The Magic of IPOD

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					The Magic of iPod

     William Cain
    Raymond Eng
   Mario Gonzalez
     Kate Nailling
   Aaron Wheatley
              Case Overview
 Apple ignited a technological revolution with the
  introduction of the iPod in 2001.
 Although there are many competitive brands,
  Apple still owns the market with a share of over
 The iPod is believed to be such a phenomenon
  because of its innovative design.
Why It’s Better Than the Rest….
   Tremendous brand loyalty.
   iPods have personalities.
   iPods are the trendy thing to listen to.
   iPods are becoming a lifestyle.
          History of the iPod
 The iPod was unveiled on October 23,
 Since the introduction of the 1G iPod, there
  have been 14 other models.
 iPods come in all different sizes as well as
  storage capacities.
Timeline of the iPod
iPod Sales
           Problems with iPod
   Battery life
   Product defects and warranties
   Wireless music sharing
   Keeping popularity high
 Work on improving battery life
 Include extended warranty and return
 Improve capabilities to include wireless
  music sharing to keep competitive edge.
 Why did (or didn’t) you choose an iPod
  over other MP3 players?
 How can Apple hold your interest in iPods?