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					                                                             Inland Empire
                                                             February 2009
                                                             MKT Promotions ~

Welcome to the Inland Empire Points for Profit
Happy “Sweet Heart” month!

        We are happy to inform you that we have a few guest sponsors this month. Be sure to check out
their services. Just as a reminder, you will receive points when you patronize these sponsors for the month
of February. We will accept the receipts for February only.

       Does your group need more monies? An easy way to earn more monies is by referring non-profit
organizations and sponsors to our wonderful Points for Profit organization. We have referring business
cards at the front desk. All you have to do is pass them out and Amandajean and I will do everything else.

Great News! We will be accepting Stater Brothers (not Albertson’s) receipts for the month of February.

       A little reminder, you receive EXTRA points when you have sponsors go out to your organization
and/or home to set up and sell their products or offer their services. For example, when you are planning
your monthly meetings, incorporate our sponsors with your plans. Such as fashion shows, holiday bou-
tiques, potlucks, dinners, and fund raisers.

       Plan to have lunch the day of the meeting. We are served a nice inexpensive meal with great ser-
vice. Please remember that our lunch price doesn’t include the gratuity. Remember, you receive bonus
points when you enjoy lunch with all of us.

             Julie Chavez                                Amandajean Clark
             MKT Promotions                              MKT Promotions
             (909) 797-4830                              (909) 748-0362

Meeting Dates & Themes
                     Date                                                        Theme
             Wednesday March 4, 2009                                   St. Patrick's Day—Green
             Wednesday April 1, 2009                               Bunnies & Bonnets—Pastels & Hats
             Wednesday May 6, 2009                                           International

Market Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage                     with full title for life. .             just what
        Many older Americans are     Tradition Mortgage                      you need
"house rich" and "cash poor." Re-                                            to live the
                                             If you're a homeowner,
verse Mortgage is an option to                                               life you've
                                     it's important to understand the
help you increase your income.                                               been
                                     facts about mortgage refinanc-
An RM is a home equity loan that                                             dreaming
                                     ing. Refinancing can save you a
allows you to convert your home                                              about.
                                     lot of money and, in some cases,
equity into cash. The RM funds                                                Talk to Steve and Owen today
                                     put even more money in your
may be paid in the form of                                                   about all your Mortgage needs
                                     pocket every month. From debt
monthly checks, through a line of                                            Steve Maitland (888) 346-6156 or
                                     consolidation and home im-
credit, in a lump sum, or a combi-                                           Owen Coyle (800) 830-2505
                                     provements to education or a
nation of the three. You continue
                                     once-in-a-lifetime vacation,
to own and occupy your home          mortgage refinancing might be
Cookie Lee                  Susan Jarvis (951)315-0915       
All Heart Items are on sale 15% off. Ask me how to enter my $100++ drawing of new Items! Don’t forget to
look at my $10.00 Bargain Basket.

EcoQuest                    Levi (760) 420.1502 or Lee (760) 473.3499    
This year we are offering the Total Home Protection Plan (1Fresh Air, 1EcoBox, 1Focus). Also the LWII &
LWIII. Schedule an appointment for a FREE presentation of some of our cutting-edge products.

Market Mortgage            Steve Maitland (888) 346-6156 or Owen Coyle (800) 830-2505
Has been setting up Reverse Mortgages since 1996 Steve also does Conventional Loans, Home Purchases
and Refinance Call Steve or Owen for a "Free Benefits Analysis"

Mary Kay Cosmetics         Julie Chavez (909) 797-4830    
Start the new Year off with a fresh look. Make an appointment today and Earn bonus points. Tried of drya
and Cracked skin. Let me show you how to make it a thing of the past… Stop by and save!

Shaklee                     Dee Tyree (909) 795-2261
Food Supplements/Health & Cleaning Supplies. Personal Consultations are available Mondays and Tues-
days at the Shaklee Office. Telephone consultations are available on Wednesdays.

Shandin Hills              (909) 886-0669
Golf, Parties and more. This facility is also well known for hosting a range of events from weddings and
Bar Mitzvah’s to corporate or other group meetings.

Tupperware                  Amandajean Clark (909) 748-0362                    
Come look at all the specials we have for the month. You will be amazed at all the deals Rosita has for you
today! Modular your kitchen let me show you how to never waste food again!

Wigs on Wheels               Sharon German      (909) 223-6235
Wigs, Pony Tails, Weave Hair - Real Human Hair & Synthetic Hair At your consultation, I will be able to
look at your facial features and immediately be able to recommend a hair piece just for you.

                                        Visiting Sponsors
Stater Brothers
That’s right this is a test run! We have a month to show Stater Brothers how much we would love having
them join us! You have a month to turn in receipts from Stater Brothers!

House Keeping By Susan                          (909) 794-8669 & (909) 855-8804
Susan is new to the points for profit and comes with many recommendations. Let her get your house in
shape. Susan has been cleaning houses for over 20+ years

Aflac         Michele Tullai                     (909) 226-2694
Michele is the one to talk to for all your supplemental insurance needs. Leading Provider of Supplement
working with over 40 million people world wide. Ask her today about Long Term Care Supplemental!

Room for more!!! Lets us add your sponsor HERE! We have wonderful new rates to Join Points for
Profit Inland Empire. Call Amandajean (909) 748-0362 or Julie (909) 797-4830! Tell them how much
                  your group/club loves shopping from our EXLUSIVE venders!
                              Earn $100 and FIVE MILLION POINTS!!

APPLIANCES (Service and Repair)     FINANCIAL PLANNER                              PAINTERS
ART GALLARIES/STORES                FITNESS CLUBS                                  PET STORES/veterinarian
AUTO DEALERS                        FLOORING STORE                                 PHOTOGRAPHERS
AUTO PARTS                          FLOWER SHOPS                                   PLUMMERS
BANKS                               HARDWARE STORES                                RESTAURANTS / One per type = Fast Food,
BEAUTY SALONS                       HEALTH CARE                                    Mexican, Sea Food, Italian, etc.
BOTTLED WATER                       HEARING AID STORES                             SAVINGS & LOAN
BOUTIQUE                            HOME INTERIORS                                 SECURITY/HOME/OFFICE
CHIROPRACTERS                       HOME REPAIRS                                   SIGNS
COFFEE SHOPS                        HOME/GARDEN SUPPLIER                           SOFT DRINKS/ Pepsi, Coke, etc.
DENTISTS                            INSURANCE/ Auto, Home, Liability, Life, etc.   SOLAR PRODUCTS
DEPARTMENT/DISCOUNT STORES          JEWELERS                                       SPAS
DRUG STORES                         LANDSCAPING                                    SPECIALITY FOOD MARKETS
FAMILY FUN AMUSEMENT                MAILING SERVICES                               SPECIALTY STORES/ Candy, Greeting Cards,
FENCE COMPANY                       MEN’S CLOTHING                                 Stationary, etc.