Easy to carry $12.58 10mW 532nm Pen Shape Green Laser Pointer by jenikbell0506


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									 Green Lasers037 10mW 532nm Pen Shape Green Laser





This 10mW 532nm Pen Shape Green Laser Pointer is very small and easy to carry, no setup needed, you can put

it anywhere anytime you want, especially for party, it makes the party fascinating. You can even use the Green laser

pointer pen to decorate the sky at the night.


         Sturdy, durable case for traveling and storing

         Laser color: Green

         Laser wave length: 532nm

         Laser output power: ≤ 10mW

         Power supply: 2 x AAA alkaline battery

         Service life: 3000h

         Product weight: 62g

         Class: Class IIIa

         Visibility: Over 2 miles (or 12, 000 ft.)

         Body material: Metal

         Working mode: Continuous wave

         Switch: Botton

         Dimension: 0.51" x 6.3" (Dia. x L)

Package includes

         1 x 10mW 532nm Pen Shape Green Laser Pointer

         2 x AAA Alkaline Battery

Note: Laser is harmful to people, following uses are forbidden

         A. Point the laser at people's faces, especially eyes

         B. Point at mirrors or highly reflective surface

         C. For children play

         D. Observe the laser lines with a telescope

         E. Disassemble, test or repair laser pens

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