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									Leveraging the Power of
Citrix, Sprint and REDFLY
Strategic Plan for Integrating Citrix Receiver Client with REDFLY-enabled
Sprint Mobile Broadband Devices
       Citrix, Sprint and REDFLY Objective

• Leverage the capabilities between Citrix, REDFLY, and Sprint to:
   • Extend the value of Citrix Receiver, which traditionally has been
     focused on the desktop and laptop users, to users of mobile
     devices, thus extending value proposition of a combined solution to
     our customers.
   • Utilize the most dependable nationwide 3G network with Sprint’s
     Mobile Broadband network and now new 4G network, to extend a
     user’s ability to access corporate applications and data from their
     Sprint approved mobile devices without having to boot up or even
     carry their laptop.
   • Leverage Citrix customer’s existing XenApp deployment and
     licenses to minimize TCO with new Sprint devices and network
     services with Citrix Receiver to enhance the mobile experience.
   • Provide a laptop-like Citrix experience with a Smartphone
• A true win-win for all parties and further entrench respective customers
  with unmatched data capabilities.
                                         Citrix Receiver
•   Citrix Receiver gives mobile users access to their Windows applications and documents
    from anywhere. Businesses can quickly and securely leverage their existing Citrix
    XenApp™ infrastructure to tap into the power of an agile and productive mobile
    workforce. Whether they are using their desktop, laptop or Smartphone, Citrix Receiver
    ensures a consistent, high-definition experience for accessing corporate applications
    and data, and allows IT to deliver applications as a service that is scalable and always
    available. When utilizing Citrix Receiver, an increasing percentage of business travelers
    may actually find they can leave their laptops behind on shorter trips as well as
    connecting millions of users to the corporate XenApp infrastructure that already exists,
    Citrix is able to help expand customer use cases and provide a simplified IT service
    delivery model
•   Universal Smartphone support including Windows Mobile along with Tech Previews for
    Android and BlackBerry to access thousands of Windows apps in the palm of your
               Citrix Ready – Sprint and REDFLY

• Sprint and REDFLY have devices that operate with Citrix Receiver and
 have been verified as Citrix Ready
• Sprint currently has Smartphone's running Windows Mobile, Android
 and BlackBerry available, with additional devices to be added soon
   • Visit for additional
     information on Sprint
• The REDFLY from Celio can connect to a Sprint Smartphone to deliver
 a laptop like experience
   • Visit
     corporation/products/celio-redfly for additional information on the
              How it works

                                                          Citrix XenApp

On the road


Mobile          Mobile

                                                          Corporate Applications

                         = Citrix Receiver Client
                          What is REDFLY?

   Smartphone terminal – NOT another platform

   No OS, CPU, syncing or storage

   8-hour battery

   8-in screen, full keyboard

   Low TCO, high security

   Instant on/off, quick connection

   USB or Bluetooth connection to phone
         REDFLY Enables Remote Access
• Any App – Anywhere – Anytime
• Full QWERTY keyboard, touchpad and 8-inch, 800 x 480 display
• A true laptop-like experience without the TCO and data loss issues
  associated with a laptop, netbook or UMPC
• Enables existing Citrix using Windows Mobile Professional OS
  technology to run on the Smartphone for the first time in a full-
  screen environment without the need to zoom/pan in order to work.
  Citrix Receiver ICA Client settings can be set to default to full
  screen and 800x480 pixels.
• Portable solution (netbook form factor), up to 8-hour battery
• Use USB mice, full-size USB keyboards, or USB flash drives via
  REDFLY's 2 powered USB ports (can also charge phone)
• Connect REDFLY's VGA out port to projectors or monitors
Awards and Reviews – Sprint and REDFLY
 • Sprint was nominated as a finalist for Citrix Ready Solution of the
   Year held at Citrix Synergy in Las Vegas based on our commitment
   and business impact to Citrix on mobility solutions.
    • See nomination at
 • featured Sprint/Celio as Showcase Vendor of the
   Week at Citrix Synergy Las Vegas May 2009
    • View video review (Fast Forward to 18 Minute Mark to see REDFLY segment) at
 • Citrix TV recorded 2 videos at Sprint/Celio Booth at Citrix Synergy
   demonstrating Citrix Receiver operating on Sprint Mobile Device
   connected to Celio REDFLY. To view videos, click these 2 links:
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 • Dedicated Site for Information on Sprint and Celio REDFLY
 • Celio REDFLY Blog Site
 • Citrix Community Blog site
    • (Search for Mobility, Sprint and REDFLY)
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