Buick's Fabulous Five by cmlang


									by: Matthew C. Keegan

The Buick Motor Division of the General Motors Corporation is in transition, much like the rest
of the venerable auto company. Old models have been canceled, new models added, and the
current line up is radically different from just three years earlier. Now down to five models, the
remaining vehicles in the Buick line up are all winners. Lets take a look at each model and what
they have to offer to you, the consumer.

Lucerne Buicks Roadmaster and LeSabre are both gone, but the full size Lucerne have taken
their place. Featuring V8 power and luxurious appointments such as heated and cooled seats,
liquid heated windshield fluid, and leather appointments, the big Lucerne is based on the
Cadillac DTS, but the car sells for more than $10,000 less than its up market Caddy cousin.

Lacrosse This five seat sedan is sleek, aerodynamic, and quiet. With starting prices in the low 20
thousand dollar range, the car competes against the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord.

Rainier The larger of two Buick SUVs, the Rainier comes standard with a 275hp I6, Stabitrak
suspension/steering system, eight way driver powered seats, leather seating, and more.

Rendezvous As Buicks first SUV, the Rendezvous has succeeded where its Pontiac cousin, the
Aztek, failed. Available in two or four wheel drive, the Rendezvous features seating for five
[with available seating for seven], four wheel disc brakes, and a host of sought after outdoorsmen
desired accessories.

Terraza Is it a minivan or is it an SUV? The Terraza is part of a family of GM crossover vehicles
introduced in the 2005 model year. This seven passenger vehicle comes equipped with a 3.5L I6
engine and is available in either front wheel drive or all wheel drive. As GM considers getting rid
of its aging and unpopular line of minivans, the Terraza and its cousins will likely step in and fill
the hole.

General Motors has been fairly silent regarding the future of the Buick division. Some have been
concerned by the steady depletion of models while others are seeing Buick make a clean break
from its past which has included several uninspiring models such as the Century and the

In spite of everything, the Buick Enclave, featured at the recently ended Detroit Auto Show
received rave reviews. The Enclave is yet another crossover vehicle and it should hit Buick
showrooms by 2008.

Clearly, Buick could use a wider variety of vehicles to ensure its long term success. Perhaps the
type of success the division had when the Regal was part of the fold would reinstate the division
to its past glory, if a car matching the Regals caliber was developed.

This article was posted on January 26, 2006

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