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					Autoresponders - How Autoresponders Save
By Herman Drost

Do you want to automate repetitive tasks?

Do you want to free up time spent on boring activities?

Do you want to set up an automated marketing system?

When running a business there are some activities you wish you could automate because they
take up a lot of time, are boring to do and don't take much creativity. Autoresponders are an
automated marketing tool which enable you to automatically store customer information in an
online database and follow-up on them by sending e-mail messages at prescheduled intervals.

3 ways autoresponders save time

1. Manage subscribers

When a person signs up from an opt-in form on your website their contact information is
automatically entered into your autoresponder database. You're able to log on to a backend
administration panel where you can manage your subscribers. You'll be able to create as many
lists as you like, set up unlimited autoresponders and track responses.

2. Customer follow-up

More sales generated by following up on your customers compared to instant selling. Usually
you get a few impulse buyers but if you send several reminders to them your sales will increase.
Create at least 7 follow-up e-mails and load them into your autoresponder. After a person enters
your database they should immediately receive your first follow-up message thanking them for
subscribing and outline the content they'll receive in subsequent e-mails. Space your next 6
follow-up e-mails 2 or 3 days apart. Include a link to your product sales page in each message.
This gives your customer an opportunity to purchase your product any time during your follow-
up sequence.

3. Pre-schedule newsletter delivery

Usually marketers write a newsletter then send it the same day or perhaps the next day. Using an
autoresponder you can create several newsletters ahead of time then schedule them to be sent
automatically a week apart. This means you'll save time and won't have to worry about creating
and delivering your newsletter for 3 weeks.

4. Track e-mails and clicks
Even though you may have a large list if no one is reading your newsletters or e-mails you can't
determine how successful your e-mail marketing efforts are. Autoresponders enable you to track
how many people read your e-mails or newsletters and how many people clicked on the links in
your content. This enables you to test your headlines, newsletter content and if customers are
responding to your product offers.

By systematizing your e-mail marketing tasks using autoresponders you'll save yourself a lot of
time and hassles.

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