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By entering the L2ST Live Trading Room, I acknowledge and agree that all Information in the room is
presented for educational purposes only and that RKD financial traders LTD nor any of its officers,
employees, agents or affiliates is recommending any securities, Stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies,
options, futures, real estate, or any financial or debt Instrument of any kind for purchase or sale, nor
providing investment or other advice regarding the advisability of purchasing or selling any of the same
nor should any discussion in this medium be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell the same.
I further agree that I am personally responsible for any investment or trading ideas I make and that I
have consulted and/or will consult my financial advisors before making any investment or trading
decision. I am fully aware that the purchasing or selling of any security always depends on my individual
circumstances, included but not limited to my financial means and situation, my tolerance for risk, and
my personal understanding of the market and business environment at the time.
Any charts and examples is for educational purposes only and should ONLY be used to study the actions
and activities of the markets.
RKD Financial Traders LTD’s L2ST Live Trading Room – Has been setup solely for Educational purposes
only. Trading can result in large losses and may not be an activity suitable for everyone.

In the Live Trading Room we provide education on how to trade the Emini S&P\Mini-Dow Futures and at
times other futures markets. We provide online real time technical analysis and educational service
based on the trading concepts of Market Profile, Auction Theory and Order Flow.
The moderators for the room are Kam Dhadwar and Brian Keeley who moderate the L2st Campfire now
chat room, where intraday “trade setups” and ideas are discussed by all participants as they occur. Live
charts are viewed by all subscribers as the market unfolds through GoToWebinar web conferencing

In no case is any trading idea posted a recommendation or an opinion of what you should be doing.
Moderators discuss trade ideas in the room for educational purposes only.

RKD Financial Traders LTD/L2ST and our room moderators are not providing investment or trading
advice and do not make claims, promises, or guarantees that any suggestions, systems, trading
strategies, or information will result in a profit, loss, or any other desired result. By virtue of your
subscription, paid or otherwise, this information is being specifically provided at your request. All
readers and room participants assume all risk, including but not limited to the risk of trading losses.
Earnings economic releases and other news items posted in our trading and training rooms are typically
provided reliable third party sources and are subject to change without notice. Please verify all earnings
dates with an independent source of your choice
Always seek the advice of your professional investment advisor before making any investment

Overview of the L2ST Philosophy and Guidelines

Trading is a learning experience. Every trade every day is a new learning experience and no matter how
proficient you become you never actually stop learning. Initially when you learn to trade however,
inexperience can lead to losses. The markets are tough, the learning curve is steep, and it’s difficult for
most to adapt to learning—while trying to make a living.

When you join the L2ST Live Trading room you become part of a community. Guidelines and rules help
us govern ourselves. L2ST is a community established to learn trading as well as trade. Similar mined
individuals who share their ideas and experiences about trading working to maximize their advantage in
reading the markets. We are traders helping traders.

Please treat all L2ST content as valuable intellectual property and share it with no one.

A positive attitude is appreciated in the room. Negative comments/affirmations can actually sabotage or
damage your trading psychology, and that of the other participants in the room. So please NO NEGATIVE

L2ST educate traders on how to read the markets. When you understand how markets work—then you
can get a true feeling for how markets develop and from that know how to develop your own strategies
that apply specifically to you and the markets you are interested in trading.

Moderators employ Market Structure and Development, Auction Market Theory, Market Profile™*
Market and Orderflow in their approach to the markets and will work with you and educate you on this:

    •   To help speed up analysis of trading conditions.
    •   To improve accuracy in reading the markets clues in market activity.
    •   As a guide, a road map for the day’s trading activity.
    •   As a graphic display to aid educate traders recognize where to trade, when to trade, which
        direction to trade, and when to exit a trade.
    •   L2ST are discretionary traders; our tools do not give buy and sell signals.

* Market Profile is a registered trade mark of CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade)

Learning the above mentioned theory will help you to develop your own, unique and distinct style of
trading using our commentary as a guide to speed up your analysis of the markets that you trade with
the view of you becoming a discretionary trader.

What you can expect from this service is for the Moderator to give you key price Support/Resistance
areas\levels to consider trade execution against. Specific entries will NOT be called. This work can be
used many different ways and there are numerous entry & execution methods. The individual trader
needs to consider what risk parameters and trading timeframe they are comfortable with, and take
responsibility for their own entries against the trade setups/price decision zones. The trades and
decisions made by the moderator are only mentioned for educational purposes! The moderator will also
provide profit objectives/targets for most trade setups. Stop Loss levels may be called by the moderator;
however you must calculate your own stop loss levels, taking into consideration your own Money
Management and Risk Management models being employed. Please remember that the trading capital
you hold may or may not allow for you to place stops at the same levels, under a standard 1-2% of
account risk model (Or whichever, risk model you are using)!
L2ST Live Trading Room Subscriber Policies:

•   In order to ensure that conversation is kept on track and comfortable for all, here are some rules for

•   If you’d like to share any entry and trade management techniques, or comments that may
    complement our trading methodology! Feel free to share this. If you are doing something counter to
    what the work suggests, please keep this to yourself as it tends to confuse the new traders!

•   You may ask questions related to the trading methodology being utilized by the Moderator and
    being taught by the moderator. However please keep questions Relevant to the trading approach
    and what is unfolding in the market.

•   Please refrain from over questioning, especially during the time when trades are setting up as this is
    the time that is best utilized for your own decision making and staying focused on the trading and
    the market being traded!

•   Refrain from private messages to instructors during trading hours. If you have questions that are
    not pertinent to the current trade, please email the Question and we will answer the question as
    time permits after the market close.

•   Especially questions regarding charting software setups and use. Remember the trading room is
    provided to teach you how to trade, not how to use a piece of software!

•   Day trading requires laser sharp focus and attention, and questions not related to trade setups are
    best left for times set aside out of trading hours. During slow periods, we will review past trades and
    set aside times for direct questions so that your learning curve improves.

•   If you do not agree with someone’s interpretation of market conditions, you are welcome to say so
    respectfully. Mean spirited teasing will NOT be tolerated. We like to keep the room light hearted,
    but jokes must not be at anyone’s expense.

•   At all times you must trade your own plan. You take sole responsibility for all of your actions and

•   Absolutely no profanity, lewd behavior, off-color jokes or humor. Rules of “netiquette” prevail in
    the room.

•   Please be courteous to all members and guests at all times under all circumstances.

•   If you are having a “bad day” trading, take a break. This is great trader’s discipline.

•   Moderators may cut off any subscriber or guest without notice for any behavior deemed by
    moderator to be inappropriate for the room.

L2ST and its moderators reserve the right to refuse service to any subscriber based on moderator’s
judgment of what is best for the trading and training room environment and community.

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