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					                            Dotsoft Dialect
   ( A Monthly News Magazine of Dotsoft Development Centre )

Vol. I                                   Issue 6                             Jan - Feb 2003


         1. News at a Glance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

         2. Topic of Discussion -I CellOne Modules in Dotsoft . . . 3

         3. Topic of Discussion -II Sub Routing in TRA                    ........ 6

         4. Some Problems reported by SSAs during Jan ‘03 . . . . . 7




                           QUERIES TO BE ADDRESSED TO

                    DOT SOFT NEWS AT                 A G LA NCE

   For Applicants of CellOne / Excel without Deposit, a module verifying the
    Basic Phone Status, Deposit Amount / Date of Payment etc is released.
    This module will give a report output to be attached to the C ellOne

   C ro ss reference is maintained in Do tso ft fo r C ell Pho nes given against
    wo rking basic Pho ne. This w ill be useful to track dow n defaulters w ho
    surrender Land line after taking C ellOne co nnectio ns.

   Accepting of Payments relating to „CellOne‟ through Online Payment
    Module (in Non Dotsoft Payment option) and with separate Daily List for
    CellOne Payments. The daily list will have a bifurcation of amounts
    relating to CellOne and LandLine connections to suit the accounting
    requirements. The separate daily list for CellOne Payments can be used
    for keeping track of Cellphone Payment Particulars and accounting.

   Repo rt show ing w o rking C ell P ho nes provided w itho ut deposit, aga inst
    wo rking basic p ho ne, now either d isco nnected fo r no n-payment o r closed
    is no w availab le. Th is list is to be handed o ver to the CellOne W ing fo r
    effecting d isco nnectio n o f C ell Pho ne / rais ing o f Depo sit as deemed fit.

   Signature scanning at the time of approval of requests like provision of
    STD / ISD, now released. The same feature will be extended to NPCs and
    other Working Line requests, if results are encouraging. This module is
    being tested as a Pilot Project in SSAs of Adilabad, Nizamabad and Medak
    SSAs of AP Telecom Circle.

   Interco nnectivity B illing Mo dule taken up fo r discussio n.

   Bulk Cancellation of Unpaid Unaddressed Bills at the time of creation of
    New Line in Dotsoft, now available. Hitherto, the AO (TR) had to keep
    track of each and every Unaddressed Bill, watch for the creation of the
    Line in Dotsoft and then cancel each of the Unaddressed Bill, One by One.

   Repo rt o f Day to Day Disco nnectio ns / Reco nnectio ns made by AO, now
    inc luded . Th is w ill g ive a list o f actual D isco nnectio ns / Reco nnectio ns
    o rdered by AO (TR), o n a specific date.

   Approval module for cancellation of Minimum Guarantee in r/o PTs
    included in latest Version 2.0 of Dotsoft. Cancellation of PT Bills below the
    Minimum Guarantee amount was not permitted till recently. But with this
    current facility of approval module, Minimum Guarantee can also be
    cancelled with appropriate authority‟s approval wherever felt necessary.

          T opic of D isc us s io n – Ce llOne Mo du le s in Dotsoft

Consequent upon launching of the CELLONE / EXCEL, the Cellular Services of BSNL,
we have expanded into the mobile communications business, w hich was for so long
dominated by the Private Cellular Operators. To take care of some of the Accounting
related activities of CellOne, some new modules were developed and some existing
ones, modified in Dotsoft.
a) Verif ication of status of PSTN customer applying for post paid CellOne connection
   without deposit. (NEW)

When a customer approaches for CellOne connection against a basic phone, the
Customer Service Representative (CSR) has to carry out status verification of basic
phone using this module. On entry of basic phone no or Unique Id No, the module
displays the customer name & address, current status and outstanding amounts, if
any. This module w ill also flash alerts if the basic phone is in defaulter‟s list or if the
phone is under disconnection or if it is a PT / casual connection/temporary
connection. If all the conditions satisfy, the system generates a report to be

attached to the CellOne application form. This module will reject the customer‟s
request for 2nd Cell connection with reference to the same basic phone.

  b) Cross entry of the details of CellOne into Dotsoft. (NEW).
  Once the CellOne connection is activated , the CSR has to enter Cell Account No
  using this module against the Unique Id Nos of basic phone against which the
  Cell Phone was provided. All the Cell connections so far provided against basic
  phone, are to be entered into the Dotsoft through this module.

