Applicant Interview Checklist

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									This document provides a checklist of standard questions a company can ask an
applicant during a job interview. This list contains a range of topics, from questions
about the applicant's most recent job to questions about the applicant’s ability to travel
for work. This document is useful to any company about to interview new employees as
it provides generic interview questions can also customized to fit the needs of the
interviewing company, such as including industry specific questions.
                                     Applicant Interview Checklist

Possible Questions to ask:

1.       Would you tell us about your last job?

2.       What were your major duties and responsibilities?

3.       Describe a typical day on your last employment.

4.       What are some of the problems involved in your last job?

5.       Which problems frustrated you the most?

6.       How did you overcome the problems encountered?

7.       How did your previous job prepare you for this position?

8.       What were your goals at your last job? Did you reach them?

9.       What position did your immediate supervisor hold?

10.      Why do you want this position?

11.      What can you contribute to this company?

12.      What qualifications do you have for this position?

13.      Do you know of any reasons or problems that would prevent you from working normal
         hours? Overtime?

14.      Do you know of any reasons that would prevent you from traveling?

15.      What do you consider your strong points?

16.      What do you consider your weak points?

17.      What is your strongest personal quality and weakest?

18.      What do you want to do in your next job that you cannot do in your present one?

19.      Do you have any special skills or knowledge? Are your skills recent?

20.      What is your career objective?

21.      What do you intend to do to reach your career objective?

22.      In what subjects did you do well in school?

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23.      What was your major? Why?

24.      Are you interested in continuing your education?

25.      How did your education prepare you for this job?

26.      What professional organizations that are relevant to your job do you belong to?

27.      Have you ever worked for this company under a different name?

28.      In checking your references and work record, are there any other names or nicknames
         you have used that we should check under?

29.      If hired, can you provide proof of citizenship or right to work in this country?

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