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Grade Seven
 • Person
  • Place
  • Thing
   • Idea
          Types of Nouns
• 1. Proper Noun
• A proper noun names
  a specific person,
  place, or thing.
• It must be capitalized.

  Ex. Washington D. C.
             Types of Nouns
• 2. Common Noun
• A common noun does not
  name specifically a person,
  place, thing, or idea.
• It does not need to be
  capitalized unless it begins
  a sentence.

• Ex. city
             Types of Nouns
• 3. Collective Noun
• A collective noun is
  a singular word that
  represents more
  than one item

• Ex. band
           Types of Nouns
• 4. Concrete Noun
• A concrete noun is a
  person, place, or thing
  that can be touched.

• Ex. pencils
           Types of Nouns
• 5. Abstract Noun
• An abstract noun names
  something that can not
  be touched.
• It is a quality or a

Ex. patriotism
                 Types of Nouns
• 6. Compound Noun

• A compound noun is made up of two
  or more smaller words put together.

• Compound words can be closed.
• Ex. football

• Compound words can be open.
• Ex. pen pal

• Compound words can be hyphenated
• Ex. merry-go-round
This completes the review
of nouns.
Additional review can be
done in the review folders
housed in 106 and the

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