Opteka .45x Wide Angle _ 2.2x Telephoto HDยฒ Pro Lens Set for Panasonic DMC-FZ18 _ DMC-FZ28 Digital Camera by gwyn34gwyn94


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									  Opteka .45x Wide Angle & 2.2x Telephoto HD² Pro Lens Set for Panasonic
  DMC-FZ18 & DMC-FZ28 Digital Camera

Since it fits right over your camera's existing lens system, a wide-angle and telephoto converter affects
the full zoom range of your camera's lens. A wide-angle converter increases your angle of view -
scenes include more of the landscape, groups include more people, and interiors show more of the
room. A .45x wide-angle converter DOUBLES your angle of view, allowing you to get twice as much in
the picture (AND your telephoto setting also becomes wider; not zooming in as close). A 2.2x converter
will double your camera's maximum focal length, bringing things twice as close. An Opteka conversion
lens can actually improve the image that your digital camera receives, and it's about the only
accessory that can. By eliminating flare and ghosting, the ugly cousins of reflection and refraction,
before they get to your camera's original lens system, your camera gets a much cleaner image to
digitize. Plus, an Opteka converter allows you to use a more optimal part of your original lens system,
resulting in more crisp imagery. Nothing changes the way you see the world like High Definition², and
no company does High Definition² like Opteka. In the professional setting, Opteka's glass optics
define High Definition. Change the way you view the world. Enjoy outstanding detail, enjoy enhanced
clarity and enjoy Opteka. With an Opteka 5 piece Lens/Camera cleaning kit it contains everything you
need to maintain your Digital Camera! It cleans hard to reach lenses, protects battery contacts, and is
very easy and safe to use. Works excellent for lenses, cameras, filters, and it also easily cleans LCD
panels. The lens cleaning solution is specially made for removing oil and dirt. The Opteka table top
tripod is ideal for backyard observation or anywhere - an ultra-compact tripod is all you need! Opteka
lenses are covered by a lifetime warranty.

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