  c) Acceptance of Cell Phone Bill payments through Dotsoft. (MODIFIED)

  Dotsoft Core Group has modified the online payments module (Non Dotsoft
  Payments) to accept CellOne bill payments. By scanning the Barcode on the
  CellOne bill, the module w ill capture CellOne account number, CellOne Bill
  number and amount payable and the payment can be accepted. A common daily
  list will be generated fo r all payments received on a particular day from a
  particular counter and separate daily list for CellOne payment alone w ill be
  provided for verification of local JAO/AAO of CellOne in each SSA.       As per the
  requirement of CellOne, the SSA/CSR can generate Lock Box Flat file using
  celltfr.fmx which contains CellOne payments and other requirements such as...
  a) File header;                                 e) Batch trailer;
  b) Lock Box Header;                             f)   Lock Box trailer;
  c) Batch Header;                                g) File trailer, etc.
  d) Details of payments;

  This flat file can be imported into the CellOne Billing system for updation of
  payments. Creation of the flat file and verification has to be done by the CellOne
  billing centre by connecting to the respective SSAs and using the module

  d) Disconnection / Reconnection of PSTN – Intimation procedure between Cell
  billing centre and Dotsoft. (NEW)

      For effective implementation of disconnection / reconnection information
  between Dotsoft and Cell billing centre, the CSR/Cell billing Centre has carry out
  the following:

   I.     Update the CellOne information in Dotsoft pertaining to Cell account
          number, Cell phone number using cella lloc.fmx form already supplied
          along with to Version 2.0 of Dotsoft.
   II.    To get the disconnection / reconnection / closed numbers the CSR has to
          run the report celldisc n.rep. This gives the status of the basic phones
          which are disconnected / closed / All India shift, for which Cell Phones are
          to be disconnected.    This report is to be run daily for ta king latest
          updates of the disconnection / reconnection deta ils.
   III.   Basing on the report, the Cell billing centre has to take action for
          disconnecting / reconnecting the Cell phone and the status of the cell
          phone or cell account number are to be entered into the Dotsoft through
          Form „cellwkg.fmx ‟.
   IV.    When basic phone subscriber comes for voluntary closure of his phone on
          which a CellOne is available, necessary checks are provided in the request
          registration module of Dotsoft to alert the Commercial Officer. But Dotsoft
          will not stop the request registration because there might be a possibility
          of subscriber becoming defaulter by making calls.
   V.     When basic phone subscriber applies for third party transfer request
          registration, an alert will appear to delink the CellOne by raising the
          necessary deposits on CellOne by CSR. The CSR has to enter Cell status
          as “DLINK” by using Cellwkg. fmx module after payment of the deposit.

e) Disconnection / Reconnection of CellOne connection – Intimation procedure
    between CellOne billing centre and Dotsoft. (NEW)

   When any Cell phone is disc onnected for which basic phone is working, the status
   of the Cell is to be entered into the Dotsoft using Cellwkg.fmx module.        This
   information can be used in Dotsoft for effecting the Closures and other activities
   of the basic phone.

               T opic of D isc us s io n – S ub R ou t in g in T R A

In Dotsoft, the AO_TR, based on the entries in the Phone_ao_control table /
Pt_phone_ao_control, was empowered to carry out all the day to day activities in the
TRA like Cancellations, issue of Provisional Bills, raising of D/Ns etc    only if the

