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					by: Stephen Crotts

Want to make money with online auctions? Get those auction dollars coming to you. Online
auctions are definitely a great way to make a little extra cash for people with know-how. Hock
Dock is the place for the auction guy or gal that wants to eliminate paying those fees that can bite
you if your item doesnt sell in the time frame.

Hock Dock Auctions allow people to auction their items with no standard fees. Hock Dock has
no buy-it-now fees, listing fees, or picture fees. All Hock Dock Auctions very minimal auction
fees are charged only when items have been successfully been sold. Other sites charge you those
auction fees upfront. Not at Hock Dock Auctions! Hock Dock does auctions the way that they
should be done.

Hock Dock was founded on the premise that when you list an item customers should only pay if
their item sell. Why should we make money off someones auction if you dont make money off
your auction? When a car is placed under consignment or a house is listed to sell, people dont
pay any upfront fees. We only make money when our customers do.

Hock Dock Auctions also allows our customers to use Dutch Auction mode. Dutch auctions
allow people who have several of the same item to auction them off on one listing. This makes
Hock Dock Auctions a great choice for that part-time or full-time auction enthusiast. Come join
Hock Dock to start raking in those dollars.

Businesses can benefit from Hock Dock by using our stores to increase their exposure to their
product(s). Hock Dock Auctions is proud to offer this auction service to the business community.

Hock Dock Auctions wants to help out the community by partnering up with local charities by
offering them free charity auctions that show in our rotating banner the charitys name, what the
auction goes to help and the city or town the charity auction is in.

Other Auction sites require you to pay fees up front, if your item does not sell, you are not
reimpursed those fees. If you still want to sell your item you have to pay them again, reducing
your profits. If you decide to keep your item, you just paid a fee for nothing. Hock Dock
Auctions feel that this is not the way to keep its users happy.

Members can join Hock Dock Auctions at Charities and business s owners
can contact Hock Dock Auctions via email at

This article was posted on September 23, 2006