A Presidential Debate by cmlang


									by: Kevin Thompson

Talk about a controversial topic!

The recent debates were something else.

The interesting thing is this, if youre like me, youd probably already decided who you were
gonna vote for, long before election day ever came.

And then, as you watched the debates, the guy who aint gettin your vote tended to get you a little
riled up.

Yesterday afternoon I was reading an article that really got me going.

Try as I might, I couldnt figure out where in the heck this guy was coming from, so Ill let you
draw your own conclusions.

Heres the content Im referring to, in his own words.


There is no need for my readers to get more out of life by doing less.

To start with, this is a ridiculous concept. We all know that the more you put into anything, the
more you get out of it. For instance, if Bridget Jones had not put that blue string in the pot, all
she would have had was soup.

I say, cram your agenda. Cram. Cram. Cram. Put as much as you can into life, so you can gets
lots out of it. Never mind wasting your time eating, sleeping or showering...OK, maybe
showering, but get as much done as you can today. You would not want to die with windows
unwashed now, would you?



I dont know how you feel, but let me tell you my thoughts.

I used to be a serious workaholic. I spent seven years fishing in Alaska prior to owning my own
business, which I began in 1996.

So trust me, I know what its like to cram your schedule full.

I also know what its like to work your fingers to the bone, putting in long hours for very little
pay while you get your business off the ground.
The whole time youre holding out hope that youll figure everything out and things will improve

But meanwhile, you know the statistics.

You know that most businesses fail within the first few years.

And the fact is, in the back of your mind, you keep wondering if yours will succeed.

Now, lest you think Im getting off tack, I tell you this to make an important point.

Working hard has absolutely no correlation with how successful you are (although I firmly
believe it affects your health, in a negative way.

And working hard has absolutely no correlation with how much money you make.

Most people would tend to argue this fact with me, and who can blame them.

I used to think there was a link myself.

Why else would I work so damned hard?

But heres the truth

I now work only a fraction of the time I used to, yet I make more money than I ever have in my

Now dont get me wrong, I do put in my time, and yes I have to be disciplined.

But the fact is, many days I now quit working around 2 in the afternoon.

I no longer work weekends.

I take more time off to enjoy life.

I take no less than 8 trips each year, because I love traveling.

And as a result, Im a much happier and healthier person because I have so much less stress in my

So heres my theory

The concept of getting more out of life by doing less is far from ridiculous.

Its too bad more people dont understand the theory.
I have to admit, I wish Id picked up on it long ago. But even at that, I sure am glad I understand
it now.

Ill be sharing more with you in the coming weeks and months, and who knows, I might just show
you a thing or two that will drastically improve your life, and your health.

This article was posted on November 11, 2004

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