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									  Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Silver (3rd Generation) OLD MODEL

iPod shuffle is jaw-droppingly small and enormously colorful in black, silver, pink, blue, and green. And
even more brilliant, the VoiceOver feature tells you what song is playing and who's performing it. It can
even tell you the names of your playlists, giving you a new way to navigate your music with the controls
located on the earphone cord. Clip a 2 GB or 4 GB iPod shuffle to your sleeve, running shorts, or
backpack and take up to 1,000 songs wherever you go.                   Clip a 2 GB iPod shuffle to your
sleeve, running shorts, or backpack and take up to 500 songs wherever you go. Click to
enlarge.                     Smaller than ever at just 1.8 x 0.7 x 0.3 inches. Click to enlarge.
       Set to shuffle or play in order, then control from the headphones. Click to enlarge.
        Even more colorful in gleaming pink, blue, green, black, or silver. Click to enlarge.
iPod shuffle: The First Music Player that Talks to You The World's Smallest Music Player
 To create the world's smallest music player, we moved the controls from iPod shuffle to the earphone
cord. This makes iPod shuffle smaller than ever, and the controls are right where you can reach them.
So when you want to play, pause, or skip to the next tune, you don't have to fumble for your iPod
shuffle--just follow the cord and press a button. The First Music Player that Talks to You
 VoiceOver will surely be the next big hit on your iPod shuffle. Say you're listening to a song and want
to know the title or the artist. Just press a button, and VoiceOver tells you. You can even hear the
names of your playlists. And when your battery needs charging, VoiceOver tells you that, too.
Easy-Access Controls
 The controls are located on the right earphone cord. With command central strategically placed in this
more convenient location, you can navigate your music--and activate the VoiceOver feature--without
taking your eyes off your run, your ride, or whatever you're doing. iPod shuffle includes these
easy-access controls, but you can also use headphones with similar controls from manufacturers like
Scosche, Klipsch, V-MODA, and Belkin. Your Music Library ... to Go
 iPod shuffle is now available in both 2 GB and 4 GB capacities. So you have plenty of room to store
hours and hours of music--up to 1,000 songs with the 4 GB model.2 That's a load of essentials for your
workout or commute. And there's room for multiple playlists and audiobooks, too. Multiple Playlists
 You've probably made multiple playlists in iTunes. One for your commute. One for the gym. One for
just chilling out. Now you can sync playlists on your computer with iPod shuffle, and play the perfect
mix for your activity or mood. VoiceOver tells you the name of each playlist, so it's easy to switch
between them and find the one you want without looking. Let's Talk Color
 The anodized aluminum enclosure makes iPod shuffle sleek and durable. It's even more colorful in
gleaming pink, blue, green, black, or silver. And making its debut: the special edition iPod shuffle in
polished stainless steel (Talk about rock star treatment). Even the iPod shuffle clip rocks. It attaches
securely to your shirt, jacket, workout gear, and backpack, making iPod shuffle the perfect fashion
tech-cessory. And yes, there's still room for personalized engraving. Multiple Languages
 A French love song. A Spanish bolero. An Italian cantata. Your music library has songs from all over
the world. That's why VoiceOver speaks 20 different languages. So it can tell you song titles and artists
in the correct languages. To Shuffle or Not to Shuffle
 The shuffle switch has three positions. Flip it to the left, and you'll hear your music in a refreshingly
random way. Flip it to the middle, and your songs play in order. Or flip to the right to turn iPod shuffle
off. What's in the Box
 Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Silver (4th Generation), Earphones with Remote, iPod shuffle USB Cable (1.8
inches/45 mm), Quick Start guide

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