consequences for the world's weather.

186. The price of heating oil (peaked) in November
*peak 정점에 이르다 = level off
Official figures show that unemployment peaked in November.

187. had to hire an (interpreter) to help resolve the problems
He's a noted interpreter of traditional Irish music.
She works as an interpreter in Brussels.
Speaking through an interpreter, the president said the terms of the ceasefire wer
e completely unacceptable.

188. Please note that payment correspondence is addressed (correctly) before sen
ding them out.
*be + pp. + 부사
Have I pronounced your name correctly?

189. After a long debate, they (finally) decided to accept ~
*마침내 finally = eventually, ultimately, at last, in the end
We finally got home at midnight.
After months of looking he finally found a job.

190. the staff is especially (friendly) and eager to make customers comfortable
*be + 형용사
a friendly face/smile
Our neighbours have always been very friendly to/towards us.
I'm on quite friendly terms with my daughter's teacher.
Are you friendly with (= a friend of) Graham?

191. The computer ranks (among) the most trusted brands
*among ~중에서
a decision that has caused a lot of anger among women
Relax, you're amongst friends.
Talk about it among yourselves (= Talk to each other about it without me) for
a while.
She has worked as an estate agent among other things (= as well as other thing

192. Please accept our (apologies) for the delay
*accept our apologies for ~: ~에 대한 사과를 받아 주시오
I have an apology to make to you - I'm afraid I opened your letter by mistake.
He's demanding a full apology from the newspaper for making untrue allegations
  about his personal life.
She complained to the company about its awful service and they sent her a writ
ten apology.
I owe you an apology - I'm afraid I forgot to send Amanda that report.
a letter of apology

193. We expect to resume (regular) assessments
*형용사 + 명사
Her heartbeat was regular.
The gardeners planted the trees at regular intervals.
I suggest that we have regular meetings/meet on a regular basis.

194. Critics from the ABC magazine gave the new play at the Plaza Theater out
standing (reviews).
*give outstanding reviews 호평하다
Derek writes film/theatre/book reviews for the newspapers.
The play got excellent reviews when it was first seen.

195. (Enrollment) in the evening management classes has nearly tripled ~
*enrollment 등록; 등록인원 (U)
A fee is charged for each year of study and is payable at enrolment.

196. Catering services for the guests will be (available)
*available 이용 가능한
Is this dress available in a larger size?
Our autumn catalogue is now available from our usual stockists.
There's no money available for an office party this year.
It is vital that food is made available to the famine areas.

197. As the school-age population increases, many schools face a serious (shorta
ge) of teachers
*shortage 부족 (C)
There's a shortage of food and shelter in the refugee camps.
The long hot summer has led to serious water shortages.
198. The manuscript has been revised (significantly), but ~
*be + pp. + 부사
My piano playing has improved significantly since I've had a new teacher.

199. to receive a (response)
*receive a response 응답을 받다
Responses to our advertisement have been disappointing.
Her proposals met with an enthusiastic response.
I looked in her face for some response, but she just stared at me blankly.
Management have granted a 10% pay rise in response to union pressure.

200. For over 35 years, Dr. Ortega has been a (valued) member of the associati
*a valued member 귀중한 임원
a valued member of staff
As you are a valued customer, I am writing to you to explain the situation.

201. The (challenge) of being a successful architect lies in designing buildings th
at are both functional and aesthetically appealing.
*challenge 도전, 어려움
Finding a solution to this problem is one of the greatest challenges faced by sci
entists today.
You know me - I like a challenge.
It's going to be a difficult job but I'm sure she'll rise to the challenge.

202. The weather (forecast) is for rain
economic forecasts
The weather forecast said it was going to rain later today.

203. ~ will not knowingly publish any illegal materials (to) its readers.
*publish A to B: A 를 B 에게 발표하다
She's just had an article published in their weekend supplement.
The Government publishes figures every six months showing how many people a
re unemployed.
The names of the winners of the competition will be published in June.
She was only 19 when her first novel was published.

204. Due to a large number of participants in the contest, we should (divide) int
o smaller groups for discussion.
*조동사 + 동사원형
At the end of the lecture, I'd like all the students to divide into small discussion
After World War Two, Germany was divided into two separate countries.

205. eat lunch in the outdoor (area)
*in the outdoor area 실외에 = outdoors
We will act as the contact teachers to help teachers initiating projects in the out
door area with their classrooms.

206. (Advances) in medical technology have allowed us to develop ~
*advances in ~: ~의 진보, 발전
Nothing could stop the advance of the flood waters.
Recent advances in medical science mean that this illness can now be cured.
She asked for a £300 advance on her salary (= money paid before the re
gular time).

207. The California-based pharmaceutical firm agreed to buy a (rival) Texas drug
 company for 2.5 billion dollars.
*a rival company 라이벌 기업
He beat his closest/nearest rival by 20 marks.
The companies produce rival versions of the toy.

208. Mr. Fukui (habitually) answers incoming telephone calls with a cheerful gre
*부사 + 동사
There is something wrong with anyone who is so habitually rude.

209. a 20% decrease in net profit, which the company (attributed) to fierce com
petition ~
*attribute A to B: A 의 원인을 B 로 돌리다
The doctors have attributed the cause of the illness to an unknown virus.
To what do you attribute this delay?
Most experts have attributed the drawing to Michelangelo.

210. (No matter) what time it is when we receive an order, we do our best ~
*No matter what ~ = Whatever ~
I never seem to lose any weight, no matter how hard I try.
Anyway, we've got to get to the airport on time, no matter what.

211. The (unbearably) high temperatures in the area have produced the record cr
owds at the public pools.
*unbearably = extremely
The sun was almost unbearably hot today.

212. Employees (seeking) reimbursement for business-related expenses should pho
ne ~
*Employers seeking ~ = Employees who seek ~
"Are you actively seeking jobs?" she asked.
Hundreds of dissidents are seeking refuge/asylum in the US embassy.

213. ~ the new opera house makes a visual impact that is (impressive).
*be + 형용사
That was an impressive performance from such a young tennis player.
an impressive collection of modern paintings
There are some very impressive buildings in the town.

214. Ms. Butler (received) the promotion recently after successfully finishing the
 project ~
*receive/obtain/get/attain the promotion 승진하다
You'll be in a better position to ask and receive the promotion you are looking
Did Steve get/Was Steve given the promotion he wanted?
The job offers excellent promotion prospects.
Fiorentina's win against Palermo last night has considerably increased their chanc
es of promotion this season.

215. Individuals who have not turned in their (revised) monthly reports should ~
*분사 + 명사
a revised edition of a book
After I receive your revised report, I will expedite the processing to get you yo
ur check without further delay.

216. Wages are consistently higher for night shift workers than for those on day
 shift since the required hours are less (convenient) for most people.
*less convenient 덜 편리한
Our local shop has very convenient opening hours.
A bike's a very convenient way of getting around.
[+ that] It's very convenient that you live near the office.
[+ to infinitive] I find it convenient to be able to do my banking by phone.
What time would it be convenient for me to come round?

217. Profits of the company rose to 500 million dollars, (reconfirming) its status
 as ~
*reconfirming ~ = and reconfirmed (분사구문)
Truuco won the Stylist Choice Award again for 2002 reconfirming its status as t
he industry's favorite professional make-up line.
nal make- up line.

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