Opteka 2x HDร‚ยฒ Telephoto Lens for Sony HC42 HC32 HC21

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					  Opteka 2x HD² Telephoto Lens for Sony HC42 HC32 HC21

Nothing changes the way you see the world like High Definition² and no company does High
Definition² like Opteka. Opteka's glass optics defines High Definition. Change the way you view the
world. Enjoy outstanding detail, enjoy enhanced clarity and enjoy Opteka.Since it fits right over your
camera's existing lens system, a telephoto converter affects the zoom range of your camera's lens. A
2.2x telephoto converter virtually DOUBLES your camera's maximum focal length, bringing things
twice as close. Ideal for all types of photographic situations.An Opteka conversion lens can actually
improve the image that your digital camera receives. By eliminating flare and ghosting, the ugly
cousins of reflection and refraction, before they get to your camera's original lens system, your camera
gets a much cleaner image to digitize. Plus, an Opteka converter allows you to use a more optimal part
of your original lens system, resulting in crisper imagery.

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