AO_T R logged in with his Username / Password. No other user could carry out such
activities.   But practically, in most of the SSAs, the work is being executed by the
AO_T R by sharing his password with his subordinate staff JAO / Dealing Assist ants.
This involved risk as the same username/password could be misused, though the
convenience of getting the work done fast was there. This was brought to the notice
of the coregroup many a times in the review meetings. Finally, it was decided to
provide a Sub Routing module to the concerned AO_T R / Incharge, w ho could
actually delegate a particular module / job to a specific user under his control, for a
specified no of days, as he desires. Also, all the transactions done by the assigned
user are logged and available to the AO_TR. Such module for the commercial
activities is already available in Dotsoft.
     For this TRA Subrouting Module, the already existing user_code table has been
modified and a new f ield user_incharge is added. So for all the ex isting users, this
field has to be populated accordingly. A new form trsubrut.fmx w ill actually allow the
AO_T R / Incharge to delegate a particular module / Form to a subordinate. (This
module is available in the AO Authorisation Sub Menu.) This data is st ored in
tr_sub_route table. When the subordinate user logs on and carries out a specific job
assigned to him, the module will function smoothly irrespective of the fact that he is
not the AO_TR concerned. Also the transaction details like Bill No / Unique_ id_no,
date & time at which the transaction was carried out, are all stored in a new table
called tr_subroute_log. The modules w hich can be delegated using this sub route
module are
a) billextn.f mx     (Single Bill Pay By Date Extension)
b) cbr.fmx           (Cancellation of Bills)
c)   chqfac.fmx      (Barring / Release of Cheque Facility)
d) dischq.f mx       (Dishonoured Cheques)
e)   dispbill.f mx   (Disputed Bills)
f)   finlbill.f mx   (Final Bills)
g) instbill.f mx     (Instalment Bills)
h) provbill.f mx     (Provisional Bills)
i)   ptcbr.fmx       (Cancellation of PT Bills)
j)   ptinstbl.f mx   (PT Instalment Bills)
k)   ptsupbil.f mx   (PT Supplementary Bills)
l)   supbill.f mx    (Supplementary Bills)
m) raisedn.f mx      (Raising of D/Ns)
n) refraise.f mx     (Refund Order Raising)

o) sccfauth.fmx (Surcharge carry forward)
p) scwaive.fmx     (Surcharge Waival)
q) writeoff.fmx    (Write Off)

The most important point here is that though the AO_T R / Incharge can sub route a
particular job to a subordinate, the final responsibility lies w ith him only.

                    Some Prob le ms reported by SS As

a. Form Name SIGDIS.FMX : Offline Manual Single Disconnection: Encountered the
     error ora-00942 while entering data through this module.
Sol: The table ao_discon_reasons is not created / not available.
b. Form Name PT BILL.FMX : PT Bill Process: After LCC, before generation of PT Bill,
     at reprocess stage, encountered the error ora-01400.
Sol: While inserting data into the table pt_bill_master, system picks up data from
lcc_master_pts and in this table, check up the current status of unaddressed cases.
This could be NULL. Update this w ith WKG status. If same erro r occurs at generation
stage, then check up src_credit_details table.
c. Form Name OFFWKGAN : Offline Working Line Advice Note Entry: Encountered
     the error ora 01722.
Sol: Check up Vacant Phone Numbers table. This table could contain invalid
characters in the Phone no field. Update that record accordingly.
d. Form Name       COAPROTH.FMX       :   CO Approval Module        for Other    Requests:
     Encountered the error ora 01403.
Sol: Add one record in Activity Code Master table with code TRAARD
e. Form Name DISPRO.FMX : Disconnection Process: Encountered the message „You
     are not Authorised‟.
Sol: Check up the Checks_parameters table. It should have one record with
Activity_code „DISPRO‟, check_no „55‟ and parameter_char „AO_TR‟ (which ever user
is there in this parameter_char field, he w ill be authorised to process the
f.   Form Name WLDELETE.FMX : Wait List deletion module: Encountered the
     message „No wait List request exists for the given UID‟ though it exists.
 Sol: In the Exchange_office_control master, the CO_NL           for the exchange differs
from the login user. Correct it accordingly.

g. Form     Name   OFFWKGAN.FMX         :   Offline   Working   Line   Advice   Note   Entry:
     Encountered the error ora –02292.
 Sol: Check up the table wkg_wedot for data relating to the advice_note in questio n.
Already one record will be available there. Delete that record and carry on.
h. Form Name ADVNTTD.FMX : New Lines T/D Module: Encountered error ora-
     01401 while saving at T/D module for NPCs.
 Sol: Check the Deposit_Code in demand_note_details table and src_deposits table
for the UID. This Deposit Code should be „NARD‟.
i.   Form Name COAPROT H.FMX : Co Approval Module : Encountered error ora-0001
     while saving for CLSVO activity.
 Sol: Check up data in to_be_closed with this activity_code. If record already exist s,
delete the record and execute the work order.

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